Author's Note: Alright! It took me a while, but I finally got it done, the final, deciding battle between Naruto and Moryu. If you thought the Naruto, Zabuza, Haku, Isaribi and Hidan fight or the Naruto and Tsubaki fight was intense, this one takes it to a whole other level.

Actually, that's a bit of an understatement. Just to warn you guys, this one makes the last chapters of the original manga seem like a walk in the park for the good guys.

IMPORTANT: Basically this chapter acknowledges that there is a massive difference between a fight between shinobi and a fight between shinobi and a demon. Fighting a demon requires shinobi to battle differently to what they would others of the same skill set, because a demon's power is literally in a completely different league, especially Moryu's. They're fighting something otherworldly, which is what Naruto and the others do in this chapter.

It'd already been established in this story that Moryu is already as strong as Kurama, as he's already shaken off several attacks that staggered the Kyuubi in the manga, and his power continuously grows as the fight carries on as he adjusts to his body's strength. Furthermore, not only does he have psychic powers and a recovery time that surpasses any other characters, but the only thing that can permanently harm him is Shion's chakra.

Moryu is a villain that caused the five great nations to form a temporary truce between one another to fight him and his army. If a character can start a war all by himself, then he's obviously a really powerful foe. This story acknowledges this and shows just how massive of a threat he becomes, and how far he pushes the characters. Not to mention the order doesn't necessarily have to be that every villain the hero fights next is stronger than the last. That's bullshit. Sometimes one of the stronger opponents shows up in the middle and wrecks absolute hell.

Also, there was that conversation between Naruto and Kurama in the previous chapters about there being artifacts in the world that can kill demons. That information is important for this chapter.

Furthermore, and this is also a note for this chapter, while Madara is like Cell for the Naruto Universe, Moryu is like… Broly. Just pointing this out. This means that Moryu will be the most powerful villain the characters in the Naruto universe will fight until the Fourth Great Shinobi War happens where the final battles take place. You've been warned.

The scales of the fights previously have been insane. This one straight up takes it to a whole other level, and we're not even close to getting to the other fights in the Shippuden arc, which are just as intense.

Now, time to begin the fight that will decide to fate of the world.




Saving the World

Naruto could only stare in silent surprise at the two people he could now see standing by the entrance of the sealing chamber. He was so surprised in fact; he completely forgot that he was currently battling the world's greatest calamity of their era, which was still standing in the center of the room.

After all, how could he have ever anticipated this?

The last thing the blonde ever expected to encounter when he first accepted this mission was to run into members of one of the three groups he and his master had been on the lookout for. In fact, they were one of the very reasons why he'd been training his ass off for the past two and a half years. But in all that time, the only news he and Jiraiya had heard about any of the groups around the elemental nations, particularly Akatsuki members, were rumors from villagers… and that was it.

The organizations running around in the shadows had done well in staying off of the radar and out of sight of any of the hidden villages and their shinobi. This just showed how experienced these guys were and how talented they could be in espionage. While everybody else was running around like blind dogs trying to sniff out even the slightest sign of their quarry, these guys were able to stay downwind of their hunters. They were able to keep their cool while at the same time go about their daily lives like normal. Maybe the reason why they'd been able to stay so well hidden is that they hadn't been causing any problems for the civilians whatsoever.

I mean, even for the Land of Fire's most wanted, what ordinary person would be on the lookout for someone like Itachi Uchiha of all people when he wasn't killing someone in a back alley?

These guys were smarter than that and the proof was in their profiles. Even so, that didn't mean Naruto hadn't been able to learn a thing or two about them. His missions outside of Yuki no Kuni, his frequent meetings with Jiraiya, the connections he'd been able to establish, and his own research had allowed him to collect a vast pool of useful facts and figures.

The information that stood out the most for him in his book-of-many-things was of course the details he'd been able to acquire regarding the organization's current members. These included Itachi, Kisame, Kakuzu, and, as of a few months ago, Sasori and some blonde haired mad bomber named Deidara, whose handiwork Naruto had only caught glimpses of during several missions where those two had been directly involved. In the list of former members also included in the lineup, there was also Orochimaru and Hidan, one of whom was currently running his own show and another whom the blonde remembered beating about three years ago, but at great cost.

The past couple of years Naruto had been training to fight and kill shinobi in the abovementioned pool of monsters. By this point in time, there were very few things out there that could really take him by surprise anymore. The only exception to this rule had been Gitai, who'd used pure strength and raw power to combat his swiftness, which had proven more of an annoyance than a real problem. And now, thanks to a series of improbable circumstances and chances, he was now facing off against two of them down on one end of the cave, while at the same time squaring off with a demon out to destroy the world on the other.

Weighing the value of both issues in hand, he just didn't know how to appropriately respond to this situation. All he could do was shift his expression from surprise to serious, and focus that glare on the newcomers when they decided to join him and Shion further inside the mountain ring. Though he knew who one of them was from a previous encounter, he didn't know anything about the other person.

In fact, this was the first female member of the group he could recall coming across. She was probably a replacement for the other guy they'd lost.

"Heh. This day just keeps getting more interesting by the second," Naruto exclaimed, his eyes narrowing as he and Shion were soon flanked by the pair of cloak-wearing cult followers.

Kurama, growling agitatedly when he sensed the new presences and their chakra enter their midst, narrowed his eyes through the bars of his cell and spoke, "Whatever you do, do not let your guard down kid… not even for a second."

Their attire swishing when they coasted to a stop, both Kakuzu and Misora looked across the chamber towards the multi-headed dragon sitting in its center where, upon shaking off the damage from the unexpected bombardment, turned to glare at them.

A menacing snarl escaped its many lips when it surveyed the newcomers, which brought a smirk from the one adorned in the white sheets. "It looks like we're a little late to the party, Kakuzu-kun," Misora chirped, earning a grunt of annoyance from her mask-wearing counterpart.

"It would seem that way, yes."

"So… are you going to take the blame for this one or are you going to peg it on me like you normally do?" the woman asked, genuinely curious as to what his opinion on that particular matter would be.

In response, the bounty hunter merely snorted, "Hmph… today I'll make an exception. Instead of burdening you with the guilt, I'll blame your little shopping sprees for our tardiness." Though this answer made the girl slump slightly in dismay, Kakuzu still had a little bit more to add to his statement and slowly raised his head in acknowledgement of this fact. "Don't worry too much about it though. As long as we get paid with the other half of our cheque at the end of this job then that's good enough for me. I'm not getting paid to be on time anyway."

This drew a giggle from his companion, "You really are the kind of person who places a high value on almost anything, huh?"

"If our client had wanted me here earlier, then they would have specified that in the mission details. Unfortunately for them, they didn't… so tough luck," the imposing Akatsuki member replied, before then turning his gaze to the two blondes standing alongside them. His gaze falling on the spiky haired one with whiskers on his cheeks, the easily agitated yet still calm Kakuzu gave him a good look-over before deciding to speak up once again. "I remember seeing your face somewhere before."

His remark drawing Misora's gaze over to the jinchuriki as well, Naruto furrowed his brow and responded in kind, "That's funny… since I'm positive we've never met before." That was a lie. Well… a half lie anyway. He'd in fact seen Kakuzu before in a similarly vexing circumstance, but that had been a long time ago. Not to mention he'd been stuck behind a set of grates when that happened. "Perhaps you're mistaking me for someone else."

However, considering the state of affairs, all he wanted to do right now was avoid an early confrontation with these people as much as possible, which was why he was doing his best to maintain a straight face in light of what he knew would eventually become one of his bigger problems in the future.

The two sides squared off for several seconds longer, with Shion looking between the two groups warily. After a few moments of silent shivering and wondering what was going to happen, she then saw the pair turn their attention back to Moryu, who was at that very moment taking in the sight of the new competition. If the malevolent demon had been having problems with his one opponent before, then the difficulty of his battle had just gone up by several notches.

Judging from the people standing in front of him, then that was most definitely the case.

"Hmph. It doesn't matter. Our quarrel is not with you today," Kakuzu informed, placing a hand on his hip and smirking under his mask, finally figuring out who he was, "I can come after you and whatever bounty you may have over your head on a later date. But right now, we've got an even bigger problem to worry about."

"You can say that again," Misora added, at the same time pulling back the sleeve of her coat and grinning ecstatically, "So… what exactly are we up against here?" From what she could see, they were facing off against some freaky titan of a beast with multiple heads and one hell of a recovery time. Judging from what she'd heard of this demon adversary as well, this foe was apparently on a whole other level of terrifying.

A most promising challenge indeed.

Kakuzu grunted as he sized up their target for himself, "The abomination of nature you see standing before you is the embodiment of all evil on this earth and the result of mankind's lust for power: Moryu; the Devourer of Worlds. Centuries ago, before the time of the Great Sage, a race of humans wielding a powerful chakra that was completely different to the kind we use today and even greater than the progenitor's, came to this continent seeking enlightenment. This monstrous creature with the multiple heads is a descendant of that race of humans and one who fell into darkness."

"Oooh… creepy," the sheet-user murmured before summoning a length of her hardening cloth to her hand. When it extended, she whipped it through the air and slammed it into the ground next to her, startling Shion at how loud the impact was and how prominent the dent became. "Still, it amazes me that a human being can actually transform into something as grotesque and gaudy as that thing."

"How it looks and how ugly it is, is of little concern to us. Our mission here is to kill this thing and its host, and that's exactly what we're going to do," Kakuzu replied, curling his fingers and causing the muscles in his digits to pop. Stepping forward, he spared a brief glance over to Naruto, who did the exact same thing to him before they both looked back at the demon. "You and the priestess take a seat. Let the professionals handle this."

"You won't be able to beat him," Naruto replied, drawing Misora's gaze over to him and stopping the pair in their tracks, "At least… not on your own. This guy's regenerative capabilities are insane and even if you try to seal him, he'll just burn his way out. You're going to need one hell of a jutsu if you're going to try and put this thing down for the count."

Taking this information in, Kakuzu gave a dignified grunt and glanced back at their target, "Duly noted."

Watching the enormous, serpentine form of Moryu writhe about in front of them, hissing loudly with its eyes glaring red daggers in their direction, the trio of ninja spread themselves out. After Naruto spared a moment to ensure Shion was well guarded and that his shadow clone had everything under control, he joined the two Akatsuki members in an orderly row and faced off against the towering beast that was their opponent. Like a standoff in a classic Western, the two sides faced each other down in silence, with the only noises being the wafting of chakra from the demon's ethereal form and his occasional snarl.

Eventually, after standing against one another for several minutes and sizing up their respective targets, the second round of the final battle began.

Taking off from their spots, Naruto and Misora charged forward in a blur, heads down and clothes ruffling on the wind when they broke the sound barrier at the speed they set off at. At the same time, Kakuzu dropped into a stance and brought his hands forward, bearing his fingers like claws and glaring down the beast when it gave a loud roar and sent four of its heads flying in their direction. Mouths open, the enormous serpents prepared to devour the trio as soon as they got within range.

Gobbling up his targets however was going to be an incredibly difficult chore for the demon, for as soon as the dragon heads came within reach of Misora and Naruto, the pair struck out. Forming a drill-like lance around her arm out of her sheets and hardening it, the kunoichi gave a loud holler and jabbed, impaling the head bearing down on her and drilling right through it, before leaping on top of the second head when it came at her and jumping off of it. This left the jinchuriki following close behind to pick up the slack.

With a kunai in hand and blue chakra coating it, extending the weapon into a longer, finer blade, the jinchuriki sliced through his first target effortlessly before impaling another that came immediately afterwards. Leaving his kunai buried in its skull, the blonde then vanished in a flash of orange, avoiding the third giant head when it dove straight down at him from above. When it ended up striking the ground and getting a mouthful of dirt instead, it became clear to the demon that it'd missed.

Spinning through the air after rematerializing above the gigantic Moryu, Naruto sprang off of the neck of one of the dozen writing pillars making up the entity and threw his hand out, producing a chakra chain with a kunai attached to the end of it from his wrist and catching it. Upon feeding the line through his hands, he then began spinning it above his head like a lasso and, upon leaping off of another dragon head and passing his adversary's immense form, spun around and hurled the chain forward. Like a modified kusarigama, he effortlessly sliced through three of the dragon heads with a single swing and hooked the counterweight around another, tugging on the chain to tighten it around the tower of flesh and effectively strangulating the serpent. Once he was hooked, Naruto used the chain to yank himself in and swing back into the fray.

Watching Misora and Naruto take the fight directly to the demon, Kakuzu decided to get involved as well. Seeing a couple of the elongated dragon heads weave through the air and fly towards him, the masked man stretched back his left hand and threw it forward. Thanks to the abilities granted to him by his Jiongu (Earth Grudge Fear) kinjutsu, he was able to use his threads to fire his arm right at the approaching dragons and harden his limb at the same time. The result was his extending palm slicing the head off of the first neck and catch the other one on the other side. The dragon he caught gave a screech of agony as it was strangled by the limb before being pulled towards the S-Rank shinobi and punched across the face, the blow smashing it into a pulp and splattering its brains across the floor in gory fashion.

