It was a seemingly normal summer day in Chicago, well thats what it appeared to almost everybody but for Andy, it was special, today is the day his mom will be released from the Mental Hospital, he waited at the phone, waited for that call from his mom telling him she was out and wanted him to pick her up. He was 29 now he was in jail for about 4 years after the incidents, Kristen cleared his name and they released, but it was not an easy thing to do, they are very close friends, but are no longer a couple. The wait for the call seemed to take forever, but when it finally did, it was happiness that he had never felt before. "Hi Sweetie," Karen said. "Mom," Andy said in a quiet tone, "mom how have you been?" "How have I been, are you kidding I've been in an Insane Asylum for 23 years and you ask me how I've been?" "Sorry Mom" "No I should be sorry you know after being in here so long, I've gone a bit insane myself," She laughed. "Ha yeah," Andy said. "But how have you been?" She asked. "I've been good, I went to a military school, got sent to jail, got my name cleared by a friend, years ago, but now I'm out so everything's good," He said. "What, Jail?" She asked sounding shocked. "Mom its kind of a long story, but lets just say it involved a certain doll who had the soul of a vicious killer living inside it," Andy replied, "But everything's fine now, I haven't seen him since that night, I've heard he has a wife and a kid now. "Really I wouldnt have thought they could have kids," Karen said. "Well anything's possible I guess," Andy said. "Well anyway I'm in Michigan City, Indiana, meet me at the KFC" she said. "Okay I'll be there in a few hours love you" "Love you too Honey."