I have to admit I'm not happy with Patrick or Sam's storylines on GH at all, but the good news it has given me a few idea's of what I would rather be seeing. So here's the next chapter.

Patrick stands at the door of Sam's penthouse nervously waiting for her to show up. It had been a week since the Nurses Ball and he and Sam had been avoiding each other. Part of him was glad for the space because it gave him some time to think about their kiss, but the rest of him has to admit that he misses her. Ever since that night at Jake's they haven't gone more than few days without talking to each other, whether it be in person or through other means.

He is broken out of his thoughts when he sees Sam walking towards him carrying what looks to be box of flies from her PI office.

"Hey. I didn't expect to see you here." Sam greets him cautiously.

"I… Um… Let me get that for you." Patrick says before taking the box from her, waiting while Sam unlocks the door.

The two walk into the penthouse and Patrick sets the box down on the desk.

"I figured we should talk about what happened after the ball." Patrick looks at Sam

"Ok. Let's sit." She makes a gesture toward the couch and they both take a seat.

"Where's the little guy?" He asks referring to Danny.

"He's with Alexis. She's bringing him back later. I just hope he doesn't come home with another costume." She shrugs with faux-horror.

Patrick and Sam both laugh remembering all too well the baby Santa and Easter Bunny costumes that Alexis bought for Danny.

They both sober up, and Patrick looks at Sam sincerely before he begins to speak.

"Emma has really missed you this last week." He blurts out the first thing that comes to mind.

"Really?" Sam smiles softly, having missed the young girl as well.

"Yeah, she mentioned missing your pretend stakeout/tea parties quite a bit. At one point, she asked me to buy her some scuba gear so she could get to you." He laughs thinking back to that particular conversation with his daughter.

"I'm not surprised, Emma's can be very determined when she wants to be." Sam smiles in amusement.

"She wasn't the only one that missed you." Patrick grabs her hand, "I really missed you too. I just didn't know how to handle things after what happened. I won't lie, I did enjoy the kiss, but I think I just got caught up in the magic of the night. " He finishes nervously hoping he isn't hurting her.

"I agree. It was the first time I had a formal night out since the last one I had with Jason and that one didn't go very well. It was a big step for me and I got swept up in the moment." Sam explains slightly relieved that Patrick seems to feel the same way.

"I don't want to lose our friendship. So I think it would be best if best if we just forget it ever happened." Patrick makes the suggestion, but is unable to stop the rush of disappointment that runs through him.

"So we both agree that it was a onetime thing. And now we can go on from here." Sam agrees smiling at him.

"Okay. Well I don't want to take up anymore of your time, so I guess I should take off."

"You weren't taking up my time. I'm actually glad we had the opportunity to talk about us." Sam reassures him.

They both stand up and Sam walks Patrick to the door of the penthouse, opening up the door for him.

"So I guess I'll see you for our weekly dinner?" Sam smiles up at Patrick causing warmth to run through his body.

Patrick smiles back before realizing that the dinner is four days away and he has really missed

"Yeah I'll be there. But I was thinking I'd come see you at your office tomorrow and we could have lunch?" Patrick suggests hopefully.

"Okay. I should be in the office around 1 so come in around then." Sam nods in confirmation.

Outwardly he grins at her happy at the prospect of lunch, but inwardly, he's excited because he has really missed spending time with her and he didn't really want wait four days to see her again.

"So I'll see you tomorrow." Sam smiles at him the look on his face causing slight butterflies.

"Okay" Patrick nods before affectionately squeezing her shoulder and walking out of the Penthouse.


Patrick is halfway home before he finds himself turning around and heading back to the Penthouse. He walks with purpose to the door knocking with swiftness. Sam opens the door obviously surprised to see him.

"Patrick. What are you do-" Is all she is able to get out before his lips are on hers.

The kiss turns passionate almost immediately and Patrick feels the vibration of a moan coming from Sam's mouth. As a result, Patrick slowly backs them over to the couch sitting, dragging Sam with him. She straddles him and if possible the kiss becomes more passionate.

They pull away from the kiss in order for Sam can take off his shirt. Patrick grins sexily at her and slowly pulls her shirt over her head before throwing it across the room. He moves his hands down her body stopping at her bra-covered breasts before gripping her waist. He marvels at how big his hands look around her waist, only coming out of his dazed state when Sam rubs his chest.

He hauls her into the kiss that turns automatically turns fiery and before he knows it Sam hands are at his waist ….

Patrick jolts awake, his body shaking slightly. He wipes his eyes and adjusts himself before looking around the bedroom. He can't decide whether or not he's disappointed or relieved that he didn't finish the dream. This isn't the first dream he's had about Sam since they've become friends again, but it's the first time the dream has been so vivid.

He thought that he and Sam clearing the air about their kiss would result in things going back to normal, but the dream just proves what he's been trying to ignore for awhile now.

He is falling for Sam.


Across town, Sam lay in her own bed, having come to the same conclusion after waking up from her own dream.