This is my third story, i have become obsessed with Harry Potter, so i thought i'd write a fanfiction and shake it up a little, hope you like:)x

Harry, Hermione and Ron, return for their fourth year at Hogwarts. Upon arriving and seeing some new faces arriving now, all is revealed to be the Tri Wizard Tournament, The Beauxbaton Academy, and Drumstrang. Hermione takes an interest in a Drumstrang, she finds him to be less than casual. Cedric, the ladies man of Hogwarts takes a peculiar liking to Miss Granger, and she takes a liking to him. Set during the tri wizard tournament, CEDRIC DOES NOT DIE!. Hermione POV and Cedric POV. This begins the day of the 3 Tri Wizards selection.

The day of the selection was here and fuck me, i was so nervous. I knew that neither of my boys would be chosen but i had a thing for Viktor Krum, so i was worried for him. He'd looked at me a few times and smiled and i got kind of nervous but he was really cute and i just kind of had a thing for him. I also noticed Cedric Diggory, ever since the world cup, he's been eyeing me, he was cute, but a big, big ladies man, not to mention 2 years older than me and in Hufflepuff house. At dinner we was all summoned to the Great Hall, it was set different, the tables were smaller and the Goblet of Fire was in the middle of the room with Dumbledore and Barty Crouch standing next to it, in great conversation. We all took our seats, Ron and Neville sitting on the windowsill. Dumbledore turned to all of us and shouted "Now the moment, you've all been waiting for, the champion selection" he used his hand to dim the lights and this was nerve racking and exciting, seeing who our champion was going to be. He walked up to the Goblet and placed both of his hands there before removing them and stepping back. About 1 second later, bright red flames appeared and a name shot out of it, Dumbledore took it in hands and looked at the name "The Drumstrang champion...Viktor Krum" the Drumstrangs cheered and Viktor stood up and made his short way to Dumbledore, shook his hand and went away, presumably to the room where we keep all our trophies. The Goblet then shot out a second name and it was Fleur Delacour is chosen and makes her way out of the hall. The last name is now to be revealed and the Goblet lights up and Dumbledore shouts "The Hogwarts champion...Cedric Diggory" we all cheer for him and he makes his way to Dumbledore then off out of the room. Dumbledore spins around "Excellent, we now have our three champions, but in the end only one will go down in history, only one will hoist this chalice of champions, this vessel of victory" he turns around a flies the cloth off "The Tri Wizard Cup" it's gleaming, with blue and silver, just there glowing, showing it's immense power, everybody is cheering but begins to notice the Goblet, ramping up and showing it's flames shooting around, Dumbledore walks towards it and it turns and very bright red and another name is shot out. We hear a faint name, then Dumbledore says it louder "Harry Potter" i gasp in surprise, this is barbaric, no way could it be Harry. Dumbledore screams "Harry Potter!" Harry sits down but i shove him up "Go on Harry, Harry for goodness sake" he stands up and i push him. He walks towards Dumbledore with everybody staring and giving him snide looks and comments; Dumbledore hands him the slip and he starts walking when people start shouting stuff "He's a cheat" and "He's not even seventeen yet". This cannot be happening, everybody races after him, after Dumbledore dismisses us back to our common rooms. I see the look on Ron's face, i can tell he's angry and thinking that Harry put his name in without telling us, but i know he'd never do that.

After about an hour, Harry walks into the Common Room but passes all of us and heads straight to his dormitory. Ron heads straight for him but i grab him "Ronald, leave him with his thoughts for now, we know Harry never did this" he scoffs "Yeah right, he's 'Harry Potter' of course he would want this, everybody's attention again, Hermione we know he did this, i just wish he'd told us, we are his best friends after all" i slap him several times "Yes, Harry would tell us, and he didn't so that means he didn't do it, it's got to be somebody who's out to get him, someone like Snape or the Drumstrang headmaster Igor Karkaroff, just somebody who either wants him punished or...dead" Ron rubbed his shoulder "Less than likely, look i'm going to bed and having a word with Harry, so goodnight" i gritted my teeth, i really wanted to call him a fucking knob, but i bit my tongue and stomped to my room and found the girls asleep. I got changed out of my uniform and slipped on my battered t-shirt and shorts and sleep overtook me.

