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OH MY GOD. She slept with Klaus. Slept wasn't even close to be the correct terminology, because there was almost no sleeping actually involved. She had hot, dirty, rough Hybrid sex with a guy that she sorta had a crush on for a lot longer than she ever acknowledged to herself (or anyone). It had been amazing, the best sex she had ever had by far, and holy-shit, his family heard them having it. They weren't in the living room when Klaus carried her inside, but they had heard the entire thing. Every moan, every growl, and every dirty thing she had said.

She never talked dirty, she always thought it was cheesy and something that only happened in pornos, but it was like she had no control over her mouth. Words escaped that she would have never said if she hadn't been so lost in lust. She actually begged him, she Caroline Forbes begged a man for an orgasm. And given the fact that her king-size bed was empty except for her, she completely scared the Hybrid off. She couldn't help but laugh at herself; she could have scared Klaus out of Mystic Falls two years ago by sleeping with him.

She jumped up, slipping a white tank top on to go with the panties that she made Klaus let her put on last night (he wanted her to sleep naked but that made her feel weird). She shoved a hand through her messy hair, glanced at the clock in her room, and made a beeline for the bathroom where she could hear the shower running. She only had about 30 minutes before she had to leave for school, but she really needed to talk to Stefan, or more accurately have Stefan talk her down before she did something stupid and started stalking the Original Hybrid. Because really, the sex was that good.

Caroline let herself into the bathroom, nose wrinkling at the amount of steam in the small room, it was like a sauna (she got the master bedroom, and with it, the master bathroom which was almost twice Stefan's bathroom's size).

"Care?" Stefan called out hesitantly.

"I am so going to have a mental breakdown and drown myself in vervain or Tequila….probably Tequila," Caroline plopped down on the toilet dramatically.

"Can we talk about this when I'm done in the shower?" Stefan asked.

"I've bathed blood and puke off you when you were so drunk you couldn't walk," Caroline rolled her eyes. "Seriously, sometimes you are just old. And no, we can't talk about this later because I have class. And I am seriously freaking out. I had sex with Klaus."

"I know, Caroline," Stefan laughed.

"No, you can't bring up that you guys all heard it because that is an issue I am just not even willing to deal with right now," Caroline gestured wildly, even though he couldn't see her. "I'm just…oh, my god, it was the absolute best sex that anyone has ever had in the history of sex. I mean, this was the type of sex people kill to have. And apparently it was so awful for Klaus that he took off before I even woke. And I am pretty sure that I am not above stalking him to have more of the sex, because it was really that good. Except for it was horrible for him….oh, my god, I've become Jason."


"No, I'm Jason," Caroline dropped her head into her hands. "I am the obsessed, can't take a hint person that stalks someone who truly isn't interested. Next, I'm going to start sending Klaus dirty text messages, gross pictures of my private parts, and start waiting for him at his car when he gets done doing…whatever it is that Klaus does when he's not ruining baby vampires from ever having sex with anyone else."

"Caroline, you really need to wait for me to finish taking a shower," Stefan said.

"No, I really need a drink, or to run away," Caroline grumbled. "Maybe the sex wasn't that good because it was Klaus, maybe it was because I haven't had sex in forever. Stefan, I really think I need to skip school, and I think you need to finish getting obsessively clean, cuz you've been in there for like half an hour….are you masterbat…."

"Bloody hell, Caroline, do you ever shut up?" an angry, very much not Stefan voice growled.

"Rebekah?" Caroline gasped, flashing open to peak her head into the shower. Sure enough, Stefan and Rebekah were in the shower, still looking to be in the middle of whatever she interrupted. Stefan turned his body to hide Rebekah, giving her a full look at his ass, which almost made her giggle.

"Caroline Beula Forbes, we have boundaries, remember," Stefan growled, tossing a wet rag at her face.

"I am having a crisis, and you are the one that said there are no boundaries when we're having a vampire crisis," Caroline huffed as she shut the curtains.

