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Chapter 1

"Tamara!" My father yelled harshly at me "Get your stupid ass down here!" I sighed and got off of my bed in my room and walked as slowly as I could down the steps to the living room.

"Yes father?" I tried to keep my voice as respectful as possible and looked at him "You called me?"

"Yes, have you forgotten to do something?" he asked, his voice as cold and harsh as his eyes.

"N-No father." I tried hard to keep the fear out of my voice, as I knew I had forgotten to do my chores "I don't think so, Sir.

Smack! I fell hard to the floor and held my now throbbing and swelling cheek "Please father, I'm sorry! I forgot to do my chores!"

"Don't raise your voice at me you stupid wench!" My father pulled me up to his face by my throat and I tried to breath through his grasp "You dumb girl! It's a wonder your mother always protected you from me" He scowled "I'm glad I killed the bitch!"

Tears filled my eyes "She's not a bitch! You're just a stupid drunkard with no job!" I yelled and he flung me to the ground and took out his belt and narrowed his eyes.

"Get the hell out of my house now! Stupid bastard! You will always be an accident!" As soon as I heard those words I stood up and ran out of the front door on the streets of London and tried to hold my tears back. I ran near the boat dock right by the water, it had been a rainy day and the streets were slippery. As I ran I knocked into a tall man and almost fell over when I felt a hand catch me. I looked up to see who had helped me before I fell and I had to hold back a gasp at what I saw. The man's face was deathly pale and his eyes were almost black, he had wild black hair, hair as black as coal, with a white stripe running through the right side of it.

I stood up straight "Th-Thankyou Sir."

He gazed at me coldly "Watch where you're running next time."

"I'm very sorry Sir, please forgive me…Mister um.."

"Todd" He said, almost irritated "Sweeney Todd."

"Right…My name is Tamara Evans" I looked away from him and that's when he caught sight of my red, swollen cheek.

"What happened to your cheek?" He asked plainly.

My eyes widened, afraid to tell him what happened. He nodded in understanding "Follow me Ms. Evans" He turned around quickly and walked in long strides. I had a hard time keeping up with him but I managed. We walked through the alleys and I stayed close to him, noticing that there were plenty of desperate drunks that wouldn't give me any mercy if I strayed away from Mr. Todd.

Finally we stood in front of a shop that read "Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pies" In front. I was the first one to enter, eager to get inside and away from the cold air. As soon as I opened the door I saw a woman behind a counter, at first she seemed to be busy making pies, but then once she looked up she gasped and her eyes widened. "A customer!"

"Wait! What's your rush? What's your hurry?

You gave me such a…fright! I thought you was a ghost!

Have a minute, can't ya, sit, sit you down sit!"

The woman who I assumed was Mrs. Lovett had us sit in chairs at a small table as she continued to sing.

"Did you come here for a pie, folks? Do forgive me if me heads a l'il vague.

"Ugh, what was that!" I winced as she grabbed a cockroach and squished it "But you'd think we'd have the plague, from the way that people, keep avoiding." "no you don't" She continued her song while she smacked another bug with her rolling pin "But there's no one comes in even to inhale, right you are folks would you like a drop of ale?" She set two glasses of ale for us and I shook my head, hating the look and smell of that dreadful stuff "Mind you I can hardly blame them! These are probably the worst pies in London! I know why nobody cares to make them, I should know, I make them! But good? No! Even that's polite! The worst pies in London! If you dare to take a bite!" Mrs. Lovett gave me and Mr. Todd each a pie.I sniffed it first, I hesitated before I took a bite out of the nasty thing and my eyes widened in disgust. I spit it out and Mr. T did the same. Mrs. Lovett sighed, "Is that just disgusting? You have to concede it! It's nothing but crusting, here drink this, you'll need it! The worst pies in London." Mrs. Lovett gave me a drink of water and I gladly took it from her and took a big swig, Mr. Todd took a drink of ale and grimaced slightly as Mrs. Lovett explained in song "And no wonder what the price of meat, what it is, when ya get it, never. Thought I'd live to see the day! Men'd think it was a treat, finding poor, animals wot are dyin' in the street!