The next few day's leading up to the first task were hard for Harry, he had been interviewed by the bitch Rita Skeeter and twisted every word Harry had said and put them in the daily prophet. Also he had to deal with walking round school and seeing everyone with badges that said 'Potter Stinks', i'm worried why nobody has took them away and excluded the person that made them. Ronald wasn't talking to him, so he made me go talk to him. I walked down to the edge of the river with Ron and Ginny and Harry saw me and i said "Ronald would like me to tell you, that Seamus told him that...Dean was told by Parvatti, Hagrid's looking for you" he raised his eyebrows and replied "Is that right, well..what?" i tried to say it again but said "Please don't make me say it again, Hagrid's looking for you" he looked back and forth and said "Well you can tell Ronald..." i shouted back at him "I'm not an owl" and stormed off with Ginny. Once i reached the castle i saw Cedric, who was looking at me smirking, i blushed and looked down and continued walking to library.

Two day's after was the first challenge. On the way down, Fred and George were shouting for everyone to make bets on who would win and i slapped them and called them fuckers. I didn't see Harry before he left so i decided to go to the tent. I whispered, until i felt the cloth move "Harry is that you?" he whispered back "Yeah" i took a breath "How are you feeling; okay?" he didn't reply, so i continued "The key is to concentrate, after that you just have to.." he replied "Battle a dragon" i couldn't take it, i flung myself inside and wrapped my arms around him until i heard a camera click and saw Rita walking in "Young love, how...stirring" the magic quill wrote it down and she continued "If everything goes unfortunately today.. you two may even make the front page", i went to protest but Viktor butt in "You have no business being here, this tent is for champions and friends" she turned around and looked at him "No matter, we er got what we wanted" the camera flashed again and then Dumbledore and others came in; SHIT. He walked in and said but whispered a bit "Good day Champions, gather round; now you've waited, you've wondered, and at last the moment has finally arrived, the moment on four of you can fully appreciate" he looked down then back up several times before asking "What are you doing here Miss Granger?" i looked round at everyone and Cedric was once again smirking at me "Oh, erm, sorry i'll just..go" i mouthed 'good luck' to Harry then rushed out.

I took my seat between Ron and Neville, Ron looked just as scared as i did. Even though Ron wasn't talking to Harry, and felt betrayed in some odd way, i knew he still cared and was scared. Cedric was up first. When the canon went off, Hufflepuff and a lot of other people were shouting 'Diggory, Diggory' and when i saw him walk out, i began to see a new side of him, rather than the smirking and the grabbing arse, yes he grabbed my arse, third year, then apologized and said it wasn't his fault, his friends made him, but seeing him looking scared and driven with the shouts of people cheering him on, i knew he wasn't just Mr Ladies Man. Cedric, Fleur and Viktor all won and proceeded to the next task when Dumbledore shouted to the crowed "Three of our champions, have now defeated their dragon, so now each one of them will proceed to the next task and now our fourth and final contestant" this was Harry's big moment and i was nervous, scared and among other feelings for my best friend.

Harry did amazing, he got his egg and he had proceeded to the next task. He got hurt a lot of the beginning, but then used his wand and his broom appeared. He killed his dragon, well i think he did, it didn't come chasing after him. Back in the common room, we were all cheering as Harry stood in the middle holding up his golden egg. Fred and George picked him up and shouted "Yeah! Knew you wouldn't die Harry, lose an arm or a leg, pack it in all together? NEVER!" we were still cheering when we got told to shut up. Seamus handed Harry the egg "Go on Harry, what's the clue?" Harry laughed and asked "Who want's me to open it?" we all screamed 'Yeah' he asked again and i wish he would just get on with it "Do you want me to open it" we all screamed yes again, he nodded and flicked the top of the egg. A gut wrenching squeal came out, i covered my ears along with everyone else, until he closed it. "The bloody hell was that?" we all looked and found Ronald walking in. He and Harry talked and had finally become friends again, in the most weird manor but still we were three again and we were going to be here for Harry from start to finish.

