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_Tis the Season for Loathing_

(Jack's Point of View)

Just because I'm the spirit of winter doesn't automatically mean I'm a merry person about Christmas. In fact, some might venture to say I'm a golden member of the Anti-Christmas foundation.

Don't get me wrong, I admire North and all the work he puts into his beloved holiday. After all, he does bring wonder to the world and what not and even I have to admit that's pretty awesome.

No, I don't fancy Christmas because of how it brings cheer to all. I don't fancy Christmas because it never brought anything good for me. Maybe because I, "Held the record for being on the naughty list," but I never did and never will want gifts. Pointless boxes that are warped with sophisticated red and green paper to make the meaningless boxes seem more important never will matter to me. What I long for can't be tied up with a pretty little bow on top.

Three hundred years ago, I would be jumping from house to house. I'd be watching all sorts of families celebrating Christmas Eve. They would be eating their large holiday dinner with their large Christmas tree being decorated while they sang to large amounts of corny Christmas music while they smiled largely. See the recurring theme?

I didn't have a family to do those lovely family traditions with. To be technical, I still don't have a family and I don't even have a house to put a Christmas trees in. I have a lake, and as wonderful as my lake is, it's lonely. For three hundred years I have lived a cold, lonely life. I love the cold, but the cold I was living in was bitter and nowhere near fun weather that could be played in.

Christmas had always held a feeling of dread in me, and even with my high title of being a guardian now, it still holds a reminder of how empty my life truly is.

After all, Christmas is a time for families to spend time together, but I have nobody to spend time with. Sure, I have the other guardians, but I wouldn't really call them family. They have helped me develop into a new person, but that doesn't mean I can simply pretend that three hundred years just hopped off the face of the earth. My pain and suffering existed, and I'll leave it at that because I would rather not sound like one of the yetis, acting as though they are pmsing on their time of the month.

Speaking of hopping, at least Bunny seems to agree with me on Christmas sucking. Not to say his opinion matters to me at all, but it's nice to know I'm not the only one not going crazy over putting up lights in every corner of North's workshop. Kangaroo probably only dislikes Christmas because of the whole Christmas versus Easter debate, anyways. Even if I wanted to relate to the over sized rabbit, I couldn't. He's had the company of all the other guardians for every Christmas that has passed and on top of that, he has always been believed in. He at least has had the option of celebrating Christmas with loved ones. Me? I've always had nothing, not even coal was given to me as a sign of somebody noticing my existence.

Sadly though, Christmas is right around the corner and North is especially shoving the joy of Christmas down all of our throats. Tooth and Sandy seem to find being fed Christmas nutritious and joyful however, so they are only making my situation worse.

Seriously, Christmas isn't all that. North's workshop has some pretty amazing gadgets and toys, though. I mean, I have tried breaking into North's shop more times than I can count. Boy were those some fun times. I kind of wish I broke into Bunny's warren now that I think about it. Causing a blizzard on Easter Sunday years ago was historical, I can just picture how exciting sneaking into his warren would have been.

I definitely would have stuffed the egg warriors in an oversized snow ball. That would be sure to get the kangaroo's attention. I imagine Bunny's response if I were to do such a sneaky thing, and I have to hold back a laugh.

"...And I can't wait to see who I get! I'm horrible at getting gifts for others, though. I always end up giving toothbrushes. Oh well, It's still such an adorable concept! Isn't this so exciting, Jack? ...Jack? Are you even listening?" I heard Tooth buzz into my ear, causing me to snap out of my thoughts.

Quickly, to think of a smooth answer to make it appear as though I wasn't ignoring her,


Well, that went well.

Thankfully for me, Tooth just giggled, a grin forming.

"Oh, Jack. You can be so silly sometimes! You really need to start thinking of gift ideas, or else North will kill you," Tooth warned.

Gift Ideas? When did me having to do such a thing come into existence? Even better question: Who did I even have to get a gift for or care enough to get a gift for?

Tooth seemed to catch on to my confusion. Probably because I was looking at her as though she just told me there was no such thing as snow days.

"Every year North throws a Christmas party on the twenty third of December for all the guardians. He has eggnog, fruitcakes, and so many other enjoyable things! He says that having the party helps him relax before the stress of Christmas Eve the next day," Tooth explained.

"Uh, no offense Tooth, but I'm not taking out of my schedule of throwing snowballs at kids to instead go on a hunt for a stupid present for somebody. I also don't even like parties," I answered.

Tooth opened her mouth to reply, but before she could answer, a jolly laugh erupted from one of the many rooms of North's workshop.

And just like that, the man of the house had entered the room, looking down at me with a knowing smile.


"Ah, Jack! Vhat is with vace? You zeem veerrry tense. Need me to help vix problem?" North gleamed, cracking his knuckles in a joking manner. Even if he was joking, the guy still was intimidating, so I just smiled up at him.

"I'll pass. I was just about to leave, anyways, so-" I begin but before I could continue with my reason to run away from my doom, North stepped in front of my path. He patted me on the back as he burst out into laughter. Although his patting was meant to be gentle, it ended up sending my body flying forward considering he held a lot of force even when not attempting to. Well, this sucks.

"Jack, Jack, Christmas is on way. Vhy are you not zmiling? Christmas is made for making people happy not grumpy. Zmile or I make smile," North demanded with a smirk as he moved in closer to me. If I didn't know North better, I would say he was just being nice. But, I knew North better and I knew that he was up to something. Sadly, I also knew North was extremely good at getting his way. Way too good at getting his way.

I wasn't going down without a fight, though. Bring it on, Santa.

"Nothing's wrong, North. I just don't think I can make it to your Christmas bash. I got lots of things to do that day considering I'm the spirit of winter and all. I have to bring snow and all that fun stuff for Christmas, you know how it is," I bluffed.

I could see Tooth smiling nervously and fidgeting from the corner of my eye.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You make very vunny joke. Come, pick name from bag," North spoke through laughter as he shoved his bag in front of my annoyed face.

Why am I not liking how this situation is looking for me?

"North, I'm being serious. I can't go and even if I could go, I'm not doing your lame Secret Santa idea," I repeated myself hoping to make a point.

As expected, North acted as though he didn't even pay mind to what I told him.

"Party is only for few hours, you can bring znow after. If children can not wait, you leave early. Zecret Zanta is tradition. You must participate. Answer can not be no," North answered without giving room for me to argue.

I sighed deeply, making sure my frustration could be heard through the room. Only Tooth seemed to care though as she gave me a sympathetic look. I reached into North's oversized sack as I dug for a piece of paper reluctantly.

North's face lit up with joy as I glared at him to let him now that currently I dislike him.

After a few seconds of risking getting a paper cut, I picked a random folded piece of paper and brought my hand out of the bag. I brought the paper to where I could see it as I began to unfold it.

If I had one wish currently, it would be for the piece of paper to out of nowhere be engulfed in flames. I was not at all accepting who's name was written on the stupid piece of paper.

There was no way I was going to get Bunnymund, of all people, a gift.

No way, nope.

I looked over to North in horror as I saw him sharpening his swords in a more than frightening manner. He smiled at me, acting as though he hadn't meant to look threatening as a warning to follow with his outrageous tradition.

I angrily shoved the piece of paper with Bunny's name on it into my hoodie pocket as I stormed away, leaving Tooth worried and North happy as ever.

Bunny, of all the guardians? What the heck am I suppose to get an oversized bunny who hates me as a gift?

Already I'm being reminded why I dislike Christmas so much.