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Vega had spent the night. Holy shit. When I awoke, wrapped up in her arms, for the first time I felt light and happy. I couldn't quite put into words the elation that I felt when I opened my eyes and saw Vega's peaceful sleeping face. Especially knowing that she wouldn't be bolting shortly after she woke up. I pressed my lips lightly to her forehead, and felt her stir slightly. Dammit. I woke her up.

"If I say I could get used to this, are you going to kick me out again?" Vega said humorously as she snuggled closer to me.

I let out a long hum of thought. She sat up on her elbow and looked at me expectantly, "Of course not." I said with a smile.

She returned my grin and kissed me chastely, "Good. Because I could really get used to this." She buried her face in my hair. I pulled her closer to me and laughed.

"I'm so glad to hear you say that." I said as I chuckled.

"So where are you taking me tonight?" She asked as she pulled out of my embrace and kneeled on my bed, the loose shirt she borrowed from me practically drowning her.

I gave her a confused look as I thought about why she would be asking me something like that. Then I remembered that I had asked her on a date. Oh Jesus Christ, how was I going to put together a mind-blowing date in just a few hours?

"You think I'm going to give away the surprise?" I asked coyly as I cocked a brow at her.

"Oh, come on Jade. You know I hate surprises!" She whined as she tugged on my arm.

"All the more reason to not tell you." I teased as I sat up, running a hand through my hair, "We should get ready, huh? Gotta get to school." I groaned. I turned around to see Vega standing there in her underwear. Whatever else I was going to say was lost as my eyes slid down her body. It isn't like I hadn't seen it before, but the surprise of seeing it again caught me off guard.

"Jade." She said to me, her voice scolding as she strode past me and into my walk-in closet.

"What?" I stuttered as I turned to follow her with my eyes.

"I'm borrowing an outfit. I don't have anything to wear since I wasn't prepared for how...amazing last night turned out." She said, looking over her shoulder and giving me a smirk. She pulled out a dark red tank top and I watched as she tugged it over her head, covering those soft curves.

"I...I don't know if my pants will fit you." I stammered as she walked up to me.

"If this is how you act when you're clothed and I'm not, I'll have to remember this for future reference." She said seductively as she moved up on her tip toes to kiss me. She strutted back over to where her clothes from yesterday were and pulled on her jeans.

I shook my head, trying to compose myself as I cleared my throat and fished for my own outfit. As I dressed myself in a low-cut top and push-up bra, I smirked slightly, hoping she was prepared for her payback. I tousled my bed hair as I walked back out of my closet. She was sitting on my bed, patiently waiting for me while she typed furiously on her phone. When she looked up, her eyes grew slightly wide as her jaw fell.

"Well, don't you look...appealing." She said as she locked her phone and dropped it on her lap.

I gave her a look of amused confusion, "That works, I suppose."

She stood from the bed and walked over to me, draping her arms around my waist and pulling me close, "I love that I get to see this side of you now." She said as she smirked and pressed her lips to mine.

"You let anyone know about my soft side, and there will be hell to pay." I joked as I kissed her again.

"I wonder what kind of punishment that entails." She said as she rose her eyebrows suggestively.

"Why don't we head out to school if you wanna take that shot?" I suggested as I pulled away from her and grabbed my bag from the floor and slung it over my shoulder. I ushered her out of my room, my house, and into my car. We drove to school in relative quiet. She sang along to the songs she knew that came on my iPod, and I smiled at her eclectic taste in music.

We were at school before I really knew it, and I wondered how this would go. How the group would react to seeing us together. Aside from our whole hating each other charade, half of the group knew that something was going on behind closed doors. To see that we had opened those doors and walked out into the open together would be a spectacle, I'm sure.

We entered the school with my arm slung around her shoulders as we went to my locker first, and then hers. I leaned against the locker next to hers as I watched her concentrated face as she flipped through papers in a folder. She was beautiful. I found myself smiling, and didn't have enough time to compose myself when she looked up at me.

"What are you staring at?" She asked, amused.

My lips spread in a grin, "Probably the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. You know, not including me, because that just isn't fair." I said as I rolled my eyes.

"Ha. Ha." She said dryly as she rolled her eyes and closed her locker, "I'm really excited for tonight."

