I'm Not a Student at an All-Girls' School!

Episode 01: The New Mission!

It has been a week after Pein's invasion and Konohagakure no Sato are making the most of it as they spent the days rebuilding their villages. Of course, with Yamato's Mokuton Ninjutsu, it will be no time at all before their village is back to their former glory.

However, we're not here to discuss about the rebuilding of Konoha, we are here to discuss about a certain blonde Ninja walking towards one of the camping sites at the top of the Hokage Monument. The tent this certain Ninja was walking towards was the largest out of all the other tents, reaching up higher and being wider than normal. The flaps that showed the entrance of the tent held the symbol for the Kanji "Fire" as two Ninjas of Konoha were placed as guards for the time being.

As the blonde Ninja walked up to the tent, both guards immediately stood up straight, saluted, and shouted, "Good morning, Naruto-san!"

Uzumaki Naruto, Gennin of Konoha, the Junchūriki of the Kyūbi no Yōko, and the newest Sage of Konoha, dropped his happy face and adopted a more disgusted face as he waved a hand in front of him. "Ugh, don't call me that…" He muttered, straightening his orange and black jumpsuit before continuing, "Shizune-nē-chan called for me, so can I go in?"

"Of course, Uzumaki-san!" The guard on the left answered, as the right guard searched through his Chūnin vest for something. "Go on right in!"

"Ugh, thanks…" Naruto murmured a "thanks" before walking in. Before he could enter, however, the guard on the right stopped him. "Huh?"

"Before you enter, Naruto-san, c-can you sign this for me?" He asked with a nervous tone, "I-it's for my son, and-…" The guard on the left immediately cursed as he forgot to bring his own pen and paper for a signature. Instantly, it was Naruto's turn to be nervous as he said, "Uh, r-right, right! Um… C-can that wait for a bit…?" He tried to turn down, "I-I still haven't created a signature yet, tebayo!"

The guard deflated at that, "O-oh, i-is that so…? Umm… th-then can I be the first after you find one?"

"Uhh, sure, why not…" Naruto muttered before entering.

"Thank you so much, Naruto-san!" The guard said as he bowed in a respectful manner. Naruto immediately flinched and shuttered, "Um, s-stop calling me that, will'ya…?"

(Tsunade's Tent)

Upon entering the tent, Naruto was met with the smell of smoke entering his nostrils. "Hmm…" He thought, "Why does this smell familiar…?"

Looking at the direction the smoke was coming from, he saw a middle-aged man wearing a white suit and khakis along with light brown dress shoes. He wore silver metal glasses and had a red tie around his neck. His sandy white hair was slicked back, which gave Naruto the impression of an easy-going guy, and sported a light goatee-going-black. At his right was Kakashi-sensei, who was standing in his "cool-hip" style that Gai-sensei was always yelling about, standing next to the man as if they were old friends.

Sakura stood in her casual clothing, looking oddly at the middle-aged man all the while smiling at Naruto who smiled back. Shizune was kneeling in front of the still comatose Tsunade as she held onto a scroll.

The man immediately took notice of Naruto and smiled, "I take it this is Naruto-kun then, Kakashi?"

The one-eyed Ninja nodded. "Yup," Taking a small pause, he continued, "He really looks like him, doesn't he?"

The man chuckled, "I'd say, it's like seeing Minato-san all over again."

Naruto frowned, "Oi, who's the Glasses? And how does he know my Dad?"

Sakura lightly slapped him on the top of his head, "Idiot, this is Takahata Takamichi, he has a mission for you, but for what, I'm not sure…"

Takamichi chuckled, "And he has Kushina-san's personality to boot." At this, Kakashi chuckled nervously all the while rubbing the back of his neck. This got both Sakura and Naruto confused, as they both had no idea who this "Kushina" person was. Shaking out of his stupor, Naruto asked, "Sooo, what's Glasses-ossan doin' here?"

"Naruto!" Sakura scolded her teammate as Takamichi laughed. "Its fine, Sakura-kun, if he's the kind of person I know he is, than he can call me whatever he likes!"

This got the two young ninjas stare at the man with odd eyes. The two shared looks before the blonde hesitantly agreed to Takamichi's previous response. Shaking out of his stupor, Naruto asks, "So, what up, Megane-ossan?"

Laughing lightly as Sakura once more smacked Naruto upside on the head, Takamichi said, "Well, I came here to request Tsunade-sama for a mission, but seeing as she's… in a coma right now, I decided to ask both Shizune-san and Kakashi-san here," He nodded to both of the Jōnins before continuing, "And they both suggested you."

Naruto frowned, still skeptical of the glasses-wearing man, "Ok… but I still don't know who you are…"

Takamichi smiled, "Well, as your companion, Sakura-kun, said, my name is Takahata Takamichi. And as I have said, I came here to request a mission." The blonde sage nodded, "Ok, but what kind of mission is it?" He asked, sounding excited. Takamichi grinned, "It's a guarding mission, as the area of this mission will be having a grand festival that happens annually during this time of year. In fact, it is one of the, if not, the largest festival in all of Japan."

