We were arguing about what to do next, Lass suggested we should hide, as they probably already searched for the killer of the queen. In the end we all came to the same conclusion. We couldn't stay in Kanavan or Bermesiah. It would've been better even leave Aernas. However, the only Dimensions we knew where not exactly made for humans. You needed a lot of expensive spells and charms so get one human over there. Now with four humans this would have cost a fortune and neither I nor my father had enough money to pay that. The only choices left were fighting a Guard of approximately four hundred men, or hiding in Elyos. The spells needed to protect a human there where easy to learn from what Dio told us. But there was another problem. Dio refused to set one foot into that dimension.

Lime suggested that we could open a portal to another continent. We learned that it was only possible to open a portal in Aernas if the other side existed in another dimension. We then decided to pass through Elyos and go to Xenia from there. We could use the help of the gods. Even if Ashtaroth wouldn't be involved in this. Lime was certain that they still resided there and no one could change her mind about it. Zero managed to get Grandark back into the sword after what seemed to be an hour of talking. The former sword decided that it would be better to be in the swords body, in case someone tried to capture it again. From what I learned that guy couldn't feel pain in there. I absentmindedly wondered how it could feel cold then, but I didn't spend too much time on that. Arme and Ronan learned the spells fairly quick. Zero had them in a book. That guy had all information stored somewhere. I got the feeling that he was more of a spy than Lass was.

Zero seemed a little pale when he opened the portal to Elyos and Dio didn't leave his side. I forgot about that when I got a look at the sight in front of me. Elyos was dark as well, not as dark as the Underworld though. The ground looked like it was wet, and was reflecting the light from billions of stars above us. I looked up and found myself stunned. The sky was a dark blue, mixed with a bit of purple. Two moons in the middle of it all. The bigger one was white, the smaller a dark and grayish blue just in front of the other.

I stumbled when someone ran into me.

"Stop spacing out, we're only passing through." My father told me.

I sighed, barely able to take my eyes off the sky. I've never seen something so beautiful.

"You're wasting your time on trivial things." My son told me.

I chose to ignore that comment. I knew he hated when I spaced out. It didn't happen often, but it was usually something like this. Sparkling things always got me. Especially stars as they didn't exist in the Underworld. Lass laughed at me when I asked him what the sparkling lights at night where. He thought I was making a joke back then.

We walked further, our shoes making weird noises as if walking over dry grass and small stones. It was an unpleasant sound.

I caught a glimpse of Dio who had started to shake. He was leading the way, but it didn't seem that he wanted to. He must've felt everyone's eyes on him as he turned.

"W-we need to find a better place to open another portal... you can't open them randomly …" He told us.

I know about that. It was the same in the Underworld. The portals created in Aernas usually led into a town in the Underworld, but I had no idea how that worked in Elyos. There was nothing that looked like a town nearby. Far away I saw something that seemed to resemble a castle, but that could've been mountains as well. There seemed to be a fire burning. Dio stopped when he noticed what I've been looking at.

He had told us before we got here, that we had to be prepared to fight at any second. He wasn't welcome there and no one else was. But the short walk went rather uneventful. We passed something crystal like that was glowing in a dark purple and gave off some unnerving energy, but that was all I found concerning.

A bit later Zero stopped and told us that the place we were standing at was a good one to open a portal. He didn't waste time to open it.

An unpleasant cold wind almost blew me off my feet when I stepped out of the portal. We were surrounded by snow and ice. The ground was slippery and it was hard not to fall. Arme and Lass led the way now. I've never been to Xenia before, but I heard them talking about it a lot. And whatever they said, it seemed to be true. I could see floating islands. When I realized that they were floating I suddenly felt sick. This was high up in the sky! Way too high for my taste. And then they even stopped at an old and not safe looking suspension bridge! I shook my head, rather staying here and freeze to death than seeing my last seconds while I was falling from the sky. I really had better plans on that.

"What are you doing, Dufus?" Sieghart asked. They were all already on the bridge, Lass and Arme even on the other side.

