A/N: If you've read my 2Planes drabbles and oneshots, this is the story that began 2PKidCon. If you haven't, it doesn't matter. Just treat this like a story after canon, when Conan doesn't turn back to Shinichi, when Kid has to continue stealing.

A typical falling in love fic. Enjoy~

–March 23


"You have three new messages. New Message. March 23, 3:41 pm: Hey, Kidou-kun. How are things lately? Please let me know how you're doing. Hakuba-kun and I are thinking of going to the movies tomorrow, would you like to come?"


"You have two new messages. New Message. March 23. 5:09 pm: Kidou-kun, Hakuba-kun really hates you now for some reason. Does this have to do with the heist today?


"You have one new message. New Message. March 23. 9:23 pm: Oi, Katou, I don't have time to waste on your stupid little code. Do you really have nothing better to do? That aside, Nakamori-chan is still wondering if you're free tomorrow. Call back if you're interested."


His thumb dragged across the keys of his white flip phone. The screen was bright, the light reflecting across his blue-tinted monocle. His gloved finger pressed the button, as he lounged back on the concrete floor of the roof.


"You have no new messages. Recorded message. August28 XX. 11:46 pm: Hey, I know you're busy right now and this might sound sudden, but I think I'm going to die–"


He flicked the phone shut and balanced it on his knee. With a snap of his fingers, white gloves produced the shimmering jewel. He rolled it in his hand, feeling the weight and the coolness through his white suede gloves.

Looks like Hakuba ditched.

What a lazy bastard.

He sighed and whirled the jewel into the air with a flick of his wrist. The breeze picked up and tousled his hair and his cape pooled behind him.





He had finished the heist about an hour ago, and was now perched a few buildings away from the museum.

It wasn't hard, especially after he had decided to relocate Nakamori-keibu to another prefecture a few weeks ago. His angry curses were fed through video when the heist started. But unfortunately for the inspector and the lost little crows, the connection broke and the Kid task force scattered, panicking whenever the echo of laughter bounced off the walls.

And from the glass case to his white suede gloves, the jewel went.

He leaned backwards and lifted the jewel up to the moon for the fifth time.


He wasn't surprised that he only saw the gleam of solid blue. It lacked the hollow space that would have held the other half of Pandora.

He clenched the cool stone tightly in his left hand– feeling a burn and strain in his wrist before letting go. He unfurled his fingers. The jewel was gone, a wisp of smoke rising from his sleeve.

It had been four years and counting since he'd started his search.

Almost every jewel he had touched since then was empty, fruitless. The one that had something in it sunk into his wrist and left him screaming–

That was a long time ago– when guns and blood had smeared the white fabric of his suit– but tonight, there was no such thing.

It was another still and cloudless night.

No police sirens, no Nakamori-keibu, no crowd, the like–

And he found himself struggling to breathe within the silence. The rush of adrenaline, the thrill of danger, the sound of gunshots had gone to be replaced by the mundane dregs of life.

He'd had his breath and heart beat stolen. Every day, he lived on quiet sighs.

"How predictable," he murmured, eyeing the trail of red and blue retreating toward the police station. They've given up the chase. It hasn't even been two hours yet.

Before, they would persist for the entire night, but– oh right, he forgot that Nakamori-keibu wasn't there to browbeat them.

How disappointing.

He had enjoyed the thrill of the chase before, had loved tripping the alarms, loved seeing all the futile attempts and gadgets brought in a poor attempt to capture him.

But now the streets, filled with the excited hum of the crowd an hour ago, had dissipated into the quiet revs of car engines and traffic. The voices of his fans had once fueled him.

He was tired of all the attention, the fame–

He sighed and flicked his phone open again, turning on the camera function, and leaning back to catch the moon.


"Ah, wow, this phone sucks. I should get a new one."

This was the internationally infamous Phantom Thief Kid and he was bored.

The young adult dropped his hand to his side, eyes still staring at the white orb floating in the sky. The clouds rolled over the moon and a wistful sigh passed his lips. The breeze nipped at his face– it was cold but slowly warming as the seasons changed.

It was still, it was quiet. He hated it.

But he still waited because he had faith.

