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Chapter 10 - Extermination: Six Paths vs ROOT

"I can hardly believe that demon brat!" Koharu muttered angrily. "Figures he'd fool that idiotic Shinobi council to his side, but to get the the Daimyo on his side as well?"

"Well, the Shodai's wife and the Yondaime's wife claimed to have held the demon before the brat did. . ."

"Oh please, Homura, that demon had something to do with that story. And this so called 'Harbinger of Yami' obviously is in league with the demon to bootleg us!"

"Quiet, both of you," Danzo ordered as he continued to walk on. "We are in a very tight spot here. I can't allow you two to do something foolish and have our standing lowered. Demon or not, the boy has a lot of sway over our actions right now. We are very limited in what we can do without arrousing suspicion from both him, the Hokage, and the Daimyo."

Both elders silenced themselves and grunted in annoyance. The demon brat had them by the balls and they couldn't do anything about it.

"I am heading to the ROOT Headquarters," Danzo told the two elders. "I need some time to think before the announcement."

"Hai," they nodded and went their seperate ways.

None of them noticed the six pairs of Rinnegan eyes that gazed at them from afar.

"So what you're telling me is," Tsunade growled in anger and disgust. "That my great-uncle sense a dozen sharingan signatures and jiji-san's DNA in Danzo's arm?"

Naruto nodded is affirmitive.

"Danzo truly has fallen far," the Daimyo muttered his disgust. "He's as bad as Orochimaru."

"I agree."

Tsunade looked at the Rikudo Sennin, "So I take it your Paths are going to take care of it?"

Naruto smirked, "Yep. They need a chance to stretch their legs every now and again you know?"

Danzo finally reached the inner sanctum of his ROOT Headquarters. Now he had to think about how he was going to implement the plan he had made with Orochimaru while figuring out how to coincide it with what the Village Elders wanted as well. This would not be an easy task as Orochimaru wanted complete control over Konoha and Hi no Kuni in general the Elders simply wanted to employ what they thought was best for Konoha and allow know one to stop them because they knew best. They didn't like Orochimaru so this would pose a problem, one which Danzo had been planning on rectifying once he made the office of Hokage. However, now due to the new Rikudo Sennin his position was a torn away temporarily and he'd be subjugated to that difficult test before he could return in six months. He knew he had to play smart with whatever the test was as to not draw suspicion.

He had warned Homura and Koharu that he had had a feeling the meeting wouldn't end well for them. He told them not to speak unless spoken to due to this and they simply shrugged and complied. Lucky for them it might have been that that had saved them from the terrible wrath of the Hokage and Daimyo.

Speaking of terrible wrath, it was then he got a cold sensation that he was being watched. . . and the observes were not too happy.

Danzo jolted up out of his seat and shouted out, "Who's there?"

There was silence for a moment before he heard a voice nearby, "Didn't I order you to disband this ANBU unit of your's. . . Danzo?"

Danzo turned and before him stood his old comrade: Sarutobi Hiruzen. Once Sandaime Hokage of Konoha, now the Rikudo Sennin's Naraka Path.

"Hiruzen," Danzo said simply.

"Disobeying the Hokage's orders is a serious offense Danzo," his old teammate said simply. "But I can see now that it that this runs even deeper. It runs straight into betrayal.'

"Betrayal?! I have not betrayed Konoha! I only seek to make it the most powerful and feared hidden village in the world!"

"I admire your patriotism," came another voice behind Danzo who turned to see Hashirama and his sensei walking towards him only to stop a few feet away. "But this is not the way to go."

"Especially due to what you did to the Uchiha Clan," Tobirama added.

"What?" Danzo shouted outraged. "Hiruzen was just as much involved in that as I was!"

"Yes, we know," came a fourth voice, who ironically was the Yondaime. "Hiruzen already informed us."

"While we weren't happy with what had occurred," Tobirama spoke up. "He did bring up one important factor: you were the one that convinced him to make it the entire Uchiha clan."

"So what if I did? It was necessary! What if the remaining Uchiha members had revolted due to their family members being slaughtered?"

