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Kazama was in his usual state of boredom, he watch the human with undisguised disgusted. There pitiful ways of life, they were only ants to him and nothing more, only a hinder. One of which he wish he could declare war on, but such an act was foolish. He was only in town for one purpose and one only.

There was a rumor, a small one, but now in a time were oni women were almost all gone. This young demon intended on having his own at all costs.

He had sent Amagiri and Shiranui to investigate the town for the "supposed" oni girl. He still had not received any word from his guard. And the suspense of not knowing if the oni was in the town, was starting to get him aggravated. If Amagiri did not return he would go into the sea of pitiful beings called humans.

He started to get down from the tree branch that had been his look out point for quite sometime now, to see what was taking his blasted servants so long, surely Shiranui would have some sort of an explanation.

He entered the city his clothing flowing around him. The people around him, viewed his appearance and saw that he could quite possible be the fallen angel here to punish all those who had sinned.

Kazama looked around the humans were gawking, at him he disliked this and wish to stab out each and everyone of the humans eyes out. They had no right to look at him he was on a entirely different level then them.

The only eyes he would allow to view him fully were those of his wife and he planned on having her very soon, he wanted an oni woman. He expected her to be at the very leased half to be his wife he would not settle for less.

His children would be as strong and fierce as himself, warriors of legend. His plan was simple get an oni woman with any means possible.

He spotted Amagiri and Shiranui the walking towards him. Kazama was anxious to find out what they had discovered. Amagiri said, " Shes here."

"Looks like the boss is going to have a wife." Shiranui stated with a smirk. Kazama's mind started to plan.

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