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Chapter 8

My eyes opened to see cold, familiar blue eyes staring into mine, "Finally, you're awake." Judge Turpin said with a snake like grin. I tried to sit up and look around to see where I was, but I was instantly pushed back to the hard pavement. I realized that we must be in an ally and my eyes widened. "Finally, we can get to the good part of things." He sneered and stroked his thin, bony finger across my cheek.

"G-Get away from me!" I yelled, earning me a hard smack on the cheek, he pulled my face closer to his, I felt something metal on my throat and realized it must be a knife. My heart was thumping hard against my chest, but I didn't dare pull away, fearing that I might be killed.

"Hush girl!" He scowled "Or you won't get away from me alive." He smirked before roughly crashing his lips on mine. I tried pulling away, but I felt the knife pushing harder against my throat and stopped. He pushed me harder against the cold ground, pulling up my light blue dress I had on. I felt a tear roll down my cheek as he pulled my skirt up my thigh. This must be how Lucy felt before Turpin raped her, suddenly I felt the weight of Turpin lifted off of me and looked up, surprised to see Sweeney standing there with a razor to the Judge's neck.

I quickly pulled my skirt down and felt warm arms wrap around me "Easy now dearie, I've got ya now." I turned my head into my Mum's shoulder, sobbing quietly and she rocked me back and forth. "Shush love, shush, it's alright, Mr. T's got it all taken care of," She whispered softly and I turned to Mr. Todd, who held Judge Turpin tightly against him, and quickly looking around to see if anyone was watching, slit Turpin's throat swiftly.

"Th-Thankyou Mr. Todd." I whispered hoarsely, feeling tired and weak. I tried standing up, but my legs instantly collapsed. Mr. Todd's arms caught me before my face hit the ground and picked me up gently in his arms. "Hush now Tamara" He said quietly and I looked at his face, his expression softening as he looked at me "We need to get home." I nodded slowly and my eyes started to close as he began walking back to the shop.

I felt warm arms around me again, this time it was my real mother holding me and rocking me. There were tears rolling down my face and I was buried in her shoulder "Easy now darlin'…it's alright now, love, I won't ever let him hurt you." She whispered softy in my ear.

"Mommy." I said quietly, pulling my head up to look at her warm face "He hit me again." I whimpered and she stroked a tear away with her thumb and kissed the top of my forehead.

"Some day dear, someday we'll be able to get out of here and escape. You're father won't ever be able to touch us again." Her voice was calming, making a small smile appear on my face.

"Really?" I answered.

"Really." She said, a warm smile spread across her face and I hugged her tight again.

My eyes opened slowly, I was disappointed when I realized it was only a dreamed. I looked around the dark room and saw someone sitting in a chair beside my bed. He was watching me, his eyes soft as he stood up and stroked my face.

"M-Mr. Todd?" I questioned.

"Hush child," He smoothed my head, and slowly bent down to kiss my forehead. I was shock at his actions, he never showed affection to me, even when I was ill. He pulled back and looked into my eyes, I could see him hesitating before he spoke these words that shocked me even more "Tamara…you're like a daughter to me, I never really knew Johanna, it seems you're more special to me than her." His face looked guilty.

"That can't be true Mr. Todd, you barely even know me." I looked down and sighed quietly. "But, you're like a father to me…you're kinder than the man that I lived with a long time ago." I smiled softly at him and he stroked a stray piece of hair behind my ears.

"Tamara…stop being so formal to me, I believe we are passed all that." He said gently, an intense but soft look on his face.

"Wh-What do you mean?" I questioned.

He sighed slightly "It was meant to be a surprise for everyone, but I'm going to ask your Mother, Mrs. Lovett, to marry me."

My eyes widened, and I smiled more, sitting up "You're serious?" I asked happily and he nodded quickly.

"I am, but you must tell no one, not even Toby." He said.

"Don't worry Sweeney, I won't tell anyone." I saw a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

"Good, and Tamara, when I propose to Mrs. Lovett, feel free to call me…Father." His dark eyes seemed to get lighter, and I could tell that he was also very happy.

"Alright, thank you." I smiled again and he gently kissed my forehead one more time before walking out of the room.

"Goodnight Tamara." He said softly and I slowly drifted off to sleep again.