It would only be a matter of time before he would come and overturn the usual cat and mouse game that made Kid's brain reel.

He would appreciate the under-appreciated genius that worked behind the neon spaghetti strings and glittery goop– although he did gripe about it when he was the unfortunate victim of Kid's booby traps–

The hurried flurry of steps from the stairwell sounded through the air. The door blasted open and the steps approached him from behind. He idly cast a glance at his phone, he didn't turn around– he didn't need to.

Because this was when he lived.


"I'm here–"

Tantei-kun– Kid smiled warmly, feeling a pulse rise in his throat– only Tantei-kun never disappointed him.


It was just one word– his name– said in a breathless huff, and Kid closed his eyes, listening to the rough inhale and exhale of air. The initial thrill had been lost during the actual chase– police sirens, a cussing voice, and screaming fans meant nothing.

But this moment–when he was caught, found, noticed, acknowledged– was what he practically lived for.

It was the sole reason why he kept stealing in white.

An immense satisfaction flushed through his veins, quietly thrumming under his skin.


"An hour and a half," Kid started, fingers pressing the button again to stop the timer. "Impressive."

A two-sentence code had sent Tantei-kun skateboarding around Tokyo, grasping at every clue and hint only to find that Kaitou Kid was lounging a block away from the museum–


And the fact that his little pursuer was standing behind him, breathing

Kid breathed in, lips quirking softly.

"Tantei-kun," he sang, flipping his phone high into the air before having it disappear. The footsteps staggered closer and Kid turned. "Enjoyed yourself?"

"Yeah. Immensely."

Kid chose to ignore the sarcasm lacing his words and smiled. He said nothing; likewise, Conan wasn't expected to say anything more besides the well-practiced– "You going to return it or what–?"

The silence dragged for a second too long and Kid's curiosity piqued. The detective's breathing had turned shallow, and sharp blue eyes flickered behind drooping lashes–

Something was off–

Kid tilted his head.


"Stupid skateboard–" Conan grumbled before his body leaned forward haphazardly.

He fell and Kid caught him, arm stretching to grab the middle-schooler before his knees dug into the concrete. He felt the harsh breath against his chest and Kid heaved a sigh.

Ah, right.

He forgot about the skateboard and how it couldn't power itself during the night– oh, and how skateboards can't ride up staircases. And Kid just so happened to be idling about on a building with a broken elevator.

Wow, Tantei-kun was right for once– he was a bastard.

The small detective– well, over the years he had grown, but was still so bite-sized– had burrowed his face into Kid's suit, arms and legs hanging limp. And he noticed how comfortable it was holding the boy– Kid wanted to take the opportunity to wrap his arms around the narrow torso and crush the little detective in a tight, rewarding hug–

Kid blinked.

Tantei-kun had said something. What was it again–? Right, bastard

"You didn't have to come, Tantei-kun."

The detective didn't even offer a grunt or a cuss, but simply collapsed against into Kid. He leaned backwards, and maneuvered the detective into a comfortable position against his chest. Kicking away the initial thought of throwing his arms around Conan's waist, he placed a gentle hand on Conan's side and felt the rapid and shallow rise and fall of his breath.

With a lingering eye, he assessed the battered clothes.

Little splashes of dried dirt on his socks and legs were evidence that the detective had trucked right through the park construction. Bits of leaves and twigs clung to his hair; water dripped from the sleeves around his wrist, his skin was sticky and cold with a layer of sweat.

He had surpassed Kid's expectations– after all, his code wasn't easy. Kid didn't mean for it to be easily solved within a few minutes– it would've taken hours, and Tantei-kun did just that.

An hour and a half.

"Hakuba wouldn't have done it, so why would you?" Kid asked airily once the detective's erratic breath leveled out. The small head shifted against his suit– he caught the scent of something vanilla mixed in with that spike of sweat–

With something like an abrupt push, Conan quickly righted himself and scrambled to his feet, eyes boring holes into the floor. A faint pink dusted his face, whether from running endlessly around or from something else– Kid had always thought the splash of pink against his pale cheekbones looked nice under the moonlight.

Especially today when the clouds floated and the moon's luminance made his face radiant–


Conan swallowed a mouthful of air, frowned and then grumbled, "It was because no one wanted to solve it that I did."

