First, before your read this, I must warn you that most of these characters are made up, and that this story is completely pointless! Ok, run along now and read the first chappie!


It was a perfectly normal day for Legolas, his knife thrower friend Deliarna, and Nakarma. All three were just hanging around in the forest, as usual, when Deliarna and Legolas started arguing while Nakarma talked to no one in particular. This is how the argument went.

"Hey, Deliarna, remember that time I dared you to race me through the trees?" He laughed at the simple thought.

Deliarna smirked. "Oh, yes, I remember. I fell, and you were laughing so hard that you fell too, and we both ended up in the healing wards that day. How could I possibly forget such a lovely memory?"

Legolas looked disappointed. "Oh, no, Deliarna, is someone grumpy because of the time I bent their best knife from their knife collection all the way back to the handle?" He sayed in his most pouty voice, making it sound like he was talking to a five year old and not his psychotic friend.

"Oh, don't even get me started on that one, pretty boy. You almost got your head cut off on that one, if my knife hadn't been bended back. You chose to do that at the right time, or you may not have gotten so lucky. I suggest that you don't say anything else."

"Oh, yeah, Chef Gazpacho?"

While the two friends, oh, sorry, fiends, fought, Nakarma ignored them completely. One of them could've killed the other and Nakarma wouldn't had cared in the least. She was way too busy talking to the rock next to her. Yeah, she could do that sort of thing, and people called her weird for it. But after everything going on in the world these days, she thought, they really had no room to talk.

The argument was getting really heated when suddenly a loud noise rang throughout the before silent forest. Legolas stopped midsentence, Deliarna midstab, and both stared into the brush, as if expecting something to come bursting out of the forest. Nakarma even stopped talking to her rock for a few moments to keep the silence going, and then awkwardly broke it by screaming at the top of her lungs, "WE'RE OVER HERE! WHAT DO YOU WANT?"

Legolas and Deliarna both exchanged looks of understanding, and for the first time, agreement. Before Nakarma could even register anything, both Deliarna and Legolas threw her into the nearby stream. They walked off so that if she ever came back out, she would be completely alone, which was giving her her way.

Both walked on, silent after their argument, and after a while, Deliarna started busying herself by sharpening her knives with a sharp rock. "So, do you wanna see my knife collection? It's deep in the forest, so no one can hear you, even if you scream at the top of your lungs."

Legolas shook his head nervously. "No thank you. I choose life." Deliarna nodded. "Hey, if you don't want to see my knife collection, can I at least show you my chainsaw collection? It's in a shed deep in the forest too, only even farther so no one can hear the chainsaw." Legolas stopped in his tracks.

"Deliarna, how many shacks do you have hidden deep in the bowls of the forest?" Deliarna laughed. "You said bowls!" Legolas sighed. They walked until they decided to sit down at the edge of a small creek. Deliarna stopped and looked around. "So, I'm bored. Whatcha wanna do?" Before either could answer, a girl hopped down from a large tree, and almost made Deliarna pee her pants.

"Hi, I'm Jaylin! Have you seen a boy around here, ye wide, ye tall, with the face of a retarded squirrel?" Both Legolas and Deliarna shook their heads, and Jaylin's shoulders slumped. "Darn it! Man, that kid is everywhere. One minute, I catch him, and he somehow manages to get ahold of a tezer gun, and the next thing I know, I'm on fire and he's making a break for it!"

Legolas and Deliarna look at each other, and Legolas steps forward. "What's the kid's name?" Jaylin sighed. "Steve. He is constantly running away from me, even though I'm the only one who likes him. I mean, he is my brother, he just doesn't look like it and when we go out in public I walk on the other side of the road to make sure no one thinks we're related in any way. How could he just run away like this?"

Legolas shrugged. "We'll help you find him." Deliarna shot around and gave Legolas an imploring stare. "SAY WHAT?" she asked in a high pitched voice, and Legolas smiled. "Yeah, we'll definitely help you find him. Deliarna, maybe you could show him your, um...collection, once we find him, too."

Deliarna caught herself before she could say, "That's suicide!" This was her only opportunity to show off her prized collection, and she wanted to take advantage. "I'm in!"

So, they set off to find the retarded squirrel faced boy, Jaylin disappearing into the trees once more. Both Deliarna and Legolas didn't object. They had secrets they wanted to keep of their own as well.


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