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Chapter 22: Harry Returns

Harry woke up 20 minutes before dinner. Ginny still lying on his chest, he kissed the top of her head and hugged her. He had almost totally recovered from the morning's events. He was feeling very good. Harry lay there and watched Ginny as she slept. The door opened slowly and Mrs. Snape peeked in and with Harry's free hand he waved her in. She went over and sat on the bed opposite of Ginny and asked how long he had been awake.

"Just a few minutes grandmother, not long at all." When he spoke Ginny stirred. Harry rubbed her back to reassure her and she snuggled into his embrace. Mrs. Snape smiled broadly at the two of them. They did make an attractive couple and were very much in the early stages of love.

"Dinner in 10 minutes Harry, are you feeling up to eating with all of us or would you like to eat in here?"

"All of you? Who else is here?" Harry had no idea the entire Weasley family was there.

"All of the Weasley's are here Harry, we all knew we wouldn't be able to get Ginny away from you, so we had them come here so we wouldn't have to separate you two just yet."

"Thank you, I think I will go down, give me a few minutes to wake Ginny up and we'll be down." Harry said rubbing Ginny's back again, a little harder to get her to wake up. Mrs. Snape bent down and kissed Harry on the forehead smiled at the two in bed and left the room quietly. Ginny stirred again and her eyes fluttered open and she looked up at Harry and smiled, then she kissed his neck. Harry smiled back at her.

"Are you hungry Ginny?" Harry asked and Ginny nodded quickly. "OK up we go then, dinner will be served downstairs in a few minutes." Harry waited for Ginny to get up then he went to the bathroom and splashed cold water on his face to get the sleep out of his eyes. They headed downstairs and there was a full out celebration for dinner. Harry stayed up until 10 then was feeling tired again and went back to bed. He was very pleased that all his loved ones were safe as well as his family. He had an excellent nights sleep.

The next morning was Christmas, and the end of bed showed quite a few presents. He of course got books from Hermione. Broom service kit supplies from Ron. A new Green jumper from Mrs. Weasley and some fudge. From his father he got some new clothes as well, they were still rebuilding his wardrobe. From his grandmother he got an orb. The orb was filled with a cloud green substance, when he held it, it would go pink. He didn't know what that meant; he would have to ask his grandmother over breakfast. From Ginny he got a bracelet, it was made of silver and was engraved. 'To the love of my life always ~Ginny~' Harry almost cried, he then picked up the orb after he put on his bracelet and the orb filled with a red cloudy substance. He would really have to ask his grandmother about that. From Sirius and Remus he got a book. This was no ordinary book. This book was his family tree, from his mother's side of the family. Harry flipped through the pages wondering if any of the other relatives were still alive, not counting his Aunt Petunia. He would have to ask around. As it turns out his mother side did have quiet a few wizards and witches, a very strong line in fact. There just seemed to be a few squibs mixed in there. Harry's Grandparents were second generation squibs. This made Harry very happy to see. Malfoy could hold nothing over him now. His mother was not muggle born; she was squib born which there was a difference in the wizarding world to those who didn't like muggle born.

Harry then went down to breakfast and as soon as he got there he was bombarded but all the Weasley's wishing him Happy Christmas. Harry's grandmother entered the room. She smiled at Harry she could tell he was going to ask about the orb. "Harry what color was it when you opened the box? Then when you held it what color was it?" Mrs. Snape asked without waiting for him to ask first.

"When I opened the box it was green, the first time I held it, it turned pink. Then after I opened Ginny's present I held it again and it went red. What is that orb grandmother?" Mrs. Snape ran over and hugging him furiously almost crying she was so happy.

"Mrs. Snape, what on earth did you give him? It sounds almost like a love orb." Replied Mrs. Weasley.

"Molly, that is exactly what I gave him" Molly squealed and ran and hugged Harry as well.

"OK, maybe I haven't gotten enough sleep, what is a love orb?" Harry asked. He didn't mind the hugs at all but wanted to at least know why they were so excited for him.

"Harry a love orb is an orb that when you are thinking about someone it will give off colors as to how you feel about then when you think about them. You say it went red when you had opened Ginny's present. You love her Harry, truly and deeply. There is no other way to get red in the orb. Pink is given with most ordinary love. Your grandfather and I could only get to a dark pink, close to red but not quite. Your father was red with your mother, and now you, my dear boy are red with Ginny." Her eyes were kind of glazed over with pride. "Go get the orb please, I want to see something" Harry's grandmother said.

Harry went and got it and came back, handing it to his grandmother.

"Now watch." She held the orb and though of her late husband and smiled sadly at the memory, it was a good one, but she missed him. The orb was a dark pink close to red. She handed it back to Harry. "Now you think of Ginny, you shouldn't have to close your eyes at all, my husband has been dead for 10 years, and your love is in this very room." Harry had all eyes in the room on him, which was everyone in the house. He simply looked at Ginny and the orb went bright red. "Now, hand the orb to Ginny." Ginny blushed and took it, she looked at Harry and the orb went the same color. "Now, Ginny hand the orb to Severus." He took it and closed his eyes and thought of Lily, and the orb turned red. A single tear welled up in both Harry and Severus' eyes. Both blinked them back.