Shion, still standing on the sidelines, watched closely as the three ninja began to torment the great demon Moryu from all sides. Using the space provided to his advantage, Naruto began flying about all over the place to confuse his opponent, casting his chakra chains to link two dragon heads together and mash them in one blow. Misora on the other hand manipulated her unique sheet style of fighting to slice into the serpents and remove them from the body, even going so far as to cut off one of the demon's tails threatening to impale her. And Kakuzu swung in to bombard the gargantuan form of their adversary with lightning bolts and strikes from his diamond hard limbs, killing several of the appendages with terrifying efficiency.

Needless to say, the whole thing was turning into a bloody mash-up.

"Hey… I think I remember where I've seen you before," Misora chirped out loud, avoiding one of Kakuzu's fireballs as she danced across the flailing heads of the demon lord, landed upon one of them and glanced across at Naruto.

The blonde, slamming a kick across one of the snake heads and sending it to the ground, also landed against a flailing tail and looked over his shoulder, "Yeah?"

Misora grinned, "You're Sanada Nobunaga from the Princess Gale films; the wandering samurai from across the seas!" Her enthusiasm was marked with a whip of her shawl, which effectively decapitated a second dragon head.

Ducking under a strike from another determined serpent, Naruto grinned and sliced it off with a decisive strike from his kunai, "Yep! That's me… in the flesh!"

"Oh Kami! Oh Kami! I'm such a huge fan!" Misora squealed ecstatically, leaping through the air and throwing a graceful kick that she connected between the eyes of a twelfth dragon, effectively blinding it, "Hey! After we finish things here, do you think I can get an autograph?"

Though a little taken aback that he was getting a request for an autograph from a would-be enemy, the jinchuriki gave the question a moment of thought. After disintegrating the skull of a tenth persistent Moryu summon with a well-placed Rasengan, he then gave his answer to the expectantly waiting woman, "Sure. No problem."

Dodging a sideward blow from an incoming tail, an untouched Kakuzu slid backwards across the ground to a stop and slammed a fist into the earth. When he did, he deployed a string of steel threads into the floor and fed them towards his demon target. The strands then exploded out of the ground and entangled themselves around the dragon's necks in an instant. When the wires looped over the serpents and tightened to restrain the damn things, Moryu gave a loud shriek of pain, at the same time a couple of its appendages were sliced off by the wires.

Bound to the ground by the diamond hard strands, all the demon could do was writhe and struggle against the binds, until his form started to bleed out of the net in the form of ether once more. Sprouting several more tails that weren't tied down by the threads, Moryu began making countermeasures against this deadly assault, until a shadow overhead fell upon him in the form of Misora.

The kunoichi, suspending her lithe body in the air, summoned a vast quantity of white sheets from her cloak, which quickly fanned out like a frill and reared back like cobras. "Ninpo: Teni no Mai!" (Dance of the Heavenly Garment) Once she'd taken aim, she hurled the lengths of cloth forward with a shout, the extending sheets twisting and coiling through the air, before striking the discombobulated demon in a storm of rock-cutting death. The attack enveloped the multiple serpent heads in a vortex of fabric, which sliced into them and slashed the dragon heads into ribbons. Upon dicing up the biju sized entity with her cloth, Misora brought them back, revealing a stricken, quartered ethereal being lying underneath on the ground.

Freed from the wires thanks to the assault, Moryu slowly began putting himself back together. His bisected body parts turned into smoke and his limbs started to grow back at an alarming rate. However, just as he was in the process of recovering, Naruto's form rematerialized out of the air a dozen yards away on ground level, where he immediately set himself into a firm stance and brought his hands up to form a diamond-shaped window with his palms, at the same time crossing the fingers.

Taking aim, he pushed his straightly-linked hands forward and yelled, "Futon: Ten no Fuken!" (Wind Release: Wind Sword of Heaven) A massive shockwave then rang out when he fired an enormous tornado from his hands, which rocketed towards the flailing form of Moryu and tore into him with the force of a thousand wind blades. The blast was so strong, it not only ploughed an enormous trench through the ground, but it also sent the demon's shredded body onto the wind… or so it seemed.

An explosion of dust and debris occurred shortly afterwards when the attack punched a small hole through the side of the mountain on the way out, allowing the light from the rising sun outside to pour into their midst. Following the execution of the technique, Naruto lowered his hands and watched the cloud settle.

At first glance, it seemed like the assault had done the trick. However, just when it seemed like they'd managed to send Moryu into the next world, a loud snarl echoed throughout the cave when the wall of dust blocking their view was suddenly cut away and a single-headed dragon with eleven tails emerged from the crater. His body reforming out of the fumes and his wounds healing in seconds, the red-eyed demon gave a thunderous roar and leered down at the blonde haired boy standing in his line of sights.

While Shion trembled at the reemergence of the beast, Naruto clicked his tongue and gave an irritable scowl, "I figured that wouldn't do him in. This guy's ridiculous."

"A fine hit… but not good enough," Misora's voice cut in when she dropped down from the ceiling and landed alongside the blonde. Her eyes fixing on their group's problem, she then glanced across at the jinchuriki and looked him over, "You know… your techniques in real life are a lot more different from the ones you use in the movies."

"Oh. That's because the techniques were made by the special effects crew. The writer designed them and I just posed for the executions," Naruto replied before smiling back at the woman, "All of the stunts were done by me though."

"Wow," the woman exclaimed, her eyes tracing over the super star more thoroughly. After getting a good look at his bare chest and abs under his unzipped jacket, a more pleasant grin spread across her lips and she murmured in satisfaction, "Mmm… you're a lot better-looking in person than you are on the big screen as well."

"Stop flirting with the brat and pay attention, Misora!" Kakuzu growled, dropping down to flank the jinchuriki on the other side and startling the kunoichi out of her star-struck state. Once he'd drawn the pair's gaze back to the demon now making its way towards them, the masked bounty hunter flew through seals and slammed his hands into the ground, "Doton: Sando no Jutsu!" (Earth Release: Mountainous Earth Technique)

At that exact moment, two enormous sections of the room on either side of Moryu suddenly broke away and came together like sliding doors. The humungous masses of earth, taken from the mountain itself, slammed into one another and sandwiched the multi-headed dragon inside of it with a loud thunderclap, terrifying Shion at the size and scale of the technique and the way the collision it shook the earth with its power. Even Naruto and Misora were astonished at the size of the jutsu the bounty hunter had just executed.

Upon mashing the demon between the walls of the volcano and watching its form squirm in between, tails flailing and jaws snapping away as it attempted to push the slabs off of it with its body, Kakuzu frowned and snapped his eyes towards Misora. "Take him!"

Reacting fast, the kunoichi leapt forward. Pulling her arms back and concentrating, she then hurled a stream of cloth straight up at the creature, who attempted to attack its targets with two more jaws that sprouted from its body. The extending serpents however were caught by the diamond-hard sheets and yanked out of the way, the woman giving a wide grin and focusing her chakra through her arms. After which, she then sent her accumulated energy down the sheets in a single wave. "Katon: Hibashiri!" (Fire Release: Running Fire) At that moment, streaks of flame shot up her lengths of cloth, where they inevitably reached the demon and set him ablaze.

Moryu gave a loud shriek as his body was lit up by the material wrapped around its heads, its smoky form bursting into an inferno. With the flaming cloth keeping its body wide open and pressed between the mountainous slabs of stone, this gave Naruto the perfect opening for him to utilize and for Kakuzu to follow up respectively.

Taking advantage of the flames, the jinchuriki took the center, cranked his hand behind him and thrust it forward with a yell, "Katon: Uzusenpuhi no Jutsu!" (Fire Release: Fire Whirlwind Vortex Technique) With a mighty roar, he unleashed a spinning blast of wind from his palm that expanded widthwise at a ridiculous speed, catching the flames on the ground and transforming his tornado shot into a blazing firestorm.

At the exact same time, Kakuzu flew through seals of his own and cocked his head, "Katon: Zukkoku!" (Fire Release: Searing Migraine) Throwing his body forward, he then unleashed a stream of fire that grew at such speed, it melded with Naruto's technique perfectly and lit up the entire chamber, as if the sun itself was exploding in their faces.

The fast expanding wall of flames collided with the incased form of Moryu with a mighty howl of fire and wind, ripping the rock walls to shreds and taking the multi-headed demon with it. The cry of the entity being enveloped in flames was drowned out by the sound of an enormous blowtorch incinerating the inside of the cave, as the technique tore across the rest of the chamber and drilled into the mountain wall. Seconds later, the attack blasted an even bigger hole out of the edifice to the world outside, carrying the demon's flaming body with it and filling the sky with flames as the respective techniques bellowed across the valley and high into the clouds.

It was almost like the volcano itself had just erupted.

The land shook under the ferocity of the final attack as it slowly came to an end. When the ground eventually ceased its shuddering, Shion looked up from the shelter of the Naruto shadow clone's arms to see the results of the combined assault, which consisted of an enormous gaping hole in the mountain side with a clear shot to the outside world and rubble lying on the floor all around them.

And there, standing at the head of all this, Naruto, Kakuzu and Misora, bathed in the light of the rising sun and their backs turned to her. Their eyes fixed on the gigantic new entrance they'd created, the two Akatsuki members remained in place for several moments before going to see for themselves if the deed had finally been done. They vanished in a shunshin, leaving the blonde standing alone for several seconds in silence.

Remembering he still had others to worry about, the jinchuriki turned back to Shion and smiled at her, "Wait for me here… okay?"

Completely overwhelmed by the performance thus far, the blonde haired priestess gazed back at the young man in awe. Once his words finally managed to get through to her, Shion then gave a silent gulp and a nod of acknowledgement, which inevitably gave way to a grin of her own. "Okay."

Teeth sparkling, the jinchuriki also disappeared in an orange flash, leaving the volcanic chamber smoldering from the chaos of the battle thus far and exposed to the light of day. Silence fell shortly thereafter over the decimated sealing shrine, giving the princess a moment of reprieve.


Emerging outside the mountain like the other two Akatsuki members, Naruto pulled up alongside them to see where they were. Having moved to the side of the gaping hole for space, the duo dressed in black cloaks could be seen looking about the ruined mountainside that had served as the shell for their battleground and, up until half an hour ago, a prison for their current enemy. With the debris and dust finally settling from the conflict that had been taking place within, the pair of hunters at first found nothing on their initial search. The kunoichi acknowledged this with a smile and a huff, at the same time massaging her brow with her thumb.

"Well… that takes care of that then."

Just as she was starting to feel at ease though, a sensation of dread suddenly fell upon them and the trio's gazes were pulled across the mountain slope to one of the crevices that'd been formed in their battle.

When his eyes landed on the disturbance, Kakuzu's hands tightened into fists and his expression darkened, "I wouldn't be so sure of that."

Making out the issue for themselves, Naruto and Misora formed up on either side of the masked shinobi and took up defensive stances. As soon as they did so, they saw, wafting up from a crack in the ground several meters ahead of them, the remains of their demon adversary making his grand reentrance to the scene. This took the form of a blackish-purplish pool of liquid on the ground, which gave off a weird, dark aura that took moved upwards in the form of fire and smoke.

Needless to say, it was a rather disturbing sight.

Forming seals and preparing to wipe the pathetic stain off of the face of the earth, the three ninja then froze in surprise when they suddenly saw the ethereal mass leap off of the ground and drastically expand in size, as if reacting defensively to their preparations to finish it. The sight of the phantom smog had the powerful shinobi stop dead in their tracks and look upon the black sentient mist seriously for a moment.

As the fluctuating cloud flared away with its tendrils whipping through the air aggressively, it suddenly started to collapse in on itself, as if the smoke were being drawn into a vacuum. Within seconds, the bellowing plume, which had once blown up to the size of a boss summon, quickly shrunk down to something comparable in size to a human and began to form into the shape of one, which had Kakuzu, Naruto and Misora's eyes widen in shock.

The smoke, which had compressed into the outline of a man, then started to lift away to reveal an actual figure hiding underneath. Beginning from the ground up, a pair of legs emerged, consisting of brown sandal boots, dark-blue, baggy pants and an orange belt. After that a stomach and chest also formed, covered by a purple, priestly robe with orange prayer beads around its neck and a medallion hanging off of the end. A head then appeared from the smoke, with the face of a short-haired man around his thirties, sporting a black kazaori eboshi. Shaking off the rest of the fumes, not only did this 'person' stand five feet taller than Kakuzu, he also revealed a pair of black devil wings and a long, lizard-like tail sprouting from his lower back, which he slammed into the ground and cracked the surface under the force.

Transformation complete, the individual opened his eyes and looked up. The moment he did so, purple lightning bolts started to shoot off of him, scorching the ground wherever they struck and kicking up dust clouds, a sight that startled all three shinobi currently present.

Misora, blinking a few times in astonishment, then shook her head in disbelief and frowned deeply. "I don't like the feel of this."