I felt a blush spread across my face, and before I could say anything a familiar voice disrupted our moment.

"How in the hell did you manage to make Jade West blush?" Andre asked as he casually walked up to us.

"None of your business." I snapped at him, though my usual venom was completely lacking.

Andre gave us a knowing smile as he nodded, "Sure. Sure. I'm sure it's got nothing to do with the butt dial I got from Tori last night."

If I wasn't blushing before, I sure as hell was at that point.

"What did you say?" I asked as I leaned forward. Vega looked at me with apologetic eyes as she fiddled with the strap of her bag.

"My phone kind of dialed Andre while we were...uh..." She cleared her throat, obviously uncomfortable with the situation.

"Oh. Jesus Christ." I said as I dramatically dropped my arms to my sides and looked at the ceiling. "So you got your free show, Harris."

"You guys talking about the butt dial?" Robbie asked as he appeared at my side.

"What, did you call Robbie too?" I asked Vega incredulously.

"Oh no. I was with Andre." Robbie said with a smile. He nudged me slightly. Ever since that time at Vega's party, I haven't really been able to be completely vicious to the kid. He was actually my friend. And at that point, he was the only person that sought me out when I needed someone. That says a lot.

"Vega, give me your phone." I demanded as I stuck out my hand.

"What? Why?" Vega asked frantically.

"Vega. Phone. Now." I snarled, wiggling my fingers for effect.

She let out a defeated sigh and pulled her phone out of her back pocket and handed it over to me. I opened her recent call log and saw that, sure enough, she had called Andre last night. The thing that I was concerned about was the length of the call.

"Twenty minutes. Twenty fucking minutes. You two pervs listened to us having sex for twenty minutes?" I shouted, looking at both of them, furious. They both stammered a few incoherent sentences as they looked at each other for some kind of explanation before bolting off in the opposite direction.

Beck strolled up as they ran past him with a smile on his face, "You found out about the call?"

"Oh my God. Did they make an audio file and put it on the Slap?" I asked, completely beside myself and the situation.

"No, they told me about it. Look, aside from the uh...obvious perks they got from the call, they're happy for you guys. Weird things happen to friends sometimes. Look at Robbie's entire existence. It's just one awkward moment to the next. I'll bet by lunch, the whole thing will be forgotten." Beck said in a comforting matter as he playfully rubbed my shoulder.

"Yeah. It isn't that big of a deal." Vega said, and I almost forgot that she was there.

I rolled my eyes and let out a sigh, "Whatever."

Halfway through the day, I was at my locker looking for my sketchpad before lunch. Subconsciously, my attention wandered over to Vega's locker. She was there, standing incredibly uncomfortably as some guy spoke to her, invading her personal space. Aside from the initial flare of jealousy I felt, something erupted inside of me as I realized who it was: Ryder Daniels. Oh fuck no. I watched as she shrugged off the hand he placed on her arm, and he took a step closer.

I slammed my locker and stormed over to them, "Hey." I barked. Ryder turned to look at me, and Vega gave me a look of appreciation.

"What do you want, Jade? Can't you see Tori and I are talking?" He asked smugly as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. That's it. Nope. No way. Not putting up with that shit.

I grabbed him by the lapels of his jacket and pulled him away from Vega. I gave him a shove, "Stay the hell away from my girlfriend." I growled, the words spilling out of my mouth faster than I could think.

"Christ, I didn't know." Ryder said as he caught himself from falling, straightening up his jacket and running a hand through that obnoxiously perfect hair.

"If you so much think of touching her again, I will make you regret the day you took your first breath and thank whatever higher power you believe in when you take your last." I snarled threateningly as I took a step closer to him. He put his hands up in mock surrender and sped off in the other direction.

"So. Girlfriend, huh?" Vega said. I turned hesitantly to look at her. I hadn't really thought when I saw him. I just kind of lost it. I had no clue if that's what she wanted us to be.

"I...I..." I stammered, trying to find the right words.

She smiled and used her fingers to guide my chin as she placed a sensual kiss on my lips.

"I love the sound of that." She purred.

"Good." I said with a smile as I slid my arm around her waist, leading her to lunch.

"See, everyone's going to be talking about you scaring Ryder at lunch. No one will even mention that unfortunate phone call." Vega said brightly.

"You better hope so." I grumbled, still slightly embarrassed about the situation.