"Did you ever even consider that they'd be foolish to try such a thing. Such a massacre would weaken them and any attempt to revolt could have been stopped by the other clans. Did you really have to kill the civilian Uchiha as well? Or even the children of the shinobi? What could they have possibly done?"

"Then blame Hiruzen! It was he who approved it!" Danzo yelled.

"And again we say it was you who convinced him and everyone else that there was no other option that to slaughter all of them," Minato stated.

"Massacre aside you did something even more horrendous than leading to the deaths of nearly all of them," Hashirama spoke with a very cold voice and with an icy gaze. "Don't think we haven't sensed the sharingans on your arm or in you right eye socket. We aren't stupid or ignorant Danzo. Especially with the Rinnegan we can very well see those chakra signatures.'

"Not only that," Tobirama spoke with equal harshness. "You also stole the DNA of my brother!"

Danzo swallowed but his face didn't change, "I did what was necessary to strengthen Konoha."

"Strengthen Konoha?" Minato spat. "Or strengthen yourself?"

"You sought to gain power over Konoha," Hiruzen frowned. "I suspect the rise in the civilian council's boldness was due to you as well."

"They were quick to see I was the perfect choice for Hokage," Danzo stated. "Not that whore who now sits in my place."


Within an instant, Danzo found himself getting friendly with the ground as Hashirama displayed an excellent display of fist to skull combat against Danzo. He was snarling with rage, "That whore, Danzo, happens to be my granddaughter! It is because of your arrogance, pride, and lust for power that you are not deserving of the title of Hokage!"

Hashirama turned away disgusted and Danzo struggled to get up. Suddenly, Danzo bolted in an attempt to escape the past Hokages. He suddenly found himself unable to move. He looked down and noticed his body wrapped in chains. Chakra chains. Only one person he knew of knew how to do that. He looked up. Before him was Uzumaki Kushina, the chains jutting from her hands. Behind her was Uzumaki Mito, a non-amused look on her face.

"Going somewhere, Danzo?" Kushina sneered.

"Tobirama-nii," Mito spoke. "Check his memory for anything else we may have missed."

Tobirama nodded as he placed his hand on Danzo's head. His and the other Paths eyes widened at the memories they received.

Naruto's eyes widened as he stifled a gasp gaining the attention of the Hokage and Daimyo, who had agreed to stay with Naruto until his Paths returned. Tsunade blinked, "Naruto, what is it?"

"Danzo has been conspiring against us for a long time," Naruto muttered angrily. "He's been working with Orochimaru for years. In exchange for making Danzo the Hokage, he would help Orochimaru become the Fire Daimyo."

"HE WHAT?!" Both the Hokage and the Daimyo.

"How long has he been conspiring with that damned serpent?!" the Daimyo asked enraged.

"Years, like I said."

"Damn him," Tsunade growled. "When I get my hands on him I'm going to smash him straight to hell!"

Naruto laughed with a hint of dark foreboding slithered in, "I think my Paths have got that handled."


Danzo flew headfirst into the nearby wall after being delivered another blow from the Paths. The Paths were in a complete and utter rage due to their discovery of Danzo betrayal. The war-hawk hadn't even gotten the chance to use the Shodai's DNA or the numerous Sharingans he had. They attacked too swiftly, too brutally. . .

. . . too mercilessly.

Danzo was a beaten wreck crumpled on the floor. He weakly turned his gaze upwards into the burning Rinnegan eyes of the Six Paths.

"Any last words, Danzo?" Kushina snarled at the bandaged man.

"Just one," Danzo muttered out. "ROOT!"

Almost instantly a couple dozen ROOT members surrounded them. "Destroy the intruders!"

"Hai, Danzo-sama," one answered and all of them attacked. With that, the ROOT-nin charged at the Six Paths.

"Shinra Tensei!" Minato called blasting away half of the ROOT-nin. Mito summoned a katana in each hand and gave a deadly display of her swordsmanship to the ROOT-nin. None of the ROOT in her way survived. More arrived and Tobirama waved his hand, "Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu!"

The water dragon arose from the moisture in the air and dispatched the ROOT with ease. A few, however, did managed to get out of the way and they were met with a flurry of punches via one Uzumaki Kushina. Another wave of ROOT arrived and Hashirama stepped forward. He went through the hand signs and shouted out, "Mokuton: Sashiki no Jutsu!"