The moment she said this, a wide grin formed on the stranger's face and his eyes flashed a dangerous red, something that seemed eerily familiar to the three shinobi standing under his shadow. "Ahh, yes. It feels so good to be back in my original form. I'd almost forgotten what it was like." Another spark of purple lightning shooting off of him, the new Moryu then began sizing up his quarry properly. "You fools have tried my patience long enough. Once I've destroyed you three and the priestess, all of the obstacles standing in my way will be eliminated. Then I will finally fulfill my destiny and establish an empire that will last for a thousand years… a one, true kingdom, where I alone will reign supreme as the most powerful force on the face of this planet." A dark chuckle escaped his lips shortly thereafter.

Game faces coming back into play, Naruto, Kakuzu and Misora quickly dropped into their respective fighting stances. Eyes narrowing and teeth clenching, they faced the large man down with full intent to finish him off once and for all.

However, the second they synced up into battle ready positions and started to get a better feel for the new incarnation Moryu had taken on, the trio were soon gob smacked by what they sensed next. Sweat forming on each of their brows, looks of abject horror slowly pulled across the team's faces, with Naruto's jaw also dropping when he eventually gauged the chakra signature he could now feel coming off of the demon.

"Holy shit… his power is incredible," the jinchuriki choked. Was this for real?

Deep within the bowels of the Jonin's stomach and locked safely behind the iron gates of his seal, the Kyuubi, who'd previously taken a backseat when the commotion of the fight outside had died down a bit, also picked up to the dark aura wafting into his midst. When his senses finally registered to the intruding presence and the energy signature that was his host's opponent, the fox's head shot upwards with a start and his eyes widened in disbelief. Kurama soon found himself gaping in the direction of the aura just like his container was.

"W-What the hell?" It was mindboggling. Initially, all the Kyuubi could sense from his spot was his partner-in-crime fighting against something roughly comparable in strength to him and the other biju. This at first didn't give Kurama cause for concern; since he was certain his host would be able to take care of the problem like he usually did, which allowed him to sit back and take it easy to this point. Now though, after a good half an hour of hard fighting, the situation had suddenly taken a drastic turn for the worst. "Why the fuck do I sense ten Madaras out there?"

It was the only way he could describe the feeling that he was getting right now. What the fuck was going on out there?

Her body starting to tremble, Misora gritted her teeth and shook herself out of her stunned reverie. Though confounded at what she was picking up on the airways, she couldn't let herself get snapped out of her funk just yet and braced herself against the oncoming storm. "This… is bad."

Giving a snarl of impatience, Kakuzu got fed up with all this muscle flexing and decided to take action. Exploding from his spot, the man blasted forward in a lightning fast dash, one that kicked up a cloud of dust and had Naruto reel forward with a start.


"You two stand back! He's all mine!" the masked Akatsuki member shouted back, pumping chakra into his fists, which quickly turned metallic black. "Doton: Domu!" (Earth Release: Earth Spear) Arms hardened to that of diamond and ready to carve through the bastard, Kakuzu closed the final feet of distance between himself in his target and, in the blink of an eye, struck out at the demon with a roar.

His punch buried straight into the human Moryu's chest with an earsplitting crack; the bounty hunter expecting to run right through him and out the other side like he normally did everything else. However, the second his fist made contact, the rogue ninja got the surprise of a lifetime when instead of going through his target, he was stopped dead in his tracks; his diamond hard knuckles bouncing uselessly off of the demon's body.

The blow didn't even make the man flinch.

"What the-?" Looking up with a start, Kakuzu then began drilling continuous punches into Moryu's chest. A chorus of loud thuds rang out as he drilled the person's chest over and over again with his iron hard fists, unleashing a storm of attacks that would have effortlessly leveled a mountain. However, after several seconds of relentless attacks, the bounty hunter unloaded a full on right straight into the demon's chest, only to have it hit the individual's pectorals and nothing.

The demon didn't even budge an inch.

Assault over, Kakuzu took a step back and gawked up at the towering individual, where he then saw the humungous man smirk at him. A split second later, the former Taki ninja was then smashed across the chest by the demon's tail coming out from behind him, effectively backhanding the bounty hunter towards his teammates and sending him flying.

Watching Kakuzu shoot past them across the mountainside like an arrow, both Misora and Naruto looked back in disbelief as they saw the man bounce twice before barreling to a stop fifty meters away. Spinning back around, the duo then saw Moryu raise his hand towards them and grin, before the two ninja were suddenly hit by what they first thought was a shockwave. This in fact turned out to be a telekinetic blast that sent both of them blasting across the volcano's slopes just like Kakuzu before them, where they sailed across the gaping hole they'd formed and towards the spot their companion had landed.

Knocked senseless from the attack, both Naruto and Misora managed to regain their bearings in midflight and correct themselves, flipping backwards and slamming their feet into the ground to cease their momentum. Sliding to a grinding halt in a cloud of dust on either side of Kakuzu, the three of them quickly locked their sights back on their enemy and glared.

"What the heck was that just now?" Misora asked.

It felt like they were just hit by a train.

Snorting and lowering his hand, the now human form of Moryu grinned and crouched low to the earth. "Useless. It will take more than that to bring me down!" He then sprang into the air in an amazing jump, soaring over the enormous hole in the side of the mountain before beginning to descend towards the three shinobi recovering down below.

He wanted to toy with them some more… and that's exactly what he was going to do.

Reacting with a start, Naruto leapt to his feet and cupped his hands to his side, "HIT HIM WITH A COMBINED ATTACK! NOW!"

And that's exactly what Kakuzu and Misora did. The moment they saw the demon begin falling towards them, all three of them were on their feet and flying through hand seals. Upon finishing their signals and accumulating the right amount of chakra in the correct places, they launched their attacks, hitting the human Moryu at the exact same time in an effort to take him out.

"Futon: Ten no Fuken!" (Wind Release: Wind Sword of Heaven) Naruto roared while throwing an enormous tornado of wind from his hands.

"Katon: Goka Mekkyaku!" (Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation) Kakuzu spewed an enormous torrent of fire from his mouth, which spread out into a massive wall that stretched throughout the airspace above.

"Raiton: Raikyu!" (Lightning Release: Lightning Ball) Misora threw her hands forward and unleashed an enormous sphere of electricity, which also joined the other techniques in their ascent.

The three long range moves twisted through the air and molded together to form a single attack; a raging, tornado hellfire that struck the approaching Moryu and swallowed him up inside a vortex of pure destruction. The collaboration technique was so great, the trio literally filled the sky with a towering twister of flame, wind and electricity that dwarfed the lonely mountain they were fighting upon, at the same time blowing whatever cloud cover was hanging over them out of the way. This inevitably gave them a fine shot of the perfect blue morning sky above.

Seemingly disintegrating their target when he ran headlong into their attack, the three shinobi initially believed they'd won. But then, just as they ceased feeding chakra into their jutsu and the sky above them started to clear, they suddenly saw their foe emerge from the explosion, bursting out of the smoke with the same wide grin on his face.

The sight alarmed all three shinobi.

"It didn't work?!" Misora shouted with a bewildered look on her face.

Responding to the incoming threat, the squad split, Naruto leaping left, Misora retreating right, and Kakuzu jumping back, just in time to avoid their adversary crashing into the ground right where they'd been standing. A split second later, just as Kakuzu was backpedalling as fast as he could, Moryu's form suddenly appeared directly in front of him in a lightning fast teleport, which had the bounty hunter choke in shock. Before he could even respond, the human-demon hybrid brought his right arm over his left shoulder and backhanded the Akatsuki member across the face, smacking him flying across the mountain slopes for several hundred meters.

The moment Kakuzu barreled into the earth and plowed a trench through the ground to a painful stop, Moryu rotated right and held the same hand he'd used to hit the bounty hunter out, where a pink sphere of energy quickly formed in his palm. Taking aim, the man grunted and unleashed his attack, the ball of chakra splitting into multiple shots that he launched in a hail towards Naruto. The jinchuriki only had a split second to give a startled yelp before dodging, avoiding the multiple shots that rocketed past him like bullets.

One of attacks came within just a few inches of his body and in spite of his quick evasion, the speed and force of the blast burnt the jinchuriki's shoulder. The sonic boom that occurred moments later sent the blonde blasting across the terrain and tumbling towards the base of the mountain, yelling out in agony before he eventually ground to a stop. He then had enough time to look up and see what'd happened to the other blasts.

Watching the dozen broken energy spheres soar over the horizon to pepper the valleys beyond, Naruto could only look on in disbelief as the attacks exploded with ridiculous force and wiped out several mountains in one go, at the same time decimating the rest of the surrounding country. The single attack literally nuked the entire region in several places, bringing down a few edifices while also taking enormous chunks out of a much larger mountain nearby. The amount of chakra that must've been used in that instance was phenomenal.

Bringing his palm back and looking down at it, Moryu gave a quiet grunt and shook his head, "It's been so long since I last used this body, I'm unable to control my power properly. No matter." Lowering his arm, his gaze then trained upwards, where he saw the silhouette of the other Akatsuki member plummeting towards him.

Taking advantage of the demon's distraction, Misora leapt into the air directly above her target and dove straight down at him. With his attention set elsewhere, the young woman formed another enormous drill-shaped lance out of cloth around her right arm. The weapon hardening to that of diamond, the girl let out a battle cry and, the second she was in range, lunged straight down at her opponent.

"Shoru Ransu!" (Shawl Lance) With an earsplitting crack, she struck the man, only to realize Moryu had lifted his hand and blocked her spear with his forearm.

The blow causing a shockwave to ring out, Misora attempted to push her way through, but found she could not budge the limb hanging in her way. Giving a loud growl of frustration, she then shunshined around and reappeared directly in front of the demon, kneeing Moryu in the chest and uncorking a left hook across his face, a blow that only managed to press in his cheek in before her arm was thrown back. Trying again, she zipped around his body and attempted to impale him in the back with her spear, only for her weapon to bounce off of his muscles before she came around and elbowed him in the base of the neck. After hitting the demon in separate places with a dozen more punishing blows and kicks that would have staggered the most durable of targets, the young woman then kicked off of the entity's shoulder and retreated. When she landed safely a few yards away, Misora took a moment to catch her breath and wipe the sweat from her brow.

When Moryu's eyes fell upon her, she saw the man wasn't fazed one bit.

Panting and gulping, the kunoichi spoke, "He's a monster. Two hundred million ryo isn't worth any of this." Cocking her left back, she formed another lance of diamond hard cloth around it and blasted forward.

Rocketing towards the imposing figure at lightning speed, Misora gave a loud yell and threw her attack forward, only to see Moryu side step it and grab her arm the second she blew past. His hand gripping her sheet covered limb like a vice, the demon then flung the small woman around like a ragdoll and put her in an arm lock, snapping her arm the wrong way at the elbow. The loud crack of bone that rang out was shortly followed by a scream of agony from Misora, whose eyes glazed over before she had a fist mercilessly plowed into the back of her head. The mammoth blow sent her bouncing across the mountainside, where she eventually rolled to a stop, bleeding from the mouth with her arm broken.

Smirking at the fallen woman's form, Moryu stomped towards her and prepared to finish her off, only to be hit across the face by a ball of wind that cocked his head to the side. Caught off guard, the demon turned to see where the attack had come from, where he quickly saw Naruto flying towards him in a blur. Tsubame no Koto (Soaring Swallow) activated, the Jonin used his wind jets to propel him in the direction of his adversary at a speed very few would be able to keep up with.

"Pick on somebody your own size, you son of a bitch," the battered and slightly bruised jinchuriki shouted.

Blinking, Moryu chuckled, "You want some more? Very well… let's see what you've got, boy."

Flying up the mountain slope and coming in low, Naruto pulled back his right fist and threw it forward, ascending at the same time to catch his target in the chin. Moryu however effortlessly slipped around his uppercut and moved to get behind the Jonin. Tracking the bastard, the jinchuriki then performed a back flip from his missed attack and dropped a kick straight down onto the demon's neck, the blow connecting with the sound of a gunshot. In spite of the force put behind it, all the kick did was cause Moryu to back step and take a defensive stance, allowing the jinchuriki to right himself and drop back down to the floor.

As soon as his feet touched the ground, Naruto exploded forward and, with a roar of effort, incased his right arm in a drill of wind and rammed the tornado enhanced fist into the demon's jaw. "Tsubame Gaeshi!" (Swallow Return) The attack impacted Moryu's chin with a thunderclap, cocking the demon's head backwards ever so slightly. But despite the power that'd been put behind the blow, all the demon did was smile.

Gawking in shock, the jinchuriki withdrew his punch and leapt away, drawing his hand behind him and forming a spiraling sphere of blue chakra. As he retreated and watched Moryu start towards him in a casual stroll, the blonde coated his Rasengan in a shell of spinning wind chakra and fired it, the sound of a cannon ringing out when he propelled the ball straight towards his approaching target.

"Rasendan!" (Spiraling Shot)

The blue ball sheathed in a wind drill struck the demon in the chest, where it quickly exploded with concussive force, punching a large crater into the ground and filling the air with smoke and debris. As soon as he hit the man, Naruto vanished in an orange flash. A split second later, the blonde reappeared in the sky about three-hundred meters above the mountain, where he used his wind jets to keep him suspended as he glared down at the cloud of smoke from his exploding attack bellowing into the air.