"Are you in danger of killing someone or is someone threatening to kill you?" Stefan asked.

"No, of course not," Caroline said. "Fine, I will deal with my mini-freak out on my own. Rebekah, I am sorry for looking at you in the shower, that was rude."

"Just don't do it again," Rebakah sneered, well, Caroline could tell it was a sneer by her tone. Stefan really was too sweet for her.

"Caroline, let me finish….wait a second, you said Jason was leaving you alone," Stefan said.

"Um, I have to go," Caroline said, not ready for one of Stefan's lectures and/or threats in regards to her semi-stalker. "I'll see you tonight."

Caroline ignored Stefan yelling at her back, running to her room and changing faster than she ever had before. She shoved some clubbing clothes into her bag, grabbed her makeup bag, hair stuff, and travel blow dryer. It took her less than three minutes and then she was out the door as the shower shut off. She could do this, she could handle her freak out about having sex with Klaus on her own, because really, while Stefan might be her best friend, he really didn't do girl talk well.


"Beks, for the last time, Caroline and I have never had sex, we have never almost had sex, and we will never have sex," Stefan said, forcing himself not to smile at her jealousy. "I told you, she is my best friend, nothing more."

"Well, your 'best friend' admitted to bathing you, walked in while you were taking a shower like it was nothing, and looked at you naked," Rebekah huffed, plopping down on one of the huge leather chairs flanking the large couch.

Stefan exhaled, trying to think how best to explain his relationship with Caroline, because even he knew it was a bit odd. Rebakah barely talked to him when he walked her home, her cute nose tilted up in the air the entire ride up the elevator. It wasn't until they were in what he assumed was supposed to be a 'family room' that Rebekah decided to talk to him, or more accurately, rip into him about his relationship with Caroline. The hairs on the back of his neck rose, and he knew without turning around he would have two people to explain the situation to, though Klaus didn't really deserve an explanation after having left Caroline while she was sleeping.

"What?" Klaus stalked into the room, a glass of blood-spiked bourbon in his hand.

"Caroline burst in on us while were taking a shower, blabbering about you, and didn't seem a bit concerned that Stefan was naked with only a bit of plastic separating them," Rebekah huffed. "Then she pulled the shower curtain aside and looked at us."

"She didn't look at us," Stefan said. "She freaked out when you talked and she had to see for herself."

Klaus arched a brow, "It does seem a bit…intimate."

"Caroline was 17 when she was turned," Stefan said. "She's impulsive, giddy, and at times, immature. She considers me her best friend. Honestly, she's actually dragged me out of the shower before because she needed to talk to me. She views our relationship the same as the one she had with Bonnie and Elena. I listen to her problems, we have 'friend night' because I refuse to call it 'Girls night', and I go shopping with her. We don't have very many boundaries, the only ones I've fully been able to enforce is that she has to knock before entering my bedroom if the door's closed, and that she doesn't drag me out of the shower again unless it's a vampire emergency. I can't keep saying this, she is like my little sister. I have absolutely no sexual or romantic feelings for her."

"She's just odd," Rebekah muttered. "And who the bloody hell is Jason and why is she now him."

Stefan glanced at Klaus, not sure how to read him. Perhaps what Damon always suspected was right and once Klaus had Caroline he would no longer be interested. He really hoped not, because it would put a huge damper on his relationship with Rebekah.

"Jason is a frat boy that Caroline slept with once about six months ago," Stefan said, subtly watching Klaus's reaction, noting how his hand tightened around the glass, almost to the point of shattering it. "You don't want to know the details, but suffice to say it was a horrible experience for Caroline, but not for Jason. He was…bothering her about it for a while…"

"She said stalking," Rebekah cut in. "Something about dirty pictures and waiting by her car."

"She said it was fine, that she had it under control," Stefan said. "I trust her to tell me if it's not."