"I'll stay here." I declared. Even if I managed to get on that bridge, I wouldn't be able to move later on. No matter if I looked down or not. Water could kill from that height. I didn't need that.

Sieghart frowned, wanted to ask more, but my father silenced him. And took my arm.

"Close your eyes." He ordered.

It was no use to act selfish. They'd get me over there anyway. I did as I was told, but opened my eyes as soon as I heard the first cracking sound. The plank below me decided that it didn't want to endure my weight anymore and broke.

The grip on my arm tightened and pulled me forward. I stumbled, surprised to find solid ground below my feed again. Well. As solid as the ground on a floating island could be…

We passed a desert like place and soon entered a forest. Everything seemed abandoned. Even Lime hadn't said a word yet. And she used to pray to her gods all the time. Most of the forest was blocked with big logs of dead trees and we were forced to take a route quite close to the edge. I didn't like it on bit. The let me walk closer to the trees but my whole body was shaking. I couldn't do anything about it.

"This isn't right…" I heard Ronan mutter.

"Lord Perseo is high up in that tower. Maybe he didn't notice us." Arme stated with a nervous laugh.

"You know that the gods always know when someone entered their territory. Lady Yamini didn't even talk to us…" Lass answered.

"Maybe she was busy!" Arme tried to reason.

"They're not here. Look at the facts." My son stated.

Lime turned around, fury in her face. "Don't you dare to say something like that!"

Luca frowned, taking a step backwards. I lunged forward when I saw him slip. I was able to grab his shirt, but then I realized that I was falling as well. I felt an Arm around my waist, pulling me backwards. Zero had caught me.

"Holy shit…" Lass hissed when I fell on my knees. This was humiliating.

Luca stared at me, fear clear in his eyes.

"It's okay…" I whispered. "Nothing to worry about… "

"We should be more careful." Ronan told us.

With that we began to walk further through the forest. We could use the direct way now because the logs weren't blocking the way anymore. I felt a lot more comfortable with that. Something like that didn't need to happen again. Why was there no fence or something?

When we got out of the forest I saw something I absolutely didn't expect. Lord Perseo and Lady Gaia where sitting next to each other on the ground, and seemed to be lost in thoughts. Lime had described them at so many occasions; I knew who they were without even guessing. Lord Perseo looked a bit different than What Lime had told me, but he was definitely recognizable.

"Isn't that cute…" Sieghart muttered. He didn't seem too impressed when he approached them and cleared his throat rather loud.

Lady Gaia turned at the sound and rather quickly jumped to her feet. "Who might you be?" she asked.

Her face was red as if embarrassed. I was incredibly relieved that they were here though.

"You need to work on your memory, Gaia." Lord Perseo told her when he stood. "That is a part of the Grand Chase."

The goddess but a hand on her mouth and laughed nervously. "I did not expect you to be alive…" she muttered.

Didn't they know Sieghart? I mean everyone knew him… back then at least.

"Why are you here then?" Lord Perseo asked.

Ronan took a few steps forward and slightly bowed. "I apologize for barging into your territories like this, but we have a reason to think that Ashtaroth is back."

Lord Perseo frowned. He was a lot taller than me, even taller than Dio. It was a person you could fear. I wasn't afraid of him, but from what Lime told me, it wasn't wise to pick a fight with him.

"And he hid for so long. How did you find it out?"

"We found a stone with a power similar to the soul stone. Rufus brought it to a safe place, but we wanted to discuss this with you."

For a moment it was quiet. I really had no idea what they all talked about. The stone had an immense amount of power, that was true, but I had no idea what a soul stone could do.

"We heard a lot of things in the past years…" Lady Gaia told us.

For a moment I thought she wouldn't trust us, but then she continued to speak.

"We heard about some unfortunate things, and some very cruel ones. Lady Yamini had been really worked up about some of those…"

I quietly listened. They were gods; it wouldn't be wise to do anything without thinking.

"There is no reason not to trust you." She continued. "But we can only move when we know what Ashtaroth is planning."

