I'm Not a Student at an All-Girls' School!

Episode 08: Date? Are You Kidding Me? Why do I have to Go on One!?

Sweat continued to drop at a quickening pace as one Uzumaki Naruko continued to hammer down on the piece of nail onto the wooden board.

It was now the afternoon, and school has just finished. Upon waking up to an empty classroom (once again), Naruko was surprised to see all of her new classmates walk in so suddenly, carrying in materials that would be used for building the haunted house that the majority of the class agreed upon. One particular thing that Naruko noticed that all her classmates were wearing were a variety of costumes, most of the girls wearing whiskers, cat ears, bear ears and a single horn on the top of their foreheads.

Feeling the top of her own head, Naruko noticed a pair of fluffy cat ears. Eyes twitching at the sudden joke made towards her whisker-like birth marks once again, Naruko agreed to help out with the haunted house (something that was done hesitantly and forcibly).

Anyway, coming back to our hero (heroine?), the reason for the blonde's nervous expression can easily be explained by the glares from two of the girls in her class, in particular, two swordswomen (one experience, one having just started to lessons). Looking behind her, the girl "eeped!" at the glares both Setsuna and Asuna were giving her.

As for the reason why, earlier that day, Asuna had apparently let loose (more like told) Setsuna about the morning's incident, and the two have been giving glares at the blonde ever since. It got to the point that Naruko was reminded of the same glare a certain pink-head would have given to the blonde when her male side would have done something stupid.

Deciding to look for a safe haven from the sudden glares, Naruko turned to her classmates to find something to turn her attention away from the two demons.

"Heeey~! Have you guys seen the Mahora News yet!?" Makie shouted out as she passed the newspaper to Yūna. The blonde raised a brow as the brunette opened the page after reading the headline.

"This can't be true, can it?" Yūna laughed, "Most of the stuff on the newspapers are false anyway!"

Ignoring the others, Misora spoke up, "Well, I heard this from senpai, two years older than us, by the way, that last year's school festival, a couple, who everyone voted would never match up, were betted to try this out!" There was a moment of silence as Misora nodded to herself, everyone else hung up on what happened.

"Well? What happened!?" Yūna asked as Misora blinked. "Oh yeah! Well, what happened was that, at this very moment, they're goin' out!"



Naruko gazed on as the discussion went on to where the girls now felt like confessing to someone. She herself thought about confessing to a certain pink haired girl back home before shaking her thoughts away, wondering about if this "Magic Tree" gave actual love or forced love, something she very much disagreed with, wanting to have mutual love instead of a forced one. Sighing, she continued to work, keeping an ear out.

"Hmm… if I were to pick… maybe Naruto-san?"

Wait wait wait… what?

Turning her head to the point it was almost a whiplash, the ninja-in-hiding turned her full attention to the three girls who were part of the group who found out about her true identity.

"What- you mean that whiskered pervert!? Why him!?" Asuna voiced out her distain towards the blonde. Setsuna herself looked like she wanted to cut someone.

"Eh? Why not? He's good looking, especially with those whiskers, he looks like a cat!"

An arrow reading "Cat" on it stabbed Naruko on the head, alongside with another arrow that read "Whiskered Pervert".

"But but but…he's a ninja! What if he's killed before!?" The twin-tailed girl whispered.

Another arrow, reading "Bloodthirsty Killer" this time, stabbed the blonde.

"Eh? Naruto-san? He doesn't look like a killer to me… Plus, doesn't the thought of being a ninja sound cool? I mean, Kaede-san is one."

"Don't lump that pervert with Kaede-san!"

As the trio continued to discuss over their thoughts over the blonde ninja, said ninja thought with tears and arrows on her head, "Please don't say bad things about me when I can hear you!" She ignored as Fūka began to poke the blonde with a slab of wood.

"Well, how about Asuna-san? How are you doing with Takahata-sensei!?" Setsuna suddenly blurted out, trying to change the subject around herself. At this, Naruko stuck out her tongue in mild disgust, wondering why someone would want to date with someone who couldn't cook, or at least 15 years older at that matter. Nothing against the chain smoker, but it just wasn't her (or her other self's) style. That'll be like… like Sakura going after Kakashi-sensei. In other words, it wouldn't work.

Chuckling at the orange-head's output over how the discussion got over to her turn, Naruko continued to pound away when a sudden question broke her out of her funk.

"So… what'dya guys think is Naruko's type?"

Spit taking her saliva, the blonde hesitantly turned around to see the girls giggling behind her, gazing at her very soul. Gulping, the blonde could only regret on how this was going to hurt… emotionally.


"Hey~… I'm back everyone-…"

"WHAAAT!? Go on a date with Asuna-san/Negi!?"

