The Sorting of Lily Luna


This fic is written for the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge and thus a present for my Best Friend Abby (Cookies-and-Ink), who I know really wants to see some more Next-Gen stuff.

Anxiously, I approached the stool, even having Uncle Nev present wasn't easing my nerves. For a moment, I panicked as silence fell and I could no longer see the Great Hall, but then I realised the hat had just fallen over my eyes.

"Well, if it isn't another student from the Potter/Weasley line," a voice whispered in my ear. It was always about my brothers: James this, Albus that, for once people should pay attention to me.

"A thirst to prove yourself, quite intelligent, lots of ambition," the voice chuckled. The hat was talking to me, obviously, no one thought it wise to tell the me that the hat can read thoughts.

"There's no doubt where you should be placed," it said, "SLYTHERIN."