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I'm back with the second Games. I've written up to page 30 so I already have some material but hey, there are more things in the world besides fan fiction. It will take longer than usual before a new chapter is up, maybe up to a week without update, but the chapters will be longer.

For those who haven't read my first fan fiction ("Let the first New Continent Games begin") I recommend reading it, because it is a source of information for this story and you will enjoy this story more if you have read the first part. However, be friendly, because my English wasn't as good back than as it is now (it's still not perfect, but I'm working on it). So I regularly made grammar and spelling mistakes and they will also be in this story. I apologize in advance.

Furthermore, here is a short summary if you do not feel like reading the first part:

The Hunger Games haven't been as good as they used to be since the third Quarter Quell. After the worst Games ever, the 97th edition, the Capitol announced that, in collaboration with the Head City, they would organize the New Games. The Head City is a city built by the Capitol on an island located above what used to be Great Britain. Panem conquered Europe many years ago and Europe, now called the New Continent, consists out of 35 Districts, whose borders are for a great deal the same as they were in the year 2000. The New Games featured a group of 5 friends per District, making a total of 160 tributes. Most of them die during the preliminaries, leaving a group of 40 to battle in the actual arenas. The first Games were a huge success. They were won by Indiana from District 4, former Netherlands, after she killed her best-friend-turned-bad-District-partner Poppy.

It is eleven months after Indiana came out as the first victor of the New Games. I will take you to the grey, rainy Main City of District 1, has been United Kingdom, where the future victor of the second Games is hiding in a dark corridor, trying to survive in the crowded, poor, filthy city where everyone has been anxious the past weeks. The second reaping could take any moment, the citizens and possible tributes (everyone aged 13-18) just don't know when…and where.

Today used to be my mother's birthday. Today she would have turned thirty-five. However, she will never become thirty-five, because she died during the invasion.

'Hurray' I whispered and my hands embraced a cup of tea. I blew and took a sip which burnt my tongue. My bottom was frozen because I was sitting down in the muddy, melting snow and my clothes weren't that warm. Today had been the tenth time I ran away from the orphanage. Officially I was probably too old to still be living there. I was seventeen. But I had nowhere to go. District 1 in general wasn't very poor, but our biggest city was crowded, filthy and there were homeless everywhere. The grey, square buildings around me rose up in the air and stench from open gutters was constantly there. Skinny children were begging on the streets, sleeping in an orphanage or freezing to death during the winter that was coming soon. I had to consider myself lucky. I had the opportunity to go to school, even though I was sitting here in this mess.

By sitting here I wanted to escape my unruly life for just one moment. This corridor was dark and unsafe, but quiet. I took another sip of my tea and stared at the wall in front of me.

Both my parents died eight years ago. When they were still around, we were poor, but it was easy to survive. There was food on the table every evening, we had a roof over our heads. However, since they abandoned me, things went wrong, and I mean very wrong.

My mother was the only person that truly considered me a nice girl.

I had to go to school this morning. I had played truant a lot lately, but since the school administration had told the owner of the orphanage about me skipping classes, I was forced to finish my last year of high school. Everything was so much fun in District 1 of the New Continent.

I drank my remaining tea, burnt my whole mouth and raised. I got my bag, threw it over my shoulder and put a ponytail in my hair. It was time to go to the prison that was called school. I would meet Kara at our usual spot, where we always met when we both went to school. Kara was my best friend. She was just like me – a dayfly, with no chances in life. We looked like each other too, exept her hair was brown and mine was ash blonde. The city citizens were nervous and unruly today. I saw nervous people everywhere. This city was the biggest in the whole continent, apart from the Head City. Well, I assumed that, because we didn't get much information about the other Districts lifestyle until the first New Games last year. All the average District citizen knew about other Districts was their location and if the location was in West or East. West was mostly rich, with healthy citizens, and East was a living hell, although the Head City and the Capitol tried to deny that Oh, the New Games. That was the reason why everyone was so nervous. The suspected reaping could be anytime soon. It was November already. Last year, around this date, the New Games were announced, and when it was close to Christmas eve they had their first victor: Indiana, that girl from District 4. When they announced the Games I couldn't care less. The message about Panem being bored with the Hunger Games wasn't important to me. I knew that, even though our District had to participate in Games now, the chance of being reaped was maybe one in five million. District 1 had almost 80 million inhabitants, from which 20% were living in this main city. Anyway, I watched parts of the Games on the big screen they had placed on the Big Square and they were cruel and disgusting, but surprisingly exiting too.

Apparently everyone was anxious because of the approaching reaping. It was always done in top-secret – one school per district is selected to reap a group of friends which is forced to participate. No one knows which school it will be and no one will know until the tributes arrive at the Head City central train station, which, in case of District 1, wasn't a long journey: maybe less than 500 kilometers.

I crossed countless squares and roads with my hands in my pockets. It was raining, like it usually did here, making the roads slippery because of the dirty snow that was left of last week's storm. The climate here was abominable. We were one of the few Districts located on an island. We shared our island with District 33 and District 34 was also an island, but far from the Continent. Their tributes had to travel to the Head City by boat.

