Don't worry the next chapter is well under way. This fanfiction isn't dead. I've just been very easy since it's the last quarter of this school year. The next chapter should be out by the beginning of next week so be ready.

Anyway, I have a challenge for any who desire it. I call it:

The Chosen Jinchuuriki Challenge

The idea is that Naruto and the other eight Jinchuuriki somehow find their way together, forsaking their villages, to unite and aid the world from the shadows. They work off each other and learn to control/work with their Bijuu (not like with Naruto in canon, more like Bee). Eventually this gets to the point where they can bond all nine of them together to temporarily form the Juubi ([1] This is optional. [2] Goes with Rikudo Sennin's message to Bijuu about someone uniting them again). For those who haven't guessed, the 'Chosen Jinchuuriki' title comes from the idea of the Sennin's words to the Bijuu but you may chose to incorporate that only if you wish.

Now, for some ground rules.

(1) Naruto/Fu. I don't know, I like this pairing and it's grown on me recently. Also, please no harem. That'll make me sad. Other pairings you may decided. NO YAOI HOWEVER!

(2) Doesn't need to be god-modding. I understand if you want to take their training and working together slowly. But if you take that route, try and keep them in their base of operations until they're ready. The idea is that they're hiding from the rest of the world until they're ready to help from the shadows.

(3) Bashing = Optional. I honestly don't care.

(4) No non-Jinchuuriki joins their group. Period.

(5) Please try to keep crossover weapons and abilities to a bare minimum if any at all.

(6) Sasuke can stay or leave village. Again I don't care.

Now for some suggestions. These are completely optional.

(1) Try add side-stories like the Land of Snow or something like that or even get creative and make a couple up. That'd be great to read in my opinion.

(2) I think Uzushiogakure would be a great place for a base camp.

(3) Akatsuki going down first with Orochimaru becoming a huge threat towards the end.

(4) Even after Orochimaru's defeat have some form of last round of missions or some such.

If you'd like any ideas, feel free to ask me. Oh, and make sure you put up a like to your story on a review or PM me. I'll be sure to give a shout out to you in a chapter of my story. And I'll further the deal. The first person to finish a story under this challenge (a story that's over at least 100,000 words preferably) I will write one story for; a story of your choosing (There will be some guidelines to that but we'll get to that when we come around to it).

Again, sorry this isn't an update for a chapter but I didn't want to wait to put this out. Remember, check next week for the update. Thank you! Love you all!