"Err… anyone mind explaining?" Naruko asked, now confused at what was going on as the other two bright-haired people within the room pointed at each other. Konoka was giggling at the side as Setsuna blinked with a blank face.

"Just like battles, you need experience for love!" Chamo spoke up in a sage-like voice while Naruko was caught up on what happened. "Don't worry, it's only a practice, and with practice, goes away anxiety! With that done, you can safely go ahead and ask Takamichi out, right!? Besides, it's not like you've never been on a date before, yeah?"

"Well, sorry…"

"I've never been on a date before…"

"Me too…"

"S-same here…"

"Oh, but I bet that our residential hunk-of-a-blonde's been on a date or two, right!?" Chamo asked, gesturing at the surprised blonde. "How the heck did I get dragged into this, tebane!?"

"Well~~?" Chamo pressed on, really getting onto Naruko's nerves. It probably didn't help that the others were blushing at the thought of the ninja going on a date.

"D… a date, huh…" Naruko muttered to herself, thinking back to her preteen years. Suddenly, she knelt to the ground, her face hiding behind her arms as a cloud of unhappiness covered her. "WHAT!?" The group's reaction was pretty scrambled, as Konoka would've thought that the blonde would have gotten a date or two before this. Chamo were among the same lines while Negi thought that being around that age meant going on dates more. Asuna and Setsuna were among those who thought the blonde ninja was a pervert and could work his way through plenty girls (pfft, as if…).

"B-but you know! Having a practice sure is a great idea! And conveniently, tomorrow's a holiday!" Konoka tried to brighten up the atmosphere as Setsuna agreed.

"But how can I treat Negi like he's Takahata-sensei all of a sudden!?" Asuna argued as the two girls agreed with the argument. "True, trying to act out Takahata-sensei is going to be tough…"

"But other than Negi-sensei, we don't know any other guys…" Setsuna trailed off as everyone, Negi included, suddenly glanced at the blonde, who, by the way, was still glooming over the fact that she never went on a date before. Sniffing, Naruko blinked as every attention was on her now. "Wh-what now… Can't you guys get a break! You guys humiliated me enough, tebane! Leave me alone!"

With that said and done, the blonde undid her transformation and stormed into the bathroom, grabbing a shirt and boxers along the way as well as a cup of ramen and preheated water. The group dropped a sweat as the sound of sniffing and slurping was heard behind the door.

"He must be pretty upset over not getting dates…" Konoka muttered to the group as they nodded.

Unknown to them, Naruto was upset, not over not getting dates, but over how he was publicly beaten up for asking for dates. Poor guy.


"Chamo-kun, I love this stuff!"

"Konoka ane-san! Sh-she really did it!"

Opening the door, Naruto popped out, feeling a bit better, but still annoyed. "Dang it, what's with all the noi-…" Only to stop when he saw an older-looking Konoka doing a strip dance. How in the world did such a nice, innocent-looking girl know that, he would never know… nor does he want to. "Abubuuuh!? Wh-what the hell!?"

"Oh, Naruto-kun, check me out!"

"Wh-wh-wh-what the hell…?" Naruto repeated as he tried his best not to gaze upon Konoka's breasts and hips. Let it be known that while Naruto silently roots for the justified flatness, he also goes for the heavenly mounds as well. To put it simply, Naruto, for the lack of better words, went both ways (not that way, but this way. No no, the other way, yes- no, the OTHER way! Gah, I'm surrounded by idiots!). However, it was also known that the blonde knows when NOT to be a pervert, and this moment, fortunately or not, is one of those moments.

"A-anyone mind explaining before something bad happens, tebayo?" Naruto hesitantly asks, feeling the murderous views of Setsuna and Asuna, one that he knows very well. He nodded as Chamo briefly explained the properties of the red and blue colored pills as well as the plan that they briefly made up. Pointing at Negi, he asked, "But he's too young to know that kind of shit…"

"Exactly!" Asuna yelled, agreeing with the blonde for once.

"Well…" Chamo trailed off, before grinning. "How 'bout you, Kinpatsu-aniki!? Wanna go on your first date!?"

The ermine flinched, however, seeing the blonde about to sulk once again, along with the eyes of one that would gently and slowly murder someone else… preferably a rodent. "W-well, th-that is… uh, if you're ok with it, of course, Aniki…" Chamo added.

Nice save…

This time, Asuna flushed, not in anger because of having to have her date with her teacher, but because of thinking about going on a date on someone a little more older than her. Regardless of how he acts, he's still an older boy with a nice face, nice body, and did she sneak a peek on those amazing abs? She shook her head. No! She has to remain faithful with Takahata-sensei! The thought of going on a date with her beloved crush made her flush deeper.