The Preta Path thrusted his arm forward, firing wooden spikes from his arms that impaled the ROOT-nin. Minato looked at the few remaining ROOT-nin and uttered two words, "Bansho Ten'in."

The ROOT suddenly found themselves flying towards the former Yondaime Hokage. As they did so, Hiruzen jumped over his successor to the title and shouted out, "Katon: Karyu Edan!"

A stream of fire erupted from Hiruzen's mouth and consumed the ROOT-nin mid-flight. Little was left of them but ashes.

When the Paths were done massacring the ROOT-nin they became painfully aware that Danzo was missing.

"Dammit," Minato cursed. "The rat got away."

"Hard to kill as a damn cockroach," Kushina snarled.

"Come on," Hashirama called. "He couldn't have gotten far. Tobirama!"

"On it," the Human Path replied as he concentrated. "Found him. Come on."

Danzo had almost made it out of the ROOT Headquarters. He had to get out of Konoha. The Paths knew what he had done and that probably meant the brat did as well. This also meant that the Hokage and Daimyo knew about it as well. He would be branded a traitor and he needed to flee as not to be executed.

"That damn brat," Danzo growled inwardly. "He ruined everything. Nevertheless, I will take hold over Konoha. I will raise it to become the mighty and feared village it should be!"

"Going somewhere, Danzo?" came a voice startling the war-hawk. Suddenly, he saw a yellow flash in front of him and the next thing he knew he was flying backwards only to be hit again smashing him into the ground via a foot to the face. Danzo opened his eye. Above him stood his sensei, Senju Tobirama. "You won't get away again, Danzo."

"Then. . . you leave me no choice. . . sensei." Danzo jolted up and tore off his bandages, revealing his sharingan covered arm. He flashed through the hand signs and cried out, "Mokuton: Mokusatsu Shibari no Jutsu!"

Danzo held his arm out to his old sensei and it instantly turned into wood and fired straight at him. But before it could reach Tobirama, Mito smashed down from above them and crushed the wooden appendage into the ground. Said wooden appendage then sprouted jointed which began to wrap around Mito, immobilizing her. At least until two giant blades shot from her back. These blades cut through the wood technique the instant the sprouted and Mito jumped backwards out of Danzo's hold.

"Katon: Karyu Edan!" called out the voice of the Naraka Path as a rain of fire fell upon Danzo, who swiftly end his jutsu and flashed through another," Mokuton: Mokujoheki!"

Immediately, a wall of wooden clashed in front of the fire and managed to resist it enough to stop the fireballs. He thought he had a breather until a voice cried out behind him, "Rasengan!"

Danzo felt the swirling ball of chakra smash into his back. He barely managed to utter out, "Izanagi!"

The next thing Minato knew, Danzo was standing face him just a few feet away, "What? How did you-?"

"Izanagi," Danzo answered. "A special technique of the Sharingan. With it, I can remove the boundaries between illusion and reality. You cannot kill me."

"Everyone can die, Danzo," Minato frowned. "Even the original Rikudo Sennin did."

"Indeed he did, but of old age. That shall be me, and you shall not be able to stop me. Six Paths or not."

"We shall see about that!" came Kushina's voice as she landed besides Minato. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

With a large poof of smoke, a giant, tarantula-like spider that possessed two large Rinnegan eyes and six small Rinnegan eyes around them. It was at least three times the size of Kushina. The spider shot it's upper body into the sky and moved its abdomen under it's belly. It fired a stream of webbing at Danzo. The fast movement of the spider had put him on alert so he jumped out of the way of the stream, however, his foot got caught. The spider charged, eager to catch its, pray. Danzo drew out a kunai, "Futon: Shinkujin!"

With the jutsu effectively turning the kunai into a wind-infused sword. He swung and injured the approaching summon. The beast screeched in pain and retreated up a nearby wall. Danzo then used it to slice himself free of the webbing. He quickly got to his feet and his reward for doing so was a kick sraight to the face thanks to Kushina. The strike caused Danzo to fly backwards towards a waiting Tobirama, who promply called out his technique, "Suiton: Suishoha."