"This bloody frat boy, he goes to school with her?" Klaus questioned, his tone casual but the look in his eyes telling a different story. His eyes were fringed in yellow, his werewolf side close to the surface.

"I'm not sure why you care," Stefan prodded, waiting for some sort of reaction from Klaus to prove that Caroline's insecure blabbering were not correct. "You got what you spent the better part of year trying to get, I'm sure you'll move onto the next baby vampire you find that is 'full of light'."

Klaus was on him before Stefan saw him move, the Hybrid lifting him off the ground effortlessly and slamming him into the wall behind them with enough force to break the drywall. "Do not presume to talk about things you do not understand."

"I understand enough," Stefan choked out, Klaus's grip nearly cutting off airflow. "You fucked her and then left while she was sleeping. She woke up and accurately assumed that you had your fill and were done with her."

"Nothing could be further from the truth," Klaus growled, dropping him to his feet.

"Then why did you leave?" Stefan demanded, rubbing at his neck.

"I don't know," Klaus shoved past him, and stalked over to the bar at the side of the room. He didn't bother to use a glass, instead chugged straight from the bottle.

"You better figure it out," Stefan said. "She thinks you're disgusted and that it was a horrible experience for you. While Caroline has more control than most vampires twice her age, she still reacts like a teenage girl when she's upset. She's probably freaking out and berating herself for forcing herself on you."

"She did not force…"

"That is Caroline logic," Stefan interrupted. "It doesn't make any sense to anyone but her. She'll blame this on herself, think that she did something wrong."

Klaus shoved a hand through his hair. "When does she get home from school?"

"She has a late class, she'll be home around 8:30," Stefan said. "If you figure out what you want by then, you can come over."


Caroline tousled her curls, giving herself one last look-over in the mirror. Her blond curls had that messy, sexy thing going on, but in a good way. Her eyes were outlined in smoky black, her lips painted a blood red. Her pale skin seemed to glow, and a lot of it was showing. She was wearing a tiny, miniscule glittery dress, that flowed low enough in the front to show her collar bone and the tops of her breasts. It was sleeveless and her entire back was bare to right above her butt cheeks. It tightened at her hips, fitting like a glove to a few inches below her butt, okay, maybe an inch and a half, barely. If it wasn't so tight on the bottom, she would have to worry about mooning the world. Her legs were bare, her feet strapped into a ridiculously high pair of shiny stilettos. She needed alcohol and dancing to put Klaus out of her mind, because if she didn't, she really was going to stalk him. He was all she thought about all day long. She even chewed out her stalker, whom she was trying to use firm but gentle tones to get him to realize it was never going to happen again. But today when he did his normal, "how you doin'" thing, she flipped out on him to the point that he shoved her away and ran. It could be a blessing in disguise, maybe he would leave her alone.

"Caroline, you ready?" Samantha Jones, a girl from her psychology class asked. The girl was about her age human years, but about 3 inches taller, her hair dark and spiky.

"Yep," Caroline chirped, her fingers flying over the touch screen of her phone. She sent Stefan a short message stating that she was going out and would be home later. Then, before he could text her back, demanding her whereabouts like an overbearing father, she turned her phone off and shoved it into her purse.

"Damn, Caroline," Angie Lopez, another girl from her class whistled. "You look hot as hell. You trying to get laid?"

"Nope," Caroline shook her head. "Trying to forget being laid."

"That bad?" Samantha asked.

"No, that good," Caroline replied. "Like the best sex ever and I'm pretty sure I ruined it so I am getting drunk to keep myself from going to his place and molesting him. Which means you guys can not let me drunk dial."

"Drunk, hot sex is a way to forget everything," Angie suggested. "My boyfriend and I have been looking for a little fun."

"I'm flattered, Ang, but it's not my thing," Caroline replied, patting the short redhead on the shoulder. "Besides, apparently I suck at the sex thing seeing how I drove one guy bat-shit crazy and scared another one off. Maybe I should become a nun."

