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Chapter 13

The mansion was silent as a tomb, not a thing could be heard as Kim and Shego made their way from one room to another. It had already been a couple of minutes since they exited from the tunnel but they have yet to find any trace of the laboratory or any of its residence.

"I don't like this." Kim said as she looked at Shego.

"Yeah, it's definitely too quiet." Shego agreed.

They had already cleared the whole first floor but still not a soul was found. It was just like everyone had suddenly vanished into thin air. Thinking that they were risking too much by taking too much time, Kim and Shego agreed to split up to cover more ground.

"I'll take the second floor." Shego offered while she moved a couple of steps up the stairs.

"I'll go to the extension of the mansion." Kim said which Shego nodded in agreement.

The two women parted ways as they continued their search of the mansion, unaware that their presence had already been noticed. While Kim took the corridor heading for the extension of the mansion, Shego took the flight of stairs heading for the second floor.

Kim continued on stealthily, as she walked through the empty corridor. Looking around as she moved, she noticed that the guards they saw earlier before they entered the sewers were no longer in sight.

"Strange." Kim muttered to herself as she slowly moved towards the window. Looking out, she did her best to try and make out what was happening outside but even if she was squinting her eyes, nothing could be seen.

She was about to move away when she saw the glass of the window suddenly moisten. Kim stared intently as she stood planted on her spot. Weak grunting and moans could be heard coming closer and closer to the window while Kim still couldn't move from her spot.

"Ggrrr!" A sound came from outside the window before it fully shattered in front of Kim. The pieces of the window flew into the air while zombies after zombies came crawling from the window.

Kim immediately ran from there and quickly doubled back to the direction that she came from. Swarm of zombies followed after her while more and more of them continued to crawl from the broken window.

She had already passed through the corridor to the extension when saw Shego waiving at her.

"Over here Kim!" Shego called out as she stood at an open door. Kim doubled her pace and quickly dived into the room Shego was gesturing her in to. As soon as she had entered the room, Shego quickly slammed the door behind her.

"Good thing you're safe Kim." Shego said as she helped Kim get back on her feet.

"Yeah" Kim replied as she dusted herself. As she dusted herself, Kim started to look around the room that they were in. It was a medium four walled room with decorations of different stuffed animals hanging on the wall. There wasn't any window or any other way into it but the door that they had entered.

"Great." Kim exclaimed as she turned to look at Shego. "Of all the places that we could get stuck in, it had to be a dead end room."

Shego didn't bother to answer but instead moved closer to a table at the far end. Kim didn't say anything anymore but instead busied herself with finding a way for them to escape the room.

She was busy looking at the walls and the ceiling for any possible vents or crawl space when she felt someone sneaking up on her. As soon as she turned, she saw Shego holding a knife over her head ready to strike at her.

"Shego?" Kim asked in surprise.

The Shego in front of her quickly drove the knife down on her. Luckily, Kim was able to dodge to the side before the sharp object hit her. A lot of questions started running in her head while she watched Shego smirking at her with a knife in hand.

"Come here Kim." The woman in front of her said while gesturing one hand for her to come closer. "It will be over soon." She added with a smirk.

"Who are you?" Kim said as she took a defensive stance.

"It's me Shego." The woman said as she walked closer to Kim.

Kim was confused at what was happening. She knew that Shego would never hurt her and yet here she was in front of Kim swinging a knife. Kim sprinted forward and then sent a swift kick directly into Shego's mid section. This made the green thief fly towards the opposite wall. After a loud crash, dust cloud covered the air, hiding the form of the thief under it.

Kim was still staring at the direction of where Shego had been sent flying to, when all of a sudden a panel on the wall beside her opened. A number of guards came rushing in with electric batons in hand.

She prepared herself and took a defensive stance once more as she watched the guards surround her. As soon as the five guards surrounded her, a figure emerged from the dust cloud.

"Camille Léon?" Kim said in a surprised voice, as she expected Shego to be the one to emerge from the debris. Finally understanding what was going on, Kim quickly dashed forward to attack the woman.

"Get her!" Camille Léon ordered the guards.

Kim dodged the attack of the guards while also sending her own in the process. She made quick work of them as she used the momentum of each on against them. Finally knocking out the last one, Kim grabbed his electronic baton and pointed it threateningly at Camille Léon.

"You're going to pay." Kim told her before dashing forward. Camille tried to block Kim's advance but the strength of the redhead plus the anger that was seething through her made Kim an unstoppable force. Kim threw a couple of punches to the face and a kick to the stomach before finally hitting Camille Léon with the electronic baton.

Bodies lay on the floor while Kim stood on top of them unhurt. She looked around some more until she noticed the door the guards came from. It was still left open and from what she could see it seems that that was the passage towards the facility in the mansion.

Cautiously Kim walked towards it. She peeked inside and saw that it had a small corridor with a staircase leading downwards. After making sure the coast was clear, she hurriedly enter and proceeded to go down the stairs.

"I hope Shego's okay." Kim said to herself before she finally disappeared down the stairs.