I spent the rest of the day trying to decide what I was going to do for that date. It had to be amazing. And I already told her what I initially thought of doing for our first date, so that was completely out. I had to maintain some kind of unpredictability. It took a while, but as I walked out of my last class, I had the perfect idea.

I walked by Vega at her locker, calling her name as I past her by, "Hey Vega."

"Yeah?" She replied as she paused from digging through her locker to look at me.

"Pick you up at six?" I said loudly as I continued to walk backward smiling, nodding my head and tossing in a wink. I laughed as I watch her blush violently and pull her lower lip between her teeth, nodding her head.

I left school, rushing back home so I could shower and get ready for the most monumental of dates I would probably ever go on. When I was fully dressed, with my hair freshly curled and my make up finished, I looked at myself in the mirror. I gave myself a quick pep-talk in an attempt to calm my nerves, and finished by swiping the pad of my thumb against my lower lip, wiping off a little excess gloss.

The drive to the Vega household had me shaking in my boots. Quite literally. I pulled into the driveway and contemplated what my next move should be. Obviously shooting her a text saying I was here was out. So was honking my horn. I was going to do this the right way. I turned my car off, took a deep breath, and got out. It was like I had forgotten how to walk as I made my way across the driveway and to the front door.

I took one last moment to compose myself before knocking on the door. I waited for a moment, and thought that maybe she had changed her mind again. That she was over what had happened last night and that my little slip with Ryder earlier scared her off. My worry was washed away when she opened the door and gave me that radiant smile.

"You're here." She said, letting out a sigh. If I wasn't mistaken, it almost seemed like a sigh of relief.

"You're gorgeous." I blurted out. I put my hand over my mouth and blushed slightly as I shook my head and chuckled, "That just came out."

She smiled and laughed, her head tilting to the side as she appraised me, "You look pretty amazing, yourself. Come on, you gotta get the first date speech." She said, rolling her eyes.

"Oh dear God." I said quietly. It completely slipped my mind that her dad was a cop.

I stepped into the threshold meekly, feeling completely out of my element. Every other time I had stormed into this house like I owned the place, casting Vega's parents the most vague of hellos; and then there I was, taking their daughter on a date.

Her dad was seated at the kitchen table, and I could feel his scrutinizing gaze.

I cleared my throat, "Mr. Vega." I said, nodding to him.

"Jade." He said, his face stone cold. My pulse skyrocketed, and I had a feeling that I was running the risk of my heart pumping so fast that it stopped pushing blood and instead it would just be air, and I would pass out. How embarrassing.

"I'm going to go upstairs and grab my things." Vega said awkwardly as she bolted up the stairs. Are you serious? She just left me here with her cop father. Good God. I wasn't even going to make it out of this alive.

Just as I was anticipating him pulling out a shotgun to show me, the warmest of smiles broke that stoney face as he stood and walked over to me with an extended hand, "It's nice to formally meet you." He said.

I shook his hand, trying to give him the best handshake I had ever given, "Yes sir."

He laughed and waved me off, "Enough of that sir stuff. I've already scared you far too much."

"Yes sir." I said, nodding. There really wasn't much else I could say at that point. My heart was still racing.

"In all seriousness. You're taking my baby girl on a date." He said, that solemn tone coming back.

"Yes sir. I mean, Mr. Vega. I'll have her home before ten." I stammered, my nerves getting the best of me.

"Don't worry about that, Jade. Just take care of her, okay? If you can keep a secret, she's been waiting for this moment for a long time." He said in a hoarse whisper as he leaned forward.

"She's been...waiting for ask her out?" I asked quietly as I looked at him in confusion.

"That's what it says in her diary at least." Mr. Vega said with a laugh as he shrugged.

"Dad! You read my diary?" A high pitched shriek broke the sound barrier as Vega appeared at the top of the stairs.

"No. I was talking about Trina's." He said casually, casting me a subtle wink.

"Remind me to find a new hiding place when I get home." She said to no one in particular as she made her way down the stairs and to the door, "You coming, date?" She asked playfully as she looked at me.

A smile made its way to my face as I nodded my head. I looked back at her dad, "I'll take care of her. You won't have to worry about that ever again."

He smirked and nodded, "I know that, Jade. Have fun."