Samantha laughed. "I am pretty positive a nun doesn't look like you."

"I could pull off the nun look," Caroline protested. "I would look damn hot."

"Yes," Samantha laughed. "And that's the point. Nuns aren't hot…except in pornos."

"Trust me, if you would have heard me last night you would have thought I was in a cheesy porno," Caroline sighed. "And I really just want to do it again. I need tequila."


"It is two-thirty in the bloody morning," Klaus growled, his hands fisted at his sides, his eyes fully yellow. "Where the bloody hell is she?"

"I don't know," Stefan said, pacing the floor in front of the couch. "I gave you the name of every bar and club we've ever gone to, and I called every friend of hers that I have a number for. Nobody knows where she is."

"I checked them all, she hadn't been there," Klaus grumbled. "I have hybrids combing the city, Kol is checking any bar not on your list."

"She's an adult," Rebekah said. "She can stay out all night if she chooses. Perhaps she is with someone."

Klaus growled at her, his nails lengthening in rage.

"Caroline doesn't sleep around," Stefan said. "And trust me, when we go out, she gets countless offers. I'm not worried she's with someone, I'm worried she got herself into trouble. In case you haven't noticed, she tends to attract it. In the year that we've lived in New York, she's been threatened by a pack, had a vampire try to kidnap her, and had one break into our apartment to kill her."

Klaus snarled at him, his hands clenching and unclenching in an attempt to rein in his control. He should have never slept with her, he let down his guard and she snuck in past his defenses. His little thing from Mystic Falls had developed into a full blown obsession just at the taste of her. The moments on the balcony were just tease, once he had her in bed, he gorged himself on her body to the point that he should have been sated for a few days. They didn't fall asleep, they passed out a few moments before dawn. When he woke up only two hours later, Caroline was curled up against his chest, her face buried against his side, her arm thrown over his stomach, and her legs tucked between his. And he wanted her more than he had the night before.

He left in a panic, not able to accept the blanket of what he could almost call contentment that laid over him at having Caroline wrapped in his arms. He was never content, had not been since he was human. Waking with Caroline in his arms made him feel calm in a way he never had and that scared the hell out of him. But he was past that calmness and into full blown paranoia. He had her, and he was not willing to let her go. If something happened to her, he knew that the bloodbath that would follow would be epic. New York City was quite a populated area, he could kill thousands before the authorities even realized what was happening.

The doorbell ringing knocked him out of his violent rage, Stefan racing to the door with Klaus right behind him.

"That'll be 35.40," a rugged guy in his twenties said. He was holding four boxes ranging in different sizes, a 2-liter under his arm.

"What?" Stefan said.

"One medium thin crust pepperoni, mushroom, bacon, and black olives, breadsticks with cheese sauce, chicken salad with extra ranch, cinni-sticks, and a 2-liter of Mountain Dew," the kid said, reading off a ticket. "Caroline Forbes?"

Klaus pushed Stefan aside, intent on choking the information out of the human, when he smelled her. He moved past the kid, shoving him inside for Stefan to deal with and flashed to the elevator. It opened a moment later, his wolf settling at the sight of her safe and sound, though it growled at the man and woman flanking her sides.

"That him," the girl whispered in Caroline's ear.

"Yep," Caroline chirped.

"Damn," the girl whistled. "Now I see why you turned all those guys down. Think he would be up to…"

"No, he wouldn't," Klaus growled as he pulled Caroline from the girl's grasp. The boy with her had sense enough to look scared, pulling the human girl back towards the elevator.

"See you later, Caroline," the girl said, waving.

"See ya, Ang," Caroline stumbled as she tried to wave, her body falling against his. Klaus swung her up into his arms, his hand tightening around her bare thigh. He stalked back into her apartment, ignoring Stefan's concern as he passed him, heading towards Caroline's room. He gently deposited her onto her bed, and then reached behind him to grab the food she apparently ordered, slamming the door shut before Stefan could say anything.

