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"You could've told her that it was a dare, you know." Damon pointed out.

"I think that would earn me a very big talk about this game that I would not like to have." Caroline explained.

Suddenly Caroline, Elena, and Bonnie started laughing. Not giggling like school girls, but a whole load of laughter tumbling out of their mouths. The couldn't seem to stop their laughing. They laughed until they got tears in their eyes. Everyone else just watched them, very confused. What a weird time to laugh. What was up with teenage girls nowadays? How many inside jokes can three friends have?

"Will you please tell the rest of us what's so damn funny?" Rebekah asked. She wanted to be a part of this, too. Rebekah has never had any close friends, and seeing them share something spontaneous like that made her feel very left out.

"Can you tell the story, or should I?" Bonnie asked her friends after recovering from her laughter.

"I think Caroline should tell it." Elena stated, turning to face Caroline expectingly.

"Fine." Caroline agreed, re-positioning herself on Klaus's lap. She might as well be comfortable. "When we were fifteen, Bonnie dared me to make-out with a random stranger at the grill. Matt was there and he saw us. Matt called my mom and told on me. When my mom got there, she was furious. The man was over-age. She was about to yell at me when the dude said that it wasn't my fault and he was just taking advantage of me. My mom got mad at him and was about to arrest him when Bonnie confessed that it was her fault and that she was the one that dared me. The stranger was innocent. But then Elena had to go in and save Bonnie. Elena then lied and said that she actually dared me to do it and Bonnie was just covering for her. By then, Tyler and his parents were there. Tyler's parents were trying to figure out who was lying. All of a sudden Tyler decided that he needed to lie about something, so he said that no one dared me and that it was all the man's fault. Tyler then followed that by saying that it was actually his fault because he paid the dude to kiss me. You can imagine how horrified his parents were. I swear, if my mom wasn't there they would have... Well anyway, after that, I guess Matt decided to help out his buddy. Matt said that he made the whole thing up on a dare and that none of that happened. He said that we all covered for him. In the end they just gave us a long "Truth or Dare" talk and let us go. The End." Caroline finished proudly.

After that everyone was laughing. That was a hilarious story. Even Elijah was chuckling to himself. The laughter was unfortunately ended with awkward silence.

"Don't you have a dare to give, Nik?" Kol asked.

"Oh right." Klaus said, just remembering.

"I'm ready for it." Caroline stated confidently. She blushed afterwards, mentally kicking herself for not catching the innuendo in that sentence before saying it. Oh well. At least it got Klaus to smile.

"I dare you to take your shirt and pants off and stay like that for the rest of the game." Klaus stated with a smirk.

"And here I thought that I was getting a fun dare." Caroline mumbled, slipping her shirt off and standing up to slide her pants down.

"I think this is fun." Klaus countered with a smirk.

"Gross." Rebekah said after hearing her brother's comment.

After Caroline was done with her strip tease she sat back down on Klaus's lap. She was getting tired of being used just because guys were horny, but a dare's a dare. She shouldn't be complaining anyway with her daring people to do scandalous things. Speaking of daring…

"Stefan, truth or dare?" Caroline asked, staring into his soul.

Stefan flinched. Caroline could really be creepy when she wanted to be. He didn't let it faze him though.

"Dare." Stefan answered.

"I dare you to call up Katherine and try to have phone sex with her, and when she rejects you, tell her how much you love her." Caroline challenged.

"Fine." Stefan agreed. Katherine didn't scare him at all, and neither did Caroline. He could handle this just fine.

He took his phone out of his pocket and dialed her number. He could do this. It wasn't like he still had any more feelings for her anymore so it wouldn't matter.

"Missed me?" He heard Katherine's seductive voice on the other end. I can't fucking do this… Stefan thought to himself.

"As a matter of fact…Yes, yes I have." Stefan said, trying to make his voice seductive as well, but instead sounding like an injured chipmunk. Everyone had to hold in their laughter.

"Are you trying to flirt with me Stefan?" Katherine sounded amused.

"Why, do you want me to?" Stefan's voice was a lot better this time, thank goodness. But he was still failing.

"Not really." She sounded bored now.

"What are you wearing?" Stefan asked, his voice in a low growl.

"I'm so not doing this." Katherine objected.

"But Katherine, I love you so much!" Stefan tried.

He could practically hear her eyes rolling through the phone. "Goodbye Stefan!" Katherine said before hanging up.

"You sure know how to sweet talk a lady." Klaus said sarcastically.

"Shut up, Klaus." Stefan muttered.

"Dude, that was such an epic fail." Damon piped in, angering Stefan more.

"It's my turn now." Stefan pointed out. He wanted to direct attention away from his failure.