And like that, that was his answer.

No particular reason– no really, just an apparent love for codes and a certain thief that makes them. No clear answer, only just because.

How charming, Kid thought, carefully watching the boy standing up and brushing his pants free from twigs and grass. Kid's eyes lingered on his pants before moving down– what small and thin legs. He'd always admired how quick the little detective was, but how on earth did he carry himself up twenty-two floors–?

It was because he was determined to catch him before he flew off–

The thought made his heart flutter.

"I solved it. So hand it over."

Kid's eyes jerked up to see a small hand splayed open in front of him, palm up and waiting. The glint of huge glasses hid the spark of blue reflected in the large eyes. He nodded, hat tilting to cast a shadow over his face.

His fingers snapped, a rose and jewel exploding into his gloved hands in a cloud of blue smoke– maybe he wanted to try something new, because everything had been so routine, so dull–

The appearance of the thornless rose startled Tantei-kun– baffled him more like because the detective shot him a confused look before staring back down at the red flower. Kid enclosed the stem and stone in his small hands.


The startled look, the eyes that quickly tried to deduce why and how – Ah, Tantei-kun had always looked especially adorable like that: when he had that child-like curiosity on his face. Maybe he was bored, but he wouldn't mind stealing a kiss from the lips that the detective was chewing–

He swept Conan's other hand into his own and pressed his lips against it.

"For the trouble you went through, Tantei-kun. Many apologies"

He winked.

The red on his face was cute; he looked absolutely scandalized, especially when small puffs of air started to exit his mouth. It looked like whatever the detective had been planning to say had become a jumbled mess of gasps.

Kid smirked– hm, that was a really cute reaction.

He absently wondered how mortified Tantei-kun would be if he did more–

"I- I'm not a girl–" The rose was quickly pushed back into Kid's glove, but the flush on his cheeks still lingered. Conan swallowed and then took a deep breath, and Kid's chest felt ten times lighter–

Because when he breathed, he breathed.

"Very well." He closed his hand around the rose and tucked it up his sleeves. His gloved fingers caught Conan's hands– small, little things they were– in a persistent, gentle tug. "It's late at night, shall I fly you home?"

Conan's shoulders sprung up, mouth dropping open in the process. "Fly–?" Large eyes met his for the briefest moment before turning away. If he thought his cheeks couldn't get any redder, Kid was proved wrong.

The blush was furiously bright against his skin and Kid wanted to cup the side of his face, and see the stark contrast between white and red–

"No, I'll…" And he bit his words off, throwing a furtive look to the side. He ripped his hands from Kid's grasp when he absently thumbed his knuckles. Conan ducked his head curtly, muttered some kind of formal farewell–

"Uhm, excuse me–"

(Odd, he'd never really done that before, had he?)

–And tripped away towards the door of the rooftop.

Kid laughed to himself, watching the detective disappear down the stairwell after another quick bow when he happened to make eye contact with him.

The thick metal door slammed shut and Kid stood up from the cool cement roof.

"Well, that was interesting." His lips pressed into a thin smile. The sigh still lingered in his breath, but it didn't feel quite as heavy as before.

He patted the nonexistent dirt off his suit as he twirled on his heels. Several steps forwards and one step up had his toes off the edge of a twenty floor building.

To think the little detective ran up all twenty floors. He had very impressive stamina.

And also very strong devotion–

His little detective did that for him? What a cute guy, he found himself thinking as he took a step, purposefully lost ground and plummeted.

And thus ended one of his many performances in the quiet hours of the night. His audience– devoted fans for four years– had scattered. His disgruntled crows had flown back to their nest.

In the end, he found himself standing on the stage facing empty rows of velvet chairs.

It was boring. But he stayed because only one person was worthy of being the audience to his grand scheme of thievery.

Only one person repeatedly ran into the empty theatre and unraveled the tricks and the slips of the world-infamous Phantom Thief.

His most favorite critic.

Kid's hang glider swung out behind him and he twisted easily.

When would he see him again? He rather liked that flushed face of his; it was cute. What new code would he write just for his Tantei-kun? The thought of the boy running around Tokyo just for him made his chest lighten and swell with pride– "Because no one else would that I did."