I followed Vega out of the house and to my car, "So where are we going?" She asked as she climbed in.

"Still not telling you." I said in a singsong voice as I got into the driver's side and turned my car on.

Vega pouted in the passenger seat and turned on the radio.

"So...where was your mom?" I asked hesitantly.

"She left yesterday." Vega said casually as she looked out the window.

"You mean...left, left?"

She said nothing, only nodded as she kept her eyes away from me.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked."

Vega shrugged as she finally turned to look at me, "It's nothing. Dad kicked her out. It wasn't ugly or anything. Trina told me that they were creepily civil about the whole thing."

"Tori, I'm so...I'm so sorry." I said, utterly at a loss for words.

She smiled sadly, "It isn't your fault. It's for the best. But let's not worry about it, okay? Tonight's about us."

I reached over and took her hand in mine, squeezing it gently, "Damn straight. So...what was your dad talking about in your diary? You've been waiting for me to ask you out?" I asked playfully.

"Oh God." She groaned as she dropped her head against the window, "Can we not talk about that? I can't even believe he told you." She said as I watched the blush spread from her cheeks down to her neck.

I laughed loudly, "No. Don't be like that. It's cute. You're daddy's little girl. I like it."

Before she could defend herself or deflect any further discussion of her diary, I had pulled into our destination. The parking lot next to the building was practically empty, giving a little bit more of a creep factor to the building. It was an old two-story victorian style house with boarded up windows.

"Here we are." I said as I parked my car. She looked around.

"And where is 'here,' might I ask?" Vega sounded concerned.

"Come on." I said as I got out of the car and walked over to her side, opening her door for her before she had the chance.

"I'm scared. How do I know you aren't leading me to my death?" She joked.

"You're dad's a cop. If I was going to kill you, I wouldn't have let him know that I would be the last person to see you." I laughed as I wrapped my arm around her waist. We walked up the steps and I opened the door for her.

Inside, the home had been renovated to a large cafe. The first level had a few scattered chairs, all of different styles and makes. Wooden chairs were next to huge arm chairs and comfortable looking ottomans. One whole section was the area where you would place and pick up your order. Up the stairs was a loft-style room that was full of tables and chairs much like the first level. A small stage was set up in the corner of the second floor, where currently a guy who looked to be slightly older than us was playing an acoustic guitar and singing a very relaxing melody.

"Jade, this is amazing. How did you find this place?" Vega said as she looked around the building in amazement.

"Lucky fluke." I said simply as I lead her towards the counter to order our drinks.

The barista, Roxie smiled brightly at me, "Welcome back, Jade. We've all been waiting for your next open-mic night."

I smirked slightly as I looked down in embarrassment, "I know. I'm getting there." I could feel Vega's eyes studying me.

"Fair enough. What can I get for you?" She asked.

" coffee for me, and whatever the lady wants." I said as I nudged Vega.

"Raspberry chai tea late." Vega said, her voice soft and quiet.

Roxie nodded and rung us up, walking away as she made Tori's drink. She handed us the two steaming mugs and gave us one last warm smile.

"Let's go upstairs." I said as I nodded towards the staircase. Vega followed like a puppy, holding the hand that wasn't holding her coffee. I couldn't ignore the butterflies in my stomach at the simple action.

We took a seat in the far back corner of the room, sitting close as we leaned across the table, lost in our own conversation until the music stopped and a throat was cleared. Our attention was practically forced to the owner of the offending noise.

"This next one is for the beautiful brunette in the back." The boy said, looking right at Vega. He had short, dark hair and a lip ring, his teeth playing with the hoop as he smiled at my girlfriend.

Not this again.

My eyes glanced quickly over to where Vega sat and she looked uncomfortable as she blushed a violent red. She looked back at me and smiled, shaking her head.

"Just ignore it." She whispered. So that's exactly what we did. Our conversation kept going, and when the music ended this time, we didn't break away from our discussion of the production of Sikowitz's new play. We did, however, look away from each other when that same throat clearing noise came from somewhere much closer to us. I leaned back in my chair and looked at the guy who was standing next to our table.

"Hi." He said with a grin.

"Hello." Vega said shortly as she tucked her hair behind her ear.

"Could I get you another uh...whatever it is that you're having?"

