Forever and Ever


Prompts used: Shadow, Pretend, Lie, Counting, Sour.

Louis closed his eyes, counting slowly all the way up to ten because after all, that was all he knew. His cousins had said him and Lily could only play if one of them was on. Louis had volunteered, Lily was going to help him by watching where people went to hide and showing him where they were when he finished counting.

"Ten, ready or not," Louis shouted, turning around to look for his cousins but he could only see Lily standing in the shadows at the side of the house. Without speaking she smiled and pointed towards the willow tree. He ran over to it and looked up, James and Dom were up in its branches. James' expression turned sour.

"You can't seriously have found us first," he frowned.

"C'mon Louis, can't you pretend you haven't seen us?" Dom pleaded.

Louis shook his head, "That would be lying," he said matter-of-factly, before skipping out from under the tree and beaming at his cousin.

He knew she'd be his best friend forever and ever