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Chapter 7 - Naruto the Rikudo Sennin

They had arrived. They had finally arrived.

Tsunade's group from Konoha had finally arrived at Uzushiogakure, a mighty village that had once been destroyed but was now completely restored. This surprised those in the group who didn't know, which was almost all of them.

"How it it possible?" Kurenai asked in shock and awe. "I thought this village was destroyed!"

"It was," Jiraiya said simply.

"Then how has it been restored?" Asuma asked.

"Naruto and Kaosu have been busy," was the simple answer.

"Indeed we have been," came a voice from behind them. They turned to see a man cloaked in black behind them. The shinobi save for Kakashi, Tsunade, Hinata, and Jiraiya instantly went on their guard. The man simply laughed. And removed his hood revealing to them his long black hair that was in a 'dragontail' and his midnight blue, blackened eyes. He gave a chuckle at their faces before continuing, "I am Mahotsukai Kaosu, Harbinger of Yami, the God of Darkness."

The group tensed. This was the man who took Naruto. He was the servant of a god.

He was Naruto's mentor. They lowered their guard. Kaosu smiled and then turned to the Godaime Hokage, "He should be ready shortly. Shall I lead you inside?"

Tsunade nodded, "Please."

Kaosu walked passed them and waved his hand. The massive gate to the Uzushio opened wide for them as they passed through and shut tightly after they had entered. The village itself was very beautiful though it was very eerie due to the lack of people in it. The city itself was clean and neat. The pathways were made from cobblestone and were very smooth. Much better for walking then dirt, especially rocky dirt.

As Kaosu led them through the abandoned village, the members of the Hokage's Team couldn't help but think. . .

"So this is the man Naruto talked about?" Hinata asked herself. "He seems very mysterious and dark, but if Naruto says he's okay then I'll trust him."

"So this was the home of my grandmother? It sure is beautiful," Tsunade thought. "I hope people start to inhabit this place again. I'm sure baa-chan would love that. Well, I guess I could just ask her. I will be seeing her soon."

A tear fell from Tsunade's eye and Jiraiya noticed, "Must be thinking about her grandparents and great uncle. This is going to be both touching and awkward when we meet them."

"So 'that's' the Harbinger of Yami. He doesn't seem that tough, I bet Sasuke-kun could beat him," Sakura thought to herself while Sasuke was glaring at the man, "He's Naruto's mentor. Well, if he trained that worthless dobe then I'm sure I can get him to train me."

Sai, as emotionless as ever, looked at their guide through the Village, "So he's the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki's mentor? I will have to keep an eye on him for my report to Danzo-sama."

"So this is the guy who took Naruto?" Kiba thought with a frown. "And he's not the enemy? Why do I have a hard time believing it?"

"So this is the Harbinger of Yami?" Shikamaru thought suspiciously. "I can start to believe why Tsunade says Naruto is on a whole new level from us. This guy's mere presence makes him seem very dark and powerful, and if he trained Naruto, it honestly wouldn't surprise me if he was that powerful. This is so troublesome."

"Kaosu does seem very nice," Tenten thought. "Even if his presence does scream 'You-are-going-to-die'. I wonder how strong Naruto is since he spent two years with this guy. I hope he didn't gain that aura that this guy gives off."

"I can certainly see why this guy is called the Harbinger of Yami," Neji thought as he used his Byakugan to scan Kaosu's chakra. "Whatever he has isn't chakra but it is very similar and is very dark and powerful. Suddenly, I'm glad he's our ally."

"Kaosu certainly knows how to pull off the sudden appearance very well," Kakashi thought think back to when he met them at the gate. "He did it at the Hokage's Office, too. I guess being Yami's Harbinger has it's advantages."

"Hinata seems surprisingly relaxed," thought Kurenai as they glanced at the girl. Despite being told this guy wasn't a bad guy and that he trained Naruto, she expected Hinata to be very edgy and suspicious around him. She seemed very calm and, dare she say, trusting of him. "Why is that? I'll have to keep an eye on her."

Finally, they reached their destination: the Uzukage Tower. It looked a lot like the Hokage Tower though it was a bit bigger, was a bit more regal in design, and was colored a darker shade of red than the Hokage Tower. Not to mention it did look a bit more like a tower with the taller, narrower building in the center of it. Needless to say it did impress the Konoha-nin. Kaosu turned around to face them, "Now he should be here any-"


Naruto suddenly landed next to Kaosu in his Sennin gear. His head was down and his staff held out to the side. Many of the Konoha-nin gasped and others jumped in surprise. No one had sensed him and he was fast. Kaosu didn't even flinch. In fact, he smirked, "Dramatic entrance much?"

