A/N - I apologize for taking so long to update, I had a hard time with it because of how awful the show has gotten for me. Sam and Patrick are really the only characters I'm invested in and other than their brief interactions together, I'm not even enjoying them for the most part. The good news is those scenes we've gotten gave me the inspiration to finish the next chapter. Just so you know I've changed some of the story lines so they won't necessarily be exactly how they appeared on the show. I've also changed the rating to M just to be on the safe side for later chapters.

1 Month Later - Now

Patrick worriedly paces in his living room, every moment that goes by becoming even more unbearable than last. It's hard to believe that just a few hours ago; they had been celebrating Danny being rescued from Heather's kidnapping attempt. Sam had been frantic with worry; so had Patrick (he had also been furious that Heather managed to do this to Sam again), but eventually Anna was able to rescue him and Sam was once again reunited with Danny.

Patrick had been so elated at the sight of Sam holding Danny that he suggested that they spend some quality time with him and Emma. They had planned on meeting up after his shift at the hospital, but Sam was called in for a PI job so Patrick offered to look after Danny for a few hours. Sam never showed up and his attempts to contact her were unsuccessful. He finally got in touch with Alexis and they figured out that she never made it to the office for her PI job. Alexis was also told by Diane that Franco had failed to show up for a hearing and they put two and two together.

He immediately called Anna and at the moment Alexis, Molly and Rafe (he had been a bit surprised when Sam offered him a place to stay, but it seems to be working out) were at the police station with her hoping for some good news. Patrick had wanted to be there as well, but they decided it would be better for Danny to stay with him. He suspects that was mostly to keep him as far away Franco if they end up bringing him in.

Just thinking about that bastard infuriates him and Patrick's pacing quickens, his mind automatically going back to the day of Franco's return.

2 Weeks Ago

Patrick opens the door to Sam's PI office and is unsurprised to see her pacing since she sounded rattled on the phone. He had just finished his shift when she called and asked him to come to her office.

Sam looks up as the door clicks open, sighing in relief when she sees him, but Patrick can tell she is still upset.

"You sounded upset on the phone. What's going on?" He asks as he leads her over to the sofa across the room, motioning with his hand that they should sit.

Sam says nothing for several moments, clearly struggling to tell him what's upsetting her. After a few more moments of silence, he places his hand on her knee squeezing it softly as way to comfort her. He ignores the spark that goes through him at the contact.

The gesture seems to give her strength and she silently hands him her phone. When he takes a look at the message he is surprised to see a message that hints at information about Jason. Now he knows why she sounded so flustered. He can't imagine how he would feel if he found out there was a chance Robin might be alive.

"When did you get this?" He finally looks at Sam, wondering how long she has been worrying about the text.

"About a half hour ago. I'm supposed to show up an hour from now." She explains, her nerves getting the best of her.

"Do you think it's legit?" He hates to ask, but he knows he needs to play devil's advocate for Sam's sake.

"I don't know what think. That's why I called you. I needed an opinion from someone that wasn't as close to the situation. What do you think?" She leaves out that she's come to value his opinion the most as of late.

"I think you should go." He smiles weakly when Sam looks at him in surprise. "I know you and I know that you won't be able to relax until you go check that place out. So we'll go and check things out."

"You actually want to go with me?" She knows he and Jason didn't really get along.

"You're important to me. Of course I want to be there." He smiles at her softly before he kisses her forehead.

Sam grins up at him, feeling strangely lighter despite the potential storm ahead.


Of course Jason hadn't been there when they arrived (along with Sonny, Michael, Carly, AJ, Elizabeth, Maxie, and Spinelli) and instead a resurrected Franco appeared. He'd been furious when Franco walked in and admitted that he only brought up Jason to get everyone there. And once he forced Sam to relive her rape, Patrick had been ready to kill him and probably would have if Sam had not been in his arms.

Needless to say he hadn't been upset at all when Sam knocked the bastard out with Sonny's gun. Now the bastard has Sam and Patrick doesn't even want to think about what he will do if anything happens to her.

Patrick stops his pacing when Danny who is asleep against his chest moves slightly. Patrick had been trying to calm him down for a while; it had only been an hour ago he finally managed to get the little guy to fall asleep. Still he doesn't know how long this nap of Danny's will last because it's clear that he somehow can sense that his mother is danger. Patrick continues holding him for several more minutes before he rubs Danny's back one last time and carefully lays him down in his playpen.

