Chapter seventeen

Draco took Harry and James to the party his work colleague was throwing. At first everyone seemed a little intimidated or awed with Harry and it took a while for them to finally relax around him. James mainly stayed close to Harry, but sometimes he would be with Draco. There were a lot of other kids there that kept urging James to join in with them. Harry nodded to his son who finally ran off to join the other children. Harry found everyone that Draco worked with were very nice people and he got to see why they liked working with the sick or injured. Harry had been surprised that the wife of one of the healers was a woman that worked for the magical law enforcement squad and Harry had worked with her a few times. All up, Harry had a very enjoyable evening.

Draco was sitting on the sofa in the living room with Harry's head in his lap while they talked about their last week at work, when Ginny, Oliver, James, Sarah, Hermione, Rose and Hugo stepped inside.

'Hi, what's going on?' Harry sat up, then James sat between Harry and Draco.

'Mum and dad asked about Christmas, we want to discuss an idea I had about that,' Ginny said.

'Okay, I know you're mum did say she'd like to have the whole family together again, so what's this idea?'

'That I hold it at the house and if for any reason he does anything or decides to say something, he can leave. If we had it at the Burrow, he lives there, so it would make it hard.'

'Actually that's a very good idea Ginny then the whole family can have a nice Christmas and the house is big enough to accommodate everyone.'

'That's what I said Harry, there's plenty of room. Is that why you bought that place?' Oliver asked.

'When Ginny and I first started looking, we realised it would need to fit a lot of people and the Weasley family is still growing. So even though we both liked the house, yes, bigger was better. How will you go Hermione?'

'I'll be fine Harry and it's not like I have to spend time with him but the kids can.'

'What about you Draco, this will be your first Christmas with my large family?'

'I'm looking forward to it. I've gotten to know you and Oliver, Percy and Audrey, George and Angelina. I finally got a chance to know your parents, so that leaves Bill, Fleur and Charlie, unless Charlie has a girlfriend or partner by now?'

'No, he's still single, but he does seem to want to meet you and he asked me about you and Harry a few times.' Ginny smiled.

Harry and Draco grinned, 'He's gay,' they said together making everyone laugh.

'That's what I figured and it's made me think about the way Charlie has been over the years. Now I've seen you two together, I know what to look for. The signs might only be very subtle, but if you take notice anyone can tell, well I can.'

'Why don't you lot stay for dinner, the kids can spend some time together?' Harry asked and everyone agreed, so James, Rose and Hugo took off up to James room, where Harry ended up holding Sarah. But the three different parts of the same family all had a great time together.

Harry and Draco arrived at Ginny and Oliver's place on Christmas morning before everyone else so they could spend some time with James before all his aunt, uncles and cousins arrived. After that was Hermione, Rose and Hugo, then everyone else arrived.

'Ollie, can you and Harry get the table set please?' Ginny called from the kitchen.

'We've got it love, come on Harry and at least you know where everything is.'

'Yeah, I should,' Harry and Oliver got the table set and did a good job before they finally got everyone a drink but they also tried to dodge all the kids running around or the boys trying to get away from Victoire who kept trying to kiss her cousins.

'Victoire, don't go kissing all the boys,' Bill called.

'It's got to be Fleur's influence Bill, she always snogged you, so her daughter is doing the same thing,' Harry laughed as he watched Victoire corner James and kissed his cheek, 'Where's Charlie, I thought he'd be here by now?'

'He said he'd be a bit late but in time for the food,' George called, 'he eats like Ron.'

'I didn't think anyone could eat like Ron,' Harry said who saw Ron look towards him and all Harry could do was nod but he still couldn't smile at him.

Just before Ginny and Oliver put all the food on the table, Charlie walked in with a tall blond man and they were holding hands. Harry, Draco, Hermione, Ginny and Oliver all grinned.

'Daddy and Draco was right, he is gay,' James said making everyone laugh.

'Are you talking about me sport?' Charlie said ruffling James' hair.

'Yep, they said you were gay and you are, well you're holding hands with a man, so you must be. Like daddy and Draco do, well they always snog, do you snog him Uncle Charlie?'

'Ease up James, Uncle Charlie just got here,' Harry hugged his son.

'To answer your questions James, yes I do, all the time. So everyone, my partner Jasper, Jasper, well they can introduce themselves, theirs too blasted many of them and it's still growing.'

One by one everyone shook Jasper's hand even all the kids did before they sat down with their family.

'So how did you and Draco know I was gay Harry?'

'Ginny mentioned how you seem to ask about us and wanted to see Dra, that is just too obvious mate.'

'Well after hearing all about you two and that everyone seemed fine with you being gay, I thought I should tell everyone and they could meet Jasper who I've been with for three years by the way.'

'By the look of him Charlie, he works with you doesn't he?' Ginny asked.

'Yes, we both work with dragons,' Jasper said, 'I handle the smaller ones though, Charlie the big ones.'

'I want to see a dragon but Uncle Charlie won't bring one home to show me,' James sulked.

'I don't think your dad would like that James, he's had two bad experiences with dragons.'

'How about on our next holiday James, we go visit Charlie and you can see the dragons. But I won't be going anywhere near them.'

James cheered and hugged Charlie before hugging his father making everyone laugh.

'Boys and dragons, they never change.' Molly smiled at her grandson.

'I wish I could go James,' Hugo said sulkily.

'If it's alright with your Uncle Harry and Uncle Draco, they might take you with them Hugo, why don't you asked them?' Hermione smirked over at Harry and Draco.

'Can I Uncle Harry, Uncle Draco, take me with you, I want to see the big dragons, please, please?'

Harry and Draco laughed at their nephew but noticed Ron watching his son, 'Well it's alright with your mum but what about your dad, is it alright with him?' Harry asked.

All eyes turned to Ron, 'Um, yeah, Hugo can go with you and Draco Harry, he'll have a good time.'

'Thanks daddy,' Hugo hugged his father before hugging Harry and Draco then ran off with James.

'Dinner will be on the table in a few minutes, so go clean up,' Ginny yelled after the boys, 'Are you two going to be alright with two excited boys, not to mention Charlie?'

'Hey sis, I keep my excitement behind closed doors.'

'We didn't near to hear that Charlie,' Bill smiled as he shook his head at his brother.

'We'll be fine Ginny and those two might be loud when their together, but they don't cause any problems, especially if they haven't got any girls chasing them trying to kiss them. Hey, maybe their like me, Draco, Charlie and Jasper,' Harry grinned making everyone laugh because no one knows how those boys will be when they grew up.

After that, everyone made their way to the dining room, but the conversation never stopped. A lot of it was getting to know Jasper and him getting to know the family he was now part of, but all have a wonderful time with wonderful food even Ron was included in the conversations which made everyone relax more which made their day with family that much more enjoyfull and special. The family were still close even if Harry, Hermione and Ron would always be a little distant, but at least it didn't stop the family being together.

The end: