Hi everyone. I promised I would post this story, so here it is. Thanks to everyone who reviewed the Christmas Story. So this will be chapter two of my holiday collection. Happy New Years everybody :)

It was an even colder December night than Christmas had been. The snow was piled high on everyone's front lawn. The driveways had been cleared and shoveled as best as they possibly could have been by many people.
But the snow wasn't the only problem. It was foggy in the air, making sight distance limited. The ice on many of the streets was slick and almost unseeable, causing cars to skid off the road and people to fall on their bottoms easily.
Despite all these wintery factors, it wasn't too bad a day in Castle Rock. Actually, it was better in terms of mood than most days had ever been.
It was the very last night of the decade, and people like Christopher Chambers saw it as a fresh start.
In fact, Chris was bundled up in a winter coat he had received from his best friend Gordie. Along with it, he had a scarf wrapped around his neck to keep warm as well.
He was walking the town, careful not to step on any ice, when in the distance, he saw Vern.
Naturally, the chubby kid came running towards him with pink cheeks. He was bundled in an oversized coat and blue gloves, yet he was beaming.
"Hey Chris. I have some big news," Vern said, practically jumping up and down with excitement.
"What is it man?" Chris asked him, keeping cool by pulling out a cigarette and lighting it.
By now, he was used to Vern's excitement.
"Well," Vern began, "I made a New Years resolution."
His grin grew as he stared at his smoking friend.
Chris looked back, the cigarette suddenly hanging limply out of his mouth. For a moment, he was completely speechless.
But within a second he broke out in laughter. He took the cigarette from his mouth and spoke, "Vern, you've made resolutions every year and kept none of them."
At first, Vern looked slightly upset, "Well yeah, I know. But this year, it's different. I have decided to stick with it."
Chris laughed a second time, "Okay Vern, if you say so. What's the resolution this year?"
Vern was still grinning, "I'm going to stop eating candy."
Suddenly a voice from behind was heard, an evil laughter was coming from them.
Chris turned to look who was standing behind him.
"Why hello Chambers," the person spat.
"Merrill," Chris replied bitterly.
"Well Tessio," Ace turned to look Vern dead in the eye, "I wish you luck with that resolution of yours."
It was as simple as that. Both boys had expected Ace Merrill to hang around, tormenting them again. But instead, he walked off with that toothpick of his in his mouth.
It was true what he had said after all. Everyone would need to wish Vern much luck with this new project of his. The whole town knew "that fat Vern Tessio kid" was nearly completely incapable of stopping his addiction with candy. He visited the local sweets shop everyday, at least twice. He was a regular. The shop owner knew almost more about him than any of his friends did.
Vern looked hurt at Ace's comment.
"Oh it's okay Verno," Chris comforted, "it's just Ass Hole Merrill."
Vern managed to smile again.
"If only he would make a resolution to quit being mean," he whined like a little child.
Chris laughed, "Yeah that would be nice."
The two began to walk again in the direction of the tree house.
When Chris knew Vern's mind was back on candy, he whispered to himself, "But that won't ever happen."