Jack was walking through the woods of Burgess, his feeting crunching in the snow. He sighed deeply as he dragged his staff on the floor. He stopped and looked up to the moon.

"Just once I'd like to be seen! Just once! Is that too much to ask for?!" He shouted. The winter spirit just wanted to go some place new. Some place where things were more... Unique. "There's more to life than just Christmas." Jack thought to himself. He just wanted to be seen by someone, anyone. He didn't care who or where, as long as it was soon.

Walking deeper and deeper into the woods all the spirit could think about was how no one could see him. As he walked along the snow crunching under his feet he seemed to be on the verge of tears. Suddenly he froze. He realized he was surrounded by strange looking trees. Each tree with a different symbol shaped door for it. Each symbol representing a holiday.

A decorated egg for Easter,a giant turkey for Thanksgiving,a big red heart for Valentine's Day, a giant clover for Saint Patrick's Day, a giant christmas tree for Christmas, and a big pumpkin or Halloween. Jack had no idea why, but the doors seemed strange. He walked to the closest one, the pumpkin shaped door. He stared into the triangle shaped eyes and reached for the door knob. His palm touched the cold metal as he gripped his staff in his other hand ready for what can possibly jump out at him.

Swinging the door open, Jack was mobbed by shrieking bats. He tried to wave them off, but was not succeeding. He turned trying to swat them away backing up closer to the open door and fell backwards into the tree. The door closed and he was falling down in nothing but darkness only his screams echoed as he fell. He finally landed in what seemed to be a pumpkin patch. He got up dusting himself off and looked around. It was empty there was no one but him. He asked himself where he was, but obviously couldn't answer the question. He grabbed his staff off the floor and looked up to see where he had fallen out of... but nothing was there, but a big grey sky with a snow white moon.

"Manny, where am I? How did I get here?" He asked hoping this once Man in Moon would talk back, but didn't. He let out a deep sigh and gripped his staff before turning and began to walk ahead. He walked out of the pumpkin patch and followed a dirt road to a small town. A sign that read "Halloween Town" above a gate. Halloween Town? Jack asked himself. He walked up to the gate and looked in, but in seconds the gate lifted up. He stepped back startled watching the gate rise before him. Once the gate was high enough above the ground he walked under it and up ahead. Pumpkin heads were peirced by the top of the fence that lead the way. He felt suspicious about this place. He walked around curiously.

Bones littered the ground and moss growing between cracks in the ground. He finally got to what seemed like the heart of the town and felt fear sink in. He back up gripping his staff and yelled"GET BACK!" As what seemed like a brain-dead zombie with a butcher knife stcking out of it's head walked towards him agressivley. "GET BACK!" Jack repeated again trembling. He bumped into some one else. He turned to see in horror to see a fat clown on a tricylce with razor sharp teeth looking down at him. It blurted out a laugh and Jack turned ready to run when the clown grabbed him by his hoodie and pulled him back lifting him off the ground. Jack kicked and struggled to be released of the clowns grip "Let me go! Ugh!" Jack cried out. The next thing he knew was the brain dead zombie butcher opened up a large sack decorated with dozens of pumpkins and the clown laughed as he tossed him in and closed it.

Jack struggled and screamed inside the sack. He noticed he had dropped his staff while kicking and struggling. "Where's my staff!?" Jack said loudly and worried. He knew he didn't have any power without it. The clown rang the small bell on his tricyle and laughed. He said "I have your stick."

"Weird...He can actually talk." Jack thought to himself. He heard muttering from several different voiced all around him. Jack trembled in fear as he thought about the horrors that awaited him when and if he got to the destination the clown had in mind. Jack didn't want to find out, he kept struggling and grunting inside the sack. He heard the clown enter a room... ringing the bell onthe tricycle a couple more times. He called out "Jack!Jack!" "How does he know my name?" Jack asked himself. The clown continued "I found a boy!A boy with this stick! I think he's human!"

"Yes I know I am a boy. Why are you bothering to announce it to me? And I am NOT a human!" Jack thought as if the clown could hear him. "A human boy? In Halloween Town? Is it possible?" said a deep voice. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" said the clown repeatdly. "Well let me see him!" said the other voice filled with joy. "What happens if he tries to run?" Asked the clown. The voice bellowed a laugh while it said "Nonsense! You will hold him!" The Clown opened the bag and pulled out Jack and held his hands back. Jack saw a giant shadow loom over him. He looked up in horror to see a tall bone figure. Literally bones. A skeleton wearing a black tuxedo with white thin stripes. "Hello! My name is Jack Skellington!" He said with a smile.

Something about this skeleton seemed kinder than the rest... It still scared Jack but not as much as the clown restraining him. "What is yours, young boy?"he asked. Jack was about to start when the skeleton said "You don't seem to be that young. You look as if you are 16."

"If you knew my true age."Jack thought to himself. "M-my name is J-Jack... Jack Frost." said the winter spirit slowly. The skeleton said "Marvelous! Welcome Jack Frost! To... Halloween Town!"

Let me know what you think please. Shall I continue?