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Hermione's POV

My alarm sounds. Great, time to get up and enjoy my third day of social solitude. Another day of going to extremely easy classes, getting stared at by every student in the whole damn school, and walking around by myself with five thousand books –not that I mind the book part. After I take a shower and get dressed I cast a tempus charm with my wand. Bugger! It's eight forty-five; I'm going to be late for History of Magic.

By the time I get to class its nine ten, luckily Professor Binns doesn't notice my late entrance and continues to lecture on with whatever boring subject today's class is about. I scan the room for an empty seat, but only see one next to a boy in the back. "Can I sit here?" The boy at the table only nods in response. I've seen him around school before, even if I've only been going here for two days. His almost-white blonde hair and extremely pale skin are kind of hard to miss. He seems lonely never talking to anyone, even his housemates, but I guess I could seem lonely too. Seeing as I always sit by myself at the Gryffindor table and never talk to anyone. Maybe I should try talking to him. He could possibly turn out to be my first friend since home, if he never asks why I've decided to move to a new school in the middle of January.

By the middle of Professor Binns' class I'm ready to Avada myself. Merlin! The man is boring. My mind keeps wandering to thoughts of the boy next to me. I don't even know his name –not that I know many people anyways- I wonder if he'll talk to me. I pull a piece of spare parchment out of my bag.

Hi I pass the note over to him, wondering if he'll respond.

What do you want?

Nothing! I just- well- I don't know you seem lonely.


So, I thought you might want someone to talk to.

Before he gets a chance to reply, the bell rings. "I don't do company." He tells me as he walks away. Well, I'm not going to let him get away that easy, so I rush after him.

Draco's POV

The new girl is passing notes with me. Me. The new girl that everyone has been talking about or staring at. Why is she passing notes with me? I've heard all the conversations about her. Never took part in them, of course. No one wants to talk to the Slytherin Mudblood. Wait, she wants to be my friend! I can't talk to her though, she would become an outcast. I can't do that to her, she would be happier without me anyways. So I dismiss her calls and walk away.

In the corridor I feel someone grab my arm, probably one of my so-called housemates coming to beat me to a pulp. Again. I turn and brace myself for the punch I know is coming when I see who has my arm. It's that girl again. Why in the name of Salazar won't she go away?

"Will you at least tell me your name?" She asks. I sigh, might as well tell her as it seems that she's not going away any time soon.

"Draco Malfoy" I tell her

"Malfoy?" She says with a hint of interest. "I've never heard that name in the circles before."

"That's because I'm not a pureblood."

"But you're in Slytherin!" She says in disbelief.

"Exactly, I'm the Slytherin Mudblood, the freak of the house." I spit out with malice. The look of shock on her face says enough and I turn to leave.

"Wait! Draco!" she calls out

"What?" I say.

"Just because you're not a pureblood doesn't mean I don't want to be your friend."

"What about your friends and your parents what will they think of you being friends with me?" I need to remind her of these things, the reasons why being my friend would hurt her.

"My parents won't care, and if you haven't noticed I don't have any other friends." The girl is yelling at me now. "Will you be my first?" She says, her tone suddenly softer.

She wants me to be her first friend! Merlin! I've never had any friends before. How is one supposed to act with "friends"? The girl makes a noise at the back of her throat bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Um sure." I say

"Great." She smiles and walks off to her next class. Salazar! I have a friend, a real living, breathing, friend that happens to be a girl! This is amazing! But in the back of my mind a small voice is saying that this is a bad idea. I don't even know her name.

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