Author's note: I'm a hardcore Jasam & Scrubs fan, but with Jason and Robin gone, I thought it would be interesting to explore Sam/Patrick. Since I know this won't happen on GH, I figured I would write about it.

For story purposes unlike the show, Sam believes Jason is dead and the Robin plot hasn't developed quite so much. The audience knows she's alive, but the Faison/Duke stuff hasn't happened.

This is his first real night out since Robin's death and Patrick has no idea what to he should do with his time. Emma is staying with Anna for the next week and Patrick does would rather not want to go home to an empty house. Eventually he decides to go to Jake's bar for a drink so he could be around other people.

Once he walks in, he notices that the place is mostly deserted and he almost rethinks his plan when he notices Sam Morgan sitting at the bar with a beer.

He hasn't seen much of her since Robin's death and he hasn't seen her at all since Jason's disappearance. They had somewhat of a friendship before everything happened and he has to admit he misses talking to her. After ordering a beer Patrick decides to take the plunge and goes to sit in the stool next to Sam.

"Looks like it's just me and you tonight" he says attempting to break the ice.

She looks up at him and briefly smiles at him. "Looks like it."

"I haven't seen you in awhile so I just want to say I am sorry about Jason." He touches her hand. "We didn't always get along, but I do think he was good guy".

Sam nods and it's clear that wants to change the subject so he does. They start to talk about their children and Patrick finds himself laughing for the first time in a while.