The Star

It's the bottom of the ninth, the Rangers lead the Yankees by one. The count is 0-2, with runners at the corners. Closing pitcher Claire Farron, nicknamed "Lightning" by her fellow Texans, trying to close out the night and the series in one shot. She winds up, and the pitch. She threw a smoking one hundred and one mile per hour fastball, the batter never had a chance, STRIKE THREE! The Rangers win! The Rangers win the World Series!

One second she had thrown the pitch, the next she was getting rushed by the other players, and then fans that jumped onto the field. The next thing she knew, she had been hoisted onto someone's shoulders, the hero of the day. After being subbed in to close the game, she had pitched a no-hitter and brought them their World Series victory.

Afterwards she found herself the center of a media storm. Every sports magazine wanted her face on it, every company wanted her to be their spokesman. The Rangers renewed her contract for big money and she bought a house just outside of Houston for herself and her sister Serah, who was currently attending the University of Texas in Arlington. The name Lightning Farron was all over baseball and she was a star.

She was currently sitting in a bar just down the street from the stadium called The Bat and the Ball. She downed another shot of whiskey and drank from her beer when a man approached her. She had become used to the attention and was about to rebuff him, but stopped when something about him seemed familiar. "Claire Farron? I'm Snow Villiers, do you remember me ?" She looked up at him, a little hazy from the alcohol, "Sounds familiar, did you go to Lamar High?" He smiled and nodded, "Yeah, that's it. We were on the baseball team together. I played second base." Claire remembered that she didn't like Snow very much, "Yeah, I remember you were terrible at it."

Snow sat down next to Claire, "Right, I was hoping you didn't remember that much. Bartender, a shot and a brew." Claire glared at him, "What do you think you're doing?" Snow looked confused, "Catching up with an old friend." Claire grabbed him by the collar, "I'm not your friend, Villiers, I never liked you. I still don't like you and I want to be left alone so go the fuck away." Snow was given his drinks and shook his head, "You haven't changed since high school. You were always a bitch, and I guess you always will be. I just wanted to congratulate you on making it big, but I can see you're in no mood."

Snow started to walk away, Claire stopped him, "Look, I'm sorry for going off on you. A lot of people have been bothering me lately and I'm getting frustrated with it all. I didn't mean to take it out on you. Let me buy you a drink." Snow sat back down and took his shot of whiskey, "Yeah, your sister said you've been pretty down." Claire glared at him again, "My sister? You've been taking to Serah?" Snow rubbed the back of his neck, he would never admit it but Claire scared him, "Yeah, I added her on Facebook and we've been chatting a bit. You know I always had a crush on her."

Claire took another drink, she started to feel it. Her words were slurred and harsh, "You stay away from her, Villiers, or I swear I'll kill you." Two men walked up to her, "Hey, are you Lightning Farron?" She turned in her chair, saw the two men wearing Rangers hats and shirts and promptly threw up on them. Snow apologized to the men, "Looks like she's had too much, I'll take her home." Snow picked Claire up and carried her to his car, to spite her constant threats of violence, and drove her home.

He knocked and Serah came to the door, noticed a large man carrying her sister and sighed, "Again? Come on in." Snow carried Claire inside and deposited her on a couch, "Hey, Serah, it's been a long time. You look great." Serah blushed, "Thanks, you look good too." Snow motioned towards Claire, "What's wrong with her?" Serah sat next to Claire and brushed her hair back, "I don't think the fame agrees with her. She doesn't like being approached all the time and harassed whenever she goes out. She's been spending a lot of time at the bar lately. I hope she gets over this."

Snow stood awkwardly in their living room, "Umm...I should probably go." Serah stood up and showed him to the door, "Yeah, thanks for bringing her home. I'll see you again sometime." Snow gulped, "Yeah, about that. I was wondering...would you..." He stuttered and Serah snickered at him, "You're really cute, Snow. Bye." She closed the door and he slumped, Way to go, smooth talker.


The winter left and it was time for spring training camp, Claire showed up to a lot of fanfare. "Lightning, it's good to see you." Coach Amodar shook her hand, "Coach, it's good to be back." She walked out to the field and everyone she passed waved at her or cheered. "We're bumping you up, Lightning. You're gonna be our starter this season." Claire's eyes threatened to pop out of her head, "Are you serious?" Amodar nodded, "Yep, get out there and show us your stuff."

Lightning got on the mount and powdered her hands, putting on her glove that felt like a second hand. She readied herself, wound up and fired at the man behind the plate. The readouts all read ninety miles per hour. "She's good, but is she starter material?" Amodar looked at his assistant, "She's just getting warmed up." Lightning threw a curveball and then a slider, finishing with a one hundred mile per hour fastball." The assistant's eyes widened and Amodar smiled, "See, she's good."

Lightning's arm felt good, and she was happy to be back on the mound. She looked around and noticed a tall, dark haired woman watching her. Without a word she grabbed a bat and approached home plate. She dropped into a batting stance and eyed Lightning down, speaking in a strange accent, "You're pretty good, but let's see you get one past me."

Lightning's eyes narrowed, "I've got something for you." She wound up and threw a curve ball that just missed the strike zone. The woman readied herself again, "How about one I can hit."

Lightning seethed, "Alright, let's see you get this one." She wound up and fired one down the middle, the woman swung and connected, sending the ball straight back to Lightning. She dodged it and rushed the plate, "What the hell was that, are you trying to kill me?" The woman drew up to her full height and stood her ground, "It was a hit, hotshot. What's the matter, can't strike me out?" Lightning stood toe-to-toe with her, "Are you trying to get under my skin? Because it won't work." The woman smirked at her, "I already have, hotshot."

Amodar approached the women, who had drawn a crowd, "Enough, ladies. That's enough." He pulled them apart, Lightning was still seething, "Who is this bitch?" The woman started towards her but Amodar held her back, "Lightning, this is Oerba Yun Fang. She's a minor league player from Australia who made the team by knocking nearly every pitch thrown at her out of the park. She's a phenom and we need the both of you, so get along."

Lightning threw her glove down and stalked off, Fang watched her walk away amused, "She's a firecracker." Amodar looked at her, "You shouldn't antagonize her." Fang walked towards the batting cages, "Trust me, coach, I know what I'm doing."

This is my first foray into writing Flight fanfiction. I've always wanted to write a baseball story. If anyone reads this, I will be shocked.