Five Years ago…

A little girl with coppery skin sat by the window of the Black house. The twins were on the floor playing by themselves. Jacob was over at a friend's house. Her black hair trailed down her back and her deep brown eyes were glazed over with boredom. She noticed her best friend Seth playing outside with his older sister Leah. Seth noticed her sitting there and waved at her to join them. The small girl turned her head to Billy to catch his attention. The man in the wheelchair nodded as she jumped up and rushed out the door.

Seth and Leah accepted her into their game and even asked her to come over for lunch. Their parents, Sue and Harry, were always kind to her. The three of them happened to cross Sam Uley and Paul and Jared when they went back outside to play. Seth and the little girl snickered when Leah turned pink.

After the sun went down she waved goodbye to her friends and went back inside the Black house. Jacob was home now and Billy had dinner on the table. For a man who had only been in a wheelchair a little over a year, he had been getting around well and doing his best to keep life going like normal. She could tell the twins really missed their mother but Jacob was doing better.

After dinner the little raven haired girl played video games with Jacob as the girls sat with Billy on the couch. Suddenly a loud knock came from the door. Billy rolled over to the door and opened it. A pale faced man with black hair and a scruffy beard stood there. He had kind chocolate browns eyes but he looked sad. He wore a police officer uniform and badge.

"Evening Billy," the man said as he came in.

"Charlie, kinda of late for a social call isn't it?" Billy inquired.

"This isn't a social call Billy. I'm looking for Penny." The little girl started as the white man, Charlie, turned to her. He approached her and Jacob and crouched down. "Penny, I'm sorry to tell you this but… your parents were in a car crash. They didn't make it."

"They're gone?" she asked in disbelief. Charlie nodded as tears ran down her cheeks and Jacob hugged her. But no one could stop the pain the nine year-old was feeling.