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As the crate continued to move, Legolas stopped arguing for a minute. Deliarna immediately stopped talking. "What is it, Eddie?" she asked, not wanting to stop the argument but having no other choice.

"I think that we might want to get out of here, if we don't want to end up sleeping with the fishes." Deliarna nodded. "Well, yeah, but, don't Wood Elves have magical powers or something? Maybe you can get us out of here." Legolas snorted.

"I'm not Hermione Granger! I can't just poof us back to land." Deliarna looked at Legolas like he was a monkey with a laser gun. "Did you just compare yourself to a GIRL?" Legolas froze, and then his cheeks turned red with embarrassment. "No, I just, ya know…didn't have another example in my mind. I'm in a state of panic right now!" Deliarna laughed. "Yeah, like I would believe that, Mrs. Eddie. Now, come on, we have to find a way out of here."

Legolas nodded, glad the subject had changed. "Well, what do you suppose we do, Chef Gazpacho?" Deliarna looked at him with a fierce glare, and he swore that the glare burned him on the inside as well as on the outside. Then, he got an idea.

"Hey, Gazpacho, remember the time that I bent your knife all the way backwards? Or the time that I pushed you into a frog pond and a poor fish was suffocating in your pants?" Deliarna looked like she was at her boiling point, her face as red as the hilt of her knife. "Are you TRYING to push it, WOODIE?" She asked, barely containing her anger, just staring at him with a fiery stare. Legolas moved aside a little so that she was partially looking at the wood. The smoke burned a little, and soon, black smoke was filling the crate, although Deliarna didn't seem to care. Legolas just kept going.

"Or the time that we put shower gel in your tooth paste holder? Or the time that you wouldn't leave when my father came to punish us, and you ended up not seeing me for two hundred years?" At this last one, Deliarna's expression turned sad, and her glare softened ever so slightly, and Legolas swore that he saw tears in her eyes. "Legolas, stop it!" She yelled, only it came out as more of a sob. Then, the crate finally burned through, and both plunged into the water.

"Oh, so this was what you were trying to do! Why didn't you just tell me your idea before? That could've saved a LOT of time!" she yelled over the waves lapping against them and the roar of the nearing water fall. "No time for explanations now, if you want to live! Grab onto a piece of wood and start paddling!" So both grabbed a big piece of wood. Legolas got to the shore faster because of his Elven strength, and he helped Deliarna get the rest of the way by pulling her onto the shore. They looked towards the water fall, which was a dangerously close distance away. Deliarna sat down and started drying out her hair. "You owe me an explanation, Eddie!" She said.

But before Legolas could respond, the bushes rustled slightly behind Legolas. Both stared frighteningly at the bush, and Legolas grabbed his bow, which he had miraculously recovered from the river and a arrow. They both waited as the rustling grew louder, and Legolas drew back his bow as the creature stepped out of the bush.


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