Looking on expectantly, the blonde waited for the plume to lift and reveal what kind of damage he'd managed to inflict upon the fiend, if any. But before the smoke could even begin to clear, Naruto was suddenly blindsided by Moryu appearing out of nowhere and crashing into him with a knee. The Jonin's body wound up flushed up against the demon's leg, a gasp of pain escaping his lungs as he was pushed backwards through the air at breakneck speed. After watching the surrounding countryside race past him in a blur for several seconds, the blonde was then rammed into the side of a cliff, a loud crack ringing out on impact. A split second later, Moryu brought both his hands up, laced his fingers together, and slammed a hammer blow right down on the male's head.

The attack sent Naruto plummeting like a rock into the lake fifteen stories below, where he vanished in a splash. Moryu, still suspended in midair, then turned around and looked down into the water. Upon assessing the glittering surface for several seconds, the demon quickly repositioned his body and dove for it, his form shooting in after the blonde's like a bullet fist first. The force of his impact with the lake's surface was so great the splash he sent rocketing into the air emptied the entire basin.

With the splash remaining suspended on the lake's perimeter, forming a wall of water around a hundred square meters of rock bed, Moryu could be seen kneeling in the center of the 'water crater', with a fist buried into a sprawled out Naruto's stomach.

A stunned expression slapped across the jinchuriki's face, the Jonin let out a cry of agony and gripped the fist nailing him to the ground, moments before the demon took off back into the air and stopped a hundred meters above the lake. Moryu then proceeded to watch as the lake flooded back over the exposed bottom and the water suspended in the splash crashed back into the basin, filling it up and drowning the blonde under thousands of kiloliters of water. Within seconds, he was gone.

Moryu, grinning widely, barked a laugh of amusement, "I love doing that."

"Katon: Makuhoidan!" (Fire Release: Hell Bullet Siege)

Hearing the voice echo up from down below, the demon hovering in the sky then looked over to the sealing shrine mountain on his left, where he saw a barrage of fireballs rocketing up towards him. The small spheres of fire quickly converged on his position at blinding speed, but just before any of them could hit him, they all suddenly veered off course and began scattering throughout the sky one after the other. The string of shots and the barrages to follow continued flying randomly in all directions for several seconds, until Kakuzu, the man who was firing the attacks from the mountain's slope, retracted the mask he'd produced from his arm and threw his hands out.

"Now… DISAPPEAR!" the battered Akatsuki member roared and crossed his arms sharply.

With that single command, Kakuzu had all fifty of the fireballs spread throughout the sky converge on their target. Moryu, a smile still in play, watched curiously as the fireballs surrounding him shot towards his position from all sides. Just as he was only seconds away from being swarmed though, a bubble like purple shield formed around the demon's body, which caught the hundred balls of flames that attempted to batter him. Then, with a mighty yell, the would-be conqueror expanded his shield sharply and deflected the balls with a single blast, a sight that had the Akatsuki treasurer recoil in alarm.

The fire balls the bounty hunter launched scattered across the countryside and crashed into the surrounding fields, hillsides and mountains. The second the orbs impacted the ground, they combusted into enormous, dome shaped explosions, punching craters into the region and literally transforming the landscape into Swiss cheese, as well as setting forests ablaze.

When the tremors of the explosions died down and Kakuzu watched the blasts disperse into nothing, the man clenched his fists and snarled in rage. Looking across the way and seeing his target float back down to the mountain to land gracefully two dozen yards from his position, the man let out a yell and took off towards the demon at blinding speed.

Misora, lying stricken on the ground, looked up in shock, "NO! KAKUZU, DON'T!"

Throwing off his Akatsuki cloak, the masked shinobi approached his target in a dark blur, dashing right up to Moryu and opening up with a right punch.

Without even needing to block properly, the demon slowly began backing away as Kakuzu rained hell down upon him with a taijutsu assault that would've given even Gai pause for thought. Fists and kicks flying at ridiculous speed, the enraged masked man's movements became a convoluted blur as he hit the demon over and over again, only to have every single one of his attacks parried and deflected effortlessly. Eventually, after hammering the man with over eighty connecting attacks that didn't even faze him, Moryu then decided he'd had enough and caught the masked shinobi's incoming left fist, stopping his unending onslaught dead.

Grinning, Moryu then yanked his prey forward and, with a mighty yell, plowed a fist right across the ninja's face. Even though Kakuzu managed to coat his body in his protective, diamond-hard armor, the blow still managed to throw his head back and ring his brain like a bell. After that, the demon continued on with his punishing retribution. Burying a kick into the shinobi's stomach, doubling him over and drawing a yell of agony from the bounty hunter, Moryu then cupped his hands above his head and slammed a hammer blow into Kakuzu's back. The impact of each hit was marked by the sound of a cannon firing, before the demon ended it with a kick right into his opponent's head that sent him packing.

Kakuzu's limp form flew off of the volcano's slopes and across the valleys surrounding its base, before his body eventually collided into the side of another mountain two thirds of a mile away. His impact with the side of it sent a cloud of dust hurling into the air.

Seeing the man's form bury itself into the face of the distant edifice, quickly prompted Moryu to raise his hand and extend his finger.

The second the demon human pointed at the mountain, the tip of his finger lit up with a bright, purple light before it fired a beam straight toward the mountain, causing loud sonic booms to ring out along its flight path. A split second later, the attack struck the edifice and in a blinding ray of light, completely disintegrated its top half in a concussive, fiery explosion. More explosions occurred seconds after that as the attack continued traveling onwards wiping out mountain after mountain, melting rock and transforming it into molten slurry. Once about half a dozen mountains had been leveled, including those that had suffered damage from the demon's previous energy attacks, the laser stopped and silence returned to the area.

Watching the clouds of dust and smoke bellow into the atmosphere over the horizon, Moryu brought his finger back and blew on the tip. After lowering his arm to his side, the demon then gave a satisfied murmur, only to then have his train of thought interrupted when four golden chains of chakra exploded out of the ground and wrapped around him. Arms snapping to his sides when he was unexpectedly tied down by the chains, the demon gave a few surprised blinks before looking to see four Naruto shadow clones pop out of the earth, all of them holding onto a chain.

"NOW!" one of the copies shouted.

A little bit perplexed by the ambush, Moryu's eyes then snapped to the side, where he saw the female partner of Kakuzu, Misora, flying towards him at dashing speed. With her broken left arm wrapped in a sling, the young woman charged the demon down and, with a loud battle cry, cocked her right fist back and formed another drill-shaped lance out of her cloth.

A smirk appearing on his lips, Moryu turned his attention to the clones tying him down. Glancing between them and counting how many there were, the demon then brought his tail up, curled it around his body, and flung it outwards in a sweeping arc. His appendage extending, he slammed all four of the clones across the chests and knocked them flying, dispelling them and the chakra chains they'd deployed to stop him. This freed the demon from his binds, allowing him to teleport forward, intercept Misora while she was still charging at him, and elbow her in the face.

The concussive blow sent the kunoichi flying back across the mountain side, where she shrunk away into the distance and slammed into a distant forest, downing an entire line of trees. A few seconds later and after watching the cloud of dust and leaves fill the air, the woman came flying right on back. With her nose bleeding and a battle cry escaping her throat, the young woman quickly closed the distance between her and her target, and chucked a right kick into Moryu's face. Her blow connected with the side of his cranium with a loud crack, cocking his head to the side, before she threw a right kick into his neck.

The moment she landed that last kick though, the demon grabbed her leg and dropped down on top of it, crushing it under his body. As soon as they hit the ground and caused a loud crunch to ring out on impact, Misora let out a cry of agony, her eyes widening in horror before her scream was silenced by Moryu slapping a hand over her mouth and gripping her jaw tightly.

Looming over the stricken Akatsuki woman, the sinister demon gave an excited grin, before the palm over the girl's face started to glow a hot purple. Her scream of pain muffled by his hand, Misora was unable to do anything as her opponent charged up an attack to take her head off.


Fortunately for the kunoichi, Moryu was cut-off from his murderous intent by Naruto teleporting directly beside the demon and shoving a spiraling sphere right into his surprised face. The ball grinding into his skull and exploding several seconds later, the blast then sent the demon rocketing up the mountain slope and to its peak, where his body inevitably slammed into it, burying him under a pile of rubble and a cloud of dust.

Landing firmly beside the wounded Misora, the original Naruto, soaked to the bone and bruised from the beating he'd taken, panted heavily as he glared up towards the volcano's peak. When the kunoichi on the ground gave a few coughs and pushed herself back to her feet, she gave a momentary glance to the frazzled blond and looked him over. When she saw who it was that'd saved her life, a weak smile formed on her bruised face.

"My hero."

The jinchuriki gave her a smirk, "We're not out of this yet." Eyes snapping towards the mountain's top, the blonde saw the cloud lift and the pile of rubble where the demon was lying get pushed away.

Moryu shoved the boulders lying on top of him out of the way and rose to full height. Upon dusting his shoulders of the debris coating him, he then looked down at the pair glaring up at him on the lower levels of the slope, where he saw them take defensive stances and ready themselves for another bout. When he took in the battered states that both shinobi were in, an amused smirk pulled over the demon's unscratched face and a snort escaped his lips.

"Even though continuing this battle is absolutely futile, you two can still find the strength to stand. I truly admire that fighting spirit of yours."

Teeth clenching, Naruto cocked his hand out and gave a loud growl, "And I… admire your ability to DIE!" A large, blue sphere of spinning chakra forming above his palm, the Jonin then poured his wind style energy into the technique and sheathed the orb in a white coating, before a large shuriken shape formed around its center. The blades spinning like a windmill and a loud screeching sound echoing out across the countryside, the Jonin then cranked it back, took a step forward and, with a mighty yell of effort, pitched it straight towards the demon smirking down at him from up high, "FUTON: RASENSHURIKEN!" (Wind Release: Spiraling Shuriken)

His technique flew at an incredible speed up the mountain slope toward its target where, a split second later, it struck the demon flush in the chest and exploded. A dome shaped blast soon engulfed Moryu and the entire peak of the volcano, expanding outwards while countless microscopic wind blades shredded the top of the edifice into oblivion. The expanding blast radius of the wind technique was so immense, it not only parted the clouds in the sky above, it also caused hurricane winds to rip across the region and nearly knock the two shinobi off their feet.

While Misora looked on in astonishment at the sheer power of the technique that'd just been used, Naruto grinned when he saw his jutsu make short work of his target and wipe the demon off of the face of the planet. "Ha! How'd you like that?!" Well… that was what he initially thought.

When the explosion eventually faded and the smoke lifted from the mountain top, revealing the entire top portion of it was gone, it also revealed Moryu, standing perfectly still in the heart of the blast zone. Smoke coming off of his body and wafting into the air, all the demon did from that point was stretch his neck and shake his head in a condescending manner.

"What a sad attack."

Naruto and Misora gawked.

"Y-You… couldn't have survived that!" the jinchuriki shouted in bewilderment.

Grinning like a madman, Moryu then brought both his hands forward and extended all of his fingers. The instant the palms started to glow a bright purple, both of the ninja standing further down the slope of the mountain took a massive step back. A split second later, a flash of light blinded them, followed immediately by a stream of pink energy blasts that shot off of the demon's fingertips at a machinegun rate and spread out from its user in a wide cone, raining down upon the two shinobi in a hail of glowing death. The storm of energy attacks came in merciless waves, peppering the entire mountain base with a continuous onslaught of shotgun like blasts that proceeded to spread till it was raining down across the entire countryside.

The attack carried on for several glorious seconds, before it eventually subsided and revealed a landscape brought to absolute ruin. Resembling No-Man's-Land after it'd been carpet bombed a million times over, Moryu slowly lowered his arms and looked across to admire his handiwork. Deciding to get a closer look, the man disappeared in a puff of black smoke and made his way down the hill.

Teleporting to the spot where his targets had been standing, the demon surveyed the mountain face and kicked at the ground. After several moments of looking, he eventually spotted the forms of Naruto and Misora, buried under a ton of dirt, lying several meters further down the way, their bodies scorched and riddled with bruises.

With their faces in the ground and practically eating soil as they began showing signs of life once again, Moryu gave a light laugh and crossed his arms. "Oh. You're still alive?" Senses perking as soon as he saw the two down below glare up at him, the demon then looked up and raised his arm just in time to catch a hand that shot down at him from above.

Feeling the diamond hard nails digging into his forearm, Moryu then heard the distinct sound of his other adversary approaching on the wind.

"Eyes front, fucker!"

Following the extended arm composed entirely out of steel threads to its source, the demon saw Kakuzu descending upon him from above, pulling his body in while using his hand as an anchor. An irritated growl escaping Moryu's lips, the entity then tensed his limb and tossed it outwards, in so doing whipping his enemy across the mountain slopes to land elsewhere that wasn't on top of him.