It was cute, endearing, adorable–

He laughed and spun in the air as electricity bolted through his veins. Maybe he liked him– that cute face and brilliant, sharp mind.

Kid smiled as he felt warmth bloom in the pit of his stomach.

Maybe he liked him for all these years–

"See you soon, Tantei-kun~"

Nakamori-keibu was not happy when he came back from his relocation to Kyoto.

It took a few days for him to find out that the authority and paperwork that assigned him there were all done by the only person who could steal a face and a signature.

Honestly, Kid thought he was doing the inspector a favor by giving him a vacation, and he explained so to a very red-faced Nakamori during a bustling night in April. He got a mouthful of cuss words thrown at him instead, and before Kid could explain further, Nakamori-keibu ordered his army to barrage him with rubber bullets.

He hopped and slipped behind a pillar, the shadows gave him plenty of cover– earlier, he had shut the museum's electricity, since it'd be more fun to play in the dark.

"Keibu, have you ever thought of changing the color of these?" Kid asked after drawing in a deep breath. A stiff smile was etched on his lips; a tired twinkle was in his eyes.

Maybe it was a spur of the moment thing, but he reached out a hand to catch one of the bullets and winced when an amazingly pink rubber pellet drilled into his palm– right, that wasn't smart at all.

He sucked in a harsh breath, swallowed a small curse– live the mask, live the lie– and forced out a gentle laugh, the smooth sound bouncing off the walls. He threw the rubber bullet into his left hand while slapping his hand into the pillar behind him.

Pain, pain, go away–

He distractedly studied the bullet– neon and atrociously bright, even in the dark– as the harsh sting faded away from his fingertips.

"Would you care to change the color to blue? Pink doesn't flatter me at all–"

The firing paused at the echo of his words, and Kid imagined it had thrown the officers into confusion. It'd only be a matter of time before Nakamori-keibu decided to stretch his vocal chords and–

"He's as obvious as a damn bed sheet, how the fuck can you idiots miss the bastard– search for him, dammit!"

Kid snorted.

Being compared to a bed sheet was something Kid didn't take a liking to. Then again, he didn't really fancy the idea of being pelted by rubber bullets either.

He'd rather face the crosshairs of Tantei-kun's tranq-watch than cheap guns–

Speaking of the little detective, where was he?

Another bullet whizzed past his face and he felt the sting run across his cheek. With a grunt, he pushed the question to the back of his head and ducked away from behind the columns.

He ran right out onto the expanse of floor in the middle of the museum.

Ditch the annoying police, find Tantei-kun later.

With 0.3 of an average human reaction and another 2 seconds of gaping in surprise because a bed sheet was flying their way, Kid had ample time to skip on top of the obnoxious tall glass case, swipe the gem, and back flip to the second floor.

The police officers didn't even know what happened.

He swung to a stop on the railings, feet steadily balanced, fist enclosing the gem. The museum was the perfect playground for an acrobatic and airborne thief– he really would have to thank the architect for making it easy for him to use a grapple gun.


He quirked an amused eyebrow. What predictable little crows– just gaping at him and lowering their guns as if they couldn't aim at him from the first floor.

If they weren't pointing the rubber bullet guns at him, then they were staring at him with some sort of awe– and they must be new if they were trying to figure out how Kid got up there in the first place rather than shoot him down.

Kid suppressed a sigh.

Really, where was Tantei-kun?

"Second floor– he's on the second floor–!"

Lovely, Kid absently thought, taking a step back off the railings and landing on the marble tiles. He disappeared into a dark shadow cast by the columns, half-lidded eyes watching the task force run amok on the first floor.

And Nakamori-keibu, face red, with a megaphone in hand– "Get the damn fool, you idiots! Get onto the top floor! He's going to escape through the roof–"

Kid turned, flicking his cape behind him. He leisurely strode through the dark halls, enjoying the thunderous stomps of the officers heading upstairs.

He passed several roped exhibition rooms, his gloved hand fingering and playing with the small jewel he had taken earlier and quite easily too.

After holding so many heists over the years, one would think anyone would have learned not to blatantly display the jewel in a glass case.

Very dull.

