Freezing Cold Happiness



Louis frustratingly threw his spare parchment and books from his bed to the floor and threw himself down on top of his sheets. He buried his face into his pillow and gripped the underside of it tightly in anger to stop himself from throwing stuff around.

Breathing heavily, he desperately came up with excuse after excuse for why he had gotten so angry at Rowan Fawley for flirting with his best friend and cousin. Louis was going to have to pick one soon otherwise Lily was going to stay mad at him forever and that was not something he was willing to let happen.

He thought about going to her room and apologising but then she'd probably want her privacy after that completely humiliating scene that had just happened in the Common Room. Besides, Louis would never know if Fawley was in there with her. He certainly didn't want to walk in on them and as much as he hated the thought of them being together, he wasn't going to disturb them because of that.

He swung his feet off the bed and headed to the bathroom. After splashing freezing cold water on his face, he looked up at his pale reflection. The panicked look in his eyes had been acquired almost instantly after he realised that he could lose Lily because of his stupid argument. He'd only meant it to be playful and funny, not serious.

Annoyingly, Lily still wanted to be with Rowan Fawley and for Louis, Lily had to be happy before he was.