Disclaimer: Everything that you recognize from the Harry Potter books belong to J.K. Rowling. The poem at the end is mine.

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The rating should be somewhere between PG-13 and R, I put R just to be sure.


A hungry look before she let her tongue run over the delicious skin.

"Your legs remind me of vanilla fudge sprinkled on cream."

"Who are you and what have you done to Hermione?"

"Hermione just realised she's underfed."

A hand caressing the before licked calf while keeping eye contact; hungry eyes feeding on every given emotion and sensation. Hand glides up a bit, joined by a daring gaze.

Do you want to?

A mischievous smile served with some lip biting.


Climbing to get on top, unaware of an essay that she'll a few hours later find creased. Closing in on her favourite pair of lips, enjoying the closeness for a second before letting her tongue run over the strawberry flavoured surface. They share a kiss, they share saliva, air, space… they share a moment that will be split in two and forever stored in their memories.

Trembling hands under clothes, bras being undone, bodies getting undressed and then explored. New erogenous zone found, the old ones maintained. Kisses, nibbles, bites, blows, teeth, tongue and hands laced together to an amorous pattern of love and devotion.

Places where everyone isn't welcomed getting visited. Shaky but adventurous touches discovering new joys. Rubbing. Sweat and heavy breathing wherefrom a heap of wonder is born. Wow and oh my. At the same time.


when i look back at those days
strawberries and cream
i never really understood
it was like a never-ending dream

whispers under the quilt at night
life was our favourite toy
soft beds and pillow-fights
hours and hours of utter joy