Well, well, if Nakamori-keibu was going to crowd the roof with police, he'll just take the front door to avoid stairway traffic.


Small padded echoes behind him broke the silence in the second floor.

He stopped momentarily, the tail of his cape fluttering to sweep against his ankles. The light taps faded into silence. His lips quirked. Huffing, Kid purposefully walked into a dark exhibition room. The black slowly ate his white attire.

He passed several glass cases of hand painted pottery before stopping.

"If you want something, you should say so."

And he turned to see the little boy standing still with his watch hovering near his face, lens flicked up, crosshairs aimed probably at his neck.

The detective didn't move, didn't breathe– he only held the watch up with a wary glint in his eyes.

There was a stretch of silence and the little detective spoke up, eyes glaring at him through the watch lens. "You've gotten more reckless."

Kid hummed, eyes fondly regarding the boy– no doubt the little detective was hiding out somewhere. He probably slipped under the police's watch and made his home on the second floor to watch the first.

"Hm, excellent observation. How did you reach that conclusion?"

Conan didn't miss a beat.

"You had no plan. The only preparation you made was your grapple gun that I found conveniently sitting behind a pillar. If anything, you were ready to make a run for it and just head to the roof. You had nothing else, no traps, no tricks. And the rubber bullet, you stuck your hand out and gave your position away. It was only luck that you weren't gunned down during your climb up."

Kid felt a weight lift from his shoulders, his smile showed teeth.

"You do a lot of things for the hell of it, don't you?"

Kid shrugged, laughing. "Don't you think that life is a bit boring now?"

Conan didn't return the smile; his sharp eyes seemed to pierce through the plastic lens. "Well, I caught you. Care to return what you stole, great Phantom Thief?"

"Excuse me?" Kid bounced the gem in his hand, juggling it rather carelessly for what was regarded as a three hundred million yen antique. His grin was manic.

Finally for the first time that night, he felt his blood pulse. "Stolen? I'm merely borrowing it. You've been to enough of my heists to know that 'borrowing' is my modus operandi–"

Conan squinted through his watch lens, the crosshairs moving up. "How about I take a few steps closer and shoot your face–"

"That is kind of you to offer, Tantei-kun," Kid lightly danced backwards, shoes echoing softly withinin the contained room. "But I'll have to implore you to allow me several minutes with the jewel before I can return it."

Conan laughed dryly and the sound tickled Kid's ears, making the hairs on his neck rise on end. "And if I say no–"

Something grazed past the nape of Conan's neck and his words stopped in his throat and came out as a startled gasp. Kid's eyes widened. Something small burrowed into the side of Tantei-kun's head –something atrociously pink– and knocked his glasses off–

"Guys, over here, I think I heard something–"

The glasses skidded across the floor quietly but the glimmer of the lens died under the falling shadows of the corner.

Kid held his breath, neck strained as he listened for the police. He had his white gloved hand pressed on the back of a hoodie. The head on his chest shifted and he caught the scent of coconut-vanilla soap–

"Shh…" he whispered into the detective's hair, his other hand protectively pressing into Conan's back. He could feel the warmth of hot breath spreading into his chest. Beams of light interrupted the shadows, but Kid shifted against the wall.

The light trail barely hit his white shoes before flitting away.

It'd be too boring if the police caught Kid just then– he'd been waiting for Tantei-kun for over an hour.

The footsteps echoed on after a few confused murmurs and then faded into the white noise of the museum room.

Silence ate them, and Kid hadn't fallen asleep just yet, so Tantei-kun had probably forgotten about the tranq watch– or he didn't want Kid to be caught like this.

The thought of Tantei-kun holding him in such regard made Kid's face warm and his chest warm– and it wasn't because Conan's face was buried in it.

He let out a deep breath when the footsteps finally disappeared down the hall. He turned his head down to look at the small tuft of hair that was enclosed by his white apparel. The detective's breath had slowed and his body stilled– no doubt he also felt the inherent need to stay silent.

His body really fits– Kid absently entertained the thought while running his palm flat against the small back. It was almost as tiny as before– a bit bigger but still so small– and it fit really nicely with his own–

Kid paused and caught his hand before it wandered anywhere near the detective's waist–

It wasn't the first time he'd had the thought.