As soon as the hunter's feet hit solid ground, Kakuzu continued reeling himself towards his foe and thrust his other arm out, extending it just as he did the other with the intent to grab the demon's throat and decapitate him. His bullet fast hand however was effortlessly head slipped by the demon, which drew a snarl of frustration from the Akatsuki member and prompted him to start withdrawing his arms. However, while he was retracting them, Moryu charged at him. Traveling in a black blur, the demon beat Kakuzu's retreating limbs back to their user and nailed him in the stomach with a left uppercut, sending the shinobi sliding back across the hard ground with a sharp yell of pain.

Continuing to advance, Moryu then cocked back his right fist and slammed it across Kakuzu's face, knocking him toppling to the ground. As he fell, the bounty hunter quickly flipped through lightning fast seals before throwing two fingers up, pointing them directly at the demon's face while he was only three feet from the ground.

A spark of blue electricity zapped off of his arm the instant he was done charging, "Raiton: Gian!" (Lightning Release: False Darkness) In a flash of blue light, a concentrated beam of lightning shot out of Kakuzu's fingers and flew straight up at the demon, causing Moryu to balk in slight surprise and throw his hand up defensively. The blast impacting its target resulted in a concussive explosion that kicked up a cloud of dust and smoke around the two combatants, blocking them from view of the other two shinobi several meters away.

When the dust inevitably settled, it revealed Kakuzu lying on the ground, fingers still extended towards his target, and his foe standing over him, with his hand smoking and hovering two inches in front of the man's extended digits.

A cocky smirk shortly pulled across the human Moryu's face and a laugh escaped his lips, "How does it feel being beaten?"

Kakuzu could only gasp in shock as his eyes widened in horror. A split second later, the demon's hand flashed a brilliant purple, before an energy blast encompassing a wide range exploded off of his palm and engulfed Kakuzu at close range. A geyser like explosion occurred a split second later, which tossed the Akatsuki member's body high into the air and across the mountain slopes, where he hit the ground fifty meters away, dug a trench along the hard earth, and rolled to a smoldering stop.

A split second later, he was out.

Shaking his head in pity, Moryu then spun around when he sensed another attack incoming and swiped his hand out, shredding a length of cloth that attempted to wrap around him. Upon getting rid of the sheet, he saw Misora flying right at him with her one good arm wrapped in fabric and extended in a large drill. "You bastard!" With a yell of effort, she thrust her attack forward, attempting to impale the demon with one last, gutsy hurrah.

Responding in kind, the human monstrosity blocked the opening hit, before parrying a couple more strikes when she attempted to cut him up and smacked her weapon down when she tried to run it through him. As soon as he did, the demon grabbed the back of her cloak, brought the woman down to his other hand so that it was right in front of her, and unleashed a blast of purple fire right into her face.

"GAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Misora let out a cry of agony as she was lifted off of the ground and sent flying through the air, before her smoking body plummeted back to the mountain slopes and crashed into a useless heap several yards away.

Upon dispersing of the useless trash, Moryu did a quick look around to see who was left. Finding no one, save for the two Akatsuki members lying lifelessly in their craters, the demon then looked over his shoulder when he picked up another presence appearing nearby. His eyes landing closer to the base of the ruined mountain, the all-powerful entity quickly spotted the terrified face of Shion looking right back at him.

Coming outside to see how the battle was going, Shion soon found herself facing down the embodiment of destruction and the demon's true form standing victorious on the field. Her shadow clone body guard long gone, thanks to the beating the original Naruto had taken that'd caused him to lose consciousness momentarily, this ultimately left the priestess all alone.

With the Akatsuki members knocked out cold and the jinchuriki nowhere to be seen, there was no one around to come to her aid.

Shion knew this… and shortly upon spotting her, so did Moryu.

A sinister grin appearing, the demon rounded on the pretty young blonde and leered in her general direction, "I told you before, my dear priestess… attempting to resist my will is impossible. Now that these pathetic fools have been defeated, you are the last remaining obstacle standing between me and total control over this world." Sending her a wave of killing intent that had Shion take a step back and tremble from head to toe, the demon then cocked his head to the side and gave her a thoughtful look-over. Murmuring to himself quietly, the man wearing the priestly robes fanned his wings out a couple of times to stretch them and smirked when a most interesting idea came to him, "I should kill you. But… seeing as how your clan and I have been doing this same, graceful dance for so long, I'll honor your people's struggles by letting you catch a glimpse of what is to become of this reality before I destroy you."

The priestess then felt a crushing sense of dread fall upon her.

Not only was she overcome with fear in the presence of this entity, she was also uncertain of his true intentions, the true depth of his power, and the fate that he had in store for this world. Her mind was drawing up complete blanks, and with no visions or insight to aid her in her troubled thoughts to help her reach a solid conclusion, she had no idea what to expect next.

All of her questions and concerns however were answered moments later when Moryu rotated his body east and brought his hands up. Flattening his palms and pointing them forward, he then began gathering chakra in vast quantities, the concentration of energy skyrocketing to an unprecedented level as he took aim at a target that was beyond the priestess and everybody else's sights. Nevertheless, the demon knew exactly what he was aiming for and, as the ball of purple energy between his hands expanded in front of him to an enormous size, big enough to fill an entire room, he let slip his intentions to his one conscious audience member with a grin of excitement.

"I'll start my conquest of this world… by wiping the whole of Oni no Kuni (Land of Demons) off of the face of the earth!"

Eyes widening in horror, Shion threw herself forward, "No. NO! Please! Don't! My people haven't done anything wrong!"

No way. Moryu was intending to destroy, not just her village, but her entire country! The soldiers who swore to protect her, the farms, the markets, the villages, the lakes, the forests, entire clans and families, innocent men, women and children… he was going to destroy all of them!

With the amount of chakra he now had gathered in front of him and after witnessing the demon effortlessly change the shape of the entire country in his battle with the three ninja, there was no doubt he had the ability to do so.

Tears welling up, Shion clapped her hands together and watched on… helplessly.

Her cry had fallen upon deaf ears.

"Say goodbye!" Moryu laughed, his energy sphere crackling with electricity as he prepared to fire.

However, just as he was seconds away from launching his powerful blast towards the Land of Demons, the terrified priestess suddenly saw Naruto materialize out of the air directly behind the large man. Appearing in a flash of orange, the Jonin didn't hesitate for even a second as he wrapped his arms around the demon's waist and, with a gallant roar of effort, lifted the villain right off of the ground. His sudden teleportation and suplex redirected Moryu's attack skywards, startling the hell out of the demon and causing him to lose control over his technique.

"What?! Y-You? Let go of me!" the entity roared, before unleashing the enormous ball of purple energy and firing it straight up into the sky.

The ball of light shot up past the atmosphere and up into space, covering hundreds of miles in fewer than five seconds, before the attack reached the end of its grand journey and went up in spectacular fashion. As soon as it hit the vacuum, the ball ruptured and exploded, filling the sky with fire and smoke that could be seen for hundreds of miles. The explosion was so large and so brilliant, it replaced the sun's light for several long seconds, before it quickly died down and the sky became its normal blue once more.

Hands cupping her mouth in shock, Shion looked back to see what'd happened to Naruto and Moryu. After a few blinks of scanning the area, she quickly spotted the two of them squaring off further along the battered slope of the volcano, with the demon standing tall with his arms at his sides and his shinobi foe dropped into an offensive stance, and looking like he'd been run over by a tractor. From the burns and grime covering his body, as well as his bleeding lip and head, the jinchuriki had obviously seen better days.

With the last embers of the explosion above the planet dispersing into nothingness, Naruto took several deep gulps of air and growled, "You have a weakness! Everything does!" Then, upon digging his feet into the ground, the jinchuriki sprang forward and vanished in an orange flash.

Blinking when he seemingly lost sight of the ridiculously fast Jonin, perhaps the fastest man he'd ever come across, Moryu then remained standing in place as if waiting for something to happen. Staring ahead of him for several long seconds in silence with his tail waving lazily behind him, the demon was left in suspense for what he felt was like forever. But then, just when it appeared that nothing was going to happen, the demon looked off to the side and threw his right fist over his right shoulder in a back-handed punch.

"Hello." With a loud thud, his knuckles slammed into Naruto's face, the Jonin rematerializing out of thin air with a kunai in hand in an obvious attempt to blind side the bastard. However, with reflexes that were easily beyond Rinnegan capable, the humanoid demon had managed to read the jinchuriki's movements with ease.

Knocked senseless and out of his shunshin mode of travel, the jinchuriki quickly performed a back flip and slammed his feet into the ground to a grinding stop. The second he did so, he vanished in another orange flash, once again teleporting out of sight, whereas his opponent remained in place with his fist still raised following the reverse blow.

Moments later, the blonde reappeared directly beside Moryu and attempted to cut off his head with his blade, only for the demon to vanish in a puff of black smoke. Skidding to a stop, the jinchuriki looked about in alarm, before his opponent reappeared in the exact same place, dropping the raised elbow of his still propped up arm right arm down on top of him. The blow slammed Naruto straight into the ground, punching a massive crater into the rock surface.

Stunned, the jinchuriki kick-started his wind jets on his feet into action and rocketed out of the hole in an orange flash, intent on getting out of range of his foe. Glaring up as he retreated backwards across the mountain slopes as fast as he could, the blonde kept Moryu's shrinking form and shoulders in his sights, before his back suddenly slammed into something hard and solid, which stopped him dead in his tracks.

Feet touching ground, the jinchuriki then stared ahead of him with wide eyes. It wasn't because he'd flown backwards into a wall. No.

He'd in fact flown straight into Moryu, who'd managed to instantaneously super speed directly into his path and was now towering over the blonde.

The demon's shadow fell upon the boy like an omen, the Jonin remaining frozen in place with an expression reflecting nothing but fear and disbelief.

"So this is the strength of the priestess's 'great' protector. What a laugh."

Sweating profusely, Naruto peeked over his shoulder nervously. After a moment of waiting, his expression quickly became intense once again and he spun around, throwing a kick straight into the demon's side. His blow connected with a sharp thud, only to realize it was blocked before the blonde leapt up and slammed a punch across his face, and then buried a knee into his stomach.

After receiving the shot to the body, Moryu frowned, threw his arms up and grabbed the blonde in a bear hug. The instant his arms snapped around the jinchuriki like a trap, the demon gave the young man a tight squeeze, the sounds of bones and muscles popping filling the air as Naruto let out a cry of agony. When that treatment didn't give the satisfaction of torture the entity was looking for, the being of darkness then grabbed Naruto by the arm and leg, held him up high so that he was stretched out above him… and slammed his back right down on top of his knee with a sickening crack.

The Jonin let out a scream of pain as his bones and muscles cracked from the leg digging into his spine, with his body starting to bend at an angle it wasn't supposed to.

Shion, hearing Naruto's bloody cries of agony, kept her hands clamped over her mouth as her eyes shimmered with abject horror. Looking on from her spot as still and quiet as a lamb, she saw the blonde she'd come to admire above all others begin to suffer under the merciless hand of his foe, who began the task of taking his life away from him one bit at a time at an excruciatingly painful rate. It was obvious the demon had not liked being assaulted by the shinobi, and judging from how he was now trying to bend the Jonin like a pretzel, was paying him back for the damages with interest.

Shaking from head to toe and tears of despair beginning to fall freely from her eyes, the priestess could do nothing but watch and listen to her guardian as his body was gradually broken in two.

She felt so helpless. So powerless.

She hated this, not being able to do anything. With the fate of the world resting on this very moment and Naruto's life hanging on by a thread, Shion knew she had to do something! Anything! Anything to stop this monstrosity from destroying them all!

"I… I can't stand here and watch Naruto-kun die! I… I have to save him!" Her ears being filled with the bloodcurdling cries of the young male and getting another chorus of bones crunching, the priestess clenched her eyes shut and, with her hands brought together, pleaded to the Gods. "I want to save him! I have to save him!"


Her heart and soul overcome with despair, pain and grief, Shion felt as though everything was over…

Until eyes flew open again and a bright, purplish glow suddenly shone from her pupils.

Feeling the knee dig even deeper into his spine as Moryu grabbed his head and continued trying to snap him in two, Naruto could only writhe and groan out in agony. His strangled screams echoing across the mountain, the jinchuriki attempted to think of a way out of it, but thanks to the ridiculous amount of pressure being placed upon him and the way he was being handled by the bastard, he could not muster the mind or power necessary to break out of this. Hell, not even Kurama was able to help, as his chakra was being suppressed by the sheer force and will of his adversary, who was delighting in the suffering he was now causing.

His foe was unstoppable.

Gritting his teeth and clenching his fists, Naruto prepared to fight back with whatever he had left. But then, just as the humanoid Moryu was readying to finish him off and break him for good, there was a sudden flash of golden light followed immediately by an explosion that struck squarely between the demon's shoulders. The force of the attack knocking him forward, the entity unwittingly released the Jonin from his torture hold and onto the floor, eyes widening from the shock of pain and drawing the fiend's gaze back.