Naruto quickly got up and faced him smirking. He did a dramatic spinning of his staff while he did so, "What's your point? Their reactions were priceless!"

The two chuckled to themselves before facing the Konoha-nin. They all either tensed or gasped or both. Naruto's Rinnegan eyes looked at them and raised an eyebrow, "What? I don't get a hello?"

Hinata was the first to recover, "H-Hello, Naruto-kun."

Naruto looked at her and grinned widely, "Hi, Hinata-chan! Wow! You're looking as beautiful as ever!"

Hinata blushed a bit while the others, who didn't know how Naruto's little misadventure in Konoha with Kaosu two years ago, blinked and then preceded to gape, "When on Earth did Naruto and Hinata get this close? And did Naruto just call Hinata beautiful?"

Kiba, however, voiced this opinion, "When did this happen?!"

Naruto and Hinata both looked at him before Naruto laughed, "To tell you the truth, I visited Konoha in disguise about two years ago. I eavesdropped on one of your conversations and I heard you talking about Hinata-chan's feelings for me. I revealed myself to her and we got into a relationship."

"Wait a minute," Kurenai pointed at her student and shouted. "You knew all this time that Naruto was okay and never told us?! WHY?!"

"Naruto-kun asked me not to."

Kurenai blinked and sighed. That did make sense. Naruto then asked Hinata, "So, Hinata-chan, did you get to where I asked you to be?"

Hinata smiled at the boy she loved, "Yes Naruto-kun. I am the only full jonin in the Konoha 12 and I have mastered that technique you gave me."

Her teammates and comrades blinked, "Technique? What technique?"

Hinata smiled at them as she held out her hand. Slowly, a spiraling ball of chakra formed in her hand. Those who didn't know collective stifled a gasp. Neji gaped, "He-He taught you the Rasengan?"

Hinata nodded as she let the technique faded. Naruto smirked proudly and hugged her, "Congratulations, Hinata-chan! I knew you could do it!"

Hinata pushed herself deeper into the embrace wearing a smile filled with happiness and a joyful pride, "Thank you, Naruto. I love you."

"Love you, too, Hinata-chan," with that, Naruto kissed Hinata. Ino and Tenten awed while Sasuke and Sakura glared. Jiraiya was thinking that he was soon going to have the best material for his next book and Tsunade, seeing his perverted psyche kick in, silently promised to kick his ass if she ever saw him try anything with those two. Kaosu then began to clap, "Good job, lover boy. Such a touching moment. Congratulations for getting back together with your girlfriend."

Naruto deadpanned at the man, "Thanks for killing the mood, Yukai-han-sensei."

"I'm Yami's Harbinger, lover boy,"Kaosu smirked. "I live to ruin happy moments."

Naruto rolled his eyes when Shikamaru caught his attention by clearing his throat, "Now that you've reestablished your little romance with Hinata. Would you mind telling us what happened to you?"

"Yeah, what's with your eyes?" Tenten asked curiously.

"My eyes?" Naruto blinked, still holding onto Hinata. Slowly, Naruto smirked, "They are then Rinnegan, greatest of the Three Great Dojutsu."

"Impossible!" Sasuke snapped. "The Sharingan is the greatest! Don't you dare take us for fools!"

"He's right, Sasuke," Jiraiya simply stated gaining their attention. "The Rinnegan, also known as the Eyes of God, is the most powerful dojutsu in the world. It has many abilities that can make our A and S ranked jutsu seem like Academy techniques."

The others gaped. How was that even possible. Seeing their faces, Jiraiya smirked and decided to elaborate, even if it was just to throw them through another loop, "It's main abilities include being able to control all five basic elements, which means that by extension all the sub-elements, and being able to see what clones or summons with the same eyes as well as what they hear. Also, like the Byakugan, they can see chakra networks as well, just not as strongly."

They all stared at Naruto like he grew another head. The boy shrugged, "What?"

Jiraiya chuckled, "That's not all, however. . ."

Most of the group facefaulted.

"How could that not be it?!" Ino shouted at the Gama Sennin after he recovered. Jiraiya smirked, "He also has access to the six paths."

Ino blinked, "Six. . . paths. . .?"

"Why does that sound a lot like the old Rikudo Sennin myth?" Kiba asked, mainly to himself though others agreed. Jiraiya inwardly laughed, "Time for another hilarious bombshell."

"Simple," Tsunade said cutting off Jiraiya before he spoke, much to his annoyance. "The Rikudo Sennin is no myth. The Rinnegan was his dojutsu."

