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Kazama's mood had improved, he was satisfied with the reaction he had gotten from Chizuru. She seemed to like him, a small smile appeared on his face, when he thought about the drool that had escaped her mouth, he couldn't help him self he laughed, it had been the first time in ages that he had laughed, and it felt good but a little foreign. He jumped from roof to roof his feet skillful not leaving a trace or sound, he appreciated the light breeze that was coming from the east, it had been hot in Chizuru's little room, both of their body heat so close together that it had generated heat and it had made him feel like he was blazing on fire. He reminisced about the tasted of her blood it was so pure, it wasn't like any demon blood he had ever tasted. But then again, there aren't many oni women anymore, perhaps it was just because he hadn't tried other oni blood in so long. He continued to jump from building to building and tried to pinpoint to were his companions had gone to. Then he spotted them on top of the entrances door to the Shinsengumi base. Kazama jumped high in to the air the then landed lightly in between the two oni men, causing the Shinsengumi to get frighten at the sight of him appearing in front of their eyes. Their eyes were not as strong to have known that Kazama had simply jumped into the air and had landed there but to them it seemed he had appeared out of thin air.

"What business do you have here?," Yelled the violet eyed, black hair man standing at the center of the group, that was formed into a triangle, the man was clearly the leader with his subordinates flanking him on either side.

"My business is of my own, but to avoid us slaughtering you all I will say that you have something very...," Kazama trailed off , what was she to him, he thought about it for a second then only one word came to mind, " precious... to me, and soon I will be taking her with me." He turned to his companions and signaled them to leave with him, before the humans could ask anymore annoying questions that would shortly come, and only lead to darkening his mode which would result in him doing something he might regret. The only reason he didn't bash the brains out of the dark haired man was because Chizuru would not be very happy about him hurting her guardians , he didn't want to cause any pointless argument with his hmm... what was the word humans used for there future brides? " Amagiri, what do humans call there future brides?" Kazama asked the silent, strong oni.

" I believe they are called fiancees." Amagiri said from behind Kazama he had a small smile on his face, he looked at Shiranui and saw that he was trying really hard to not laugh out loud, that would cause Kazama to hit him so hard his perfect vision would go blurry from a couple of seconds.

Kazama was oblivious to what was going on behind him, between his two oni comrades, continued to think about his fiancee. Then he just though of something that he didn't have much time to think about when he had first saw her, he wonder why was she dressed as a boy?


Chizuru woke up feeling complete and quite relaxed it was dawn and she felt as if she had a very long sleep. She decided to go get a bath since it was so early, and lucky there would be no one there. She quickly gather her supplies for her bath and rushed out of her room into the sharp morning air that seemed to pinch her cheeks, causing color to appear. She quickly removed her clothing once in the bathroom and looked at her refection. Memories of last night all came to her in such a rush, she suddenly felt a little dizzy. The tattoo of the cherry blossom was still on her back, but she notice the tree was different somehow it seemed to have grown a little it was a deeper, darker brown then it had originally had been. Also, one of the cherry blossom buds had opened to show it beautiful color instead of being a light pink the flower, it was crimson the exact color of Kazama eyes, though Chizuru. She felt with this color of cherry blossoms that Kazama had basically signed her saying she belonged to him, he had marked her and she wasn't shore if she should feel trapped because she didn't it was the opposite something about the tattoo made her want to be proud to show it off and she just felt complete with it, she wouldn't want someone to be able to remove it from her, it was hers, he had marked her and now she knew that she belong to him and she liked it.

Chizuru moved into the water with her thoughts of Kazama but soon she concentrated on becoming clean. She noticed though that her body had changed someone else might not have notice but she did her body had curves where there were supposed to be and her breasted seemed bigger. So much change couldn't have happened in one night she wonder if it was some cause of Kazama marking her as his. Chizuru wonder what else was supposed to happen, she needed to find Kazama, she need to talk to him but she secretly also wanted to see him only for her selfish desires. Think about Kazama she soon realized that she was still cover in soap and was taking much longer than usual. Quickly washed away the soap, got dressed and head to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the Shinsengumi captains.