Small hands started to bat at his chest, trying to push away, almost too desperately. Kid was reluctant to let go– when had he grabbed him anyways? But it was comfortable while it lasted and Kid wondered what it'd feel like to cuddle with him–

It was almost scary– in a pleasantly chilling way– to realize that he'd had the urge before.

"I…" Conan was trying to pull himself together, his hand traveling to his temple. He was probably trying to digest what had just happened.

Kid watched him in the faint light, and he thought that Tantei-kun without his glasses looked very cute– with some semblance of Meitantei-kun but not quite there.

A perfect mix of a sharp, mature mind behind a childish façade and it held a mysterious allure for him because he was living a mask too.

"…What was that?"

Kid stood up with a flourish of his cape. His dress shoes quietly tapped against the marble floor and he picked up the oversized glasses. They were thick and strange, probably another one of Tantei-kun's weird gadgets.

And like his monocle, they hid something dark and deep– and he wasn't just talking about his eyes.

"Rubber bullets. I've told him a million times to change the color. It makes for a humiliating object to be hit with," he replied promptly. Kid faced Conan and studied him– his confused and disorientated expression– as his hand discreetly folded the glasses up. "Who knew that keibu had sent some officers down this corridor."

Conan tossed his head to the side and spat, "They were looking for me."

Kid's interest piqued. Officers chasing after critics on their own side? The thought amused him greatly. "Oh?"

"They found me a while back before the heist. Nakamori-keibu doesn't like me so–" Of course, he wouldn't. After so many Kid heists where only Conan was competent enough to confront him, Kid wouldn't blame the inspector for being so bitter. "– they tried to track me down."

"My, my…then it's quite fortunate, isn't it? If you were ever caught…" Kid took several steps closer and Conan's head jerked up. Each step was slow and calculated. Judging by the way his shoulders tensed, Conan's suspicions heightened every time a step echoed off the walls.

Never become too comfortable with an enemy– Kid knew Conan's mind was probably whirring down that track. He was a foot away from him now.

"…I would have to steal you out of jail, neh, Tantei-kun?" he lowered his voice to a whisper, his eyes glinting with amusement at the visible shiver traveling down Conan's neck.

"I–" he seemed to have forgotten what he was going to say. Conan looked quite adorable like that, fumbling around to grasp lost words. He was flustered, yes– but primarily confused. The detective shook his head and turned on his heels. "Well this was a waste of my time–"

Oh. So he didn't even notice–

"Don't you want them back?" Kid feigned a yawn, giving a lopsided grin and a tired glance at the ten year old.

Conan looked adorably clueless at this point, Kid smiled inwardly.

Without his glasses, he looked less sinister, less scheming. He looked like the innocent kid that he was supposed to be– which was scary and tempting.

"If you're going to give it back, I don't see why you had to stall," he snapped, irritation clear in his voice– it seemed like the years had thinned his patience. Conan fisted his hand tightly before opening it like before. "Save the tricks–"

Kid noticed a faint blush rising on his cheek– you mean the rose, Tantei-kun?

"Of course, Tantei-kun–"

He threw the small rock into the air and Conan caught it easily. The small boy breathed a bit, a faint smile of triumph on his lips. Kid used the moment's distraction and flicked Conan's glasses high into the air, catching them between his fingers on their descent. "And I suppose you don't want your glasses?'

He inhaled sharply.

Oh shoot.


His glasses. When did he even–? Conan's eyes darted around quickly– Kid was getting really good at reading people's expressions. And with something like a glare, Conan opened his other hand. "Give back my glasses–"

"No." And he snapped the glasses open, holding them far up in the air. He snickered– height advantage was one of the things he enjoyed having over the little detective. "It's only fair. You have the gem, I'll have your glasses. Fair trade, isn't it?"

Kid's smirking smile reduced Conan's arguments to a pout. Conan suddenly stilled, eyes flicking to the left– tap, tap– the police were coming back down the hall. And Kid cringed at the spark in the very blue eyes–


Conan tackled him hard, nearly knocking Kid off his feet and forcing him to take several steps back to keep his balance. The little detective had his hands batting at the glasses barely out of his reach, chest pressed against Kid's torso–

Very smart, but what a spawn of the devil–

"Give me back my glasses–!" Conan whined loudly, voice pitched high and tiny loose fists hammering against Kid's chest. Kid was amused at the thought– in four years the detective had grown very little, maybe a few inches but he was still short.