"Mrs. Mooney has a pie shop! Does a business but I noticed somethin' weird. Lately all her neighbors' cats have disappeared! Have to hand it to her, wot I calls enterprise, poppin' pussies into pies! Wouldn't do in my shop! Just the thought of it's enough to make you sick, and I'm tellin' you those pussy cats is quick!" I raised my eyebrow, has she actually tried making a pie out of a poor little cat? My nose wrinkled in disgust. "No denyin' times is hard, folks, even harder than the worst pies in London! Only lard an' nothin' more! Is that just revolting, all greasy and gritty? It looks like it's molting, and tastes like…well pity a woman alone, with limited wind. And the worst pies in London! Ah, folks, times is hard, times is haaarrrddd!" Mrs. Lovett killed another bug and looked up to see Mr. Todd take another swig of Ale to get the taste out of his mouth "You'll need more than that to wash that nasty taste out of your mouth. I have bin of Gin in the front room." She turned and led us to a small, but comfy room with a sofa near the window. I sat on the sofa while Mr. T stood towards the fireplace .

"Now then" Mrs. Lovett said as she gave Mr. Todd some Gin and me a cup of tea "What brings you two here?" She looked at me and saw me swollen cheek and gasped "Oh, love! What happened to ya?" She also noticed that my faded blue dress had holes in it, thanks to my father, and that I had bruises on my arms.

"It's a long story" I said while looking down, not wanting to meet Sweeney's and Mrs. Lovett's gaze.

Mrs. Lovett warmly placed her hand on mine and looked at me "We've got time, dear."

I sighed and looked at her, not scared to tell them anymore. I started from the beginning, recalling the memory as clear as a diamond,

"A long time ago" I started " I lived with my mother and father, my mother's name was Gisabel, and my fathers name was Kirk Evans, I loved my mother the most, and she loved me better than my father did. One day, when my father was drunk he had gotten mad at me and pointed a gun at my forehead, my mother jumped in front of me and sacrificed her life for me." Tears filled my eyes "Ever since then my father has beaten me, and I have to sneak a piece of bread everyday for food, or else he would starve me to death." I sighed, "Today I had forgotten to do my chores" I looked up at Sweeney "And he got angry at me, and he smacked me on the cheek. That's why it's all swollen, but I had yelled back at him and he kicked me out of the house."

Sweeney's gaze softened just a little bit and I was surprised when he asked in an almost soft voice "How old are you?"

"13," I replied "But tomorrow I turn 14."

I looked at Mrs. Lovett and I could tell she was thinking, "Tamara, love, would you like to live here? I have a spare room just down the hall here,"

I tried to hide the gladness in my eyes; I knew I would have to find somewhere to stay, why not here? "Thank you so much Mrs. Lovett, you have no idea how much this means to me."

"It's no problem love, and, if you want, I can be your mother."

My eyes widened and my heart dropped to my stomach 'does she mean it? Will I betray my real mother if I said yes?' "I…I don't know Mrs. Lovett, can you let me think about it?"

She smiled warmly "Of course dear. Now why don't you get some rest? You look exhausted, your room is right down the hall. I have some extra night gowns you can have, and I'll sew up a new dress for you in the mornin'"

I nodded politely and smiled slightly "Thank you" I looked up at Mr. Todd "Goodnight Mr. Todd, thank you for letting me come here with you." He gave a brief nod and I headed down to my new room

"What a day this had been" I whispered to myself once I had closed the door and was now standing next to the bed in the room. The bedroom had been decorated with wallpaper that had roses on it, and had a rocking chair next to the twin sized bed. The covers the bed had been a pink, but had faded into a lighter pinkish-white color. I sat down on the bed just when I heard a knock on the door "Come in" I said softly.

Mrs. Lovett walked in with three nightgowns "Here ya go dear, these should fit ya nicely. I bet we're almost the same size" She smiled and hugged me "I know this 'as been a rough day for ya, love" She said motherly like "So why don't ya try and get some sleep?"

I nodded tiredly and yawned, not actually knowing how tired I had been "Thank you Mrs. Lovett, if there's anyway I can help with the shop please let me know, I don't want to be a burden here."

She smiled warmly "Alright dear, but the payment will be very, very low"

"You don't have to pay me, madam, I'll do it for free." I didn't mind helping her out; after all, she's done a big favor for me.

Mrs. Lovett nodded "Thank you Tamara, and you aren't a burden to me, goodnight dear." She kissed my forehead softly, reminding me of my mother in away and left the room. I held back my tears and quickly changed into a baby blue nightgown and climbed into bed, as soon as I closed my eyes, I drifted to sleep.

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