The bombshell hit the group like an atom bomb. Kakashi was the one who managed to speak, "W-wait. . . you mean Naruto has the dojutsu of the Founder of Ninjutsu?"

Tsunade nodded and Naruto spoke up, "It goes deeper than that, but yes."

"Deeper? How on earth could it go deeper than that?" all the jonin instructors thought at the same time.

"Anyway, back to the six paths," Naruto state regaining their attention. "The six paths I can utilize are the Deva Path, the Animal Path, the Asura Path, the Human Path, the Preta Path, and the Naraka Path. The Deva Path gives me gravity-manipulating techniques. The Animal Path grants me the ability to summon any animal of my choosing regardless of whether or not I have a contract with them or not. The Asura Path gives me the ability to summon and utilize any weapon I choose. The Human Path allows me to read people's mind through touch and tear their souls from their bodies. Then theirs the Preta Path, which allows me to absorb all chakra-based attacks making Ninjutsu effectively useless against me. Then finally we have the Naraka Path which has the ability to summon the King of Hell, who can devour captives if they tells lies or revive the six paths themselves."

They were all, needless to say, dumbstuck by this. They couldn't wrap themselves around the fact that a dojutsu, wielded by Naruto no less, had this much power. Naruto laughed a bit at this. Asuma then thought about something, "What did you mean by 'reviving the six paths themselves', Naruto?"

The other's blinked and noticed it as well. What did Naruto mean by that? Even Hinata looked a bit confused at what Naruto had said. Naruto smirked, "I was wondering who would notice that. Good job, Sarutobi-san."

Asuma blinked at the lack of a -sensei to it but shrugged it off. Naruto then continued, "One other ability the Rinnegan has is the ability to take six dead bodies and, after given them numerous piercings with a special kind of metal, controls them. They then act like another person that I control. Much like Kankuro's puppets except, due to Kaosu's tweaking, have their old personalities and memories back."

"So what you're saying is," Ino began, not daring to believe it. "You can control six bodies as if they were clones?!"

"Pretty much," Naruto shrugged. Then he smirked mischievously, "And you all know who they are."

They all blinked, "We do?"

Naruto snapped his fingers and instantly six people dropped down besides Naruto. When they stood up, there was a collective gasp from everyone. There stood the first four Hokages. There were also two red-haired women that many people remember seeing before. The moment they saw these people, whom she had recognized from a couple books they had read, Hinata and Tenten fainted into Naruto's and Neji's arms respectively. Kaosu broke down laughing and both him and the paths thought simultaneously "Well, that's two."

Kakashi was the first to speak after the two had woken up, "S-s-sen-sensei?!"

Minato laughed a bit and said, "Yes, it's me."

"I-I can't believe it!"

Minato shrugged, "Neither can I. Though I do believe it's rather funny."

Kakashi blinked, "What is?"

"That I trained you and then you got to train my son."

"Your son. . . but the only other boy I trained other than Sasuke was-" Kakashi's eyes, both hidden and not, widened in surprise and horror as did the eyes of everyone else save Kaosu, the paths, Tsunade, and Jiraiya. Hinata looked at the blonde-haired shinobi she was still in the arms of, "N-Naruto-kun, you're the son of the Yondaime?"

"And me!" the other shinobi turned to see one of the red-haired women finally speak, "I am Uzumaki Kushina, granddaughter of the last Uzukage, and I'm Naruto's mother. Dattebane!"

They blinked, "Dattebane?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head, "Yeah, I really take after my mother. Dattebayo."

Those who still weren't shell-shocked, or glaring pissed off as it were, laughed. Asuma walked up to his father and nodded at the younger version of his old man.

"Otou-sama," he said simply but the once-old man shook his head and smiled, "Otou-san is just fine, Asuma. And remember, tears are a sign of humanity not weakness."

Tears began to drip from Asuma's eyes as he embraced his father in a strong huge. Asuma's students couldn't help but smile as father and son were reunited.

As this was going on, Hashirama, Tobirama, and Mito walked up to Tsunade. They looked over her once before Hashirama spoke, "Tsunade-chan, you look. . . young."

"Special transformation technique."

"I see," Mito smirked. "So you don't want to age gracefully?"

"Not a chance, baa-chan."

The four shared a laughed and everyone's attention was regain by Kaosu, "Now I think we should get to probably the biggest bombshell we're going to drop today."

The others blinked. There was more to all this?!

"Now that you know the Rikudo Sennin exists we will tell you now that the Rikudo Sennin himself has been reborn into this world."


"The Rikudo Sennin is alive?" Kiba shouted.

"Impossible!" Sakura agreed.

