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_Personal Space_

(Jack's Point of View)

It's probably a bad sign that I've been spending the past thirty four minutes and seventeen seconds trying to plead with North. Not like I'm counting the seconds or anything, but oh, wait! I am. There is no way I'm getting the Easter Kangaroo a gift.

"Please?" I pleaded with the apparently jolly man, but currently he was anything but jolly to me.

I will spend the rest of my immortal life begging for North to allow me to change who I have to play Secret Santa for. Nobody seems to understand how bad of a situation this is.

Bunny? Yeah, he hates me. Phil the yeti would be more likely to accept a gift from me before Bunny would. That in itself is saying a lot, considering Phil tends to make fists whenever I walk past him. I love you too, Phil.

Where was I? Oh, yeah…. Bothering North.

"Come on, consider it my Christmas gift or something," I continued to argue.

"Vhat is vig deal? I don't know who you were given, vut it was destiny that you were given that person. Change cannot be done," North's voice boomed. Maybe it was because I was currently pissed off at him, but I swear his smile held something hidden behind it.

"Destiny? You do realize we are talking about a secret santa and not the choosing of a guardian, right? This has nothing to do with destiny," I countered.

"Ah, vut if it is not important enough to be considered destiny, then there is no veason you cannot accept who you got," North grinned wider. Damn his logic. I knew he was wise, but he wasn't supposed to use his wisdom against me. This is uncalled for.

"North, I can't keep who I was given. I just can't," I flattened, not even attempting to reason anymore. At this point, I was desperate and didn't have any more excuses.

North placed a hand on my shoulder, giving me a knowing gaze. What was he knowing of? I have no clue, but this is North, so I'd rather not have an understanding of his knowledge.

"Jack, ztop with panic. You vill give great gift and everything vill be as it normally is," North assures me.

I'm not buying it. The entire reason I'm panicking, as North puts it, is because I already know how this is going to play out. I'm fully aware of Bunny's hatred towards me, and if I give him some stupid gift, he'll never let me live it down.

How do I know this? Well, when Bunny isn't flat out stating that he doesn't enjoy my presence, he's glaring at me and rolling his eyes. I don't need the moon to tell me that Bunny doesn't like me because the Kangaroo makes it obvious to see that he doesn't.

Granted, he doesn't dislike me (I'm using the word dislike lightly) as much as he did at first. That doesn't mean I've grown on him either, from what I can see. He's all about bringing flowers to life and being all serious about it while I'm about throwing snow around that basically kills his flowers while I laugh at the process.

...Now that I think about it, it's no wonder Bunny hates me.

Suddenly, I feel two gentle arms wrapping around my waist and my first instinct is to push whoever it is off of me. After hundreds of years of no form of physical contact, it is nice to be touched once in a while, but not like this. I felt as though I was being violated. Being shown affection through such actions with a caring touch I always longed for. To be shown somebody actually, you know, cares enough to want to physically show they can see me is always a plus. But, spontaneous, meaningless forms of physical contact? No, that was just a violation of privacy. I don't like being caught off guard.

I stop my internal rant to see who was going past my comfort zone in the first place. It was Tooth, and although I'm far from comfortable or happy about the situation, I decide against spazzing out and shoving her off me only because it's Tooth. I can't be a jerk to the tooth fairy; She has always been nice to me. Kindness is a key in my book, if anybody cares to know.

I sort of forgot, by the way, that she was still in the room. I love Tooth like a sister, but currently I didn't like anybody due to the mood I was in. I blame North.

Why is Tooth clinging to me again? I know that she, even way back when we first were introduced, admired me and enjoyed attacking my mouth with her hands. Still, she was always friendly with those actions. She would act playful and without a motive. More importantly, even though she thought I was charming and as beautiful as freshly fallen snow, we both never saw each other more than companions. This time? Well, let me just say I felt freaked out and more than awkward.

I don't fully get why though. She was only hugging me. I'm making it sound like she's trying to strip my clothes off and touch my body in weird places. I mean, putting my complex feelings of physical contact aside, Tooth was a stunning bird woman. That title sounds rather funny...bird woman. I'm not doing a very good job describing her, am I?

What I'm attempting to get at is that Tooth would be considered gorgeous to a lot of people. I guess, I don't know, and that's the problem. I don't know how people can see that in her. She is innocently sincere to me, in the way I would view my sister. I see Tooth as somebody I want to protect and take care of, yet I could never see myself being the one who wanted to hug her. If she hugged me, I'd let her, but that's about it. I'd rather high five her or give her a friendly pat on the back.