When he looked, Moryu suddenly saw Shion standing many yards away from him with her hand extended towards and her head lowered. Her palm clearly being the source of the sudden surprise attack, the ancient ruler of darkness looked on as the priestess slowly lifted her head and, showing off a face stained by tears of anguish, glared daggers in the direction of the world's greatest calamity.

The sight of her bell shining a brilliant pink went amiss by all those standing in the area, as Moryu was too focused on the teen to worry about anything else.

As soon as her eyes landed on the startled demon, Shion spoke, "Leave Naruto-kun alone."

Said jinchuriki, lying crumpled on the floor directly in front of the demon, looked up towards the priestess and blinked in shock through a blurry vision. Sensing a strange chakra now starting to radiate off of her and begin to grow to an outrageous degree with each passing second, the jinchuriki could only gaze in silent awe, while at the same time pass a momentary glance back to the all-powerful entity next to him.

What the heck was going on?


"Witch," Moryu snarled, before throwing up his hand and unleashing a purple blast straight towards the girl.

The second he fired his attack, an orange blur darted past him traveling even faster than it, the demon watching on as the two raced each other to the priestess before the flash of orange beat it. Appearing in front of the teen standing bravely in the attack's path, the battered Naruto took a defensive stance, drew his sword, and stabbed out at the incoming attack. Not even caring that his katana was damaged, the Jonin intercepted the ball of chakra with an almighty clang, before a tug of war match between the two began.

The blast pushing against his blade like he was trying to stop a train, the blonde felt his body slide back along the ground till he was just a couple of feet away from Shion. Growling with effort, the Jonin pushed back against the hot sphere with his sword in an attempt to parry the damn thing. But then, just when it seemed he was about to deflect it, his weapon suddenly shattered.

In an instant, the shards of the blade that was Crow's sword, which had been cracked from blocking the laser attack from earlier, scattered through the air like pieces of broken glass, stunning Naruto when his prized weapon finally gave way under the pressure. At first he thought he was done for and that the energy attack he was trying so valiantly to hold back was well on its way to taking him and Shion out once and for all.

But then, the second the black blade's shards were cast onto the wind and turned into dust, there was a sudden flash of light, followed immediately by the ball of energy being shot back at its user. Moryu only had a split second to give a surprised blink before he was unexpectedly hit in the chest by his own blast and sent barreling up the mountain slope. Flipping backwards to correct himself and slamming his feet into the ground, the demon knelt down on the floor and gripped his pectorals in surprise, where he saw a scar had been carved into it and was bleeding.

Baffled by the sting of pain and the sight of his purple blood, the demon looked up with a start and towards the jinchuriki. "What the heck was that?"

When his eyes fell upon Naruto, who was still standing directly in front of the priestess, his eyes quickly cut toward the blonde's supposedly destroyed sword, which was being held threateningly in his direction. However, instead of seeing the blunt blade of a broken katana, the demon saw a completely new blade that'd been hiding underneath the surface one.

With a silver coating of steel that shone a brilliant white as if it were made by the stars themselves, the equally astonished Jonin held his weapon toward his foe and held it tightly in a single-handed grip.

Upon looking his sword over, Naruto felt a new wave of familiarity to the weapon wash over him. It was a strange feeling, one that he'd never felt through his bond with this blade before. However, upon assessing the katana and admiring the glimmering new blade that had appeared from under the old one, he then held it up and gave it an admiring smile, "Whoa." His eyes then shot towards Moryu, whom he now saw had a look of terror written across his face.

Sensing the aura wafting off of the blade and his body responding in kind to it, the demon rose to his feet and took several steps back, his tail whipping about in panic and his wings spreading in alarm. "I… I know that sword! That's the Yawarakai-Te (Tender Hands), the legendary blade created by Goro Nyudo Masamune! W-Where the hell did you get that?!"

Blinking as he looked between the demon and the shining katana in his hand a couple of times, the jinchuriki then gave a sly grin and pointed the weapon towards his now terrified foe, "Oh… so… you're saying this is a famous sword? That's good to know." Playing on a strong hunch that he now had thanks to his adversary's inadvertent slip of the tongue, Naruto decided to test this new item he had in his possession. Crouching forward, the spiky haired Jonin then launched himself towards the demon at blinding speed, his form vanishing in an orange blur.

Face showing fear for the very first time in this battle, Moryu gave a loud snarl and conjured a weapon for himself out of black smoke; a shakujo. The rings on the end of the pole chiming loudly as soon as he manifested it, the demon let out a bellowing roar and rushed forward, meeting the jinchuriki in the middle and intercepting his swing with his own.

Sparks flying when the blonde's katana clashed with the staff, the two adversaries exchanged earth-shattering blows. The instant the weapons impacted against each other, a powerful shockwave rang out that punched an enormous crater beneath the pair, leading to a momentary stalemate between the enraged Moryu and the intensely glaring Naruto. But then, just as their weapons were grinding into one another in a test of wills, the jinchuriki changed tactics and pulled away, causing Moryu to fall forwards.

The instant the demon lost balance, the blonde moved forward with a lightning fast swing, swiftly slicing straight through the man's priestly staff and cutting it in two. When the top half flew off, Naruto came right back and sliced another part of the staff off, just inches above the demon's hand, stunning the would-be conqueror. Then, with his sword cocked over his shoulder and lined up, the blonde lunged forward with another decisive, flash-like swing, cutting straight across to decapitate the man, only to have his target lean back at the last second.

Leaping away to get some distance, Moryu landed a safe several yards away and panted heavily in fright. Seeing the blonde standing in place with his sword in hand and extended outwards following his terrifyingly fast attack brought a smile to the nervous demon's face, before a sharp pain hit the entity's chest. When his eyes widened, blood flew out of his mouth and splattered across the floor.

Overcome with pain, the demon staggered away, coughing and groaning in agony before his form dropped down to one knee. Remaining there for several long seconds, breathing raggedly and gripping his staggering wound, Moryu then slowly but surely looked up. When his eyes fell upon the sword wielding shinobi once more, he saw the Jonin rise up and reposition his weapon in another stance, which drew an angry growl from him.

"D-Damn you!"

Kakuzu and Misora, both of whom having regained consciousness some time ago, were now looking across the way in amazement. After all the time they'd spent trying to kill this fucking demon, the blonde haired wonder-boy suddenly came out of nowhere and damn near cut his chest open with his katana. It was a sight that left both Akatsuki members gob smacked and wondering how in the world he'd been able to do that. But of course, the knowledge of how became all too clear to the jinchuriki, who was now regarding his favorite sword with the utmost respect and care.

It was like a miracle had just appeared directly in his grasp.

"Looks like I've found something that can damage you… Moryu," the blonde chirped.

His enthusiasm and joy was also shared by the Kyuubi, the nine-tailed fox now sitting up behind the bars of his cage and grinning victoriously, "You got him brat!"

"Yeah. And now I'm going to finish him!" Now that he was in the possession of a weapon that could damage the motherfucker permanently, seeing as how he wasn't healing from the wound across his chest, Naruto was now going to capitalize on this advantage. Tightening his grip on his katana and digging his feet into the floor, the Jonin was all set for a fight that was sure to be the last.

However, just before anything else could happen, a gust of wind and a sudden increase in chakra nearby suddenly drew his and Moryu's gaze away from each other, and down the slope of the mountain.

Both figures recoiling in surprise, the two fighters looked across the volcano's ruined surface to see Shion, still standing in the same place she had been before, with her hair and jacket waving on a powerful up draught; one which seemed to be originating from her. When all eyes landed on the young woman and watched as the wind enveloping her kicked up in strength, everyone then suddenly became aware of a bright, white light, which began to radiate off of her body like a lantern and illuminate the entire area around her.

While Naruto, Kakuzu and Misora were baffled by the sight of the priestess and her growing energy levels, Moryu expressed the most intense shock out of all of them when he managed to get a good bead on the power growing inside the girl. The feeling of impending doom causing him to rise to his feet, the demon stumbled backwards and choked, "W-What is this…?"

The moment he uttered those words, the bell on Shion's jacket chimed, before a bright flash of pink light exploded from it and the seal that existed inside the stone shattered into dust. When it did, whatever restraints had been placed upon the girl's form was released all at once, allowing an ethereal light to fill the vortex wrapping around her body.

As soon as her form became bathed in that celestial glow, the girl's eyes flew open again and red markings flashed across her face, giving her the appearance of a Sennin, before her chakra burst forth, "I understand. I know now how this power must be used." Her words echoing across the plain, one that was heard by all those present on the battlefield, the girl gritted her teeth and allowed her strength to unveil itself, "I will not allow you to lay a single finger on my people or Naruto-kun anymore… THAT I CAN PROMISE YOU, MORYU!" After letting her intentions known, her body shone brilliantly, an effect which slowly faded moments later and revealed her clothes had transformed into a thin, yellow dress that was nearly see-through. Furthermore, not only was she still bathed in a bright, otherworldly glow, her hair had also turned pink and was floating upwards to fan around a golden seal that had taken shape above her head. Additionally, a blue cloth had also appeared behind her to cover her arms and the same red markings that had spread across her face were now tattooing her skin from head to toe.

Her drastic transformation startling the three ninja in the area, Moryu took one last step back and gave a menacing growl. With the light of the priestess's angelic form falling upon him, the demon could literally feel his skin start to crawl and burn, bubbles forming on the sides of his face and causing him to shirk away in agony, "Gah… I see. Your true power was sealed inside of that bell of yours, wasn't it?!" What's more, it seemed like her chakra was even greater than Miruko's!

What kind of creature was she?!

With her true powers fully unleashed, Shion looked down at her hand momentarily and clenched it into a fist. Upon which she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, where she then heard her mother's spirit whispering to her, as well as the voices of all those that had died before her time. Now that her chakra had been released from its seal, her true gift and her true strength could now blossom forth, allowing her access to a plain of reality no other being could achieve.

"Shion… your mother was unable to protect you. I didn't have faith in you… do you hate me?"

"Of course I don't. Mother… I love you so much," Shion answered back, a tear falling free from her eye before her gaze glued back onto the stunned Moryu standing fifty meters away, with Naruto also falling in her line of sight. "Too many lives have been lost because of this man's evil, including the life of my mum. I'm going to finish what she started… and bring you down once and for all!"

As soon as she said that, she saw Moryu's expression twist into a fit of rage and the demon assume a fighting stance. The moment the fiend took aim at her for a blast, the now transformed Shion vanished in a flash of white light, which the entity gasped at and followed up into the sky. When he saw the girl reappear several hundred meters above the ground and saw her start flying towards him like a bullet, the humanoid demon gave a loud roar and threw his right hand forward. His fingers transforming into serpents, the entity sent them rocketing forward, extending and growing from his arm at a ridiculous speed.


His dragon heads soared upwards to intercept the young woman and devour her. However, even though they shot towards her at a ludicrous speed to cut her off, the transformed Shion gracefully evaded each and every single one of them. Their jaws snapping at her this way and that, the girl effortlessly flew between all of them, before her form disappeared from sight and reappeared directly in front of Moryu. The demon only had a split second for his eyes to widen when a leg suddenly flashed into view and he was kicked in the face, a blow which caused a shockwave to ring out and sent him barreling across the landscape painfully to crash further up the mountain side.

A cloud of dust hanging over the spot where he inevitably stopped, at the very top of the mountain's flattened peak, Shion gently floated back down to the ground, where she was quickly joined by Naruto.

The whisker-marked Jonin looking the girl over for several moments, marveling at her glowing body and the way her transparent dress accentuated her wonderfully curvaceous figure, the jinchuriki then grinned and glanced up at her. "Love your new look."

Hearing the boy's compliment, Shion looked back at him to see his smile. When she processed his words and took in his charming grin, a blush quickly formed on her glowing face and she turned away bashfully, "Th-Thank you… Naruto-kun."

Compliments shared, the pair quickly returned focus to the field when they heard the sound of boulders sifting. Upon fixing their sights on the crater at the top of the edifice, they saw the still human but now battered form of Moryu emerge from the debris. Covered in cuts and bruises that he'd received from the absurdly fast kick, the demon stumbled into view and collapsed to his knees. Panting and groaning, the man gritted his teeth and looked down the slope, where he saw not only Kakuzu and Misora back to their feet, but Naruto and Shion standing side by side and glaring up at him.

One wielding the sword that had managed to wound him and the other brandishing the chakra of the priestess, capable of nullifying his chakra completely, the demon could only dig his nails into the dirt and snarl in anger.

His fist clenching tightly and muscles popping one after the other, the once thought to be invincible demon of destruction spat out his fury for the entire world to hear, "How can this be? I don't understand! My power is far greater than any other creature's on this planet! That scum Hagoromo and his rabid mother Kaguya… I have far surpassed both of them and ascended beyond this mortal plain to that of the Gods!" Still bleeding profusely from the mouth, Moryu's glowing red eyes developed veins as he then hollered out across the region to what he hoped was every corner of the globe, "I AM THE MOST POWERFUL BEING WHO HAS EVER LIVED!"