Patrick sits on the couch and rests his hands in his head thinking about Sam and how their relationship has changed as of late. He decided to ignore the revelation he had about his feelings for Sam after his dream and focus on their friendship, but it hasn't stopped his feelings from growing. He didn't think they could get any closer, but over the last month they done just that. They spend most of their time together, with and without Emma and Danny. The air is consistently charged with tension when it had been more fleeting before. And now he's finding it harder to hold back his feelings.

Now that Sam's in danger, Patrick is being reminded that life isn't guaranteed and he cannot continue lying to himself anymore. He can't keep denying that he is in love with Sam. Admitting it fills him with happiness and he prays that he gets the chance to tell Sam how he feels.

As if on cue, the phone rings and he rushes to answer it.



As soon as Patrick enters the emergency room, he sees Alexis with Molly and Rafe.

"Is she okay?" He directs to Alexis when he gets closer to her.

"I'm not sure, they haven't told us anything." Her voice filled with worry. "Where's Danny and Emma?" She adds after noticing that Patrick came in alone.

"Sabrina was kind enough to watch them." He answers distractedly, his attention already back on Sam.

"I think I'm going to see what's going on back there. I'll keep you posted." Patrick nods before walking over to the nurses' station.

"Patrick is so focused on getting to Sam that he doesn't see the knowing smile that appears on Molly's face.


The moment Patrick sees Sam in sitting in the examining room, he's flooded with relief. His first instinct upon entering the room is to pull her into his arms to reassure himself that she is okay and he does just that.

"I was so worried about you. Are you alright?" He says hugging her tightly to him, her head resting against his chest.

"Yeah I'm okay." She says her voice sounding slightly muffled against his chest. If it had been anyone else, she would have likely pulled away by now, but there is something about being in Patrick's arms that calms her. It doesn't escape her that the last time she felt this safe in someone's arms it was with Jason, but she decides to ignore that for now.

"Do you want to talk about what happened?" Patrick knows that based on what Anna told him, Franco thought he was Jason, but he doesn't know the exact details.

"Not right now. Can you just keep holding on to me?" Her voice is soft.

"Okay." He says softly, inwardly relieved that he doesn't have to let go of her just yet.


Outside of the room Silas looks on through the window as the tall doctor holds Sam Morgan tightly in his arms. He had recently come to town intending on discussing his nephew with her and had been surprised when her kidnapping was mentioned on the news. Once it was announced that she had been found, he decided that since he was in the area, he would talk to her about getting custody of Rafe. He had just been on his way into the room, when the other man rushed past him and pulled her into his arms. Based on the length of the hug, Silas decides that it might be better to wait until another time. And with that he walks away before either of them pull away from the hug.


Sam pulls Patrick's jacket tighter around her body as he thanks Sabrina for watching the kids. Patrick had insisted that she stay with him for the night and she's happy he did because she really hadn't wanted to alone tonight. Dealing with Franco had been awful.

She could deal with being kidnapped (it's happened quite a bit), but being kidnapped by the man that took so much from her and the people she loves, was unacceptable. Add on to him thinking he was Jason, and that made things even more unbearable. He hadn't been like her Jason at all, but it still bothered her that Franco's delusion even went there. He actually decided to kidnap her because was jealous of the relationship she has with Patrick. The fact that his view of Jason was that skewed really pissed her off, but she does have to admit that Franco had been right when he accused her of being in love with Patrick.

She had been trying her best to deny it, but other than Danny, thinking about Patrick was what got her through the ordeal.

Sam hears the door close and she realizes that Sabrina is gone, leaving her and Patrick alone.

"I checked on the kids and they are both fast asleep in Emma's room." Patrick walks over to Sam and slowly takes his jacket off of her before tossing on the couch. "Do you want anything, juice, water, food?"

"No. I'm okay." She looks up at him, her stomach fluttering as he stares at her intensely. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"The moment I got to the hospital and I knew you were okay, there is something I've wanted to do, but I knew it wasn't the right time. I know it still might not be the right time, but I can't hold back anymore.

"Hold what back?" Sam has an idea based on the look in his eyes, but she needs to be sure.

"This" Is the only thing he says before he wraps his arms around her waist and captures her mouth in his. The kiss is even better than the one they shared after the Nurses' Ball. Sam sighs into his mouth and wraps her arms around his neck, surrendering to his passion.