Klaus turned towards Caroline, who was sitting on the edge of her bed, staring at him in confusion. He took that time to take in her appearance, the wolf in him growling at what she was, or more accurately wasn't wearing. It looked like a shirt, a very tiny, backless shirt. Her legs were completely bare, from the tip of her toes up to the top of her creamy thighs. She had a purse in her hands, the heels of what looked to be some dangerous shoes shoved inside. Her face was flushed, her makeup a bit smeared and her curls messy. She looked well-fucked, but he knew by her scent that he was the only male that been inside her. He could still smell his scent on her.

"Where have you been?" Klaus growled as he sat her boxes on the edge of her bed.

"Drinking and dancing," Caroline opened the top box and pulled out some sort of breadstick that was coated in what he could smell was cinnamon and sugar. "Why are you here?"

"You are too drunk to have this conversation," Klaus walked over to her dresser and opened the top drawer where he had seen her take undergarments out of the night before. He grabbed a tee-shirt and a pair of shorts, moving over to where she was now devouring a pizza. "Love, you're going to be sick in the morning if you don't stop."

"Food kills the lust," Caroline explained between mouthfuls. "I'm starving."

Klaus ignored that comment, knowing if he didn't, he would have her legs spread and under him in a second. He wanted her that badly, but she was clearly drunk. Klaus let her eat a few more pieces and chug a bit of soda before he took it all away, placing it on the table next to the bed.

"I'm still hungry," Caroline pouted, her lower lip poking out adorably. Klaus couldn't help but nip it, laughing when she squealed.

"Come on love, we need to get you into clothes that cover more of your luscious skin," Klaus helped her up, reaching for the bottom of the shirt thing and lifted it over her head. "Where the hell are your pants?"

"This is a dress," Caroline lifted her arms dutifully, letting him pull the fabric off.

"It's not a bloody dress, Caroline, it barely covers your bum," Klaus growled, his eyes feasting on the beauty in front of him. Her breasts were full and firm, forever perky due to the age she was turned. Her nipples were a pinkish-mauve color, the buds tight. Her skin was porcelain pale and he knew it was deliciously soft. Her panties were lace, a tiny scrap of black fabric covering what had quickly become his biggest addiction. He craved the taste of her skin, her cunt, nearly as much as he craved blood. He would bury himself between her luscious things again.

"You sound like Stefan," Caroline said, her voice taking on what he assumed was her impression of Stefan. "That's too short, you're showing too much skin, why are you wearing underwear to the pool…..this isn't the Stone Ages, Klaus, I can show as much skin as I want to."

"It is too short and it does show too much skin," Klaus slipped the tee-shirt over her head, tucking her arms through the sleeves. "The humans that brought you home…."

"They wanted me to have a threesome," Caroline interrupted, her head cocking to the side. "Too confusing and too many body parts. Then I think they wanted you…."

"What?!" Klaus demanded with a growl, his hands moving to grasp her arms.

"Threesome, you know, three people…"

"I know what a bloody threesome is, love," Klaus interrupted. "They presumed to ask you to join them?"

"Ang did," Caroline collapsed down onto the bed, pulling her arms from his loose grasp. "Bill just tried that whole 'grind against my ass' move that is so lame. Human guys are lame."

Klaus shoved a shaking hand through his hair, wanting nothing more than to follow the Caroline's little friends home and rip their throats out.

"You're wearing 'crazy Hybrid face', Caroline leaned sideways, snagging one of the boxes off the table. "What's wrong? Do you want a breadstick?"

"No, sweetheart," Klaus couldn't help but laugh, more than amused by drunk Caroline. "And nothing is wrong."

"You're wearing the face," Caroline said as she scooted backwards to towards her headboard. "Is it cuz of the butt grinding thing? Cuz that happens a lot when you go dancing and drink your weight in tequila."

