Chapter one

After the battle of Hogwarts, and after all the funerals, people were slowly starting to believe their world was safe, well safer than it had been in a long time. The shop owners in Diagon Alley had repaired all their stores, the staff at Hogwarts took a long time to repair the old castle, but they also had help from a wide rage witches and wizards.

The heroes of the war, the golden trio weren't seen for a long time and everyone wanted to see them, but of course, they mainly wanted to see Harry Potter. With help from Bill, he organised to pay for the damage to Gringotts using the Black vault for Harry, then Bill also took out a large amount of money for Harry so he wouldn't need to go into Diagon Alley. The friends did go into muggle towns quite a lot, mainly to get some clothes. With the three friends away so long before the battle, their clothes weren't in the best condition.

Whenever the three friends went anywhere, Mrs. Weasley always pushed to have Ginny go with them and Harry knew why, she was hoping Harry and Ginny would start their relationship again. They had talked and both agreed to take things slow, but Mrs. Weasley was hard to convince that it was the right thing to do. She was also pushing Ron and Hermione to spend more time alone, not always with their friend. Now Harry, Ron and Hermione weren't sure if she did this for Ron and Hermione, or to make sure Harry spent more time with Ginny. Either way, the four of them just let Mrs. Weasley have her way because they couldn't bear to see her upset. After Fred died, everyone was worried about her so they tried everything to keep her mind off the missing member of the family and they pretty much went along with anything she wanted.

Because of all their experience and because of how many students would be at Hogwarts when it finally opened, people like Hermione, Ron and Harry, along with all the people their age. They were able to forgo their N.E.W.T.s and apply for any job they wanted, but all that was asked was, that they proved they could do the job.

So after a year of pretty much doing nothing, Hermione got the job she had been hoping for, in the department for the regulation and control of magical creatures. Ginny decided she didn't want to go back to do her last year at Hogwarts, as most of her friends were a year older. So she went to every quidditch team and asked for a try out. She knew she shouldn't have done it, but to get them just to look at her, she told them how she played under Harry Potter at Hogwarts and was also his girlfriend. Some looked sceptical until she produced a picture of her and Harry that she kept in her purse. Finally she got to try out for four different teams, including the Holyhead Harpies, the all women quidditch team and her favourite. A tense week later, she received letters from three out of the four offering her a place on their reserve team, but of course, she chose the Harpies.

Ron who originally wanted to be an auror was asked by George if he would help with the shop, just until he got it up and running. But also because George wanted family with him for a while. Ron agreed and decided that he would stay for a year, it could be longer. He would decide what he wanted to do when it got close to the year. George told Ron that if he liked being at the shop and wanted to stay on, he would make his younger brother a partner, they agreed to work together for a year and see what happens.

Harry naturally applied to become an auror, the head auror Gawain Robards originally was just going to let Harry start training. But Harry said he wanted to be treated like everyone else so asked if he could be tested to prove he was capable of joining such an elite team, Gawain agreed, Harry passed and started his training to become an auror.

Even though the four of them were working, they just couldn't leave the Burrow even if they wanted to. Every time it was brought up, Mrs. Weasley would dissolve into tears and kept saying she was losing more children. So the four friends gave up and just stayed there. But Harry was given George and Fred's old room to himself, where Hermione would split her time at the Burrow, staying in Percy's old room, and her parent's home.

Another thing was going on at the Burrow, Mrs. Weasley had basically started to plan weddings for her two youngest children and their partners. It didn't matter that the four of them kept saying they wanted to take their time, she just didn't seem to listen. She always went on about having more grandchildren to fill up the old home. So Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione all gave in and planned their wedding for two months apart. At first they tried to say that since they would be married, they would be moving into their own places. They thought Mrs. Weasley would back off, but she didn't, just saying it was natural for a young couple just married to move out of the family home and into their own.

So Harry and Ginny had a small wedding, just the family with a few close friends, neither of them wanted anything big or elaborate. Two months later, Hermione and Ron got married and again, they had a small wedding just like Harry and Ginny's wedding. Neither couple got any more than a few days for a honeymoon, not with them all working nor new at their jobs. They didn't mind, the four of them actually enjoyed their work and since they were living together, they did get time alone.

One thing the four friends had in common, was how awkward they had been at the start of their married life. It took them months to realised they were actually married, meaning all the responsibilities that went with that and of course Mrs. Weasley pushing Ginny and Hermione to start their families, but this time the two girls put their foot down and said no. Hermione was making headway at work and wanted to keep going. Ginny worked hard and was giving a position on the main team as one of the chasers and she wasn't giving up her dream of playing profession for a few years at least. Harry and Ron had been pleased, they both wanted to settle into adult life first before becoming parents.

Two year after the battle of Hogwarts had finished, Hermione was now working for the department of magical law enforcement because she found out that most of their laws were bias for purebloods and against muggleborns and halfbloods. After everything they went through with Voldemort, she, like a lot of others thought these laws needed to change.

Ron had worked for George for over a year before finally doing what he really wanted, he became an auror. Harry had been working hard to prove he was more than just Harry Potter, the saviour of the wizarding world and showed everyone he was good at his job. He was making a name for himself as one of the best aurors they ever had.

After making the main team for the Holyhead Harpies, Ginny was becoming known as one of the best chasers around and was enjoying her life and the attention she got as a famous player. She knew Harry hated attention, so she never expected Harry to attend any of the official parties or balls the teams went to. When they went out together, they kept a low profile, much to Harry's relief.

The four friends had gone on that way with their lives for a five more years before Ginny finally decided it was time to retire and have children. She did want to start a family and her mother never let up saying if she didn't soon, she'd be too old. So Ginny thought she might as well then she could always go into training quidditch players after her children had started at Hogwarts.

Seven years after the battle of Hogwarts, Ginny gave birth to a son, James Sirius Potter. Harry loved his son and hardly put him down whenever he was home, which for Harry wasn't nearly enough. The only thing that made Harry's life really worth living was his son. He did love his job, but it was just a job, but his son was different, James was part of him, so Harry finally felt complete.

But what Harry and Ginny never showed or told anyone was, they weren't as happy as everyone thought. At first Ginny was worried why Harry would spend so much time working, but Harry always said he was doing what he always had done and always wanted, keeping their world safe. So she just let it go and just hoped that their marriage was just going through a rough patch, especially having a child can take time away from the couple because they always spent their time with their son. To most people, Harry and Ginny looked like a young couple very much suited and in love. There were a few that saw through the fake smiles and fake loving looks, one of course, being Hermione. But if she ever brought anything up, both Harry and Ginny said everything was fine. So the couple decided to act more loving whenever anyone else was around and they hoped it worked not just for everyone else, but for themselves too.