I had imagined my death many times over the years, loving vampires had made me keenly aware of my mortality. I had imagined that death would find me by some act of violence, an accident, or that it would simply take me when my body had grown weary with age. I had even envisioned death taking me while I was in the arms of my lover only to be born again, strong and beautiful.

But nothing that mediocre was to be my fate.

Now I was glade death had not found me so easily, or perhaps it had known about this moment. The moment when my death would mean the most, where I could save the one person who meant more to me than anyone else. Perhaps all of my life choices had led to this point in time so that I could make the ultimate sacrifice.

I looked back across the snow covered forest in the direction where I knew he was, not that I could see him. He was safe and far away. Part of me wished I could see him one last time, not that I need to see him to know his smell, the feel of him as he wrapped his arms around me, the feel of his beautiful long dark hair as I ran my finger though it. Everything about him was so deeply ingrained within me that I knew when the time came and I closed my eyes for the final time, he would be the last thing I would see. The only thing I would see.

I turned my attention back to the clearing in front of me, I gazed at the sea of gleaming red eyes before me and hoped my sacrifice would be enough to keep him safe, I looked at the people standing behind me. From red eyes to amber, from fur to flesh I hoped to keep them all safe.