"I agree," Kurenai nodded. "The Rikudo Sennin being reincarnated doesn't seem very possible."

"Really?" Jiraiya asked rhetorically. " So, the founder of our way of life, who sealed a massive demon which was original ALL OF THE BIJU COMBINED, created the biju by splitting the beast's chakra, creating the moon as the beast's body, and who was the ancestor of the Uchiha, Senju, AND Uzumaki clans couldn't find a way to return himself into the world. Kurenai, the Rikudo Sennin Reborn is real. The proof is right here."

"W-What do you mean, Jiraiya?" Kurenai's eyes widened. She already knew the answer as did everyone else but they didn't dare believe it was true.

"I am the Rikudo Sennin," Naruto stated. "I am the Founder of Ninjutsu Reborn Again. I am the original Shinobi no Kami. I am the one who shall establish peace and order in this world."

They all just stared for what seemed like eternity, until Tenten, Ino, Kiba, Lee, Gai, Lee, Kurenai, and Kakashi promptly fainted.

"Let's see that's one, two, three. . . five, six. . . nine people," Kaosu sighed. "Um, no one's winning right now."

Team Seven was seething. There was no way that the dobe was the reincarnation of the most powerful shinobi in the world.

And the first one to ever exist.

Well, Team Seven minus Sai. Sai was observing this situation and knew Danzo would find this interesting but also made things much more complicated for him and ROOT.

"Dobe," Sasuke began but Naruto interrupted him.

"Really, teme? You're calling me a dobe still? Your what? A Chunin? And I'm at a level higher than my Six Paths, ALL of whom are SS-ranked Shinobi. I don't think I'm a dobe anymore, teme."

"Then fight me."

"What? Why would I want to do that?"

"I am going to prove that my Sharingan outclasses you Rinnegan. Fight me now."

Naruto took a deep breath and sighed, "Fine."

"Are you sure that's a good idea, Naruto?" Jiraiya asked his godson.

"He won't say no and he'll end up attacking me anyway. Might as well humble him now."

"Love to see you try, dobe," Sasuke scowled.

"If you two are going to fight," Hashirama stated. "Do it at the training grounds. It's a lot easier to repair that place than in the center of the Village is."

"On that I will concur," Kaosu agreed and turned around. "Follow me."

At the training grounds, Naruto's paths and the Konoha-nin stood to the side as Naruto and Sasuke faced off in the center. Kaosu was looking back and forth between the two.

"Okay, this is just a simple duel. This is not a death match. If you try to kill you opponent, I will step in and you will be in severe pain for the rest of the week. Am I clear?" Kaosu said menacingly. Some of the bystanders even started to sweat at how dangerously cold his voice was. Naruto nodded, "Hai, Kaosu-sensei."

"Hn," Sasuke grunted.

"Ready?" Kaosu asked rhetorically as Sasuke drew a kunai and Naruto tossed aside his staff and drew Ekusukariba. "BEGIN!"

The instant that was said Naruto stuck his sword into the ground and pulls out several kunais. These, however, were special kunais and ,any of the older shinobi recognized these instantly.

"Are those Hiraishin kunai?!" Jiraiya practically shouted. Minato grinned, "Of course. Don't you think it makes sense that I teach the Rikudo Sennin, my own SON, the Hiraishin?"

Jiraiya settled down and nodded.

Naruto ignored the banter between his father and his godfather and threw the Hiraishin kunais around the entire fighting area. As soon as they all hit, Naruto vanished and appeared at one just besides where Sasuke was. The Uchiha barely managed to avoid a swing from Naruto's tsurugi. When he tried to land a blow, Naruto vanished back to one farther away to avoid the hit.

Sasuke then summoned a Fuma Shuriken and threw it towards his former teammate. Much to the Konoha-nin's surprise, Naruto caught the massive, spinning shuriken and used its momentum to spin around and toss it right back to Sasuke. Sasuke jumped out of the way preparing to go through some hand signs.

"I know some high up people in Konoha," Sasuke began. "They offered me this technique even though I'm no jonin yet. I learned it just to spite you."

Naruto rasied an eyebrow as Sasuke went through the hand signs, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Instantly, five shadow clones of Sasuke appeared. Naruto smirked, "You think this is going to get me angry? You performing the Kage Bunshin? I could perform that when I was a genin Sasuke. Your a chunin. Also I can created over a thousand shadow clones. You really think this irks me? Think again."

Naruto seethed his sword and went through his own hand signs, "Let me show you how it's done: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Two dozen clones appeared behind Naruto. All were ready to fight. Suddenly, half of them vanished in a yellow flash and the next thing Sasuke knew all five of his clones were taken out. His clones had been summoned just a couple feet away from some of the Hiraishin kunai scattered throughout the battlefield. Sasuke seethed. Naruto smirked.

