The Chosen One Chapter One

Jack was bored. Very bored. His didn't know what to do today, and it wasn't like him. He was always with a new idea on how to have fun, but now, it seems his creative juices weren't overflowing with ideas.

Sighing, he decided to wander around the forest. He flew close to the ground, looking for something to do.

He stopped when he saw a bush move and was about to fly off again when he heard singing. Curious, he walked over to the bush and his jaw dropped down in shock when he saw what was behind the bush.

The most beautiful being he ever saw was in front of him. She was sitting in a relaxed manner, her white hair spilling around her had a silver and rainbow tint. Her skin was as pale as his and her eyes were a deep sapphire blue. She wore a sleeveless blue top with a blue and white mini skirt and didn't seem to mind the cold at least despite her clothing. She was undoubtedly, a winter spirit. And when she sang it was the most beautiful thing he ever heard in all his immortal life.

He listened quietly as she sang. When she finished he turned away and was about to leave when he felt something grab his sleeve.

He turned around and his heart nearly stopped. The winter spirit held his sleeve, smiling up at him. She stood up and held out a hand. "I'm Cheryl," she introduced herself. Jack smiled and shook her hand.

"Jack Frost."

The spirit's, now known as Cheryl, eyes widened in shock and surprise. "Oh. My. Gosh! It's really you! You were my favorite Norse legend when I was human! And I met you!"she exclaimed. Jack had a confused look on his face. "We did?"

Cheryl nodded. "Do you remember once there was a little girl with brown hair and brown eyes ice-skating on a frozen lake who threw a snowball at you?"she asked. Jack thought for a moment and he gasped. "That was you?!"

The other grinned and nodded. "Yup! And did we have an awesome snowball fight!"she chuckled out. Jack gave one of his own chuckles in return. "Yeah I remember that."

Suddenly, a snowball was thrown at him and he saw Cheryl standing a few meters away with a snowball in her hand. She smiled mischievously, throwing the snowball in the air and catching it repeatedly as she asked "Is the winter spirit up for a snowball fight?"

He gave his trademark smirk,"Oh, you're on!" He dropped his staff for a moment as he quickly made his own snowball, blowing on it to make it hard, and threw it at Cheryl. It whistled past her, inches from her face and the other grinned. She threw her own snowball at him and it hit him on the shoulder. Both laughing, they continued their snowball fight, both not giving up.

The rest of the day was spent having the snowball fight and the two spirits collapsed beside each other, both panting heavily. Jack smiled down at Cheryl, causing her heart to flutter. ","he managed to say in between gasps. Cheryl smiled back up at him and nodded. They stood up and dusted themselves off. "We ought to do that again,"she said.

Jack nodded and grinned at her. "You betcha!"

Suddenly, a wolf howled in the distance and the female spirit turned her head around sharply. "I...I gotta go,"she muttered and ran into the woods, not noticing that she dropped something. "Wait! Will you be here tomorrow?"he called out.

"Yes!"came the shouted reply as she went further and further away. Jack looked down and saw that she dropped a necklace, it had a snowflake pendent on it. He picked it up and looked back to where its owner had disappeared off to. He thought for a moment before fastening it around his neck. It felt as if it belonged there. He smiled, he could feel Cheryl's presence.

He toyed with it a little. "See you soon...Cheryl,"he whispered. He flew off, with a huge smile on his face. In the forest, Cheryl smiled to herself, he heard him due to the necklace she dropped was around his neck. She toyed with her own necklace with a butterfly pendant and whispered "See you soon...Jack."

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