You know what?

I got so used on writing a story every day that I am freaking bored right now. I wrote some stories for myself, but they are not for other people to read. Although I hate Fangirls and everything related to fangirlsmn, I do have my moments… But I don't show them… usually xD

Anyway. Iiii thought about another project. It might not be one story a day and probably not oneshots , but I need a new story to write. I'll die of boredom.

I am afraid I might stumble into another fandom soon… I never wanted to watch a movie that bad. Rise of the Guardians. … why? Because DreamWorks are assholes and I freaking love every stupid movie they make… Blame Shrek from back then… that movie was amazing. And from what I've seen in the trailers… that new movie will be amazing too.

Anyway. I won't ever give up on Grand Chase. I can't. but I you might find other stories soon. I hope you won't hate me too much for it :D

Alright. This story here was planned in late November. I wrote a bit, then thought I could change something and actually planned on uploading it earlier, but things happened, I got pissed off at a lot of things and changed the whole story, then changed it back and now it's not even slightly what I had planned. -.-

I associate myself with the main character. It just seems to fit.

Written in 1st person (Whoo… I rarely do that now… )

My stories are mine. Do not use them without permission!

Disclaimer: None of these charaters used in here belong to me. They belong to KoG. I only play around with them.

If you would have told me that the time flow in the underworld was different I would have nodded. I knew about that. But if you would have told me how different it was I would have laughed. Never mind that, you didn't tell me. So I came back to Aernas out of curiosity. I was sure the portal I used was located somewhere in Kanavan. I also landed in a basement. But it looked different. A long hall with various wooden doors, some with locks, some open, and all kinds of rubbish in there. Whatever it was, I've never seen anything like it. Things that seemed to be made of metal. Two or more wheels attached to them… Baskets, closets…

At least it smelled like a basement. The portal I used disappeared into nothingness. Great. My only way back was gone. Now I had to find someone that could open a portal that was not Dio. Not that I hated him, but we weren't the best friends either.

When I finally found a way out of this mess, I was sure I somehow managed to end up in the wrong dimension. However that was possible. The street was not made of stone, metal boxes on wheels raced past me. They had an unpleasant smell, and they were loud.

As I was wandering around I noticed buildings as tall as trees and higher. As high as a castle sometimes! People dressed in weird clothing… and I mean really weird. Skirts as short as… Agh… demon or not I'm still a man! Never mind that… I was wondering what really happened. Back then I had temporarily resigned from the chase. Knight Master was okay with it. Someone had to look after the child anyway. Lime had been sad that I couldn't take her with me, but she wanted our son to be able to fight. He learned fast… and I treasured him. There was no way I'd turn out to be like my father. However, now that he was about sixteen human years old I had talked to him about going to Aernas. I guess I was a little too overprotective as he seemed awfully relieved that I'd leave him alone for a while. He was able to look after himself. The last time I had to help him was quite a while ago. That still didn't explain why Aernas suddenly seemed so different.

I might have calculated wrong. It could have been more than just sixteen years. The time flow really was different in the Underworld, even different from Elyos. A heavy weight settled in my chest. My brother was a half demon… He could still… No. Probably not. It hurt to think about it. No matter how much I tried to deny it, I cared about him. He was different from other people. Someone who would have been able to understand me completely.

As for the human members… they were probably gone. I closed my eyes and cut off that thought. It was no use thinking about her now. Lime was human… There was no way. The pain I felt when I thought about that brought tears to my eyes. Sighing I blinked them away and tried to think about something else.

Sieghart might still be around. But it was useless to search for him. The other demons lived happily ever after in Elyos. Probably. There was no way I'd ever run into them. Not that I really wanted to anyway.

First things first, I had to figure out where I was, what year this stupid dimension had, and how I'd manage to deal with that information. I didn't like being involved with people because I hated losing them as much as being betrayed by them.

I caught a glimpse of my reflection when I was passing a window. My face hadn't changed. Neither had that scowl. Lass always made fun of it…. At one point he asked me if I even was able to laugh. I honestly don't know. Call it self-pity. It probably was. But I was managing…

My hair went back to brown. However that happened. I never really understood why it got blonde in the first place… Lass blamed it on the bright light in Aernas. It also had gone way too long. I needed to get a haircut. Badly. I always hated the waves in it, but now it was just a long mess of waves that made me look like a homeless. At least it covered my ears. No stupid questions of people about me being an elf or a demon… or something completely different. My eye color also changed. It was lighter… Still red, not the same. But the gaze still as distrustful as always. I wonder if there would ever be a person that I could fully trust. My son probably. Lime. Lass… but none of them completely.

Sighing I continued to walk down the street. The buildings seemed to be made completely out of glass. Humans were so stupid. The smell of food made me turn. Not having the duty to satisfy daily needs was something I envied Dio and the other demons for. I also hated the taste of human food, but no matter how much I tried to avoid it in the end I passed out and was force fed my Arme. That thought always gave me the creeps. However, my growling stomach made me notice I had to get something to eat. No matter what, just something.

I followed the smell and soon ended up in a dead end. I really needed to train those senses again… Things smelled different in the Underworld. After the stinging pain in my stomach, that I always got when I hadn't eaten for a long time, I decided to find something that sold food. At least money shouldn't be a problem.