"May I see it?" Piped up Molly. Severus handed the orb to molly, she looked at her husband and it went to the same dark pink close to red that Mrs. Snape had. Mr. Weasley took the orb and the same dark pink happened.

"Harry do you see, Molly and Arthur love each other very much, you know it, and you can feel the love between them. The love you have with Ginny is so complete it fills your heart, mind and body. It is a wonderful gift to be given sure a love. You are also very lucky to have found her so soon. Harry, your mother would be so happy for you right now. There is a bond between you two already, we know, you don't yet, at least not till this very moment, but Ginny found out yesterday, you reached out to her though the bond and pulled her back to you. You love her Harry, you really do. There is no way you can deny it." Mrs. Snape told him and wrapped him up in her arms. She then shooed everyone outside for a snowball fight. The rest of the day was perfect.

Three days before the restart of school all the teens that still attended Hogwarts returns. Severus returned to Hogwarts as well. Severus had a plan that would literally piss off the entire Slytherin house. He thought it was excellent. Harry could go back to school and he could be Harry Snape as he should have been. The welcoming back feast was ready to go. The students filed into the great hall. The mood was subdued. No one yet knew that Voldemort was dead. This would be a meal to remember. As the students filed in they noticed a hooded figure standing in front of the head table. After everyone sat the hooded figure moved to the side so everyone would have a clear hot at Dumbledore, he really enjoyed Severus' devious plan so he went along with it.

"I hope everyone had a good holiday. I have two major announcements to get out of the way before we feast. Number one is The Dark Lord Voldemort has been totally demolished, there will be no chance he will ever rise again. This is thanks to our one and only Harry J. Potter." Everyone, but Draco Malfoy cheered and was looking around for Harry, no one could find him and then a low rumble of voices wondering where Harry was. True he hadn't been there the last couple of months but since Voldemort was dead he returned unless he was hurt badly during the battle. Everyone then looked back up to the head table and Dumbledore to continue. "Now for my second announcement. One of our students has been using an alias this year and would like to set the record straight as to his real name." Again the rumble of voices and people looking around. "Harry J. Potter is not Harry J. Potter, but rather Harry J. Snape" Harry then pulled off the hood and almost the whole school gasped. The Weasleys and Hermione all stood up and clapped. The rest of the hall slowly did the same thing. Harry went and stood back in the center of the head table and raised his hands to try and get everyone to settle down.

"I will have you all know, I am still the same Harry, just because I look different and have a new last name, my TRUE last name, I have not changed." Harry then bowed his head and started to head over to his friends after looking back at his father with a smile.

Draco had had enough. He stood up and pointed his wand at Harry. Harry saw this and paid close attention to what he was doing. Draco yelled "I should have Killed you first year when I had the chance, and I should have killed the weasel when I had her by the lake before I sent her to my master" Harry's eyes glowed, and he started to raise off the floor. Wind swirled around him immediately. "Avara Kadavra" shouted Draco, green light streaming from his wand towards Harry. Harry already protected just about everyone in the hall with his protective bubble; the green light bounced and hit the ceiling shattering the illusion of the sky outside. Severus and Dumbledore both ran over to Harry before he did anything permanent. Draco suddenly found himself without his wand and up against the wall with the force of another wall on him. He could barely breathe.

"Harry calm down, we'll take care of him, calm down. Hagrid take Mr. Malfoy to a holding room please. While I contact the ministry." Dumbledore ordered. Hagrid went a tried to move Malfoy but he couldn't.

"Uh, professor Dumbledore sir, I ca'n move him, he's stuck sir." Hagrid said trying to pry Malfoy off the wall.

"He isn't moving until the proper authorities get here, so give it up. I will not take chances he needs to pay for what he has done." Harry said coolly. He wasn't floating anymore but his eyes were still glowing. He sat looked at Dumbledore. "He's fine where he is, he isn't going anywhere. Can we eat? I'm hungry."

Dumbledore shook his head and looked at Harry. He knew Harry wasn't going to give on this one. So he called for dinner to come and went to notify the ministry. They arrived within 30 minutes. The whole time they were waiting Harry was holding Ginny's hand drawing strength from her. After they had left, Harry felt pretty drained, but it wasn't as bad as it had been before. He hadn't over done himself and he had his love of Ginny to keep him strong. Malfoy was sentenced to a dimentors kiss, he had kidnapped, and tried to kill in the name of Voldemort openly in front of many people, he endangered many witches and wizards by doing what he did.

After that night no one dared to challenge Harry or anyone close to him. They knew they had only gotten a small taste of his power and no one wanted to be on his bad side. That was the best school year he had. Well, the second half of it anyway. The summer that followed was his best yet and only better to come after. The wizarding world owed a great debt to Harry he knew, but he wasn't going to collect. He had everything his heart had ever desired. A family, wonderful friends and true love. What more could the boy who lived ask for. The only thing that would make this any better then it was, was to have his mother back. But that wasn't going to happen so he settled for his father and Grandmother and all the Weasleys.

The end, or the beginning however you look at it.