The giant vortex of water shot from the ground and threatened to crush Danzo under the power of its waves. Danzo, however, countered mid-flight, "Futon: Shinku Renpa!"

The blades of wind cut through the waves of water and Danzo landed feet first. Mito then appeared behind him with a katana inhand, "Take this you bastard!"

The blade sliced through Danzo who proceeded to shout out, "Izanagi!"

The next thing Mito knew Danzo was beside her, away from her blade, with another attack already prepared, "Futon: Shinkugyoku!"

The shotgun blast of wind blades shot from Danzo mouth. Mito quickly substituted herself for her husband, who proceeded to absorb the chakra attack. Danzo's eyes widened in surprise as Hashirama smirked, "Mokuton: Sashiki no Jutsu."

The wooden spikes penetrated deep into Danzo's torso, but he didn't flinch, "Izanagi!"

Again, Danzo appeared unharmed. Kushima frowned, "Damn, this is getting annoying."

"Something's got to prevent that technique from working," Minato said. "Every technique has some form of weakness."

"So then, let's find it," Hiruzen replied. "Doton: Dosekiryu!"

A large dragon made of earth and rock erupted from the ground and charged in its seemingly-suicidal strike towards it's opponent. Danzo jumped forward towards the rock dragon and, in mid-air, spun around to be parrallel with the floor and shouted out, "Futon: Renkudan!"

The wind bullet hit the dragon under the head, knocking the attack up a bit, so that it passed harmlessly over Danzo who then attempted to get back onto his feet.

The key word being 'attempted'.

"Mokuton: Jubaku Eiso!" shouted the Preta Path and wooden branches shot up from the ground encase Danzo mid-air. Danzo was now effectively immobilized. The Six Paths gathered in front of the encased traitor. Danzo began to laugh and taunt at them, "Fools, as long as I have Izanagi you cannot kill me. It's a technique that warps reality itself!"

Hiruzen grunted, "Danzo, for too long have I left your actions slide. No more. What I am about to do, not even Izanagi can save you."

The next words his old comrade spoke startled Danzo, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu: The King of Hell."

With that, a monstrous white and black head with Rinnegan eyes, violet fire surrounding it, and the kanji of 'king' on its head arose from the ground. Danzo immediately felt his tongue protrude far out of his mouth; much farther than it should have gone. Hiruzen frowned, "Danzo, you are going to answer one question of mine. Did you do what you did for yourself or for the village?"

Danzo managed to muttered out, "I did it for the village, of course."

Judgment was passed.

The King of Hell's purple, hand-like tongue proceeded to grab the appendage extending from Danzo's mouth. Danzo attempted to stop the supposed King of Hell, "Izanagi!"

Nothing happened.

The King of Hell, without stopping, tore the appendage out of Danzo and devoured it. It was at that moment that the King of Hell unsummoned and Danzo's body went limp. Hiruzen sighed, "I am saddened that the truth has been revealed."

Hashirama sighed, "If you lie, Lord Enma will pull out your tongue. I see the old saying is indeed true."

"Indeed," Minato nodded in agreement.

It was then that more ROOT-nin appeared; two dozen at least stood before the Six Paths. "What have you done to Danzo-sama? You shall all-"

Kushina snapped her fingers and suddenly the giant spider summon dropped from the ceiling in front of the ROOT-nin. The members of ROOT didn't stand a chance.

Hiruzen sighed, "We should get back to Naruto. Tsunade-hime can send ANBU to finish the rest of ROOT off."

"I'd say the spider's doing a good enough job of that," Hashirama muttered. Kushhead buckled a bit at Tobirama's comment, "Come on, let's head back."

The Six Paths appeared before Naruto, Tsunade, and the Fire Daimyo. Naruto smirked, "What took you so long? We were about to head to the announce the return of the Rikudo Sennin."

"Danzo was a damn slippery cockroach," Mito admitted.

"Dead?" Tsunade asked.


"And the base?"

"I have a summon dealing with the remaining ROOT," Kushina answered. "But you might want to send ANBU to deal with any who may have escaped or any of the content within the base itself."

