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Draco's POV

"Draco, it's time for me to tell you the truth." Truth? What is she talking about? I ask her to be my girlfriend and then she says that she has to tell me the truth.

"I'm not exactly who you think I am." She says watching my face carefully, waiting for my reaction.

"Well who are you then?" I ask

"I'm still me, I'm still your Mione, I just have a little secret."

"Oh Salazar, you're a vampire aren't you? And now you're going to suck my veins dry, I knew it. You're just too perfect to be normal." Sure, joking isn't the coolest thing to do right now, but I really needed to lighten up the conversation.

"No you prat, I am not a vampire, I am just-"

"You are just what Mione?"

"Stop interrupting me, or I'll never tell you."

"Fine, I'll shut up. So who are you?"

"I'm Hermione Jean Granger, Princess of Romania." Princess?! Holy Shit my girlfriend's a princess…


"Keep it down! Someone might hear you!"

"You're a princess, okay, so why are you keeping it a secret?"

"No one can know I'm here" She sighs "Because I ran away from home…"

"YOU RAN AWAY FROM HOME?!" I'm yelling again, but with good reason! A princess cannot just run away from home, it's extremely dangerous.

"I had my reasons…" She says defensively

"What in Merlin's beard could have possibly made you run away from home Hermione?" She looks around before speaking in a whisper.

"Voldemort is back" I make a sound of protest but she shushes me. "My parents, the king and queen, are big supporters. I'm not of course, but at home I keep my thoughts to myself."

"Voldemort's back?"

"Yes" She sighs again "I suppose I should start at the beginning." I nod and she starts her tale.

"After the Twi-Wizard Tournament, when Harry fought Voldemort and won. Voldemort realized that his ever-faithful Death Eaters were cowards and decided to go to Romania, where he had the rich royal family at his command. My parents welcomed him with open arms."

"For a few months everything was fine, I avoided the snake-eyed man and he seemed to never take notice in me. Then a few days before Christmas my father came up to me. He told me that the Dark Lord wanted me to be his bride and we were arranged to be married after my sixteenth birthday. I was mortified and knew I had to run. There was no way in hell that I was getting married to that- that monster. I saw no other choice; if I told them that I wouldn't get married I would be killed. So I made a plan and escaped in the night. I heard stories of Dumbledore and Harry Potter; I knew Hogwarts would be my best shot at staying safe."

"So, I came here and told Dumbledore my story, he allowed be to enroll and I've been here ever since." I have no words. She has been through so much. How did she keep it in for so long?

"Are you mad?"

"No, Mione I'm not mad, just wondering how you could do all that on your own."

"I had no choice; it was either run or marry old moldy voldy. It's not that bad, ya know, I finally get to be a normal girl- in a way." She tells me, sounding relived that I'm not mad.

"Wait, shouldn't you have like a thick, heavy Romanian accent or something?"

"Of all the questions you could have you ask me that one? Really? And yes, I do have an accent but I use a charm to change to a British one." A fourth year walks by, ending our conversation. Oh well, it's time to go back to the castle anyways.

"Come on Mione lets go back, it's time to leave." I say, standing up and pulling her with me.

Back at the castle Hermione and I part ways, but not before I make a few cracks at her royal-ness. I still can't believe it, my girlfriend, my best friend, my only friend, is a princess. I'm not good enough for her, I'll never be. I can only hope that once everything's over she'll still be with me. Even if it's only until she has to go rule a country.

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