Hey everyone. This is a last minute Christmas story that I wanted to post. My friend CherryCokesAndWinterSmokes and I wanted to both write a Christmas story for the boys because we wondered what they would get each other and what they would get for Christmas.

Gordon, a typical shy boy with twelve years on him, sat in a tree house. It was his tree house. Well his along with his friends that is. He sat all alone on a cold winter morning. The frost of the weather had numbed his toes and he wrapped his arms around him to keep any scrap of heat contained in his body.
The weather outside had frozen the tree house windows shut. They were glazed with slick ice.
There was snow on the ground as well. It was up to his knees so that as Gordon had walked from his house, the wetness had soaked through to his bare legs underneath the thin denim.
It was Christmas morning on this icy cold day in a small town called Castle Rock. Now, in other cities and towns across the country and the world, this day would have been joyous, a cause for celebration and happiness. But not in Castle Rock. It was quiet and boring as ever. The streets were left secluded and there was not a sign of Christmas cheer or lights at any crack or crevice.
That is, there was not a sign anywhere but at the Tessios' house.
In their front yard, there stood a small bush. It had been delicately and caringly decorated with dim lights that barely lit up the patch of grass around it. But at least it was something.

There was not a whisper heard around Gordon, not a scampering or a scratching, not a laugh or a sniffle. There was only the faint howling of the wind rustling through the dry branches of the trees. Those branches reminded Gordon of old dusty bones.

Christmas was no exceptional time of year for him. It was the same as any other day, empty of any sort of excitement.

Suddenly, out of no where, there was a shout. It came whistling at him through the cracks of the tree house, causing Gordon to jump from his stiff position.

"Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock…"

The sound continued but Gordon knew exactly who it was coming from.

The boy singing was named Theodore Duchamp. He came skipping in nothing but a flimsy t-shirt and dark jeans. He may have been the only person in Castle Rock who seemed to have some joy inside of him.

Theodore burst through the entrance of the tree house, quickly climbing up the ladder.

"Hey Gordo," he exclaimed brightly, plopping onto the nearest chair.

Gordon continued to keep his frozen hands wrapped around him. Chattering, he spoke, "Hey Teddy."

"You look awful man. What's up with you?" Teddy asked him.

Gordon, or Gordie as he was known among his friends, didn't speak. But he thought. He was in no mood to embrace the Christmas spirit, that was for sure.

Every year was the same. Nothing ever changed. He spent his day away from home in the tree house. The only presents he got consisted of his father yelling at him in the morning. There was no, "Good morning" or "Merry Christmas Gordon." There wasn't even a smile.

Teddy waited patiently for a response, but nothing came.

After moments of silence, there came a knock from below.

The clear sound of knuckles against wood.

"Come up," Teddy practically shouted into the frosty air, causing steam to form in front of him.

At first, the flap opened, and shortly afterwards, a blonde head appeared.

Christopher Chambers, best friend of Gordon Lachance.

He too seemed bored, worn down, and unhappy. There was no glow within him that could be seen clearly. He sat down silently, resting his heavy head on Gordie's shoulder.

"What the hell is wrong with the both of you?" Teddy asked, raising his eyebrows into the shape of a triangle.

Yet again, there came not a response. Only a whimper from Chris.

"Another shitty day in Castle Rock," Chris said under his breath. Gordie couldn't help but lift the corners of his mouth ever so slightly.

His best friend never failed to make him smile.

"But, I got you both something anyway, with the small amount of money I could salvage," as Chris spoke, his head remained on Gordie's shoulder.

Gordie's eyes widened. The boys never bought each other presents.

"You did?" Teddy asked, looking almost as shocked as Gordie.

Chris nodded, finally straightening his head and reaching towards his pocket.

Gordie turned to face his best friend, finding himself curious and only a bit confused.

Teddy inched closer, trying to catch a glimpse of his gift.

Chris rummaged through his jean pocket, finding empty cigarette packs and some lousy pennies, until he finally reached what he had been looking for.

First, he pulled out something that looked to be a chain. It had something attached to the end of it. Chris handed it to Teddy, "Another dog tag necklace. I thought you might like it."

Teddy broke into a grin, taking the chain into his hands, "Sweet, thanks man."

Chris smirked, "No problem."

Teddy began to occupy himself with the necklace, as if it were made of pure gold. During this time, Chris turned back to Gordie. He suddenly seemed happier and brighter, as if giving his present was the highlight of his life.

He dug back into his pocket, but this time it was the right one. Within a matter of seconds, he held a leather bound journal in his hand.

Gordie stared at it in awe, not quite believing his eyes. All his life, he had survived off of one pathetic torn notebook. But now, he could write like a king.

"Jesus Chris, how much money did that cost you?"

Chris shrugged, "Don't worry about the price. It was well worth it."

He smirked again, handing Gordie the journal.

Gordie admired it for a few more moments before he finally looked into Chris' eyes and hugged him, "Thanks so much man."

Chris nodded with a gleam in his blue eyes, "Don't worry about it. I couldn't stand watching you write in that awful notebook anymore."

The both of them laughed.

Little did they know, there was a new sparkle within the town. The trees suddenly started dancing. The frosty wind cooled down. The ice melted off of the windows. Children awoke, new smiles on their faces. A kind of joy began to grow.

"Where's Verno? I have something for him too," Chris winked at Gordie.

As if on command, the flap below them was thrown open, and a chubby kid with rosy cheeks climbed up.

He seemed to be holding something red in his hands.

"Hey guys!" The boy named Vern exclaimed enthusiastically, "Guess what I got?"

"What?" Teddy asked.

The chubby kid held up what was in his hands. A mega pack of Cherry Pez.

"Shit," Chris cursed under his breath, taking out the pez he had gotten for Vern from his pocket and showing it to Gordie.

"Give it to him anyway. He always appreciates pez," Gordie laughed.

Chris nodded, agreeing with the statement.

The four boys happily enjoyed there company a few moments longer.

"Merry Christmas Chris," Gordie whispered.

"Merry Christmas Gordo," Chris replied, looking into Gordie's eyes.

"One last thing."

"Yes?" The question came from Chris.

"What do you want for Christmas?"

There was another brief moment of silence.

"What do I want?"

Gordie nodded, widening his big doe-like eyes, encouraging an answer.

Chris smiled, draping his arm around his best friend's shoulder, "Gordo, all I need is love."