She made there breakfast as usual fish, rices, and different side dishes. Once she was done she made tea to take to them, today she decided on make in Earl Grey Tea, she slide the door open and said, "excuse me." then went around to give each captain their tea when she got to Hijikata, he looked at her for a moment.

"Whats on your neck?," he asked out loud. He was staring at her with intense eyes that made her guilty for not telling them what had transpired last night when they were all trying to defend her.

"Oh, does our little Chizuru have a love mark now? Bad Chizuru who have you been fooling around with because I don't really remember of us having an encounter unless, I was drunk and you took advantage of my state, then I guess we may have had a little something." said Okita with a smirk on his lips. Chizuru's face when blood red crimson. " Don't worry Chizuru if it was me, ill take responsibility!" said Okita. All the Shinsengumi were with their mouths wide open but Hijikata knew better

" I'm talking about the cherry blossom branch on your neck Chizuru, did you get a tattoo?" asked Hijikata. He traced the branch on her neck with his finger following it till it was covered by the clothing she wore. Chizuru noticed that Hijikata's touch no longer affected her as it used to, and to be perfectly honest she always thought that later on when the wars settled down, she and Hijikata would eventually settle down with a family outside of the city. She soon notice that the Shinsengumi was gawking at Chizuru saying all at once things like, our little Chizuru would never get a tattoo. Or would she? So lost in thought about how she used to think her future would unfold, she forgot she had to tell them about everything that have happened. They all deserved to know. So she explained but with not so much detail about what was going on in her head when it happened, Chizuru was trying to keep to the facts only.

There was a really long moment of silence that gave each captain an opportunity to think about what was to come and to get an idea of what could happen. Finally Kondo cut through the silence, " Chizuru, could go talk to Sen and ask her if she knows more of what is going on and take Harada and Shinpachi with you. Try to avoid Kazama for the mean while until we know what his objective truly is." Everyone seemed to agreed with what Kondo had said, but Chizuru's heart gave a little skip when he had said she would be avoiding the person shes wanting to see. But she was excited to see her dear friend, they had not talked in quite a while and they would have to catch up quite a bit. Not wasting anymore time she and her companions headed out Kondo had sent word with Yamazaki to tell Sen to meet Chizuru at a little restaurant. When Chizuru and the two men arrive they see that Sen is sitting at a table waiting patiently with her bodyguard at her side.

" Hi, Sen it's wonderful to see you it been to long, but I don't think we'll be able to catch up right now, I have a really important question to ask you right now." Chizuru told Sen, in all honesty she was really happy to see her only female friend.

" Its great to see you to Chizuru, I've missed our little girl conversations and by the way," Sen stared at Harada and Shinpachi, ever since they had enter the restaurant they had been trying to look very intimidating to all the men who had walked by or even close to Chizuru, which made the men very confused because Chizuru was dressed as a young man, sometime they forget that... " you two go stand in the corner or something this is girl talk now get out of here." Sen quickly got rid of Chizuru's overly protective guards. " Chizuru, I understand you have question about whats happening to you and Kazama, Yamazaki filled me in on the occurrences of last night and ill tell you know the things that have happened are perfectly normal all of this goes back in the history of the demons. I have learned all about it so any questions please don't hesitate to ask." Chizuru nodded but she had to organize her thoughts, she decided on asking about the tattoo first because it was truly baffling to her.