Sieghart then explained the whole situations why we came here in the first place. Lady Gaia agreed that it wouldn't be a good decision to let us get caught and probably tortured to death. After everything was told that seemed necessary it quieted down again. I was about to tell them that it was better to leave now when Lord Perseo spoke.

"We could use some help on this continent. I am sure everyone would be alright if we let you stay here."

What? On this… floating island?! I silently wished for them to say no, but I knew the answer already.

"Are you sure? We are not exactly good company most of the time…" Dio told them. I didn't know why but he seemed wary.

"All of you have suffered. Most of you used to do good for the world, and they still forgot you. They even forgot us." Lady Gaia muttered.

That was true. After I had left, everything got worse. I still blamed myself for it… But I was probably the one suffering the least of all.

"While we cannot reverse time, we can give you a place to stay. If you are willing to help us in exchange."

"No matter what it is, I will help." Lime told them.

Lady Gaia smiled at her. "Are you willing to do that too?"

I looked at them. My son didn't nod, as well as Dio and Zero and my father. I refused as well.

"May I hear your reasons for disagreeing?" Lady Gaia asked us.

"There is no reason to stay in a place like this. We are going to die anyway." My son told her.

She nodded and looked at me as if expecting an answer.

"I cannot trust you." I muttered.

My father blabbed something about having duties back at home. He was clearly lying. I wondered why he was so upset. We dealt with strange things almost every day.

Zero told her that he didn't want to leave Dio's side, and if Dio disagreed he would follow him.

Dio however had a really strange reason. For him it was strange at least. I never heard him say something like this.

"I lived through something like that before. How can I be sure you won't ban us when me make a mistake? Can you promise that you will not harm us?"

It was strange to hear him talking like that. Dio usually didn't get this serious.

"I apologize." Lady Gaia told him. "Despite your attitude, you are a kind being. If I had any power over Elyos I would have wanted to prevent what happened to you."

Dio frowned. "What do you know?"

"We know everything that happened to all of you. I cannot say who suffered the most, but I feel like I have failed you. My duty is to protect life, but all I could do was reincarnating the kind souls."

So it worked like that? We collected the souls and she reincarnated them? I was confused. I never really thought much about that process.

"Then you probably understand that I don't like to be the servant of someone with a higher position." Dio hissed. He seemed to get angrier by the second and Zero had a hard time to calm him down.

"Come here for a bit Dio." Lady Gaia told him.

He complied after Zero talked to him. "It is unfair to say that you have suffered the most, but you are the one who has the biggest difficulties living with it."

Was that true? Lass got over it, Zero never talked about what happened to him… I had no idea.

"Turn around and look at them."

Dio turned, looked at us. "They all tried to help you, isn't that true? They even replaced your arm."

"What are you talking about?"

"They care about you, don't they? And you found love among them."

She walked closer to him and put a hand on his back. "Don't move." She ordered.

I was confused. She slowly moved her hand backwards in an arc. A bright light followed her. I had to look away. My eyes were not made for lights that bright.

"Whoa!" I heard Arme exclaim.

I dared to look. Dio was sitting on the ground now, obviously crying. I needed a moment to realize why.

She gave him his wings back. They were exposed, lazily hanging down, but they looked like I remembered them.

"How… is that possible?" I heard Zero ask. He was walking over to Dio, probably trying to comfort him.

"I reconstructed the structure from his memories… I believe that a demonstration of my power was needed to erase the doubts. I cannot erase memories, but I believe that all of you need some time to relax. Isn't that true?"

I was stunned. I couldn't move at all. This was something I didn't expect, but even if this didn't directly concern me it made me happy for some reason. I had the feeling that all this suffering had come to an end now.

"You're staying now?" She asked us with a smile. "It's really boring with the same people for centuries..."

I nodded. Lime would stay here, so there was no reason to leave again. ;y son could use some experience in what it meant so socialize with people, and the others… I never so them like that before, but they actually became my family in all the years I had stayed with them back then. Who wouldn't want to be with their family?

The real life would start soon enough. But for now, being happy didn't hurt anyone, did it?

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