Does this make me a weirdo for not wanting to be hugged by one of the guardians that is told to be the most beautiful? I like to excuse it as me seeing her as a growing family member.


Through the years I've meet a lot of other guardians, and a lot of female ones at that, considering I'm apparently eye candy of some sort. I've been harassed by Mother Nature a few times, stalked by the Lady in Red, and I can't even list the rest without getting a headache. Or would it be considered a brain freeze in my case?

...Anyways, I was attempting to make a point. The point would be that even though all these well known women want me, I don't want them. It's not even because I find them annoying, it's just that they are boring to me. I enjoy their conversation and blah blah blah, but I could never see myself dating any of them.

Being an eighteen year old boy for three hundred years should mean I want girls to talk to me, but I don't. I rather they didn't, and it's pissing me off.

Maybe I'm just antisocial.

I feel Tooth's grip tighten as I give her a questionable look as she glances towards me with a sheepish gaze. She looked as though she didn't even want to be hugging me in the first place, which puzzled me even more (If possible). She hadn't said one word since her attack on me. Yes, I described her actions as an act of violence, don't question my thoughts. Currently I wasn't even sure of my own mind.

North cleared his throat, filling the awkward silence in the room with his cheerful reminder of his presence instead. Tooth and North glanced at each other briefly, and you can call me crazy, but it looked as though they were communicating telepathically or something.

I couldn't think about it for too long though, because a new voice entered the room that made me jump.

"Good onya, Frostbite, ya got tickets on yourself with the sheilas, aye?" The oh-so familiar voice taunted.

I find myself blinking once, twice, and for a third time. I really wish I fully understood what Bunnymund had said, because the tone of voice he had used seemed rather...irritated. Bunny always acts aggravated at me, but this time he was directing his attention of annoyance initially at Tooth. I felt her fidget nervously, but she without hesitant gripped the back of my hoodie which for some unknown reason caused Bunny's ears to twitch.

What in the name of the moon was going on? I find myself to be an easy going guy, but the tension in the room was enough to make an elf drop his cookies and run. I decided to greet Bunny with the fittest words,

"What?" I managed.

I heard bunny grumble something under his breath as he made his way to a nearby wall to lean up against said structure. Well, isn't he so cool?

"Mate, ya won't understand what I'm sayin' even if I were to botha Bloody explaining it. G'arn, finish your lil bash with Tooth. I'm no spoilsport," Bunny answered shortly.

Well, I for one wasn't finding any of this a fun time, and as the guardian of fun, I won't have for any more of this none sense. I pulled away from Tooth politely (finally).

"What's the matter Peter Cotton Tail? Did you eat a bad carrot or something?" I teased lightly.

I took in how Bunny slightly loosened his tense posture. Only slightly, but hey, a little is a lot for the Easter Kangaroo. I don't know how I recognize so much about the small things that make him who he is, but I guess I just started to notice his behaviors. How he was acting now wasn't like his usual self. His normal self was waaaaay more cocky. He just seemed mad for no reason.


"Nuttin' like that, Jack in the box. Quit your yabber, I ain't got time. I came to talk to the bloke ova there smilin like a ding bat. I'm talkin' bout you, North," Bunny went off.

"Well, somebody seems like he's been breathing in too many of the paints he uses to paint his eggs," I remarked, not liking the fact I was being ignored.

Bunny didn't even bother to glare at me. In fact, he didn't even look my way. Now his attention was on North who let out a chuckle at how agitated The Easter Kangaroo looked.

Memories of having to get the person in front of me who not only hates me, but also wants nothing at all now to do with me come back to me an within seconds. I felt my shoulders drop. I kept a look of stubborn distaste on my face so if anybody did bother to look at me, they would believe I was angry.

In reality though, I honestly just wanted to be considered Bunny's friend. I mean, not being seen for years was the worst feeling. I don't even want to imagine going through it again, and to a small degree Bunny was making me feel that way.

He made me feel useless at points, and it made me want to freeze his entire Warren just to get him to yell at me because, I mean, at least then he would be communicating with me even if it was in a negative way.

I see Bunny turn his head my way, as his once aggressive stance slipped away to form into an incomprehensible one. He looks away, the manner he held moments ago coming back. Bipolar much?

Bunny makes his way to North and says under his breath, "Ya need ta pull your head in and mind your own business, ya hoon."

North just smiles at him innocently as he and Bunny both exit the room, Bunny full of bottled hate as I was earlier before, but worse if that can even be true and North just seemed amused.

And this ladies and gentlemen is why I was begging North to change my secret santa before. Bunny makes my emotions swirl like North doing loop-de-loops on his sleigh.

I really don't want to deal with a headache on my already frustrating first Christmas.