Hearing his voice echo down to them had the four individuals on the side of that mountain react defensively, while Kakuzu's eyes widened when he sensed something dangerous growing in their adversary. Recoiling slightly, the man clenched his fists and stepped forward with a serious glint in his gaze, "His chakra is climbing at an alarming rate. What is that monster planning now?" He was obviously furious. Having been beaten down to his current state, there was no way Moryu was going to accept his defeat lightly, not after coming this far.

He had something in store for all of them. The question now was what?

Brushing his hand over his mouth, Moryu looked down at the back of it and snarled at what he saw next. "Blood? My divine blood spilt by the sheer luck of such… such… trash?! No. No! I will not allow this to stand! I cannot allow this to STAAAAAAAAND!" His scream reverberating across the valley, alerting the four warriors to danger when his manic gaze fell upon them, the demon then blasted the group of shinobi and priestess with all the killing intent he could muster. "Your insolence just cost you this world! I'll blow it all to pieces… AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" With a roar of vehemence, dark purple chakra then exploded off of the man's body like a torch and stunned the audience watching below.

Misora's eyes widened, both at the ridiculous increase in the demon's chakra and his sudden declaration.

"He's gonna what-?!"

Before any of them could respond, Moryu crouched down low and rocketed into the sky, his wings carrying him at a ridiculous speed into the clouds where he quickly punched a hole through them, separating the white masses and clearing his airspace. After ascending a kilometer into the atmosphere, the demon then suspended his body in the sky and, with his chakra still blasting off of him like a storm, brought both of his hands forward and began focusing his energy into his palms.

With chakra beginning to cluster into a singular orb in front of his grip, the mad conqueror's insane laugh filtered across the region, "Try to dodge this if you can! You might manage to save yourselves… but your precious world is doomed!"

Naruto, eyes also bugging out at the insane amount of chakra he was now feeling, sheathed his sword at his side and stepped back as he watched the glowing purple light in the sky that was their opponent charge his final attack, "H-He's not serious, is he?!"

"BRAT!" Kurama's voice suddenly shouted inside of his head, causing the jinchuriki to balk at the fox's call and lend an ear to his words, "He doesn't have to worry about destroying himself! He can just regenerate and transport his body to another dimension! Everyone else will be destroyed! You have to stop that fucker!"


"Naruto!" The voice of Shion drawing the blonde's gaze across, the Jonin quickly saw the girl step forward and bring her hands around. Cupping them at her side, the priestess then began focusing her energy in a similar manner to Moryu's and took aim at him. A yellow orb of chakra quickly forming, the girl gritted her teeth and kept her eyes locked on the man in the sky high above, a sight that had Naruto staring at her in awe. "I'll stop him! Moryu originally came from my clan… that means he uses the exact same jutsu that my family uses! Once I deflect this blast, you finish him off!" As she continued to charged the sphere of light in her hands, the shape of it started to fluctuate like crazy, which had the girl wince painfully, "Ah… no."

Seeing and hearing what the teen was intending to do, Naruto responded quickly and leapt over to her. Cupping his hands around hers tenderly, the boy began adding his chakra into the mix and helped the girl to focus her energy. His sudden actions had Shion look toward him in surprise, where she then saw the grin on his face. "Just focus. Don't worry. I'm here," the Jonin whispered to her, drawing a gasp from the priestess before confidence slowly returned to her expression.

Nodding in acknowledgement, both Shion and Naruto turned back toward the sky, where they saw the burning flame that was Moryu increase in size and his chakra output flare up once more. Responding in kind, the priestess, still new to using her powers but spurred on by the encouragement of her shinobi protector, began pouring more energy into her palms while the boy kept it stabilized. The Jonin's chakra aided in incasing hers and maintaining its shape, allowing her to tap deep into her well of energy to combat the one that would be Moryu's. The orb in her grip quickly growing to an even larger size, its increase was marked by a massive shockwave, seconds before debris scattered across the mountainside started to lift into the air and the priestess's own chakra output increased tenfold.

The feel of the earth beginning to tremor as both sides squared off had Kakuzu and Misora look on uneasily. With energy perforating the wind and ground, drowning them all under the pressure of this world deciding moment, the two Akatsuki members held their ground and waited to see what would happen next, wondering which side would prevail.

The fate of the shinobi continent rested on this very moment and the strength of the two facing off against the entity intending to erase them all with a single shot.

Within seconds, the entire mountain began to give way around the four as massive chunks of rubble were ripped out of the ground and levitated into the air, Shion's chakra blasting upwards again and again, before the sky was filled with the loud hum of both attackers reaching the end of their energy gathering processes.

Under the sound of thunder rolling across the heavens and lightning bolts raining down upon the country from Moryu's concentration of chakra, the time had finally come.

Expression twisted in rage, the demon's yell echoed down to his targets, "PREPARE TO JOIN THIS FILTHY ORB IN OBLIVION!" Then, with an earsplitting roar and a thunderclap, Moryu opened up his hands and unleashed an enormous purple blast that shot straight towards the earth's surface.

Seeing the beam approaching them at lightning speed, Shion and Naruto responded in kind. With a combined cry of effort, both teens threw their hands forward and let loose a beam of light back at the approaching laser, shredding the ground under the force of its execution and sending the spear in the direction of their adversary. Both jutsu blasted towards each other like rockets on a collision course, seconds before they collided in midair, and the tug-of-war over the continent's fate began.

The attacks impacted against one another with a deafening thunderclap, shockwaves ringing out across the countryside that downed trees and tors in all directions. The energy of both attacks reverberating for miles, Kakuzu and Misora watched on in shock as surrounding mountains began to collapse in on themselves and entire forests were flattened, the rolling sounds of the energy battle washing over them and nearly knocking them off their feet. The two powerful shinobi had to shield their faces to stop the debris from pelting them, as well as to properly hold their ground against the demonic assault taking place in front of them.

So… this was what a battle between biju or, more precisely, demons in human form were capable of.

The beam struggle carrying on, with the attacks spraying outwards from the point they were intercepting one another, Moryu's eyes widened in horror as he saw his attack start to get pushed back. "Impossible! Her blast is exactly the same as mine?!" Feeling his body tremble as he continued pouring chakra into his attack, the demon gave another infuriated roar of effort and attempted to push their attack back down.

Feeling the weight of a thousand suns crashing on top of them, Shion and Naruto continued feeding the attack and maintaining its form. With their jaws clenched and legs shaking under the strain, the jinchuriki, sweating profusely from the effort, gave one last growl and shouted above the storm raging in front of them, "Shion, NOOOOOOOOWWW!"

Hearing the young man's shout, the priestess brought her hands back and thrust them forward, a cry of agony escaping her lips as she poured everything she had into the final burst. A second, colossal shockwave soon struck the land beneath them when the beam the pair was unleashing expanded to an unbelievable size. The mountain ripping to pieces like it was sand, Shion sent a second mass of light running up the highway that was her blast, which then struck the end of it with a crack of lightning and began drilling into Moryu's beam with ease.

Continuing to hold back the tide, the demon could only gawk in shock before the blinding yellow beam that was the duo's overwhelmed his and consumed him in a flash. His cry of agony drowned out by the blast, Shion's attack sent him and his human body blasting into the atmosphere like a missile, where he eventually vanished seconds later.

The sky returning to normal color and the light from the two beams feuding for dominance fading, the results of the fray were quickly revealed to the audience. With Kakuzu and Misora staring across the hellish, smoking mountainside towards the priestess and her bodyguard, they saw Naruto standing tall with his hands still pointed skywards, while the girl's arms flopped to her sides and the angelic girl swayed on the spot.

A low moan escaping her lips, Shion suddenly collapsed, but was quickly caught by the jinchuriki. Gently lowering her to the ground, the Jonin saw the girl's goddess features fade and her body revert back to its normal form, complete with jacket and blonde hair. As he balanced her head in his palm, the girl's eyes fluttered open and the priestess looked up at the young man holding her, whom she saw was smiling down at her with a wide grin.

"D-Did I… stop him…?" Shion asked. Her voice was faint and her mind was all a clutter.

Seeing she was completely exhausted from the battle, this being the first time she'd ever accessed such vast quantities of chakra before, Naruto gave a light chuckle and ran a finger across her fringe. "Yeah… you stopped him." When he saw a happy smile pull across her face, the jinchuriki then narrowed his eyes and glared up, his attention fixing on the heavens above and his senses stretching out. When the pair was shortly joined by Kakuzu and Misora pulling up alongside them, both Akatsuki members also gluing their attention on the clouds, the Jonin spoke, "But it's not over yet."


The energy blast rocketing him past all the layers of cloud and atmosphere on the way off of the planet, the demon Moryu could only cry out in terror as his body was corkscrewed into orbit. For a full minute he continued climbing in altitude, the blast breaking through several sound barriers as his speed increased and the light chakra that was Shion's energy scolded him from head to toe. Eventually, after being simultaneously toasted by the attack and having his body pushed to the absolute limits of endurance at the amount of G-Forces impacting him, the demon got fed up of being on the receiving end of this shit and disengaged.

Rolling to the side, Moryu managed to get off of the blast and watched it soar past him into outer space. Finding his form adrift in the upper most stratospheres surrounding the planet that he could literally see the curvature of the earth, as well as where the blue of the sky stopped and the dominant starry night of space began, the demon gave a loud hiss of frustration and glared straight down at the continent where he'd just been fighting. Able to spot it through his incredibly sharp eyes, the humanoid entity of malevolence clenched his fist tightly and shook off the third degree burns that were now permanently racking his body.

"No! This is unacceptable! I refuse to believe that a pair of mere humans can do this to me; the all-powerful and undisputed ruler of this universe!" Moryu barked in rage, allowing his anger to stew for several seconds before a dark grin pulled across his face. Eyes taking in the sight of the delicate world far below, he allowed a chuckle to escape his lips before running a thumb over his broken nose. "You may have stopped my first attack, but let's see you block this next one. Yes. I will focus all of my remaining chakra on the continent and turn this entire planet into dust, and Naruto and Shion with it!"

He was still in breathable air thanks to his chakra coating, so he was in the perfect position to finish things off. He didn't care whether he sterilized the planet or blew it to pieces. All he wanted to do was rid this world of the vermin and secure his rightful place as God of the one, true kingdom.

Repositioning his body in orbit, the demon brought his hand back and prepared to charge, his laugh echoing out across the skies as he aimed his sights straight onto the sealing shrine sixty miles below…


"Cover us!" Misora shouted, fanning her sheets out around her and glancing down at the whisker-marked blonde kneeling next to the exhausted Shion. When she saw the male look in her direction, the kunoichi nodded her head and fixed her crosshairs back onto the heavens, "That sword is now the only thing that can put that bastard down for good! We'll distract him while you get ready!"

Hearing the plan thrown at him without prior conference or discussion, Naruto gave her an affirmative nod before watching the woman spread her cloth like wings and take off, using her chakra to propel her makeshift glider away from the ground and up into the air. After seeing her leave, the blonde then looked across at Kakuzu, where he saw the man crack his neck and stretch his arms out, before the red, fire mask on his back repositioned itself and aimed downwards. The second it did, its mouth cracked open and began spewing flames out like a blowtorch, which lifted the bounty hunter off of the ground and up into the air at rocket speed.

Upon seeing the two Akatsuki members launch into their flight modes and go after the demon that was currently out of their reach, Naruto looked back down at Shion to see the priestess looking up at him tiredly. When his gaze met hers, he gave the teen a warm smile and lowered her gently to the floor. "We're finishing this fight… right now."

Resting a hand on her shoulder and patting it to assure the princess that he was going to be alright, the jinchuriki then began to rise up. But just before he could stand, he felt a tug on his sleeve and looked back to see Shion still gazing up at him, her fingers wrapped around his jacket tightly and keeping him from moving. When he stopped and gave her a confused look, he heard her whisper.

"N-Naruto-kun…" the blonde murmured, a smile slowly forming on her face as she gazed up at him like he was the only person in the world who mattered, "Promise me… that you will come back."

A little caught off guard by her soft words, Naruto gave her his characteristic look and a thumbs up, "I promise."

The priestess' eyes twinkled in response. After a moment of staring back at him, she then conceded and relinquished her hold of his top, "Go get him."

Words of encouragement given, the jinchuriki saluted and brought himself up to full height. Upon doing so, he pulled all of his attention toward the sky and rolled his shoulders. Limbering up and ignoring the pings and pangs riddling his body from the long, bone-crunching battle he'd been fighting, Naruto took several steps back for space and set his sights on the atmosphere above. Once he was certain he was in the right spot, he gave a nod of certainty and focused his chakra.

"Let's finish this, brat!" Kurama spoke up, with a grin framing the fox's face.

"Right!" Naruto shouted, his sapphire blue eyes momentarily flashing red, before he crouched low and took off into the sky at bullet speed, the air jets on his feet blasting him up into the clouds and toward his nemesis.

He climbed higher and higher, intent on catching up with the Akatsuki members and joining them in taking on their airborne foe. However, upon passing through several layers of cloud and increasing speed to break through the layers of atmosphere hanging in his way, a flash of purple light high above suddenly drew his attention to an incoming problem, which immediately had him slow his ascent.