"You're not helping, sweetheart," Klaus growled. He forced himself not to think about human men dancing with her but once the idea was planted, it wouldn't let go. He very much wanted to kill something, rip out every human boy that had the audacity to presume they were worthy of Caroline's very presence.

"At Samantha's last count, 22 guys gave me their phone numbers tonight," Caroline grabbed his hand, trying to tug him towards her. He allowed her to do so, simply because he did not know what to do at that moment. "And I threw them all away. I didn't want them. I want you."

"I am very glad to hear that, sweetheart," Klaus said. He removed the half-empty box of breadsticks from her lap, placing it back on the table. "But seeing how your eyes are so dilated I can barely make out your irises, I do believe it is time for bed."

"Do I sound drunk?" Caroline asked, walking her fingers up his arm. "Cuz I know I don't."

"No, but I am quite sure if I fed from you, I would get a buzz," Klaus grabbed her hand, moving it to her stomach. "Don't tempt me, sweetheart, I am trying to be a gentleman."

"Well, why do you have to go and do that for?" Caroline pouted. "Pleeeeaaaase."

Klaus scooted her slim body over and then climbed in beside her, though over the covers rather than under. If his bare skin touched hers, he wouldn't be able to control himself. "When you are sober, love."

"Fine," Caroline huffed, her head moving to rest on his shoulder. "But the second I wake up, we are having sex even if I have to molest you."

Klaus smirked against the top of her head. "That sounds like it could be fun."


Caroline's eyes snapped open, her heart pounding as she took in her surroundings. She was in her bed, it was daylight, and she was currently tucked up along Klaus's body. She vaguely remembered Klaus laying down with her, over the covers, but now he was under them with her. He was laying on his back, one arm thrown above their heads while his other was wrapped around her torso and under the bottom of her shirt, holding her against his side. Her head was resting on his chest, her legs intertwined this his. She had never felt safer than she did right at that moment. Nothing could ever hurt her here, Klaus wouldn't let that happen. She knew that, as sure as she knew that Stefan would kill to keep her safe. She wasn't sure why Klaus was there, but she remembered how growly possessive he got over her last night, which was a decent sign that their one-night stand might actually be something more than that.

"Mornin', love," Klaus mumbled in her ear, his arm tightening around her.

"Shh, you're not awake yet," Caroline whispered as she tried to wiggle out of his arms. "Let me up."

"No," Klaus growled, his arm tightening around her.

"I'll be back in a second," Caroline pushed his arm away and then flashed into the bathroom, gasping when she saw her reflection in the mirror. She looked horrible. Her hair was a mess and her makeup was smeared. She tamed her hair as best that she could and rubbed the eyeliner out from under her eyes. She brushed her teeth as quickly as she could, trying to kill the horrible morning breath that she knew she had. She took three deep breaths to calm her nerves, and then ran back into the bedroom, snuggling back under the covers with Klaus.

"That was longer than a second, sweetheart," Klaus said, pushing up on one arm to look down at her.

"Shh, you're still asleep, remember?" Caroline shoved him back down on the bed. Then, before he could say anything, she straddled his chest, her hands grabbing his hands and pinning them above his head. She then leaned forward to nip his bottom lip roughly.

"Love," Klaus growled against her mouth. "What are you doing?"

"Molesting you," Caroline licked the seam of his lips and then bit down, hard. She moaned at the taste of his blood, and then squealed when he flipped them over. His eyes were more yellow than not, his fangs exposed. She wasn't scared though, despite how he looked, she knew he wouldn't hurt her.

"Sorry love," Klaus skimmed his hands down her torso and ripped her shirt of without preamble. "You'll have to molest me later. Right now, it's my turn."

Caroline didn't even think to argued. Instead, she just wrapped her legs around his waist, her back arching under him as his mouth descended on her breasts.

He really was the best sex anyone ever had.