"No can do," he sighed, taking a step back when the detective very nearly fell against him from all the jumping. With the constant whining, it'd only take the police a few minutes to figure out their location.

"I need them to see in class tomorrow–" And his large eyes became larger, his blue eyes started to bubble with water. Kid was momentarily taken aback, staring at the glistening drops of tears that collected in the boy's eyes. He knew it was an act– considering all the hiding and tricking he had to do, Tantei-kun was a top-notch actor– but Kid started to feel guilt eat at him– oh, the things Tantei-kun could make him feel.

Kid ripped his eyes away and instead directed his attention to inspecting the glasses.

He'd seen them in action– the tracking lenses and Conan's stickers– and he'd always been careful to not get those stickers stuck on him. Kid moved a finger to dissemble a small attachable device on the side of his glasses– this way Conan can't track him down when Kid steals away his glasses.

"Give. Them. Back–" He resorted to childish whining and light slaps against his white suit. They barely hurt, and Kid absently wondered what the small detective would achieve by doing this– and Conan's body was really warm and his voice was really distracting– though too venomously sweet for his liking.

Kid snickered and pulled the glasses out of reach. "Not unless you trade the gem–" When he looked down, Conan had tears clinging on his eyelashes with an adorable– embarrassed– blush dusting his cheeks. And for some reason Kid wanted to kiss the edge of his eyes and wrap his arms around him–


Footsteps echoed through the hallway and beams of light crossed haphazardly against the marble floor. Oh, that was faster than usual. Kid saw a little scheming smirk flicker across the kid's face.

"Who's there–?!"

"Well, I think I'll be going–" And he placed the glasses onto his face, swapping them out with his monocle. "And in return for your glasses..."

He pressed the monocle onto Conan's face and kissed the glass surface quickly– he heard the clink of the glasses against the monocle. He breathed onto the slightly tinted glass, watching the wide blue eye disappear behind the hot breath. "Thank you very much, Tantei-kun."

He pulled back and licked his dry lips, mentally devouring the flush that settled on Tantei-kun's cheeks.

Honestly, if he could have a heist every day just to see that face Tantei-kun was making– oh, he would, even if he had to go about stealing the jewels he had already stolen.


Kid smiled warmly as a beam of light hit the middle of his back.

"Well, good evening~" He flicked his cape behind his shoulder, and took a step back before leaping over the railings and back to the first floor of the museum. In his descent, he saw Conan run to the railings, eyes peering down between the bars.

Police officers shouted over him, flashlight beams skated over him.

He landed on the ground with a clack of his dress shoes before starting his run.

He laughed at himself for feeling the guilt spread throughout his body when the boy's tears were threatening to spill. Goodness, he would be in a whole lot of trouble if Tantei-kun tried that trick again.

Kid disappeared into a bathroom near the exit of the museum. Outside, a stampede ran across the marble floor. He casually switched out of his uniform, enjoying the shouts and commands echoing from the large hall.

Clothed in a light jacket, thin shirt, and black jeans, with the glasses still on his face, Kid strolled out from the public restroom, with a sling bag containing his Kid clothes in tow.

The place was swarming with on-lookers– hm, they haven't left so quickly this time– so the police didn't pay him any attention as he lightly skipped his way into the crowds.

Well, tonight was a treat.

Kid turned around and watched the museum buzz with life. Probably at this moment, the police would be trying to wrestle his monocle away from Tantei-kun, who would be too reluctant to give it up or too embarrassed to supply a story as to how he got it.

Kid reached up, his fingers brushing over his chest. He couldn't ignore the warm feeling bursting from the spot where Tantei-kun had breathed.

Maybe he liked him– that brilliant mind with a cute face and confident smirk.

Something in his chest thrummed, a thought nestling in his mind, and he smiled.

Yeah, he probably did.

Kid pushed up his newly acquired glasses and hopped on home, whistling.

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