" Yes I understand your confusion and well as you have noticed that our kind is dwindling in number, as our forefathers had predicted. Basically the tattoo is a one of its kind no other demon bride has it only the king's wife and it contains a vast amount of power and still we don't know the full extent of its power only the kings truly know and eventually the wifes will know. The charm protects the wife from any danger though I don't know the specifics of what happens its something like if your lets say your in a burning building time will autocratically stop and I've heard the world turns black and white the cherry blossom tree gives you enough time to get out of danger and in a safe protected place. Its power also grows with the stronger your love is for the king, you'll know when you start to fall in love with him which will inevitable happen if you are the true King's Wife. If you are not though then you will soon go mad and die, then the king will leave you and go in search for another oni woman... But only the brides have the charm forefathers were arrogant and thought that the only thing that could bring down the oni king would be if his true love were to die. They never thought that one of there kind would ever betray them. And even less likely that a human could ever kill the Demon King but there have been times were the very things they though would never happen happened." Sen went quite, Chizuru guess she was think about what would happen to her and also about the pass.

"How do you know if you are the kings wife though?" Chizuru asked a little desperate, she didn't want to go mad then die, there were still many things she hoped to complete in this world. There were many goals she has not completed, many things she had not experienced, her first kiss, losing her innocence, bearing a child, being a mother, growing old, and dieing with her husband which would hopefully really be her true love.

" The cherry blossoms will start to bloom after a month or two after the king bites the oni woman he decides will be his queen and after they start to get to know each other. See the cherry blossoms signify there love for each other when the cherry blossoms bloom that means the love is growing " said Sen

" But they already started to bloom Sen what does that mean...? And another thing I seem to notice my body is changing, is that part of it too?" asked Chizuru, she remember herself thinking that it was a shame that the blossoms were not in full bloom. If she was stuck with the tattoo she would at leased be able to appreciate the beauty of it. But it had also struck about how her body was changing into a more womanly body.

"If there already open... then that makes you and Kazama something else entirely," Sen whispered almost to her self, but it was loud enough for Chizuru to hear, " OK so Chizuru there are mates then there are what we call pure oni mates. Which just regular mates are when two demons come together in a act of love, there two separate individuals, there love is strong but not as strong as pure oni mates. Pure oni mates is when two demons come together and become one, it could take years, even decades but eventually they will always meet. Each demon has something the either demons is lacking together they complete each other. There soul are knit together it along process but the stronger your love is can be good but also bad. The good part is that you two will always know where your other half lays all you have to do is follow where your heart leads you. The down fall is that the strong your connection is then if one of you gets hurt then the other will too, if your mate were to die so would you, your love is so intense that you would automatically follow your mate to the gates of hell and not event think twice about it. The charm doesn't protect you if you are willingly following your mate into death, it will give you a choice but most do follow there husbands after taking revenge on those who had harmed him. And the thing with you body is simple your simply becoming more of a woman for your man, since your young and your body hasn't fully mature the Charm id speeding up the process. I told you it had many mysterious abilities."

Chizuru though about this it made sense to her. The Charm is quite strange and she didn't mind that it was speeding up the process for her because to be honest she really didn't have curves at all. But now she started to think back to Kazama, she remember that when Kazama had bitten into her she had felt as if she belonged, complete, and she felted wanted. She loved that feeling it had been so long that her father had left her and she missed him dearly but with Kazama she felt amazing. The thing was that she had hardly even knew Kazama and she was already falling for him. Everything she was basing Kazama on was his looks and she had to admit he looked like an avenging angel, he was either her piece of heaven or hell. But Chizuru knew that even if he was the Taker of Hearts and that he probably killed thousands maybe even millions of people, she would always love him she didn't know if this feeling was love but she was already addicted to Kazama and she always would be. If she were to ever stop then that would be the day Kazama and only Kazama would break her, for she would never allow any one else to. Her feeling for him go so deep already that she could wait to be with her king again.

Sen gasped a that moment which made Chizuru snap out of her daydream of Kazama and whirl around to defend her dear friend of her the person who had frighted her. " Kazama..." Chizuru breathed his name out with some much love and relive to see him that she was surprised. Kazama simply had his trade mark smirk on his face.

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