"What makes you think Asuna would agree to this…?" Naruto commented. Chamo sighed in a dejecting sound as the rest of the group questioned if Naruto was against the dating idea. "Not really. I mean, sure it'll be cool to help Asuna with her problem, but really, having a date with someone you don't like more than a friend? Doesn't really sound right to me…"

While Konoka commented on how Naruto was pretty sweet to have those kinds of thoughts, Chamo himself commented, "Well, while Ane-san is pretty violent and Kinpatsu-aniki still being a total mystery-…"

"What'd ya mean I'm violent!?" Asuna questioned the small ermine, surprising him. "Waah! I'm sorry Ane-san, I didn't mean it like that!"

Rolling his eyes, Naruto grabbed a red pill, wanting to see what he'll look like when he was older. Popping one in his mouth, a puff of cloud covered him before a taller version of him appeared. The girls all flushed at him, even a drool can be seen coming from the corner of Asuna's mouth. Chamo had a twinkle in his eyes as Negi gazed on with plates as eyes. Looking at his hands, a 25-yr-old Naruto blinked as he looked over himself, humming.

"Wow, I look pretty badass at this age, dattebayo…" He trailed off, noticing his voice having gone a bit deeper than before. Looking at a mirror, Naruto noticed that a majority of his baby fat was gone. While he still had some fat, it was barely noticeable, replaced by all of his lean muscles. His whisker-like birth marks were replaced by what he deciphered to be his Jinchūriki Initial State's scar-like markings. His eyes looked more like his fathers, hell, even his hairdo could be replaced with the Fourth Hokage's. Adding that with his height, Naruto himself thought himself to be a hunk of hotness.

Looking back at the others, he dropped a sweat, gazing at everyone's reactions. Popping a blue pill into his mouth, he poofed back into his own age, snapping his fingers to snap everyone else out of their daydreams.

"So what's the plan now, tebayo?" He asks as the girls and Negi had just managed to get out of their daydreams. Chamo, being the first (having had experienced this multiple times…) and seeing the others just about to come back to earth, so to speak, grinned. Taking advantage of the situation, he declares, "Why, we were just agreeing that you and Ane-san would go on a practice date!"


"We did NOT agree on anything, you rodent!" Naruto sneered as Asuna was also against the idea.

"So it's agreed then! Ane-san, get ready at 8 am while I get Kinpatsu-aniki ready for tomorrow!" The ermine simply continue on, controlling the conversation.

"Hey, are you listening to me!"

"Why are we even having this conversation!?"

"No worries, by the time the date's done and over with, you'll be thankin' me!"

"The only thing I'll be thanking is squeezing your little head off!" Naruto and Asuna both yelled at the same time.

Note to everyone who thought that the previous chapter was a load of hubbub: DEAL WITH IT!

I mean, sure, Naruto's the kind of guy who would never sell out his comrades, but think about, it's not really spilling when he also knows about the other side's dark secrets, is it? Naruto on a mission and Negi also on a mission, both who have to hide their entire existence, however...

Negi had his secret shown at only the age of 9, NINE! (btw, it was revealed that Negi was at least, nine-and-three-quarters when he arrived at Mahora). I think Naruto had a better chance of hiding his secret, I can agree to that... HOWEVER! For the sake of this story, IT MUST BE DONE! (Naruto: "The hell!?")

Besides, Naruto's in a whole new place with whole new technology and whole new people! While he may (and that's a BIG may) be able to dodge a bullet, does NOT mean he knows about it. He also saw Satomi using a rubber bullet, which, in fact, is slower than a real bullet. I know that she spoke out how fast a bullet can go, but let's face it, Naruto's stupid to where he can't even figure out that stuff (Naruto: "HEY!")

And if you guys still had a problem with Naruto spilling, it's gonna be revealed to the Magical-half of the school later on in the story anyway, so it was irrelevant whether or not Negi and them knew it first or now. Remember: Mages and Ninjas, different way of settling things.

And the part about Naruto being super-powerful enough to break out? That was just spur of the moment at that time with Pain and the other bad guys. He HAD to do it. In this case, the interrogation thingie a ma bob, Naruto is NOT allowed to inflict harm to ANYONE in Mahora, whether or not they hurt him first or whatnot, UNLESS Old Man Konoe allows it. (The tournament thing is just that, a tournament, so Naruto can hurt people without using Chakra, of course). Besides, the way I see it, Naruto only showed the Transformation and regular Chakra usage. He never showed his Rasengan, his clones, and all his other destructive techniques. So far, the only thing he DID show, besides the transformation, were the History of the Ninja World and the details of his mission, which, by the way, WILL be discussed with EVERYONE in the Magical-Half of Mahora in the near future.

Note: Done with the ranting...

MOVING ON! We're now progressing more deeper into the story! Asuna and Naruto! I know some (if not, most) of you guys read the previous incarnation of this story ("Naruko VS the Class of 3-A"), so you guys already know most of the pairings, but for those of you who didn't... the question remains!

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