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Chapter 1

"Ow! That hurts!"

Ignoring the whine from the squirming blond, Gaara continued to wrap the injured limb with smooth, precise movements. "Don't move so much."

"You don't need to wrap it; I'll heal soon anyways," Naruto grumbled but obediently stopped moving.

Once he was satisfied, Gaara moved back and placed the rest of the gauze back on the table while Naruto inspected his bandaged arm.

"You would have bled all over the place," Gaara calmly pointed out as he turned to face the disgruntled, shirtless young man seated on the bed.

"Yeah, but—" Naruto began.

"And you didn't want to call Haruno-san," Gaara smoothly interrupted, crossing his arms disapprovingly.

"But…" Naruto started before scowling. He hadn't wanted to worry Sakura, and he wasn't bleeding that much anyways. From the intent look on Gaara's face as he surveyed Naruto, the redhead was feeling a bit guilty for being the cause of his injuries.

"Does it still hurt?"

"Huh?" Naruto blinked at the sudden question.

"Your injuries," Gaara flicked a glance towards his bandaged arm and multitude of bruises.

"Oh. Nope! I'm perfectly fine!" Naruto said cheerfully. "Don't worry about it – I'm the one who wanted to spar! You've gotten really good at controlling your sand, but my new technique I'm developing will be unbeatable once I perfect it."

The redhead went silent as Naruto babbled, still staring at him with that intent, slightly troubled look. To anyone else, the young sand nin would have appeared expressionless, but Naruto had known Gaara long enough to recognize the subtle hints of emotion.

The blond paused his chatter and gentled his tone. "Gaara? Don't worry about it, really. I'm fine."

The slight wrinkling of his brow indicated the redhead's distress, but he didn't answer. The friendly spar had gotten a little out of hand, but that had been mostly Naruto's fault. They didn't get to see each other often, considering they were from different villages, and they rarely got to spend time together when Gaara was here on kage business. Naruto had jumped at the chance when he discovered Gaara had some free time to spare earlier today. It had gone well until Naruto had realized how pretty the young Kazekage looked with the sun turning his reddish auburn hair into a brilliant autumn blaze and how his milky-white skin seemed to glow like moonlight.

The brief hesitance in his movements had given Gaara the chance to slip through his defenses and throw Naruto with his sand – but the Kazekage hadn't expected Naruto to simply allow himself to be thrown. Naruto, still in a daze, had crashed into the surrounding foliage, the kunai he held slipping from his fingers and slicing a deep gash into his forearm.

Needless to say, Gaara had quickly ended the spar, wanting to rush Naruto to the hospital, but had reluctantly taken him back to Naruto's home when the blond had refused to worry his pink-haired teammate or receive a severe tongue lashing about bothering the leader of another village.

Currently, he was seated on his bed with the redhead looking over him with that slightly worried look in his jade-green eyes. Naruto felt a tad bit guilty. He hadn't told Gaara about his feelings. As impulsive as he was, even Naruto knew pushing things with the emotionally deprived sand nin wasn't a good idea, especially since Gaara hadn't shown any of the same feelings towards him. Progress had been slow but it was getting there.

Two years after the war with Madara, the villages had settled in, and visits from the Kazekage had been more frequent to stabilize the last of the treaties of the allied nations. Naruto had used all of those chances to find some time, even if it had only been a few minutes, with Gaara. It had taken almost four months before Gaara had stopped tensing under Naruto's friendly touches, a year before Gaara tentatively returned them – even then, those were few and far between – and nearly a year and a half before his rare smiles became – slightly – more frequent. Even so, that didn't stop Naruto from dropping hints – not that they really helped since Gaara remained clueless.

"Are you alright?"

Naruto shook himself from his thoughts, smiling brilliantly at the redhead, who was looking at him oddly – probably because Naruto's prolonged silence had been unusual. "Yeah, like I said, I'll be all healed soon."

The reassurance didn't make Gaara look any less concerned.

"Would you like me to do anything?" the redhead inquired hesitantly.

"Huh? For what?" Naruto asked.

"To ease your pain," Gaara said, apparently still convinced Naruto had life-threatening injuries.

"Gaara, I'm—" Naruto stopped, an idea forming in his head. "Actually…"

Gaara tilted his head slightly, waiting expectantly. Naruto resisted the urge to squeeze the Kazekage. He had no right to look so damn adorable! Determinedly pushing those thoughts away, Naruto held up his bandaged arm.

"It kinda hurts a bit," Naruto told him, feeling a little guilty himself when he saw the guilty look flash in the redhead's eyes. His injuries actually didn't bother him at all. "But you can make it feel better."


"Come closer," Naruto beckoned.

The Kazekage hesitated for only a second before he stepped closer until they were nearly in touching distance, gazing down at him with that cutely worried look. Naruto almost smiled but remembered he was supposed to be hurting.