Next morning at breakfast, i started reading the Daily Prophet and Rita 'Bitch' Skeeter had once again posted something completely out of context. I continued reading until i flung the paper down on the table "I can't believe it, she's done it again" i looked down at the newspaper and started reading " 'Miss Granger, a plainly ambitious girl, seem's to be developing a taste for famous wizards, he latest prey sources say, is none other than Bulgarian bonbon Viktor Krum, no word yet on how Harry Potter's taking this emotional blow'" Harry just looks at me, shakes his head and continued eating. Nigel, our mail boy, who collects big packages from owls, walked towards us and say's "Parcel for you Mr Weasley" Ron looks at us then back "Ah, thank you Nigel". Nigel lingers around and i cough and Ron looks at him "Not now Nigel, later" i look at Ron and raise my eyebrows, he sighs "I..i told him i would get him Harry's autograph" i shake my head in disbelief then look up when Ron finally opens his present. I burst out laughing, he looks at us "Mum's sent me a dress" Harry laughs "Well it does match your eyes; is there a bonnet he ruffles through the box and brings out one "Aha" Ron just smirks and goes "Nose down Harry" he walks to Ginny "Ginny these must be for you" she looks up from her food "I'm not wearing that, it's ghastly" i continue laughing and i get louder, he walks back over and asks what's going on, i reply "There not for Ginny, there for you" everybody on our table laughs "Dress robes" his eyes widen "Dress robes, for what?" i shrug and look over to the Hufflepuff table and once again Mr Ladies Man is smirking at me, is that a thing for him to just smirk, because that's all he does; he then get's up and walks to us "Well, Ron, maybe one day you can put them to good use, Potter, Hermione" i look down then back up "Oh Cedric, i've been meaning to ask you, do you have some sort of weird thing, because every time i look at you, your smirking" he laughs "Nope" i shake my head, then get up and walk away.

At lunch, we are all summoned to our dark arts class and when we walk in Professor McGonagall is standing next to a big music player and Mr Filch, oh and his mangy cat. We take out seats, boy's one end girl's another. She starts speaking "The Yule Ball has been a tradition.." she stops as Filch is messing with the player "Tri Wizard Tournament, since it's inception. On Christmas Eve Night, we and our guests gather in the great hall, for an evening of well mannered frivolity . As representatives of the host school, i expect each and everyone of you, to put your best foot forward and i mean this literally because The Yule Ball is first and for most.. a dance" i turn to Ginny sitting next to me "You have to be fucking kidding me, that means we have to bloody have a partner" she smirked "Well we all know who you've got" i slapped her "Shut up" Mcgonagall interrupted "Silence! The house of Godric Gryffindor has commanded the respect of the wizarding world, for nearly 10 centuries, i will not have you in the course of a single evening, bis-matching that name by behaving like a babbling bumbling, band of baboons" i heard George and Fred mucking around but i continued listening "To to let the body breathe, inside every girl a secret swan, slumbers longing burst forth and take flight and inside every boy and lordly lion prepared to dance; Mr Weasley" i start laughing but muffle the sound.

That was one of the most funniest things i may ever watch in my life. Professor Mcgonagall and Ronald. When we get back to the common room, i ask Ginny "Who do you want to go with?" she shrugs "No idea, maybe somebody sweet like Neville, least i would be going with a friend and it wouldn't be awkward, you?" i put my head down "No clue, but i would like to go with Viktor, i mean i've been looking at him for day's now and i really really like him" she smirks "I thought it would all about Cedric" i laugh "No, he'll go with somebody in his year not me, it's just messing around, he's a ladies man and i don't like people like that" she smirks and shakes her head. The few day's leading up to the ball, is me trying my best to avoid Viktor, but it doesn't go well when i bump into him "I'm so sorry Viktor, i'm so clumsy" he shakes his head "No, it fine, honestly, i wanted to ask you, would you like to go to the Yule Ball with me?" i smiled but inside, i am doing my happy dance wildly, i just smiled and nod "That would be lovely Viktor, er thank you" he grins "I will meet you here before the start then we will go dance and have fun" i nod and he grabs my hand and kisses it. I walk off blushing before i bump into another person and it's Cedric "Granger, do you just like bumping into people" i roll my eyes "No, but do you just like smirking at me all the time" he laughs "No, so you going to the dance with Viktor then?" i nod "Yes and you?" he smirks "Cho" my eyes widen, Harry wanted to take her and ask her "Very nice, now i have to go, before you break your jaw, smirking" he chuckles and walks off.

Ronald has upset me twice over these days, but tonight, i am finally going to feel like a girl and not like how Ronald thinks. Ginny helps me dress and do my hair and make-up. This is going to be the best night ever, hopefully.

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