Meanwhile back at the second floor, Shego stealthily walked through the corridors as she checked each of the rooms. However same as the one's on the first floor, she found them empty.

"Where could that lab be?" Shego asked herself.

While she continued to check a specific room that looked like a library. Her attention was caught by movements from outside the mansion. Curiously she slowly walked towards the window to take a peek.

Outside, standing on the grass covered field, Drakken stood surrounded by hordes and hordes of zombies. Shego took a step back as the sight of him in his new form affected her. He was no longer the goofy idiot of a scientist he thought of as a second father.

"Roooaaarrr!" Drakken roared as he saw Shego from the second floor of the mansion. Shego was taken aback when she saw Drakken looking at her but what he did next was something she never thought would happen.

A rocket soared through the air as it headed for Shego's direction.

"No!" Shego shouted as she noticed the oncoming rocket. Doing the only thing she could think of, Shego blasted a hole on the floor and quickly jumped down to the first floor to avoid the explosion coming from the rocket's blast.

A loud explosion erupted as soon as the rocket hit the wall of the room Shego had just been in. Not bothering to check herself out, Shego quickly rushed forward and jumped through the window to face Drakken.

Zombies started to surround her but Drakken swatted the ones in front of him so that he could immediately get close to her. Shego could see the bloodlust in his eyes as he charged forward.

"Don't worry Dr. D." Shego said as she ignited both hands with plasma. "I'll make sure to make this quick and easy."

Shego didn't move from her spot, but instead just stood there charging both hands with plasma. The giant juggernaut continued its charge and then once he was close enough, leaped into the air as it raised its hands to crush Shego with a blow.

A loud thud was heard as the Drakken hit the ground with both hands, burying them in the earth were Shego was just minutes ago standing at. Drakken roared and struggled as he tried to get himself free but it was to no avail.

"Sorry Dr. D. but this is for the best." Shego said as she pointed both plasma covered hand in front of the giants face. Shego looked into his eyes in an attempt to see the old Drew inside but all she could see was the monsters hunger in them.

A loud explosion erupted when Shego's plasma hit Drakken. The impact it did blasted the zombies off their feet and a large crater was made on the spot where Drakken had been. Shego stood there unmoving while tears started to fall from her eyes. It wasn't how she thought things would end.

"I thought we could still get some help for you Drew." Shego said as tears continued to roll down her cheeks. She was lost in that thought when the zombies started to get up once more. "I'll make sure that whoever did this to you will pay." She added as she ignited her hands with plasma once again.

Plasma flew through the air as Shego started to blast the zombies that were coming at her. One-by-one they flew and one-by-one she burnt them. Shego knew that she should mourn for Drew but Kim was more important right now.

She continued to blast her way through the hordes of zombies until she was finally near the window of the mansion once again. As soon as she could see that the window was in reach, she hurriedly made an opportunity and quickly jumped inside.

Back with Kim at the basement laboratory, she was slowly making her way through different devices that were found inside a large room. Some of them were similar to the ones inside the Parasol Corp laboratory and some of them were new to her.

"So they were making copies of the virus." Kim muttered as she continued to look around.

"Very perceptive of you Ms. Possible" A voice said from a cat walk above her. Kim quickly looked up and saw a familiar face standing on it with guards at both sides.

"Jack Hench." Kim said as she tried to reach for her grappling hair dryer.

"Nuh-uh." A guard that appeared from behind her said. Two more guards appeared in front while the others continued to point a gun at her.

"As you can see Ms. Possible, I have prepared for your arrival." Jack Hench said as he took an open elevator going down. "Since you and your friends have ruined my plans for the Tri-State area, I am forced to move my business elsewhere."

"As if we'd let you just get away." Kim replied in an angry tone. Jack Hench simply laughed as he headed for a table near Kim. He picked up a metal suitcase and then smiled at Kim before turning to head for a door at the back of the room.

"Oh, by the way." Jack Hench said as he stood at the door. "This whole place is about to get blown up. So I guess this is our last goodbye." He added with a smirk. The guards aiming a gun at Kim slowly started to follow him and one-by-one they disappeared into the door.

"Damn." Kim said as she started to run after Jack Hench and his minions.

Once she reached the metal door Jack Hench and the guards passed, she tried opened it with every means she knew but all of them were in vain. The metal door just stood there unmoving even after using her laser lipstick.

"Move aside Princess." Shego said from behind Kim. Kim quickly turned to look at the person who had just spoken. She was shocked and surprised to see Shego badly bruised up and her trademark cat suit had tears all over. Shego noticed how Kim was checking her out and simply smiled at the woman reassuringly. "Getting down here took a lot out of me." She told Kim.

After Kim had moved aside, Shego gathered enough plasma in her hand to blow past the metal door. With the same power as the one she took to take care of Drakken, Shego blasted their way through the door. The whole room shook as the impact sent shockwaves in all directions.

"Always gets the job done." Shego said before almost falling down. Luckily Kim was quick enough to catch her. Kim carried Shego by her side and together they continued to catch up with Jack Hench.

"They're planning to blow this place up." Kim explained to Shego as they moved up a cemented staircase. "I mean not just the mansion but the whole Tri-State area."