"Very well, ANBU."

Instantly, three ANBU appeared, "Hai, Hokage-sama?"

"Take four teams and search the ROOT headquarters. Be on guard, we don't know how many are left."

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu," Naruto spoke and a single shadow clone appeared. "My shadow clone will show you the way."

"Arigatou, Rikudo-sama."

Naruto's eyebrow twitched in annoyance as the shadow clone lead the ANBU to the base. Tsunade and the Paths snickered and the Daimyo couldn't helped but grin at the Sennin's reaction.

"Well then Rikudo-sama, are you ready?" Naruto stifled a groan and nodded. "I was made ready."

The denizens of Konoha had gathered, ready to hear whatever announcement was going to be made. They were chatting among themselves until the Hokage and the Daimyo appeared before them on the platform. The Daimyo spoke, "People on Konohagakure. As you know, I am the Fire Daimyo of Hi no Kuni. You are gathered here today for a revelation. The truth shall be revealed before all of you. You all have committed a crime against your past Hokages and now your guilt shall be unveiled."

The people of Konoha were stunned. They were being called out for a crime? What could they have possibly done?

"A crime that involves one Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto," the Daimyo spoke. There was instant outrage but the Daimyo immediately silenced them. "SILENCE! You all abused and beat a boy who is your savior! I am going to reveal this right now: Naruto has the Kyuubi no Kitsune sealed within him. NO! He is NOT the fox! He is its jailer! He is the only reason the Kyuubi is not rampaging through the village killing you all!"

They were silent. Most didn't know what to think. The Daimyo continued, "You are all ignorant fools. If you noticed what I had said ealier, I called him Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto. That is because Naruto is the SON of the Yondaime Hokage!"

A collective gasp echoed through the crowd. There was no way. . .

"In your search for a scapegoat, you sought out the container of the Kyuubi. Do you know how foolish that was?! If you had accidently killed the boy the Kyuubi would've been free! And this time there would be no great seal masters to save your ungrateful hides."

For a majority of Konoha's citizens, a thick lump formed in their throats.

"Naruto was taken from this village two years ago to be trained to fulfill a duty given to him since birth. He has now returned, not as a genin of Konoha, but as the reincarnation of the Rikudo Sennin, the Founder of the Art of Ninjutsu!"

In that instant, Naruto appeared next to the Daimyo and the crowd was shocked into silence. Even more so when six familiar figures appeared behind Naruto. Many shinobi swallowed. Naruto smiled, "Greetings, Konoha. I am Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto, the Rikudo Sennin, and these our my Six Paths: Senju Hashirama, Senju Tobirama, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Namikaze Minato, Uzumaki Mito, and Uzumaki Kushina. I come to you now to reveal to the world that the Founder of the Shinobi World is alive again."

There was a brief silence before Naruto spoke again.

"I. . . have returned."

It was a tense night for Orochimaru as he waited for news of what had occurred in Konoha with the Civilian Council and the new Rikudo Sennin. He wondered what had ultimately happened with them. Obviously, they weren't going to have any more power in Konoha save for a couple of benefits, and even then that was a maybe. Danzo needed to keep a low profile so he wouldn't be discovered as Orochimaru's plan to conquer Hi no Kuni did involve Danzo. However, just as he thought this, a messanger came into his lab.

"Orochimaru-sama, word from Konoha. Danzo and ROOT have been discovered and destroyed by the Six Paths."


"A-apparently, th-th-the former Nidaime Hok-kage sensed Danzo-s-sama's sharingan eyes," the messanger stuttered out seeing his lord's rage. The messenger had heard of Orochimaru's poor treatment of messengers who brought him bad news. It was never pleasant. And this proved true here as well, for within seconds of delivering the message, Orochimaru tore him apart in a scene best not describe to the normal civilian.

"Damn him," Orochimaru muttered angrily. "Damn that gaki and those foolish Six Paths of his! He's set me back Kami knows how long due to his meddling. I will find a way to defeat you! I am immortal! I cannot die against a gaki who claims to be the Rikudo Sennin!"

Naruto woke up the morning after the announcement exhausted. Not physically, but mentally. The number of apologizes and people wishing to see the return of the Rikudo Sennin got him both annoyed and tired very fast.

