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Chapter 1: The Terrible First month of summer

"GET UP!!!!" Yelled a voice from the other side of the door, that familiar shrill of Aunt Petunia rang through his head like a bad head cold "GET UP NOW!!!!! DON'T MAKE ME GET YOUR UNCLE" Her footsteps told him she was gone. He stretched rather quickly and grimaced in pain as he did, in reflection of the pain inflicted upon him from his Uncle, who he had obviously angered yesterday with his inability to do the housework in a timely manner.

Harry went to the restroom, washed his face with cold water and relieved himself before heading downstairs to finish the breakfast Aunt Petunia had started. He looked at himself in the mirror, he couldn't believe what he saw, and he was blessed with a black eye from his Uncle as well as a broken nose. "Oh, well, I guess I will live through it" Harry said as he took a second look, could it be? His hair wasn't as messy as normal, it was tamer. He raised an eyebrow in question and thought to himself maybe Uncle Vernon will like this change. He doubted it, but it was worth a shot, he had also noticed he had grown about an inch and a half overnight, he enjoyed that. He then drudged downstairs to finish the breakfast, same as always "don't burn anything" from Aunt Petunia, and "bring my coffee boy" from Uncle Vernon. He couldn't wait for August 23rd, that was the date already planned for going to Diagon Alley and then back to the Burrow for the rest of the summer.

Harry finished the Breakfast, ate 1 piece of toast, 1 piece of bacon and 1 egg, it had gotten to the point in the Dursley household that Harry couldn't eat until everyone else was done. he held on to his piece of toast and half his bacon. He slid that into his pocket of the very loose fitting clothes he had to wear since the Dursley's were NOT going to spend any money on him unless absolutely necessary. It had been 7 years since his last eye exam and he was starting to get headaches from his glasses being too weak for him to use. He did the breakfast dishes then snuck upstairs between chores, there in her cage was his only friend during the summer holidays, Hedwig, his faithful snowy owl, he pulled the bacon and toast out of his pocket and gingerly gave it to the owl. He made sure she ate, even if that meant he didn't, he could handle any pain in the world, but he could not bear to be the one that caused the pain to anyone. This was his deepest secret, NO one knew he felt this way. Not even Ron or Hermione knew, no one did, and he was happy about that, it made him feel weak, and The-Boy-who-lived wasn't allowed to show weakness.

The day trudged on and it seemed to take forever, he had gotten his chores done today an hour in advance, but feared Uncle Vernon would find something wrong, so he hid in his room. 5:15 pm, thud, thud, thud up the stairs, here he comes braced Harry BAM the door flew open hitting the wall, there stood the very portly man he knew as his Uncle. SMACK Harry heard and felt a firm hand across the back of his head. "How dare you boy, how dare you leave chores for your aunt to do" said Uncle Vernon in almost a whisper. Harry looked up and could see the rage in his eyes "But,..." was all Harry could get out before his Uncle really let loose on him, it seemed his uncle actually liked to beat Harry, if for no other reason then for sport. At the end of a good 10-min. at least Harry thought to himself, he lay bloody and unconscious on the floor.

The next morning went by in the same ordinary was as every morning in the Dursley household. The only difference was Uncle Vernon stayed home from work this day, it was a mystery as to why he stayed home. There was a knock on the door, it was a repairman Harry rushed off out to the back to get his chores done out there while the repairman was there, it shouldn't be long at all. Harry finished and the repairman was still there, the repairman saw something moving and turned to look, it was Harry. Harry looked at him with guilt in his eyes, he had been seen and THAT was against the rules at the Dursley's. Harry cursed himself in his head and ran up the stairs as fast as his legs would carry him. It was lucky though that none of the Dursley's saw the incident or Harry would have gotten it good that night. The repairman left the house satisfied that everything was in order, everything that is, except for Harry. The repairman left and walked down the street and transformed back to his normal self and then apparated to Hogsmeade and went up to Hogwarts to report the situation to Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster.

Remus had a grave look in his eye when Dumbledore sat down to hear the report. Albus bowed his head, "then the time has come to get him out of there, but how?" asked Albus. "That seems to be the question Albus." said Remus. "it isn't safe enough to send him to the Burrow yet, it's too soon, he would be there too long and place the Weasleys under danger, although I know they won't mind that, but I prefer not to endanger anyone" replied Albus. Albus walked across the room and threw a pinch of power into the fireplace and said "Severus Snape". At this a head appeared in the fireplace and said "yes, headmaster, I hope this IS important as I am working on a difficult potion"

"Severus, this is indeed important and we need to speak with you now" with that the head turned into a body and stepped out of the fireplace and dusted himself off. "very well then, lets hear it, what is so important" snapped Snape as only Snape could snap.

"It isn't what as much as who is important professor Snape" Albus said. "Albus please, tell wha..rather who is so important then, I would like to get back to my potion"

"My dear professor, I think you should chalk your potion up as a loss, for it is Harry that is in trouble" replied Remus butting into the conversation.

"Mr. Potter? In trouble? Please, you don't honestly expect me to believe that the spoiled brat Potter is in trouble?" Snape replied with as much Sinicism as humanly possible.

"Indeed he is by no means spoiled Professor Snape, quite the opposite in all actuality, why don't you go check on him and assess the situation, and give me a full report tomorrow evening. You do need to leave immediately though" Albus said in a stern authoritative voice.. Snape had the feeling he better do as the headmaster says or be in danger of loosing his job and much, much more.