At last I arrived at the spot where I met Kara. She was waiting for me with a umberella in her hands. She was wearing a long, shabby raincoat and her long hair was a mess.

'Hi' I said. She greeted me and looked over her shoulder. 'Let's go' she said.

We walked to the bus station.

'I hate going to school' I complained 'why don't we skip another week or two?'

'Don't you want to escape this life?' Kara said 'by the way, I bought a dose of morphling yesterday but I lost it.'


We go into the bus, sat down and the bus drove us to school. The weather was still horrible and rain drops made soft sounds on the glass. We descended at the stop close to our school, Vanitas High. The first thing we saw while descending were two peacekeepers, chatting with each other. They barely noticed us.

'What are they doing here?' Kara asked.

'Dunno. They probably caught someone with illegal stuff or something' All I did was hope it wasn't for us, maybe they had opened my locker…and why peacekeepers? They barely showed up in Districts, we had crappy policemen to arrest teenage girls on drugs.

However, when we walked past them they didn't do anything. We entered the school, shook our clothes because they were wet. We were over twenty minutes late. Our class was on the first floor, so we wanted to walk to the stairs, but the porter yelled 'STOP!' while he was marching towards us. 'You are too late. Kingsleigh, Fisher, detention this afternoon. Fisher, go to class. Kingsleigh, Mrs. Johnson wants to see you.'

We complained, but it didn't seem to bother him. 'I'll see you in the break' murmured Kara.

Mrs. Johnson was the school psychologist. I had no idea why we had one in the first place, but she often wanted to talk to me about my life. She was extremely concerned and extremely rich. People say she and her husband owned a massive mansion in the countryside.

I knocked on her door and a soft voice told me I was allowed to come in.

'You wanted to see me?' I growled, while the lady behind the desk smiled.

'Yes indeed, Abbey. Please sit down.'

I sat down and waited. She made me so nervous with all her advice the last years. I looked up to her in a certain, strange way. She was a successful woman and she was something I would never become. I would probably die from an overdose at age thirty. However, if I was born in a wealthy family, I would have become just like her. I was sort of smart.

'So, how are you going lately? Tell me everything, I'm interested.' She leaned backwards and stared at me.

I pressed my lips together. 'It's getting colder' I said after a while.

'Yes' she said 'so, are you feeling different now that you know the second Games will be organized this month? Are you afraid?'

'Hell no' I said 'Eighty million people are living in District 1. The odds of being reaped are one to a million.'

She nodded. 'Well, I want to get to business. This period is almost finished, the break will start soon. Unfortunately there's a meeting in the auditorium which everyone must attend, so-'

'Our school has been selected to reap District 1's tributes, isn't it?' I remarked dryly. Everything fell in its place; the peacekeepers, the nervous behaviour of our teachers. A meeting. Yeah, right. I was surprised how cool I remained on the outside. Actually my heart started beating.

Mrs. Johnson was trembling. 'I don't know' she said.

I knew she was an excellent liar, so I couldn't decide whether she was telling the truth or not. I sighed and stared at the ceiling.

'However, before the bell rings, I want to announce that I heard from a reliable source that you are using morphling from time to time. Is that true?'

I was more afraid now than I was when I found out our school was probably chosen to reap tributes. My regular use of morphling was one of the few things I'd been able to hide for mrs. Johnson. How did she found out? Was she going to tell the principal and the police? The use of morphling wasn't legal here like it was in Panem. It was a prohibited substance on the New Continent, although many people used it in District 1 and our sloppy police never caught someone.

Her eyes were piercing in mine and I knew lying wasn't an option. She was able to detect lies even better than bringing them up.

'Is there another way to stay sane on the streets of the Main City?' I said emotionally 'I've got a heart and a brain, you know!'

'I understand' she said 'but I'll have to take the accusation seriously.'

'Who told you?' I asked.

'Jess Woods, but that's not the point-'

Before she was able to finish her sentence the bell rang and I stood up quickly.

'Excuse me. I am going to have a little talk with Jess.' I said politely, and I ran out of her office. Mrs. Johnson yelled my name and I knew she would come for me, but I didn't care.

I knew where Jess was right now, because she was always alone during the breaks – studying in the hall.

Jess Woods was the most annoying girl in my eyes. She was my ultimate opposite. Rich, timid and snobby. She irritated me with everything she did and I didn't care I was the one who made her High School Life a total hell.

I marched to the hall, saw Jess doing her homework and pulled her hair from behind.

'Hi, Jess' I said, and I threw her on the ground. I jumped on top of her and started to hit her with my fists. She started crying and tried to scratch me.

Several students seemed interested and started cheering. I threw Jess' head against the floor and punched her in her stomach.

After a few moments some teachers pushed the students out of their way and pulled me off the girl. Her nose was bleeding, her eye was black.

'That's what you get, bitch, when you mess with me!' I shouted at her, and she started to cry even more. A couple of teachers grabbed my arms and while I was kicking and protesting they held me in a firm grip. They brought me to a small, dark space with a chair and a table in it.

'Someone will be with you in a minute, miss Kingsleigh, to have a good conversation with you about your misbehaviour. A peacekeeper, maybe?'

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