Shego didn't show any signs of being surprised. She simply nodded her head as a sign of understanding and just simply kept quiet until they finally exited the room. They emerged in a place just outside of the mansion in what looked like a made up helicopter pad.

"This doesn't seem to surprise you." Kim said finally as Shego tried to stand back up on her own. The thief simply shrugged and leaned her back on a pile of crates.

"In my line of work before, this kind of thing was always part of the plan." Shego admitted as she finally got her strength back. Kim looked at her intently before saying something.

"What about the people with Señor Senior Sr. and our other friends?" Kim asked.

"Look you don't need to worry about them." Shego said as she held both of Kim's arms. "Señor Senior Sr. can take care of the people and Sidekick and nerdlinger can take care of the rest."

Kim could only nod in reply as she was too worried about what was going to happen.

"Look." Shego said as she grabbed Kim's hand. "We need to focus. We need to stop Jack Hench here and now or else this will happen to other cities." Shego added as she emphasised on other cities. This seemed to have snapped Kim of her doubts and a glint of determination and courage once again shown in her eyes.

The two stealthily move behind crates as they saw the guards earlier finishing up loading two helicopters. Everything seemed to have already been prepared and now the only thing needed was to get out. Kim looked at Shego and signalled that it was time to take action.

They rushed forward taking out the nearest guard that was in their path. Shego fired small plasma balls to the ones with guns while Kim picked of the remaining ones without weapons. It looked like a promising fight until the helicopters started their engine.

"Shego!" Kim called out as she pointed to the two helicopters. Shego got the hint and started to send plasma towards the engine of the helicopters. She was able to hit one of them but couldn't get a clear shot of the other one as there was more and more resistance.

Explosion started to erupt near them as grenades and rockets hit the paved ground. This forced Kim and Shego to duck behind the wooden crates near them. The two peeked from behind the crate as they saw Jack Hench laughing menacingly as he boarded the helicopter.

"No you don't!" Shego shouted as she jumped from behind the crates. She had gathered enough plasma in one hand to blast the engine of the helicopter however a grenade exploded in front of her, sending the green thief hurling towards the crate.

"Shego!" Kim screamed as she came running towards Shego. She quickly kneeled beside Shego while she checked for her vitals.

"I'm okay Kim." Shego muttered. "Get Jack Hench."

Kim turned around and dashed for the helicopter but she was too late. It was already in the air. Jack Hench was looking out the window laughing at them while Kim could only scowl as she watched the helicopter slowly getting away.

"Damn!" Kim shouted as she doubled back to where Shego was.

"I'm okay Pumpkin." Shego said as she tried her best to stand up with Kim's help. Kim took her arm and gently assisted her as they tried to move. They tried to move as fast as they could in Shego's condition but it was very difficult.

Zombies started to appear in the distance as it seemed Jack Hench prepared this to happen as they left. One-by-one they started to enter into the open field and one-by-one they started to move towards the two women.

"I guess we don't get things easy." Shego said as she tried to joke about their situation. The two had already taken their defensive stance when Kim's Kimmunicator beeped. They were both surprised when Wade's image appeared on it.

"Need a lift?" Wade asked as a military helicopter appeared and hovered on top of them. A rope ladder quickly went down for them to grab on while someone on the helicopter worked the machine gun.

"You're a live saver Wade." Kim said as she helped Shego get up the rope ladder. They quickly made their way up the rope ladder while the pilot of the helicopter slowly started to move them away from the site.

Once inside the helicopter Kim saw that Wade and Ron were the ones piloting the helicopter while Bonnie and Tara were the ones firing the machine gun earlier. They both sat panting on the floor of the helicopter while they looked at their saviors.

"Wade, Jack Hench." Kim told Wade as she tried to tell them to go after the evil madman.

"Can't Kim." Wade answered. "We got bigger problems right now." He added as he showed a video of three missiles heading for the Tri-State area.

"Fuck!" Shego exclaimed as she grabbed the small monitor. "Nukes."

"Yup, so you better hold on to your seats ladies." Ron said as he and Wade tried to make the helicopter fly as fast as possible. They made a good distance until the missiles came into view. After it passed them, a loud explosion was heard and then the aftershock hit them, making the helicopter spin out of control.

Shego jumped from her seat and took the control as she tried to regain their flight. Luckily for them she was a hell of a pilot.

"Damn." Kim said as she slammed her fist into the floor once they have regained control. "He got away."

"Don't worry Princess." Shego said as she looked back at her. "We'll get him and everyone that helped him." She added, reassuring Kim that they were going to get back at Jack Hench and they were going to get back with interest.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the wait guys.. This will be the last chapter for the story.. ^^ I hope you liked it as I tried my best to get things under wraps.. I decided to cut things this early because I feel that things had become too broad and that there were too many characters running around.. If you feel like it was too short or that you've been cheated because of the immediate end then try to look out for the sequel of this.. I'll be using smaller number of characters so that the story would be more focused.. Again I hope you liked the story and thank you for sticking with this until the end.. ^^