"I'm sorry. I don't mean to be rude but I'm really not interested." Vega said, being ever so polite. I had to commend her for that.

The guy casted a glance my way as he gave me one of those charming smiles that I'm sure worked on every other girl, "Oh, come on. You're Jade, right? I saw your last set. Give a guy a chance. My friend's coming out here soon. I'd love to introduce you to him."

I laughed as I sat up in my chair, resting my elbows on the table, "Alright, she didn't want to be rude," I said as I gestured to a nervous looking Vega, "But I really don't care. You wanna know why she's not interested?" I asked, not really giving him a moment to answer, "Because throughout your entire little serenade right there, she was busy listening to me telling her all of the terrible, dirty, amazing things I'm planning on doing to her when we get out of here." I said, putting dramatic emphasis on the way I was describing what really was a G-rated conversation.

"Oh. Oh." He said, his eyes growing wide as he realized what the situation was. "Uh. Er...I'm sorry." He stammered as he gave Vega an apologetic smile. "You're both really lucky." He said bashfully before walking away with his tail between his legs.

"Are you going to do that every time a guy hits on me?" Vega asked as she leaned forward and looked at me with hard eyes.

"I couldn't stop if I wanted to." I said with a shrug.

"I can take care of myself, you know."

"Oh, I know. I just don't like all these cocky guys who think they have a chance with someone as amazing as you." I said as my shoulders sagged slightly.

She smiled, "No one has a chance with me anymore. You've raised the standard outrageously high. So if this thing doesn't work out, I'm screwed." She joked.

I smirked as I leaned forward and captured her lips in a kiss. She cupped my cheek and held me close for a moment.

"Yeah. I could get use to this." She said as she sat back in her chair, looking at me dreamily.

We sat and talked for a while longer as we watched the couples, friends, and musicians that moved throughout the cafe. Before I knew it, it was eight o'clock and Roxie was walking up the stairs.

"Jade, it's closing time." Roxie said in a singsong voice.

I laughed, "Damn. It always sneaks up on me."

"I can see why this time." She said wiggling her eyebrows as she smiled.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. We'll get outta your hair. I'll see you next time, Rox." I said as I stood and walked behind Tori as we made our way down the stairs and out of the building.

"That place was amazing, Jade. You go there a lot?"

"Yeah. Ever since I found it, that's just where I go if I got a lot on my mind." I said with a shrug.

"It's really cool." Vega said with a smile as she got in the car. I followed suit and there wasn't a single thing I could do to stop the smile on my face.

"Should I be taking you home?" I asked, really hoping she wouldn't say yes.

She let out a sigh, "I wanna say no. But it's getting late, and we do have school tomorrow."

I nodded, "Not a big deal." I said as I pulled out of the parking lot and in the direction of her house. We drove with the radio on for a while, until I couldn't hold it in any longer, "I know it isn't like the date I told you about, but I wanted to do something different."

"Jade, it was perfect." She said in a reassuring manner. She placed a warm hand on my knee and squeezed, "It was so perfectly you."

As we pulled into her driveway, I looked at her and smiled, "You know, you're pretty great."

She shrugged casually, "I was born this way." She looked at me as a quiet lull overcame us. "Well, goodnight, Jade."

"No, no. I'm walking you to your door. I'm doing this the right way." I said, shaking my head as I got out of my car and rushed over to her side, opening the door the rest of the way.

"Such a gentleman...Er, gentlewoman?" She joked as she got out of the car and lead me up to the door.

I laughed and shook my head as I followed. We stood awkwardly in front of her door, my hands clasped behind my back as I rolled on the balls of my feet.

"So..." She trailed off.

"I...I had a really great time. I'm sorry I get so protective." I said bashfully, keeping my eyes on the ground. The next thing I knew, a pair of warm lips were on mine and my heart fluttered as she kissed me gently.

"Don't apologize for who you are. It's why I fell in love with you." She said. As soon as I heard what she said, my head snapped up and I looked at her with wide eyes. Her shock matched mine, and I could tell that she hadn't meant to say what she had just said. "Oh God. I mean...Well, that's exactly what I mean, but..." She stammered as she looked off to the side.

I cupped her face and brought her in for a heated kiss to shut her up. We pulled away and she looked at me through hazy eyes with a soft smile.

"I love you, too."