A/N I'm sorry this chapter isn't very long, but I my great-grandmother died a month ago so I hadn't had the time nor energy to sit down and write. The next chapter should be longer, but since we're still in the process of clearing out her house, I don't know when it will be.

Patrick has been hanging out with Sam for a few months now and he's somewhat surprised how close they have gotten. It's nice to talk to someone that understands exactly how he feels and he has felt lighter lately because of it.

Right now he's on his way to meet Sam for their weekly dinner. Once he gets to the restaurant he realizes Sam is already there and that she doesn't look very happy. He walks over to the table and he sits down across from her.

"Hey." Sam greets him and Patrick smiles widely in greeting. She smiles back somewhat weakly.

Patrick frowns at that and stares at her a few seconds before asking her what's wrong.

"I found out that Todd Manning was involved in Danny's switch and he knew Heather switched the paternity."

"Wow" Patrick feels shock and anger on her behalf and waits for her to finish her thoughts.

"He helped take away the first few months with Danny that Jason and I would have had with him. I have Danny back now, but Jason will never have that time with him."

During their meal Sam continues to tell Patrick about what happened and despite the seriousness of the situation, he can't help but find certain portions of her story amusing.

"You seriously jumped on Manning's back. Remind to stay on your good side." Patrick smiles at image of a tiny Sam on jumping on man twice her size.

"You should because you know I could take you if need be." Sam quips.

She smiles back at him and Patrick is happy that he was able to cheer her up somewhat. "I have no doubt that you could." They both to smile at each other until Sam breaks the stare to finish her meal.