"Guess he forgot those were there," Hashirama mused.

"Must have short-term memory loss," his brother agreed and the two shared a bit of a laugh.

Sakura scowled, "How dare they make fun of Sasuke-kun. I bet he's just warming up!"

Naruto smirked, "Now it's time to introduce one of the Rinnegan's abilities."

All but three of Naruto's clones dispelled and recalled behind Naruto. When they did, Naruto called out his technique, "Bansho Ten'in."

Sasuke suddenly felt himself pulled off the ground and instantly found himself flying toward Naruto, "Wha-?!"


One of Naruto's clones came down from above and kicked him into the ground. Hard. The force of the kick dented the ground and Naruto's clone only used a single foot to crush Sasuke under the powerful force of the downward strike. Then, the clone kicked up and backflipped off of the Uchiha 'Elite' hard enough to make him bounce off the ground. He went high enough into the air for another clone to come and give him an axe kick straight to the ribs, sending him flying to towards the last waiting clone. That clone grabbed Sasuke's hair as he flew by and spun him around much like the original did to the shuriken that Sasuke had thrown at the beginning of the fight. Naruto threw the Uchiha by his hair with great force back at the first clone, who had recovered. The first grabbed the Uchiha's face as it went by and slammed his head with a ground-denting force into the floor. Jiraiya winced as a flashback of déjà vu struck him much like Tsunade's fist did.

The Uchiha was rendered unconscious by the skillfully done combo. The clones dispelled as Naruto walked up to Kaosu, "I take it that's a KO?"

Kaosu glanced at Sasuke before shrugging and playfully saying, "Yeah, probably."

Kaosu grabbed Naruto's arm and held it up, "Winner: Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto!"

"Wait," Sasuke groaned as he got up. His head was bleeding from where it came contact to the ground and he was very sore, but he was determined to not to lose to the dobe. Not a second time. "I'm still going to beat the dobe."

Naruto, Kaosu, the paths, and most of the Konoha-nin shook their heads.

"No, Uchiha," Tsunade authoritatively spoke. "You obviously need healing. Haruno. Do your job as a medic-nin."

"No! I will beat Naruto!" Sasuke shouted. "I will beat this damn-"

"Sasuke," Naruto spoke strongly. Sasuke stopped and glared at him. Naruto remained calm, "Why are you so determined to beat everyone? To become the best?"

"To kill Itachi. To avenge the murderer of my clan!" Sasuke shouted. "That's why I need power. I'll prove I'm strong enough to beat Itachi and avenge my clan!"

"Then why are you so determined to beat me?"

"You've beaten me twice as much as I hate to admit it," Sasuke grunted. "If I can't beat a dobe like you, how can I beat someone like Itachi?!"

Naruto shook his head, "Sasuke. If you could beat me now, after I had trained for two straight years with six SS-ranked shinobi and one SS-ranked non-shinobi, and now have the knowledge and memories of my past life, the Founder of Ninjutsu, as well as the full support of Kyuubi no Kitsune, you would be able to rip Itachi to shreds."

Naruto took a deep breath before answering, "Think about this for a minute. When have any of us ever succeeded in something by ourselves? None of us have. I was trained by seven powerful and wise people, the Sennin were trained by the Sandaime, the only other person other than the Rikudo Sennin to receive the title of Shinobi no Kami, and even he was trained by the Shodai and Nidaime."

Naruto looked at his teammate and smiled, "Even when we were teammates we did things just as that: a team. Stop trying to do this by yourself, Sasuke. There is never shame in asking for help. We all need it at some point. If you let us help you, we would help you reach the point you need. Don't focus on your pride and hatred, Sasuke. It will bring your downfall in the long run."

With that, Naruto picked up his staff and back towards the group, "I think we all should relax a bit. It's been a tiring day."

As Naruto walked back towards the Uzukage Tower, Kaosu looked at the other shinobi there, "I will show you each your rooms. Then we can all meet in the mess afterwards. Agreed?"

Seeing no complaints, they all followed Kaosu back to the Uzukage Tower. The paths stayed a little behind chatting to themselves.

"Um. . . so who won the bet?" Kushina asked curiously.

"No one," Hiruzen stated. "Nine people fainted and no one chose that number."

There was a pause before Minato asked, "So did we all lose or. . ."

He trailed off and Hiruzen shrugged, "I have no idea."

Minato blinked, "Huh."

And that was the last thing said as they made their way to the Uzukage Tower.

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