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Landing in the courtyard of Rivendell on a flying pegacorn sure was a very surprising entrance, and several Elves clapped at the grand entrance. Legolas hopped down, while Bob just flung the rest of Legolas's...friends, off of his back. Legolas petted Bob's muzzle. "Good job, Bob." Deliarna was the first to recover from her fly, to Legolas's annoyance. "Well, Peggy has a temper!"

The nickname earned her another lump on the head, and more falling on the ground. Suddenly, Legolas smiled as he heard the heavy footsteps of a Man. The only Man he knew of in Rivendell. He turned around, and was met by an eager Estel running towards him, screaming, "LEGOLAS!" Estel rammed into Legolas, knocking both over. But, when they got up, Legolas returned Estel's embrace before standing back and turning to his other companions. "Guys, this is Aragorn, or as the Elves in Rivendell call him, Estel. Estel, this is Deliarna, Jaylin, Nakarma, and you've already met Bob." Estel waved at Bob. Bob just snorted in greeting.

Estel turned around to Legolas, searching the Elf over with a healers' eye. Then, he finally grinned. "Long time, no injury, I see?" Legolas smiled sheepishly. "Well...we did encounter wolves, but we killed them all off. One bit me, but it's healing fast." Deliarna suddenly snorted. "WE? No, the Elf did nothing. Yet he was the only one who got injured." Estel smiled at her, and then at Legolas. "She'll never let you live that down, will she?" Legolas shook his head sorrowfully, but was more than surprised when his friend ran off, calling behind him, "And neither will the twins when I tell them!"

Legolas's face went bright red, and he raced to catch up with Estel. The rest of his group just stood there, wondering where the heck the Elf and his buddy had gone, before Jaylin started singing 'Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer', to everyone's annoyance.

Legolas finally caught up to Estel, and they chatted fluently in Elvish. Legolas swore he saw some Elves wearing ear plugs as he walked past, and assumed that Jaylin had started singing once more, glad that he wasn't near his other companions.

Before Legolas and Aragorn knew it, cold water was thrown in their faces, and when they had gotten the water out of their eyes, they saw the blurry faces of Elladan and Elrohir. "Hey, Legolas, why are you so wet? Everyone here knows that you can't swim!" The four laughed together, just like old times. Legolas smiled. He was glad to be back home.


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