"What am I supposed to do?" Gaara asked.

Naruto took a deep, steadying breath. It was now or never. "Kiss the hurt away."

Gaara gave a slow blink when the words registered, a slight frown pulling at his lips. "…Kiss?"

Naruto nodded. "Yeah. If you kiss the wound, then the pain goes away."

"Really?" the redhead asked, tilting his head curiously.

Naruto nodded sagely. "Trust me; it works."

The redhead looked doubtful, but when he glanced at the bandaged limb, he slowly gave a single nod of affirmation. "Okay."

Naruto should have felt guilty for using Gaara's guilt and naiveté, but he was much too excited when the redhead gently took the injured limb and leaned down. He willed his heart to stop pounding in his chest as soft-looking lips pressed against the bandage for a brief second.

"Is it better?" Gaara questioned when he lifted his head, unaware of the blond's inward delight.

"Yes," Naruto breathed. "But my bruises still hurt. Can you do those, too?"

Gaara nodded. "Where?"

"Here," Naruto pointed to the already fading bruise on his shoulder.

Gaara had to move closer to reach that one. Naruto, still shirtless and seated on the bed, allowed the redhead to stand between his knees. When the soft touch of lips met his shoulder, the blond had to hold back his shudder of pleasure.

"Here, too," he murmured huskily, pointing to the tiny bruise on his collarbone, biting back a groan when the redhead kissed it too.

"And here," he touched the nearly invisible bruise on his jawline, hoping that the sand nin didn't notice his...predicament. Nothing like an erection to spoil the moment.

Once Gaara had kissed the nonexistent bruise, he pulled back slightly. "Does it still hurt?"

Naruto's throat was suddenly dry. "One last place."


"Here," Naruto's slightly trembling finger pointed at his lips, his heart threatening to leap out of his chest.

Gaara stared at him for a long minute. Naruto waited in anticipation, feeling like he would die if the redhead didn't respond. The sand nin seemed to be analyzing the situation carefully, and Naruto hoped the redhead didn't kill him if he realized he'd been tricked into giving kisses.

"You didn't get hurt there," Gaara finally said.

"It hurts," Naruto did his best imitation of a kicked puppy. Screw it. If he got turned into a pile of bloody goo, at least he'd die a happy pile of bloody goo.

The redhead seemed to debate over this. "Will you feel better?"

Naruto nodded vigorously, trying and probably failing to not look too eager. "Yes. It'll make me feel a lot better."

There was a slight hesitance before the redhead nodded once. "Okay."

Naruto forced himself to hold still when the sand nin placed slim hands on his shoulders – presumably for balance – as he leaned in. The blond didn't close his eyes, not wanting to miss a moment. Gaara paused barely an inch away, their warm breaths mingling, his jade green eyes studying the blond intently before he closed the last inch and pressed incredibly soft pink lips to Naruto's.

Naruto sighed out contentedly, arms instinctively winding around the redhead's slender waist and pulling him close. Gaara tensed minutely, not expecting it, but quickly relaxed in the hold. The kiss ended all too soon, however, when the redhead pulled back slightly.

"Feel better?" he asked, lips brushing against the blond's at their close proximity, his gaze never leaving a pair of heavy-lidded sky blue eyes.

"Almost," Naruto murmured, pushing his luck and leaning up to capture those perfect lips once again.

It took a couple minutes to coax Gaara's mouth open, but once he did, Naruto wasted no time in thrusting his tongue inside and sweeping the supple muscle around every crevice of the warm, wet orifice. Gods, he tasted good! The little noise of surprise Gaara made only spurred the blond on, and suddenly, the redhead found himself on the bed underneath an eager blond. They both panted, staring at each other, lips tingling. Naruto was enamored with the light pink flush on the usually stoic sand nin's face, and he was about to continue when the redhead spoke.

"I'm assuming you're better if you have the energy to move that much."

The soft monotone yet slightly breathless voice broke through Naruto's cloud of lust, and he realized exactly who he was about to ravish and why he shouldn't. Disappointment filled him, but he chuckled as he rested his forehead on the sand nin's staring into the other's eyes.

"Yeah," he replied softly. "I'm feeling better."

They stayed like that for another minute before Naruto forced himself to move from the nice position. He picked up his shirt and slipped it on, watching Gaara get off the bed.

"I have a meeting in twenty minutes. If I don't see you afterwards, we will talk another time," the redhead said, back in his cool, calm Kazekage mode.

"Sure. Have fun talking with Granny Tsunade," Naruto said, smiling genuinely when the redhead nodded in response, picking up his gourd by the door and silently leaving.

Ten minutes later, Naruto was warming a pot of water for his ramen, whistling cheerily. Progress had never felt so good.