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"Jack!?" the white haired boy cried out feeling all the pain in his body suddenly gone, "Jack!"

"Fret not Jack Frost!" the Pumpkin King called down taking giant steps towards his direction, "For I have arrived!"

Jack Skellington had reached Pitch Black, but Pitch only backed down sinking into the shadows- vanishing just like that.

"Where did he go?" the skeleton rubbed his bony fingers on his skull.

"Forget them," Jack Frost said, "Please get me down."

The Skeleton released the winter spirit from the bonds and instantly the winter spirit embraced the hollow figure. He couldn't have felt any happier to see the Pumpkin King. It had seemed to be years since he last saw him, but now there he was saving his ass.

"I'm sorry," the teen found himself speaking with his voice breaking slightly, ""I'm sorry Jack."

"Do not apologize Jack Frost," the skeleton gave him his toothy grin, "You have no reasons to do so."

"But I-"

Skellington reached a bony finger and pressed it to the winter spirit's cool lips, "You have no reason to apologize my immortal friend. I understand."

Jack was at a loss for words. He'd left The Pumpkin King without a good bye and yet here was the skeleton saving his life and yet he said. .. . He had no reason to apologize. Jack Frost smiled at how humble the Pumpkin King was. He was about to say his thanks, but a voice interrupted.

"Aww! How touching! How pathetic!"

Both Jacks turned to see Oogey Boogey side by side with Pitch Black. Pitch smiled crookedly as he looked up and down at the two figures before him. Oogey did the same, smiling so the folds at the corners of his eye sockets crumpled together. They stepped closer and circled the pumpkin king and teen. Pitch clasped his hands behind his back, "Well, Frost you had your chance. Now you must suffer the consequences of your decisions."

"I have no regrets," Jack spoke through gritted teeth, never letting his eyes wander from Pitch Black. The winter spirit felt a bony hand rest along his shoulder and spun him round, to meet the empty sockets of the skeleton. Jack Skellington held out a long object towards the spirit. It was his staff! The white haired boy found himself taking the staff from the pumpkin king's grasp. It was an easy light weight in his pale fingertips he enjoyed holding. He wrapped his fingers around it tightly and couldn't help the large smile that ran across his face.

Pitch watched as the pumpkin king handed the staff to the winter spirit. Instantly the smile he had fell to the floor and eyes glaring at the source of power with hatred. Oogey watched with great interest as the winter spirit smiled down at the stick in his hands. He had no idea what it was, but if it caused a smile then it was sure to be something useful. And if they held something useful. . . Oogey didn't want to think about it. He glared hard at the king and spirit, "If you believe you can win, you are merely deluding yourself!"

"Do not underestimate Jack Frost," the skeleton spoke with a prideful look in his eyes(or sockets).

Pitch clutched his hands into fists as he continued to circle the duo before him. He'd heard very well what that piece of wood was capable of. And he had half a mind to walk away while he could. Pitch only smiled wickedly, "Until we meet again Frost."

Just like that the nightmare king had disappeared into the shadows. Jack and Jack immediately turned to Oogey, who was still watching with fury. He balled the tips of his hands and his face written with a sneer. The coward of Pitch had left. He growled inwardly at the act, but a smile soon spread across his features. It didn't matter anyway, because Pitch was bound to come back and help. And if he did not then that only left more space forhimself to rule one and only. Yes, yes, yes! oh, the power he'd have at his hands! The great power!

Oogey soon found himself laughing aloud to himself leaving the pumpkin king and winter spirit giving questioning glances. Taking a few steps back Jack readied his staff. He was ready to blast this guy to pieces for what he'd been through the last hours. He was ready to pay him back for his sore muscles and bruised frame. He clutched his staff unconsciously angering himself with thoughts of everything he'd want to put Oogey through. Oh, how he wished to tear him into two. . . But Jack loosened his grip enough to let himself relax, but not enough to let his guard down. If he were to repay Oogey for everything he'd suffered he was no better than him nor Pitch Black.

"Fools!" Oogey shouted tearing the spirit from his thoughts, "You can never beat Oogey Boogey!"

Before either Jack(skellington) or Jack (Frost) could stop the green sack the lights suddenly went out. Loud cackling spread through the blackness and the winter spirit could feel things were going to end in a mess.

Suddenly yellow lights spread down in a aisle leaving Skellington and Frost in the middle. They listened carefully and heard a slow ticking sound drawing nearer. Jack Frost listened intently, "What's that noise?"

"Get down!"

Before Jack could react he was violently shoved aside landing into a pink lighted clearing. Green bars were coming down and Jack reacted quickly this time; freezing the bars before they could come crashing down sealing him in a cage. He found himself being scooped up by the skeleton as he ran. Jack looked behind to see they were being chased by glowing skeletal figures. Jack found himself flying up and out of the pumpkin king's arms. He shot down at the glowing figures and froze the first making the following figures colliding and shattering to splinters.

Jack let out a cheer, but the victory was short lived as more skeletons were swung across the top colliding into Jack, sending the spirit crashing to the floor making his torso ache. He stood and searched round he caught the green glow of Oogey's laced skin. He stood up and wasted no time going after him. He hear light footsteps at his heels and looked over his shoulder to see Skellington was following him. His large footsteps made him soon pass the winter spirit. Jack Frost found himself struggling to keep up with the pumpkin king and ended up flying by his side.

In no time they had reached Oogey. Or so they thought. They had entered a lit room making the spirit squint slightly, but forced himself to stay alert. The room was not very big, but was completely empty.

"Where is he?" the winter spirit thought aloud.


Breath tickled the spirit's neck. His eyes widened and before he knew it he spun around and fired a blast of ice unconsciously' shutting his eyes in the process. He stood there waiting for the impact that was never going to come. He opened an icy blue eye and saw Oogey in block of ice. Frozen as if leaping at his prey(which he probably was). The crazy smile was frozen onto his face and the craziness visible in the empty sockets.

Jack found himself staring with a bit of shock and couldn't help, but feel slightly sorry for the what-ever-he-was, a sack basically. He gave a slight smirk at hearing a chuckle at his side.

Jack frost turned to face Skellington who was smiling, "It seems he will not be bothering any one anymore..."

"No, he won't" Jack couldn't help the smile on his face as Skellington stated the obvious.

They laughed heartily and turned on their heels walking away. They remained quiet and made their way out of the foul place. The winter spirit wished to never hear, speak, see or be involved with anything related to the place again. He wanted to go back home.

His shoulders fell slightly remembering he didn't really have a home other than the lake. But he didn't care. He wanted to leave this place and never come back... Despite the fact he knew he'd be leaving behind a great soul.

Jack turned to see the skeleton looking straight ahead. He was probably lost in his own thoughts as well, but Jack didn't hesitate to hug him and say, "Thanks Jack."

To Be Continued. . .

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