Dean felt his heart jump just a little bit when he saw Seth fall into that table, but he was too amped up on match adrenaline to think about it too much. As the referee finished counting three, he felt the intensity of their surprise, disappointment, and hatred wash over him, and he knew he had done his job. He headed back up the ramp. When he saw Seth at the top, he immediately looked for anything obviously wrong, but all he saw was that familiar look of bliss in Seth's eyes. He had nothing to worry about. The three of them headed toward the back.

"Man, you alright?" Roman said to Seth, a look of concern on his face. "That was one crazy-ass bump."

"Yeah man. I'm fine. That was was fucking amazing. Who gets to debut like that? Fucking awesome."

Roman still looked concerned. "You should probably go get yourself checked out anyway, dude. You don't know how you'll feel once all the adrenaline wears off, you know?"

"Yeah, just go to the trainer now. They're gonna make you get checked out anyway. You know how they are about concussions," Dean said.

"Fine, whatever, I'll do it. I'll see you guys in the back," Seth walked away toward the trainer's room.

As Dean and Roman walked toward the locker room, Dean thought about that look of bliss he saw on Seth's face. Dean had known a lot of pain junkies in the business, but never one quite like Seth. He kind of envied him in a way. To Dean, the pain was just a necessary evil – something he had to deal with to do what he loved. What got Dean going was getting a reaction. Nothing in the world felt better than connecting with a crowd and getting them to do whatever he wanted. When he got in the zone, it was like he could feel every little thing they felt. The pain was necessary to give the crowd what they needed, but when he felt sore and broken at the end of the day, after the rush of the crowd was gone, he wondered sometimes if it was really worth it. He knew Seth didn't really have that problem. He was able to take all the pain and turn it into something else entirely.

Dean realized he was pacing around the locker room. He sat down and tried to look at his email on his phone, but he quickly noticed he wasn't actually reading anything. Why did he feel nervous? Yes, it had been a little while since Seth went to the trainer – Dean had already showered and changed and Seth still wasn't back – but really, why did he feel so fucking nervous? He couldn't figure it out. Okay, maybe he was a little worried – Seth looked fine, hell, even more than fine afterward, but you never know – and, okay, he'd admit it, it might have been selfish, too. Honestly, ever since he found out they'd booked this match, he thought about what might happen tonight. He thought about what happened before, and he thought about just how much more intense this match was going to be – their WWE debut, T L motherfucking C, all that shit, and really, it was kind of hard not to imagine all the possibilities, and kind of hard not to be just a little bit disappointed that maybe it wouldn't pan out. Did that make him a selfish asshole? Maybe. At this point he just kind of hoped that everyone else in the locker room didn't think he was acting like a fucking weirdo, with all the pacing and shit.

Seth walked in, looking, well, pretty fucking normal, and Dean felt a little less nervous. Dean waited for Seth to walk over.

"So, what's the deal? What'd they say?"

"They cleared me for Raw tomorrow – they couldn't find anything wrong with me. They acted like it was a fucking miracle or something, but whatever. They did all of that, like, concussion screening shit, and it took fucking forever because I guess they couldn't believe it, but it's cool. Like I said, I'm fine. I didn't need a fucking trainer to tell me that."

"You sure? You think I should take you back to the hotel now?"

"Well, I'm fine, but I guess it wouldn't hurt. I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to me or anything." Seth laughed, and Dean thought he knew why.

Seth stepped into the hotel shower and slid the door closed. He inhaled the steam deeply and enjoyed the relief of the hot water on his muscles, though the water also stung a few cuts he didn't realize he had. He really hadn't noticed any soreness at all until he'd felt the relief of the shower, not that it surprised him. His whole body still buzzed with all of the adrenaline and endorphins from the match, and he knew it would still be a while before he came down. He picked up the soap and lathered up, trying to focus on the sensations coursing through his body. Some of them he liked, and some of them he didn't. Basically, at this point, he felt high as a kite, euphoric almost, but also tense and a little shaky, too. And, of course, as soon as he touched his cock he felt it practically spring to life, begging for attention. He ignored it, for now, and started to rinse himself off. It was more fun that way.

Before long, Seth heard the shower door open behind him. He looked over his shoulder and saw Dean get in and shut the door. "Guess he couldn't wait," Seth thought. Seth noticed that Dean was already hard, but that wasn't really what got his attention. He looked up at Dean's eyes – they looked crazed and focused in a way that made fear well up in Seth's body. The fresh adrenaline mixed deliciously with everything else buzzing through Seth. While Seth's body felt afraid, his mind knew better by now, but Seth did his best to shut it down for the moment. "This is it," he told himself. "This time it's for real."