"Seriously!?" Naruto shouted, who started to get all jumpy and bubbly, excited of the mission, since guarding is his expertise. He then stopped, "Wait, what's a Japan? Is it a type of ramen?"

Those who knew Naruto all sighed and shook their heads or sweat-dropped as Takamichi blinked in confusion. "Err, no. Japan would be one of the hundreds and hundreds of countries worldwide," The pale blonde said, shocking both Naruto and Sakura at the pure numbers of countries. "If I'm not mistaken, there are a total of 7 continents, not including this continent."

"S-seven continents…?" Sakura repeated, trying to imagine how truly large the world was as Naruto scratched his scalp, trying to bring all this new information together. Takamichi blinked. "Ah, maybe I said too much…" He laughed as he rubbed the back of his neck. Kakashi shook his head in amusement as Shizune sighed in disbelief.


"Yosha! Let's get going to Maho~ whatever!" Naruto proclaimed loudly into the heavens, having already packed everything since most of his belongings were destroyed by Pein. Sakura lightly slapped the back of his head. "Idiot, the place you're going to is Mahora Gakuen, an Academy."

"Oh, an Academy…" Naruto nodded in affirmation, before the word soaked in. "WHAT!? An Academy!? Why didn't anyone tell me!?"

"Takahata-san already told us back at Shishō's tent, Naruto, you baka!" Sakura yelled as she gave a noogie to the blonde. "Itatatatata, Sakura-chan, that hurts~!"

Takamichi chuckled at the predicament the blonde found himself in as Kakashi sighed at the stupidity his student let out, even if it was unintentional. After letting go of the blonde, Sakura sighed, taking on a worried face. Taking note of this, Naruto asked, "What's wrong, Sakura-chan?"

"Huh? Ah, nothing! It's just that… you just got back after your training and after defeating Pein of the Akatsuki, you're leaving again… it just seems like you don't have time for Konoha anymore…" Sakura let out her worries for the past few hours. Naruto grinned. "No worries, Sakura-chan! I'll be back before you know it!"

"Well, he is going for over a week, just to let you two know…" Kakashi informed the two.

Smiling, Sakura straightened Naruto's jumpsuit, saying, "Just be careful, alright?"

"Heh, since when was I never careful?" Naruto asked innocently as he wrapped his arms behind his head, receiving coughs of disbelief from the two.

Naruto glared at his teammate and teacher as Takamichi laid a hand onto his shoulders. "Well then, ready to go, Naruto-kun?"

"Yup! Ready when you are, Takamichi-san!"

Takamichi nodded, allowing Naruto to say his goodbyes to his teammates before grabbing hold of his shoulder. "Alright then, shall we?"

"Yosh! Let's get going!" Naruto declared, turning to the opposite direction of Konoha and walking down the road before pausing. Turning to Takamichi with a sheepish face, he asked, "Umm, where's that academy again…?"

Sakura and Kakashi both sighed, wondering if the blonde would really be ok on this solo mission. Takamichi, on the other hand, only chuckled as he once again grabbed onto Naruto. "Don't worry, I'll get us there in no time."

Naruto only nodded, before a thought came in as the two began to glow lightly. "By the way, Takamichi-san…"


"Have we met before?"

There was a slight pause as the two continued to glow in a mysterious light before Takamichi slowly answered, "Well, not exactly…"

Both the blonde and the pinkette were confused at the answer before Takamichi noticed that the technique he was going to use started to activate correctly. "Ah, looks like we're about to leave. Better say your goodbyes now, Naruto-kun."

"Alright then! See ya, Sakura-chan, Kakashi-sen-…"

And in a flash, the two disappeared, shocking Sakura as she looked back and forth.

"Wh-what the!? How did they- Where did- Wh-what kind of Ninjutsu was that!?" Sakura yelled in confusion as Kakashi smiled underneath his mask. "Well, long time since I've seen one of that…"

Sensing Sakura's confused stare, he answered, "That wasn't Ninjutsu nor is it something we can encounter here in the Shinobi World. That, Sakura, is called Magic."

There was, once again, a slight pause before Sakura yelled, "WHAAAAAAT!?"

Ok, so I decided to be merciful to all of you faithful readers who waited all this time for an update, or in this case, a publish of the new series, "I'm Not a Student at an All-Girl's School!".

So I changed a few stuffs (or a lot) and changed Naruto's library of Ninjutsu a bit and gave him another Chakra Nature. You'll figure it out later on, I already got everything planned (took me long enough) and the story's all ready to go!

So in the end, we didn't all die at the so called "Doomsday of 2012". I mean, if we did, then we'll be dead on the day of my brother's birthday! That doesn't seem fair to me, my brother, and all those other poor souls who's birthdays are on December 21st! I mean, the Mayans, when they created their calender, didn't they think that at the end of December 21st, 2012, it'll be a brand new era or somethin', rather than the end of the world!? For once, I agree with them. Pfft, Planet X...

Well, thank you all for waiting for this awaited series, and hope you'll all enjoy this one as my other series!