Whatever that was, it wasn't good…


Sensing his three adversaries approaching his position in close orbit of the planet's atmosphere, as well as the approaching threat of the sword that'd left the glaring scar across his chest, Moryu quickly moved to counterattack.

While building up his chakra for his final jutsu, the one he planned on using to turn the entire planet into rubble, the humanoid demon extended his left hand and pointed it straight down at the continent far below. After several seconds of taking aim and gathering chakra into his palm, the would-be conqueror then opened up with a barrage in an effort to shoot his enemies out of the sky and stop their advance.

Considering his position, it was the only thing he could do while he was floating thousands of feet above them.

"DIIIIIIEEEEEEE!" With sniper life proficiency, the crazed Moryu unleashed a continuous chain of purple energy blasts that he sent raining down onto the planet's surface. The multiple shots took the form of beams that fell from the sky like meteors descending from heaven, the first onslaught leveling several mountain ranges and transforming several large forests into smoking craters, before the string of beams started falling upon the sealing shrine.

Kakuzu and Misora, who were still on fast approach of their target, saw the string of beams plummeting towards them and took evasive action. Maneuvering themselves using their respective flying methods, the two dodged the rain of energy attacks and watched them nuke the country below, before turning their gaze back up and picking up speed. The kunoichi propelled herself with a blast of chakra from her cloth like wings while Kakuzu used his fire mask to increase his thrust, the two of them breaking the sound barrier.

Naruto on the other hand, having slowed his ascent at the sight of the hail of blasts, quickly gripped the handle of his katana and drew it in a swift, Iai motion, slicing through a beam that threatened to strike him down and several more that were aimed directly for Shion's position. With quick, precise attacks, he mowed down the barrage of blasts and watched the assault end. After which he then took aim once again and continued rocketing up into orbit.

"Now I'll destroy them all!" Moryu yelled, cranking back his right hand and producing a bright purple ball of chakra above his palm. This sphere continued to grow in size and strength, and with flames starting to burn off of his arm, it was clear that he was intending to end the world's existence in both fire and brimstone.

However, just as he was loading his arm and preparing to scorch the world into oblivion, the sound of two approaching war cries from below suddenly stopped him dead in his tracks. "What's this?" Expression reflecting a sense of surprise, the demon narrowed his gaze and tried to find out where the hell that noise was coming from. Moments later, the source of the disturbances soon revealed themselves to him when Kakuzu and Misora suddenly came blasting out of the cloud cover and collided with his stomach.

The impact causing a loud gunshot to ring out, Moryu let out a grunt of surprise when he felt the two Akatsuki members bury themselves into his chest, knocking him further up the stratosphere while also causing him to dispel his attack. The force of the simultaneous hits shaking him, the demon glared off to his left, where he saw Misora glide to the side with her good arm wrapped in sheets to form her signature lance, which she had dented in her effort to try and impale him.

Snarling in annoyance, the demon prepared to take her out, until the sight of Kakuzu's fire mask appearing directly in front of him stopped him. The porcelain item cracking open, the next thing Moryu knew was getting a face full of the rogue ninja's Searing Migraine attack at pointblank range, which drew a yell of agony from the demon as he was knocked drifting away from his position. When Kakuzu eventually leapt off of his target's chest and watched him float away with his face on fire, Moryu soon turned his sights on his two attackers and gave another irritable growl.

"Is that all you've got. Your pathetic planet is about to die!" the demon laughed, raising his right hand and once again producing the purple ball of chakra. The sight of the attack up close had Kakuzu and Misora look upon it in frustration, as even their surprise attack had done little to put him off.

Grinning at the looks of anger and fear he could see reflected in their eyes, Moryu gave one last cackle before turning his attention to the planet down below. "Say goodbye! Wakusei Funka!" (Planet Geyser) With a yell of effort, the demon took his hand and pitched his attack straight down towards the earth with an earsplitting thunderclap.

In a flash of blinding light, the entity unleashed his most powerful blast onto the planet in a great flash of raw energy, a beam that dwarfed even the largest of mountains plummeting at a ridiculous speed. As it descended, it expanded, with enough force to drill a tunnel right through to the earth's core. The winds of the concentrated pillar of light as well as the sight of the gargantuan attack had Kakuzu and Misora look on in horror as it descended through the clouds like a comet.

"OH NO!" the kunoichi shouted.

Due to their position up in the sky, the two Akatsuki members immediately thought their world was done for.

However, thanks to lagging behind for a couple of minutes to see if anymore attacks would appear to bombard the country below, Naruto quickly found himself in the direct path of the approaching death ray.

At first stunned at the sight of the incoming wall of energy and its sheer size, and even freaking out a little since he wasn't expecting something like that to come after the smaller ones, the jinchuriki quickly shook himself out of his daze and gripped the handle of his katana. Making sure he had a good hold of it as he took aim at the blast that would surely incinerate him should it hit, the Jonin focused all of the chakra that he could into his weapon. At the same time, the blonde drew on more power from the 'friend' he had resting deep inside of his stomach, who was gladly doing his best to supply him with the energy his container needed to stop the incoming monstrosity.

His form becoming coated in the bubbly, orange cloak of the Kyuubi's chakra and with seven tails appearing behind him, the jinchuriki gave a low, throaty growl before drawing his blade with lightning fast speed. In doing so, he unleashed his attack in a single, fluid motion. "Eat this, motherfucker! Fūton: Sora Sashiki Ken!"(Wind Release: Sky Cutting Sword)

With a loud crack of air and a flash of white light, the jinchuriki produced an enormous blade of wind chakra from his sword and hurled it straight up into the approaching blast. Because he produced this attack directly from his katana, his attack followed the exact line, direction and angle of his slash, and took the form of an enormous arc which only grew in size until it stretched out across the entire sky from one horizon to the next. This massive arc of blue energy traveled as fast as lightning and along a sweeping arc, which collided head on with Moryu's beam and effortlessly sliced it in two.

In fact, not only did the enormous arc of energy slice the purple blast down the center, true to its moniker, it also sliced the sky in two, splitting the beautiful blue canvas and revealing the stars of space beyond. The color and clouds parted sharply, and the remains of the planet scorching attack disappeared into thin air.

Seeing his blast from above split, as well as the clouds and sky, caused Moryu's eyes to widen in shock, "IMPOSSIBLE?!"

Bringing his arm around to follow up on his failed attack, the all-powerful demon suddenly saw the approaching arc of the ridiculously sharp wind blade rocket up towards him where, in the blink of an eye, it effortlessly sliced off his arm at the shoulder. The attack making a clean cut, Moryu let out a scream of agony as blood spurted out of the wound while his arm flew off and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Yelling out at the top of his lungs at losing his left, the entity bit his teeth and tried to find who was responsible for the attack. However, seconds of fruitless searching later, Moryu became aware of a dangerous chakra signature directly behind him and turned towards the black of space to see Naruto, reverted back to his normal form, had shunshined behind him. His katana drawn, the blonde plummeted towards the villain at lightning speed, his expression twisted with fury and eyes blazing with determination.

Gaze widening in alarm, Moryu brought his right arm around and prepared to bisect his approaching enemy in two. But the moment he started forming an attack, his body was suddenly wrapped up in lengths of cloth and steel wire, freezing him in place and drawing his gaze. "WHAT?!" When his eyes glanced to his sides, he saw Kakuzu and Misora had cast out their respective signature techniques and tied him up, preventing him from moving.

"You're not going anywhere!" the masked bounty hunter growled.

"What he said," the kunoichi also chirped with an equally intense expression in play.

Annoyed at the interference, Moryu let out a roar and unleashed a telekinetic blast that ripped the binds off of him and knocked the two Akatsuki members out of orbit, smashing them back down towards the planet. Though the blow disorientated the pair at its force, they were still conscious enough to prepare for the fall, with the former Taki shinobi hardening his body using his Jiongu abilities and the super model wrapping her body up in her diamond hard sheets for re-entry.

Upon dealing with the two attackers, the demon then spun back around to Naruto, only to realize the blonde had managed to cut through his invisible blast wave with his legendary sword, meaning he was still flying towards him at full speed. One arm free, the winged Moryu swung it forward in an attempt to smack the rat out of the sky and off course. However, the blonde effortlessly managed to read his movements and parried the blow with his left arm, easily deflecting it. This left Moryu's body wide open, the demon only having a split second to look shocked before the jinchuriki let him have it.

The demon's guard gone, the Jonin began slicing into his opponent with an onslaught of lightning fast attacks that struck home. A cry of war escaping his lips, Naruto drove forward an assault that had both him and his enemy plummeting back toward the earth at an alarming rate. The flashes of his blade cutting through Moryu in a storm, streak after steak passing through him one after the other at a machine gun rate, it almost looked as though the all-powerful destroyer was caught in a blender.

Feeling his body being diced up like an onion, the entity's eyes widened and a demonic screech of anger escaped his lungs. Blood flying out of his mouth, the entity then conjured a shield of fire rings around him to slam into the boy's sword in an effort to stop him. An explosion occurred seconds later when the jinchuriki's blade sliced through the barrier, filling the sky with a mass of flames and smoke.

Cloud blanketing the air, Moryu's limp body shot out of it seconds later, blood trailing out of his numerous wounds and his eyes reflecting his rage. However, the second he emerged, he was quickly set upon by his shinobi opponent rocketing after him once again, the katana cocked back and blade glowing white.

Desperate, the demon lashed out with a palm strike in one last ditch effort to decapitate the fly.

"DIIIEEEE!" Moryu roared, only to see his jab dodged and feel Naruto bury his long sword straight into his chest.

Steel impaling the great monster, the Jonin slammed into the bastard and blasted them back towards the earth's surface at a greater speed. Purple flames and blood escaping the demon's puncture wound, Moryu could only scream out in agony and terror as the two of them spiraled in a descent back to land, all control lost and sending both of them on a wild ride that was seemingly without end. The world spinning around him and his life draining from his body, along with the last embers of his chakra, the demon reached up, grabbed Naruto by the face, yelled out at the top of his lungs and tried to push him off one last time.

Gritting his teeth and giving a spirited growl of his own, the jinchuriki withdrew his blade and sliced the man's remaining arm off, cutting him three more times and knocking him away. Suspending himself above Moryu's stricken, bisected form as they continued to plummet towards the shrine far below, Naruto brought his sword over his head and, with one last mighty battle cry, struck down with his sword and cut the demon right down the middle. His scream of effort drowned out Moryu's cry of agony as the humanoid monstrosity was sliced in half, and his body burst into flames and exploded.

An orange cloud of fire filled the air like a nuke, dwarfing the remains of the sealing mountain below at the same time Moryu's ashes were cast onto the wind. In that single moment, the greatest terror in the world, the very entity that started a war all by his lonesome, vanished into oblivion.

Down below, having finally regained her strength to stand, Shion could be seen gazing up towards the sky with her arms at her sides. When she saw the explosion fill the atmosphere and its light descend upon her in all its firework-like glory, all the priestess could do was bring her hands up to her mouth and stare in awe.

Her body trembling and expression reflecting her astonishment, the young, blonde haired ruler of the Land of Demons collapsed to her knees and gave a teary sob. Senses resonating with the spirits of all those around her far and wide, the girl felt the ether clear and, as the sky started to empty and the rays of light from the sun above began to shift away the clouds of war, Shion felt a great weight lift free from her shoulders.

Eyes shimmering with happiness, the girl could only shake her head and whisper, "He's gone… Moryu's spirit… it's completely gone."

And that meant one thing and one thing only.

The tyrant had been defeated.

The terror of their world was now gone forever… and after all of the trials and tribulations she'd had to face on this great journey, there was only one person she had to thank for the world's liberation, as well as her own.

A warm, loving smile on her face, the girl brought her hands to her chest and uttered the name of the one responsible, "Naruto-kun."

The hero who saved the world.


Author's Note: The end of a great battle that only a couple of people witnessed.

Typical. Naruto just saved the world from destruction and there were only a couple of people to see it.

But this isn't even the climax yet, and baby we're just getting started. Ladies, flock to Naruto now! lol

I was pretty unsatisfied with the way Naruto's fight in the Naruto Shippuden Movie 1 ended with Moryu with another Rasengan. I mean… COME ON! That's just weak. I say if you're going to make the manga extreme, then at least go all the way. Don't pussyfoot it like canon is doing. The hero is supposed to have a big win, so make it an epic win!

This fight I was inspired from watching the anime The Devil's a Part-Timer (for Moryu's strength and design, which was also taken from his silhouette in Shion's flashback in the original Shippuden Movie 1) and the DBZ series and the movie The World's Strongest. You can guess which parts of the series.

This is the first of the two world deciding fights that Naruto will eventually get involved with. The other world deciding fights will take place in the Fourth Great Shinobi War. But instead of using a giant tree to genjutsu the entire world, Moryu wanted to conquer it or destroy it by force with his own power. He doesn't need to steal eyes like what the manga is doing with Madara. That's just pathetic.

However, he was defeated, and now Moryu's evil is gone for good.

Hope to see you all soon.

P.S Any and all questions about the other things this chapter didn't cover will be answered in the next one, so don't fret.