I found a small shop that sold cake and entered. All that sweet stuff. I hated it so much. But that was probably the easiest way to get something to eat. In the end, it was just to feel normal again. When I opened the glass door I was wondering about how stupid humans had gotten again. This wouldn't even keep a thief away… Or anything else. Those metal boxes seemed like a threat, and if monsters managed to get into the town… Shaking my head I walked up to what seemed to be a counter. This town really must've been rich. All that glass, the lights… devices I hadn't seen before.

"Good morning." A young woman said to me. I just nodded, stared at the cakes and wished for me to wake up if this all was just a dream.

"What day is it?" I asked, trying to sound as casual as possible.

"It's Monday." She answered.

"The date I meant."

"The 17th of September."

I sighed. "What year?"

"Look mister, if you are trying to play around with me, go find someone else."

"What year?" I asked again, ignoring her.


I kept my shock to myself. Six hundred years… there was no way the others would still be around! A shiver raced down my spine.

"Hurry up please, you keep the other costumers waiting."

How I hated impatient people. In the end I just picked something and didn't even look at it. Then when I put some gold coins on the counter the woman just stared, took the money and shooed me away. Greedy people…

She had stuffed the cake-whatever in a bag. It was also made of paper. I knew Kanavan was a rich town… but I'd never seen so much paper before. I sighed and wandered around for a while, trying to ignore the hunger for as long as I could. Human food didn't taste that bad when you are almost starving. Lass once said that everything tasted good when you hadn't had anything to eat in a while. I took it literally. Who knew what he was capable of? He was my half brother after all.

I let my guard down and bumped into something. The bag fell on the ground, someone stepped on it and another person stumbled against me. Assuming it was on purpose I held my eyeteeth at the potential attacker's head. A woman looked up, green eyes staring at me.

"I…I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to… I… I pay for this…"

Only slowly I took my gun away, allowing her to back away. She looked like she was about to cry. Nice try. Arme tried that all the time. It never worked.

"Don't bother." I growled and was about to walk away, but she took my arm. And found my eyeteeth at her head yet again.

"I don't like people like you," I told her. "I don't like people at all."

The woman let go of my arm and ran away. Something was odd about her. But that was not the time to worry about something like this. With whatever I wanted to eat, gone and me not being in the mood of buying anything again I decided to just walk until I found something interesting. While it was quite hard to get my attention for trivial things that would have probably taken some time, until someone grabbed my Arm. In a matter of seconds I was unarmed and stared at two blue eyes. Two familiar blue eyes.

"Asshole." Was the nice greeting of the person that was currently in possession of my guns. He was taller than me, snow white hair, dressed in a light blue shirt and dark pants. That couldn't be true.

"You let your guard down quite a bit, I followed you since that woman tripped."

"Who are you again?" I asked. I knew who he was, but I couldn't believe it.

"Are you stupid?!" The man yelled back. He seemed older. His voice was lower, but his character hadn't changed.

"Do you have any freaking idea how long I waited?!"

"Why are you still alive?" I wanted to know.

He looked hurt for a moment. "Because I'm not as stupid as some other people!"

I sighed. That wasn't the point of my question.

"I'm a half demon after all… And I spent some time in Elyos."

I frowned.

"What kind of business do you have in Elyos?"

"Is that all you have to say to me after so many years?! Do you have any idea how much I missed you?!" The words hurt so much, I was scared to admit it. Of course. He was still younger than me. Just a kid.

"I thought you got killed… I never… thought I'd ever see you again!"

"I'm obviously fine. But… I'm starving."

He just dragged me off. He had gotten stronger, not like me who still fought the same souls. There was no need in getting stronger anymore… and I had my own family to take care of now… even if it only consisted of me and my son…

In the end I found myself sitting in a small building, some kind of food placed in front of me. It looked like … fish? I was more impressed at all the stuff in this room. Paintings on the walls, a couch… a black box in front of the couch… whatever meaning that had. Lass always had a different taste in furniture…

"So?" he said as he sat on the table, waiting for me to start eating. "Why did you come back now?"

I sighed and chose to ignore him. There was nothing to be said. I've always been alone even among all the others.

"Curiosity." I muttered after he just kept staring at me.

"Oooh… You just came back because you were curious?!" he yelled at me. What kind of cruel person was I? I left everyone behind… took the little happiness away they had. Lass had been so happy when he realized he was goung to be an uncle. The whole chase was ahppy about it… And I just left when he turned two.. Taking him with me… Lime said she was okay with it… but was she really? She cried and asked me to come back soon… was I too scared to face her? Why did I never feel guilty for that until now?

"There was so much shit happening… You know… there was a war… almost everyone got killed, defending Kanavan… " Lass muttered. He stared on the ground, his head hanging down. Almost everyone. That meant the mage, Ronan… the elves. Everyone he was friends with. And Lime for sure. Another sting and I let go of the fork. She was definitely gone now. What was I supposed to tell him…? His mother died and he didn't even have a picture of her…

"Dio actually saved my life when he just opened a portal and pushed us inside… Elyos is a freaking dark place…"

"Wait a moment... Dio?"

"Maybe he lost too much blood. He acted really weird… But thanks to him I'm still alive…"

I shook my head, attacked my meal with the fork and stared out of the window. What kind of weird stuff must have happened while I was away? And why did I never hear about a war? I was too confused to ask more questions. I talked more in the past hour than I did in all those years and I must have fallen asleep on the couch at some point.