And they wouldn't stop coming.

Naruto did appreciate it that people cared but the thing was he knew they only really cared because of his heritage and because they felt guilty. If his heritage hadn't been revealed and only their folly for their treatment of him in his younger years was revealed, he doubted that they'd have the same reaction.

Plus, the whole situation was very repetitive. Which made it very annoying even with his newfound patience.

Nevertheless, he was happy. He was going to have his first real and offical date with Hinata. There was little that could foul his mood now; even those villagers who had begun to become more of an annoyance than someone he sought to please.

After he was dressed in his Sennin attire, he quickly moved to the Hyuuga compound. He sought out Hinata, who was training outside with the Rasengan. He smiled. She liked the technique and he was proud that she did. It was his father's technique, only to be taught to those he truly trusted. And he trusted Hinata completely.

He walked over to her, "Good morning, Hinata-chan."

Having walked up into her blind spot by accident, she jumped and attempted to use the Rasengan to strike the offender. However, the ball of chakra hit an invisible wall suddenly and was instantly absorbed by the young Rikudo Sennin. Hinata gasped slightly and frowned, "Naruto-kun! Don't do that! You scared me!"

Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly, "Er, sorry Hinata-chan."

"You should be! I almost hit you with the Rasengan!"

"I can absorb Ninjutsu, Hinata-chan," Naruto reminded her.

"Even so-!"

Naruto cut her off by moving behind her and wrapping his arms around her. He proceeded to whisper into her ear, "Hinata-chan. . . have you know faith in me?"

Hinata blushed deeply and shivered in pleasure at the closeness, "Of course I have faith in you, Naruto-kun."

Naruto spun her around so that she faced him, "Then you have nothing to worry about! Stop fretting over something so little, Hinata-chan."

"You call nearly shoving an A-ranked jutsu into your skull something little?"

"Little for someone like me."

"Naruto-kun, you might be a little too overconfident with you newfound abilities."

"Maybe just a little," Naruto chuckled. Suddenly, a new voice entered the picture, "Oh, and what might we have here?"

Naruto and Hinata turned to see Hinata's father, Hiashi, approaching them. Hinata stepped backwards so she was leaning against Naruto's chest, "Hello, otou-sama."

Hiashi looked at the scene and then at his daughter, "I assume there's something the two of you wish to tell me?"

"Hai, otou-sama," Hinata answered and Naruto followed up, "I am currently in a relationship with your daughter, Hiashi-sama."

Hiashi's eyes widened at the maturity the boy now had, however, it faded away almost instantly, "I see and when were you going to tell me this?"

Naruto blinked a couple of times then shrugged, "To be honest, I never quite thought about it. We sort of got together when I was here incognito a couple of years ago."

"I see. And why didn't you ask me if you could date my daughter?"

"No one was supposed to know I was here in Konoha that day and the whole thing with us getting into a relationship wasn't exactly something I had come to Konoha to do. It was something I decided to do after overhearing a conversation with a couple others of the Konoha 11."

Hiashi obviously seemed displeased, "And why didn't you inform me at least that you two had gotten into a relationship?"

Hinata finally had enough, "Otou-sama! Naruto-kun had to keep himself secret when he was here! Either of us either asking for permission to be in a relationship or informing you that we were would've blown that cover. Besides, I love Naruto-kun and he loves me back. Nothing you say or do will ever make me leave him."

"Are you defying me?!"

"Hiashi," Naruto spoke in a commanding tone. Hiashi stifled a gasp. The boy had an air of authority; one that even was convincing him to subconsciously follow. Hiashi frowned, "What is it?"

"Hinata's a grown woman and a good soul. She can make good decisions on her own without you having to interfere because of something you don't want. I could care less about what you think she should do for 'the good of the clan'. I love her and she loves me in return. You aren't going to separate us, and if I need to I will subdue you right here and now."

It was a threat and one Hiashi knew the boy could back up with ease. According to what Kakashi had told him after the previous day's announcement, the boy was now considered SSS-ranked, someone that Hiashi knew he could never beat. Hiashi half-grunted, half sighed. He looked at the boy before him and spoke, "Fine, boy. But if you ever hurt her, you are going to suffer a severe lack of limbs. SSS-ranked shinobi or not."

