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Water Over Wine: Chapter One

"This is stupid." Usami Akihiko's purple irises flashes with pure annoyance at his editor red head, standing in front of the rehab center.

"It's not stupid." Aikawa sighed, crossing her arms. "It's for progress. Stop being so stubborn."

"I don't need any 'help.' I don't have a problem. I just don't have anything to write about."

"Because..." Akihiko glared at the women. She knew exactly why. And she knows the silverette hates the reason.

-(Awhile into the past...)

"So, Akihiko," A man with dark hair and glasses spoke to his best friend as he sipped his tea.

"Yes, Takahiro?" Akihiko stared into his love's dark and wondrous eyes as he spoke. Oh, how he loved this man. Ever since he first laid eyes on him, he knew... he just had to have him.

"I met a girl a while ago and-"

Until someone else did.

"We're engaged."

Akihiko practically spit out his coffee. "W-what?" Takahiro's smile illuminated where they sat.

"Too excited for words, eh?"

"Shocked, yes, excited..." The purple eyed man stared into his cup. His one and only true love that he had desired for almost ten years... was getting married. And not to him. But he could not deny the other man's joy. Takahiro's smile engulfed him, causing a smile to appear on him as well, unwillingly.

"Congratulations, Takahiro! I'm so glad you've found such happiness."

It was half true. Akihiko was truly glad that the other is so happy, but he desperately wished it could be him who made him feel that way, the one who truly loved him.

"So, who's the lucky lady?" Who's the bitch that I can't wait to strangle?

"Oh, you'd absolutely love Minami. She's sweet and caring and just such a genuine person- oh, I don't mean to boast, I'm sure you'll find someone like that, too, just have to be patient."

No. Never again will I find someone as precious to me as you, Takahiro. How could you be so dense? No matter, I will still love you with all my heart forever...

-Few Hours Later-

"Nghhh...~" The writer sat with his head on his desk, a bottle in his right hand. He smelt of whiskey and sorrow. "How could he do this to me? I-" Interrupted by a hiccup, "loved him so~ much and he goes marrying some stupid broad! How dare he..."

Akihiko sat up slowly in his chair, once gorgeous lavender eyes are now bloodshot with dark bags under them. The study he sat in, drowning his misery, was dark and clouded, and was also covered with trash (most of which is a ratio of beer cans and cigarette buds.) Suddenly, a loud banging of knocks aroused from the condo's front door.

Akihiko groaned and closed his eyes. Another hiccup escaped his mouth as he placed his head back down. Followed by several more hard bangs on the door, faint yelling could be heard.

"Akihiko! You lazy son of a shit! Open this damn door!"

Go away.

The door hit the wall on the other side, its locks all shattered. Outside stood a steaming red head, her beautiful features now all crunched up. Stoming up the staircase, she kicked open the study door, revealing the drunken sad sight of the writer.

"You're ganna' have to pay for those doors, you know."

Akihiko was held up by his collar, being shaken vigorously.


"I don't have it." His voice trembled from the shakes. It all ceased as the woman glared at the dazed man.

"What do you mean, you 'don't have it.'"

"I can't finish it."

"Well, why the hell not?" Aikawa held him back a little, staring and waiting for an answer. The drunken man mumbled something incoherent and Aikawa raised an arched eyebrow. "What?

"Takahiro, he's... getting married... to someone he hasn't even known for a year. What bullshit is that?" The last part came out Akihiko's throat as a whisper as another swig of whiskey was taken. The redhead sighed and let him go.

"Oh," She looked at the pitiful sight before her. I've never seen you this bad. You actually look like shit. The silverette mumbled something again, but Aikawa didn't bother to figure out what it was, most likely being a return insult. "Okay, Usami," The editor straightened herself out and then crossed her arms. "I'll give you a few more days to fix yourself and finish the manuscript. The publishing will be postponed."

Aikawa walked to the exit of the study before turning around with her hand on the door knob. "Don't let this ruin your greatness, Sensei. You'll find someone soon." With that she shut the door behind her, descended down the stairs, and exited the condo.

Why does everyone keep saying that? No, I wont. No one like Takahiro.

Over the next few months, Usami Akihiko drowned himself in all types of alcohol. For work, he came up with either poor excuses for love stories that barely made it past printing or depressing stories where the main character always ended up killing them self. Either way, it was Aikawa's head that was always bit off.

It was getting old. Yeah, sure, he got his heart broken into a million tiny pieces, but come on- who hasn't? He should have known someone would snatch Takahiro up sooner or later. He hadn't confessed his love, therefore he lost it. Granted, the feelings may not have been the same. So, it was either lose the love as a friend or lose the friend entirely. But this was getting out of hand.

"Sensei..." Aikawa breathed out as she stared at her best writer. He sat on his couch, different assortments of bottles and cans spread out across the coffee table. A laptop sat on the writer's legs, but it seems no work was being done.

"What do you want, Aikawa? The manuscript isn't due until tomorrow."

"Actually, Sensei, it's due in a few hours."

"No, today's the 16th. It's due on the 17th."

"Today is the 17th."

"It's Tuesday."

"No, today is Wednesday, Akihiko, the 17th. I came her to check up on you, but it's pretty obvious where you'e at right now."

Akihiko stared at his editor, slightly confused. Not long, he rolled his eyes. "It doesn't matter. I'm not done anyway. Come back later. Or not at all. I really don't care." Akihiko stretched for his glass half full (or empty for you pessimists) of what was most likely not apple juice. Before he could, though, Aikawa swiped it out of reach. The silverette growled, but his editor kept her stance. "Give it back."

"Sensei, you have a problem."

"We are going to have a problem if you don't do what I say."

"You don't scare me."

The angered writer stood up, taking the computer off his lap, and glowered at the red head. "I've never hit a woman," Akihiko stated heavily, the smell of whatever was in that glass and more surrounded Aikawa's nose, making her cringe. He stepped closer. "Don't make me start."

Aikawa glared. "Do you hear yourself, Akihiko? You are threatening me, your friend, over a half glass of gin. You want it so bad, huh?' Aikawa looked at the glass at her right, stretched out to the side, and turned it upside, letting it fall to the light wooden floor. "Lap it up, like a dog."

Akihiko glanced at the spilled drink, then back at his editor. Before anything got truly out of hand, the writer shifted his stance, and made his way upstairs. Making it to his bedroom door, he turned slightly towards the woman, her eyes already planted on him sternly.

"So," Akihiko sighed. "What do you suggest?"

Aikawa was surprised, but didn't to press about it, and just decided to answer. "Professional help... would be the best."

Akihiko nodded slowly, not agreeing, but more like he understood his options. A few seconds later, stepped into his room, shutting the door behind.

Aikawa sighed and rubbed her head. God help him.

Akihiko turned toward to the rehab center, already hating it.

"I've changed my mind." The writer turned away from the building and back to the car. His editor stomped over to him.

"Oh, no you don't! You already agreed."

"I don't care."

"Sensei!" Aikawa yelled, her face getting red. "You need this! I need this! Your company needs this! People are starting to worry. And if you don't get out of this soon, your career is also going to suffer. Please, Akihiko..."

Akihiko looked back at the building with distaste. "What exactly am I going to be doing?"

"Well, they wanted to put you ina group therapy, but because I know you so well, I got you assigned to just an individual counselor." Aikawa explained and Akihiko nodded.

Well, at least he didn't have have to friggin' neon coloured plastic chairs in a stupid circle while equally stupid people share their stupid life changing moments. Plus, may he could fuck with them a little.

Another sigh escaped Akihiko's lips as he walked to the glass doors.

Time to give Hell.

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