Seth suddenly worried that Dean saw him staring. He turned his head away. Dean approached behind him, and soon Seth could feel Dean's breath on his ear. Dean wrapped his arms around Seth and brushed his hands up to rest on Seth's chest. Seth knew Dean could feel his pounding heart.

"That's right," Dean hissed into his ear, "You should be scared. You know what I'm going to do to you." Dean slowly ran his fingertips up the length of Seth's neck, then pressed a fingertip against Seth's lips. Reflexively, Seth took Dean's finger into his mouth. Dean laughed a little bit – that fucking cocky laugh – then pulled his finger out of Seth's mouth, then Dean reached between Seth's legs and found Seth's growing hardness. At Dean's touch, Seth felt waves of violet electricity pulse from his cock throughout his entire body – he knew they were violet, but he didn't know why. – and he heard a moan escape his own mouth.

Dean laughed again. "You're such a fucking slut. You're fucking scared shitless because you know what I'm going to do, but here you are, fucking hard, moaning like a fucking whore, when anyone with any fucking sense would've already run away from me by now. Turn around. I want to fucking see you."

Seth obeyed. He watched Dean look him up and down, almost scornfully, then his eyes settled on Seth's now rock-hard cock, and he laughed yet again. If Dean was trying to make Seth feel ashamed, it was starting to work, as Seth felt another layer joining the growing storm within him. Seth's head was swimming as Dean pushed Seth down onto his knees. Seth's lips parted and he felt himself start to salivate as he stared at Dean's cock. Dean grabbed Seth's head and slowly pushed his cock down Seth's throat until his whole length was inside. He knew just how to do it to avoid triggering Seth's gag reflex. Seth could breathe with Dean's cock down his throat but it wasn't easy. Dean held onto Seth's head and started slowly fucking his mouth, then Dean began to quicken his pace until Seth started to gag and retch, despite Seth's best efforts not to. Seth's eyes started to water. Dean kept going until Seth nearly vomited, then pushed Seth off him. As Seth struggled to catch his breath, Dean shut off the water and opened the shower door. Seth shivered as he adjusted to the temperature of the room. Suddenly, Dean pulled Seth up by his hair. Seth heard the blood rushing in his ears as he stood up.

"Come on," Dean barked. "Get out. Get on the fucking bed." Seth found his footing and stepped out of the shower. He swore he could see all the different colors of electricity coursing through his body. He tried to think of a way to describe how it felt – fucking exquisite was the only thing that came to mind. Seth walked toward the bed and, before he knew it, he felt Dean throw him onto bed, face down, bent over the edge of the bed. Seth heard a drawer opening and soon after he felt Dean spreading a generous amount of lube onto his ass. Seth shivered just a bit. Dean put his hand on Seth's upper back and pressed him down as he slowly entered him. After a few slow thrusts, Dean took his hand off Seth's back and pulled Seth by his chin up toward him, then slowly moved his hand down until he held Seth loosely around his neck. The sensation of Dean's hand around his neck drove Seth absolutely crazy, and when Dean thrust into him with his hand around his neck, he couldn't help but moan.

"You're fucking hilarious," Dean whispered. "This is all your fucking fault, you know."

Dean lowered Seth's head back down to the bed, but kept his hand around Seth's neck while he continued slowly fucking him. Dean tightened his grip around Seth's neck just a little bit, but in his mind, Seth felt Dean crushing his windpipe. Seth closed his eyes tightly and pressed his face into the bed. Tension built up inside him and he started to thrash, but it was no use. He felt sure that he had taken his last breath. Everything turned white. All of the tension in his body poured out of him and he was filled with peaceful euphoria. For a moment, he felt like he was floating out of his body, but he soon became aware of the sensation of Dean's other hand wrapped tightly around his cock. Seth felt his cock pulsing as he exploded onto Dean's hand. Once he was done, Dean waited a few moments before slowly let go, and out of the corner of his eye, Seth saw Dean bring that hand to his own mouth. After a little while, Seth felt Dean press his body hard against his, and Dean began furiously thrusting into him. It wasn't long before he heard Dean groan and felt Dean's cock pulse inside of him. Seth was overcome with a wave of exhaustion and soon fell asleep with Dean still inside of him.

Seth woke up on his belly under the covers, and wondered how he got there. He noticed that his body finally felt sore. He turned onto his side and saw Dean sitting in the chair next to his bed, staring at his phone. As Seth stirred, Dean looked up at him, his eyes now filled with nothing but softness.