"I would never do anything to hurt Hinata. I swear on my title as the Rikudo Sennin."

Hiashi nodded before turning and walking away. Hinata looked at her boyfriend, "Thank you, Naruto-kun."

"Anything for you, Hinata-chan," Naruto smiled genuinely. "Now, do you mind if we go to Ichiraku? I haven't been there in two years you know!"

"Of course, Naruto-kun," Hinata smiled back. "I would love to go there for our date."

With that, Hinata latched onto Naruto's arm and they both walked out of the compound towards the world's best ramen shop.

Nearby, up in a tree, Jiraiya was watching and giggling, "Oh, they're getting so close. I bet I'll get a lot of material from them one day soon!"

"Ahem!" came a voice behind Jiraiya. He froze and slowly turned around to see Naruto's Six Paths on the tree behind him. Kushina was at the forefront; arms crossed and foot tapping. "What was that about peaking on my son and his girl?"

Jiraiya swallowed nervously, "Well, I, uh. . . you see, uh, well. . . uh, it's kinda like-"

Kushina cracked her knuckles and a series of terrified and painful screams echoed throughout Konoha as the men of the village shivered and covered their precious parts that were needed to start a family.

They silently prayed for the poor fool who had now lost that chance.

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P.S. - I'm putting the technique translations down if anybody is curious.


Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu - Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique

Mokuton: Sashiki no Jutsu - Wood Release: Cutting Technique

Katon: Karyu Endan -Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet

Mokuton: Mokusatsu Shibari no Jutsu - Wood Release: Smothering Binding Technique

Mokuton: Mokujoheki - Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall

Futon: Shinkujin - Wind Release: Vacuum Blade

Suiton: Suishoha - Water Release: Water Colliding Wave

Futon: Shinku Renpa - Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Waves

Futon: Shinkugyoku - Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere

Doton: Dosekiryu - Earth Release: Earth and Stone Dragon

Futon: Renkudan - Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet

Mokuton: Jubaku Eiso - Wood Release: Tree Bind Flourishing Burial

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{LadyLuxx} - I only recently found this fanfic but i must admit that it has quickly become one of my personal favorites! I thoroughly enjoy the storyline, the way its written and how you manage to inject humor into it (alto of the story can be a bit lacking in that department. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Answer: Glad you are having a good time reading my fanfiction. Yeah, I do tend to lay off quite a bit of humor when it gets more serious. In future chapters, I'll try to include more, but only if the situation calls for it.

{Firestorm2004} - Great chapter. Looking forward to seeing Danzo's "extermination". Can't wait to see what other chaos Naruto is going to cause as the Rikudo Sennin. One note for you: Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru are Sannin, not Sennin. Sannin literally means "Three Ninja" [San - Three, Nin - shorting of Ninja]. Sennin, if I am correct, means sage. Keep up the great work.

Answer: See people, this is how a review with critism should go. This person was nice and pointed out something I did wrong in an attempt to help me. Not like some others who are asking me why I made this piece of- Anyway, thank you for the info. Honestly, I didn't know this and I appreciate you telling me. I will fix this mistake in later chapters. Thanks again!

{Dark-Hyuuga1239} - The only problem I'm having with this fic is the enormous amount of bashing that is going on...I mean this is a peace fic the least you could do is start with cutting sakura a small break. I Love the fic though. I'm actually thinking about doing this challenge because of this fic. And I agree with most of these people I want to see danzo die slowly and in the most painful way anybody can imagine. I can't wait to see the next chapter.

Answer: I understand where you are coming from. Please remember, I left this up to everyone else's decision, but yeah I see your point. I will put in the bashing more sparingly but to be fair in a world like the one Naruto is placed in I honestly would expect a bunch of people to be assholes. This is not to say they will always be but you must remember that humans aren't always going to see one way and when those who see kindness and love outnumber those who see hate and revenge, well, your bound to find some hypocrites. I am trying to keep Naruto more the piece keeper, however. So he will be solving conflicts diplomatically than he himself getting involved in actual fighting.